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Chapter 831: Asking For Gifts 2

“Report! The golden bridge of Spirit Creek… Huh, where is Elder Liu Xian?”

“He went to support the front line. Now for the moment, I’m in charge here. Just tell me if there’s anything that I can do.”

“Ah, Red Robed Elder? Why are you… seriously injured?”

“Cut the crap! Tell me the situation! What happened to the golden bridge in Spirit Creek Town?”

“Report, the golden bridge mechanism was damaged and the area magical ability was broken, so…”

“So it’s time to let go of that position! Call those who guard the bridge back. Don’t directly fight with the Fallen Immortals and don’t be outside the Cloud and Mist Great Array. Use the support of the inner ring to slowly scrape them.”



“Report! The Sky Wolf Array of the Cloud and Mist Great Array is seriously damaged, please send someone to repair it immediately!”

“Send someone? Who else can be sent now? The reserve team is basically finished! Are the Ten Thousand Arts Sect people still there?”

“Report Elder, the Ten Thosand Arts Sect people just went to the White Tiger Array. The damage there is more serious, so I’m afraid the maintenance personnel might not be able to withdraw for a while!”

“Well, we can’t lose the White Tiger Array, so let the people in Sky Wolf Array…”

“Report! The White Tiger Array has fallen, and we have lost contact with all the cultivators there!”

“What? Lost contact? The people of Beast Master School and Ten Thousand Arts Sect are still there! Why have we lost contact with them so soon?”

“Report Elder, according to the information reported from the frontline, it was likely that the damage to the White Tiger Array was deliberately designed by the Fallen Immortals to lure us to send people there and then finish all of our people…”

“Enough! The Fallen Immortals set up such a big trap, didn’t the people of Sky Amplification Team notice any abnormality in advance?”

“I will ask them right away!”

“A bunch of trash!”


“Report Elder, Supreme Taoyuan of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who was in charge of the Sky Amplification divine calculation suffered the blowback of the cause and effect. Now his mind has been shrouded and unable to preside over the divine calculation!”

“Cause and effect blowback… can only hurt one person. Was no one from the entire Sky Amplification team able to detect the problem in advance?”

“Yes, the members of the Sky Amplification team were completely deceived by the Fallen Immortals, their each and every move was already calculated by the Fallen Immortals… Without Supreme Tianlun, it is beyond our power to compete with the Fallen Immortals in calculation. Elder, why didn’t Fengyin do it?”

“Daoist Master Feng Yin is in charge of the whole Clouds and Mist Great Array. He also helps Supreme Hetu to transport the Nine Regions Great Array, and even occasionally joins the Death to Immortal Sword Array. He basically has his hands full. If you ask him to go to the Sky Amplification team, are you going to preside over the Clouds and Mist Great Array?”

“Sorry, this Junior has made a mistake!”

“F*ck, is there no other Elder who is good at calculation in this Heavenly Sage Hall? Usually there are quite many of them considering the high salary, but now when it comes to the life and death of Nine Regions, no one can do something about it?”

“Elder, please calm down. At this time, no one dares to be neglectful. It’s just that… Before Supreme Taoyuan, there were already three Supremes who had fallen in the Sky Amplification team.”

“If they can’t count correctly, what’s the use if even there are three hundred of them who have fallen? Do they expect someone would confer them the title of martyr? When the people on this mountain are all dead, there won’t even be anyone who will collect their bodies! Tell those garbage in Sky Amplification team that even if they have to blow their primordial spirit, they have to support me! Now that the entire team of people on the front line is dead, they want to be safe and sound in the back? Why?”


“Report! The East-bound Pentagonal has been completely nullified. Requesting permission to abandon the position and shrink the defense line!”

“East-bound Pentagonal? Shrink the line of defense? Rubbish, if you shrink again, you will enter the inner ring, do you want us to fight the Fallen Immortals in the inner ring? Why don’t you die? Tell them, even if they have to blow up their golden cores or yuanyings, they have to hold on! I will immediately transfer the reserve team to restore their position, but before that, I will not allow them to retreat even half a step back! Do you understand?”

“Report! Four Element Peak advance position is lost! The entire army is annihilated! What should we do now?”

“Four Element Peak? Wouldn’t that mean the inner ring has been breached and now the enemy is getting closer to the core? How could the Fallen Immortals burst into the Four Element Peak? Wait a minute, what about the Golden King? Didn’t he claim that he would intercept all of the enemies with his Golden City? How-how could they slip up?”

“Report! Knight King urgently asks for help. The golden city is currently besieged by many Immortals led by Senior Immortal Xiaoyao. The situation is critical!”

“Motherf*cker! If it’s very easy to sweep away those evildoers, how can the situation be critical? Let half of their Golden City enjoy this farce. They actually dare to say that their situation is critical? Are all of you blind? Aya! Who told you to ask them for reinforcement? Shit, these bastards are here again…”

“… Elder, since even Golden King is like this, I’m afraid the situation is indeed very critical.”

“This holding-onto-one’s-dignity-until-death barbarian is really unreasonable! But then again, who else can support him now? The Red Guard Army? Zaku?”

“Elder, those people have been scattered to…”

“I know that they have been scattered to the twelve peaks of Spirit Sword Mountain! You don’t need to remind me! But now, most of the elite forces of Nine Regions are concentrated in Spirit Sword Mountain, is there no one available?”

“People available… Elder, when the raid on the Southern Heaven Region failed that day, the army scattered and retreated, and many people were separated in other places. After that, there was no time to gather all of the armies on Spirit Sword Mountain. But, the external communication channel in the mountain is still there. Do you want me to call for their help?”

“Call for their help? So that they can also die here? I’m afraid that the reason why the Fallen Immortals are engaging in such a big battle is to lure others to come here, like the moths to fire, and finish everyone in one go! However, since the communication channel is still there, tell everyone in secret code this message: If you want to rescue Spirit Sword Mountain, use the tactic of besieging Wei to rescue Zhao. Go to the Southern Heaven Region to break the Against the World Dragon Pillar…”

“This is not a proper plan, please think thrice.”

“Lu Li? You’re finally back! Has the breach in Spirit Pond Peak been blocked?”

“I’m ashamed, the Immortal means are beyond my ability. A piercing cloud thrust the barrier on the Clouds and Mist Great Array, and even after I exhausted my ability, I couldn’t shake it. So… I have broken the Spirit Pond Peak and blown up the gap with the power of self-destruction.”

“Self-destruct the Spirit Pond Peak? Huh, you guys, Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, are courageous.”

“There’s no other choice… Elder, I suggest that you don’t let other people act rashly now. My brother and I have just counted the Fallen Immortals that appeared near Spirit Sword Mountain, which is two-thirds of their total. However, the most important thing is that the Immortal King has never appeared. Meaning, the Immortal World still has an expert on the backline. If there’re not enough strong cultivator leaders, I’m afraid rushing to the Southern Heaven Region is exactly what they want.”

“… Then what do you propose?”

“Now, we can only wait for Supreme Shifang to activate the Sky Tower again and try to get Wang Lu back.”

“Wang Lu… Yes, if that kid is here, how could we end up being so cornered like this! Cough-cough!”

“Elder, you should step down and have a rest first. Just now you were wounded after being struck by the Soul Breaking Palm outside Misty Peak, I’m afraid you will have to…”

“It doesn’t matter if there’s still internal injury, if we lose this battle, the entire Nine Regions will be gone. How would I, this old man, be able to live on my own? This time, I’ve already thrown caution to the wind, so what about a mere injury from the Soul Breaking Palm?… Lu Li, don’t worry about me. Go and support Shifang and activate the Sky Tower. As long as Wang Lu can come back, people in the frontline will not die in vain!”

“… Yes, Elder.”


“Report! Senior Immortal Xiaoyao has made his move, Golden King is defeated, and the Golden City has crashed on Clear Sky Peak!”

“What? Golden King lost? That’s too fast! How is Clear Sky Peak now?”

“Report, it has already been inserted into the mustard seed bag by Daoist Master Feng Yin, while Senior Immortal Xiaoyao has also been suppressed by them at the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain. But… I’m afraid it won’t last long.”

“Report Elder! The Death to Immortal Sword Array of Supreme Hetu is about to be broken! Xiang Lang, who holds the Extinguish Immortal Sword, was seriously injured by Senior Immortal Qingliu’s scheme and the Extinguish Immortal Sword is also missing!”

“Extinguish Immortal Sword is lost? What do the people of the Royal Soldier Sect eat? Pass my order to call Liu Li from the Kui Tree Array outside Carefree Peak and ask her to replace Xiang Liang. She has the Brilliant Sword Heart and should be able to find the Extinguish Immortal Sword in the chaos!”

“But, there will only be the pair of Immortal Beasts of Spirit Sword Sect left to guard the Kui Tree Array. With only two young Immortal Beasts there, I’m afraid…”

“Don’t worry about those two. One is the descendant of a mountain spirit and another one is the descendant of demon wolf. Their survivability in Spirit Sword Mountain is first-class. Tell them to explode the Kui Tree Array at the critical moment. Tell them not to hesitate even if because of this the flank of Clear Sky Peak is hit and pierced… If it doesn’t work, then the Clear Sky Peak will have to be entirely cut from the inner ring.”

“In that case, the power of Clouds and Mist Great Array will be greatly weakened!”

“Right now, lives are more important than arrays. Even if the Clouds and Mist Array is broken, as long as the Nine Regions Great Array is still there and can get the support of cultivators from all over the continent, we can still hold on for a while. Remember, our goal is not the Fallen Immortals with the resources at hand. We just need to persist until Wang Lu comes back.”

“But-but just now, there was news from the Stellar Peak that said the Sky Tower has been activated, but Wang Lu still couldn’t come back!”

“Still can’t? Why?”

“According to Daoist Master Shifang, the space barrier between the two worlds has been fortified, and Wang Lu can’t walk through it now…”

“Then increase the power output of the Sky Tower and make a hole in the barrier! If the output is not enough, then use human lives to fill it! With the blood sacrifice of several Yuanying or Deity Stage cultivators, how could the output of the Sky Tower not be increased for several times?”

“Huh? Blood sacrifice? Elder, this…”

“I know it’s an evil technique! But I also know that there are many evil cultivators who are fighting together with us on the frontline now! This is the battle of life and death! As long as we can win, we can pay any price!”

“Pay any price… just to bring Wang Lu back?”

“…Listen, the current situation is that, array is more important than resources, life is more important than array, and Wang Lu is more important than anyone else! As long as he can come back, sacrificing anyone is worth it! If you’re not willing, then this old man will lead you by example!”

“You should never do that! Elder, you are now in charge of the overall situation, we absolutely can’t lose you! I-I understand, I will go and deliver your order!”

“… Wang Lu, our side here has reached our limit, when will you actually come?”