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Chapter 830: Asking For Gifts!

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In the Blue River Region, a thick layer of dark clouds obscured the sky and put the vast land in the shadow. The thick darkness permeated the ground, turning it into a mass of erosive soft mud. This caused the soil to tumble and everything on the ground was swallowed in, replaced by more filthy silt pouring up from the bottom.

Like a pitch-black ocean, the beautiful mountains, rivers, trees, and flowers have disappeared. And in the middle of the black ocean, there was a towering sword-like mountain. Like a lonely boat hit by a storm but remained indomitable. From time to time, a dazzling sword light shot from the mountain, splitting the black ocean, setting off a storm. However, in the endless darkness, the sword light quickly dissipated, and the black waves that besieged the mountain came back.

Above the dark clouds, there was a piece of divine light. The Immortals stepped on the cloud cover and their eyes penetrated the clouds, watching everything that happened under their feet. They were headed by a person who was charming and handsome. He was none other than Senior Immortal Xiaoyao. Behind him were six Senior Immortals such as Liefeng, Qingliu, Fengyun as well as more than seventy-first rank Immortals.

Such a lineup had exceeded two-thirds of the total strength of the Immortal World, considering that there were still guards in the Immortal World. It could be said that this time, the Immortal World went out in full force. Under such a tremendous force, no one or any sect could withstand it. The Immortals had not really made their move yet, but merely deployed a dark natural disaster Immortal Technique casually. Yet, they almost sank the Spirit Sword Mountain, which had been passed down for thousands of years, into the bottom of the black ocean.

It seemed that it was only a matter of time before the Spirit Sword Sect was destroyed.

On top of the cloud, Senior Immortal Fengyun paced back and forth with boredom. When he saw that Senior Immortal Xiaoyao was staring intently at the world under his feet, he couldn’t help but smile, “Xiaoyao, aren’t you making a big fuss over a minor issue? It’s just an Immortal Cultivation Sect from the lower realm, any one of us can win it alone. Is it necessary to call so many people here?”

Xiaoyao didn’t look back, completely ignoring Senior Immortal Fengyun’s complaint. The latter just raised his eyebrows, accustomed to Xiaoyao’s indifference.

At this time, a small stature Immortal took two steps forward to Fengyun’s side. This person looked like a child, with a delicate childish face. However, he had a golden crown on his head and magical clouds at his feet. His luxurious and imposing appearance was very explicit.

“Brother Fengyun, don’t just blabber on like that. If we hadn’t dispatched so many people at once, we would have been stopped in the periphery of the Southern Heaven Region. How could we have gone straight into this place? Those Western Continent barbarians really do have some skills.”

Senior Immortal Fengyun glanced at him and said, “Younger Brother Jintong? Ah, I heard that previously when you tried to pursue others alone, you fell into an ambush and was almost seriously injured. And you only managed to escape after losing your treasure bag?”

Senior Immortal Jintong’s face suddenly became ugly as he replied, “Golden King is basically a god in the Western Continent, and the fighting power of his lieutenant Knight King is not inferior to him. And these people are supported by the strength of the Nine Regions Great Array, so of course, it’s difficult for me alone to fight against them! By the way, what were you doing that time? Didn’t you claim to be good at fighting?”

“No matter what I was doing at that time, I did not lose the face of the Immortal World. While you… A group of homeless dogs that were driven to nowhere by the Pantheon scums could actually bite off a few pieces of your flesh. I don’t think the other side is too strong, it’s just that you haven’t fought for too long and your skills are rusty.”

Senior Immortal Liefeng indifferently said, “You two shut up.”

Fengyun and Jingtong glared at each other in disgust, but no one spoke again. Senior Immortal Liefeng was not a powerful Immortal, but compared to the two younger Immortals, his words were extremely heavy.

“Xiaoyao, this old man also doesn’t understand, why do you attach so much importance to this mountain?” Senior Immortal Liefeng said, “After we break through the Nine Regions line of defense, we should lower more Against the World Dragon Pillars as soon as possible. As long as the rest of the eight regions are destroyed, these ants will not be able to fight again, even if they try their best.”

Since Senior Immortal Liefeng had spoken, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao could not remain indifferent.

Xiaoyao looked at Fengyun and Jintong and said, “With the overwhelming power of the Immortal World, as long as we don’t do silly acts such as infighting… No matter what tactics we adopt, we will eventually win. Whether it’s combining the force or split it, it’s all the same… The Nine Regions don’t have the ‘Singularity’ that can support their comeback. Mr. Feng Yue and the little princess have already confirmed this matter.”

Liefeng said, “In that case, what are you worrying about?”

“My worry is that Spirit Sword Mountain is the only variable in this war.”


According to my calculation, no matter what strategy we implement, we will win in the end. But as long as Spirit Sword Mountain is still there, our victory can’t be considered as flawless, since there will be such a trivial possibility of failure.”

Before he could continue, he was interrupted by the laughter of Senior Immortal Fengyun, “In that case, let’s eliminate this variable. What’s the point of making so many of us standing stupidly here?”

The next moment, Senior Immortal Fengyun ignored Xiaoyao’s military order and blasted his fist down.

The dark clouds rolled and tumbled, and a thunderbolt fell from the sky and landed on the top of the Spirit Sword Mountain. Suddenly, the entire mountain was shrouded with electric light. The steep and green peaks on the mountain gradually melted under the roasting of electric light.

“Hahaha, taste this 49th tribulation lightning of mine, bastards!”

The thunderbolt that came from the clouds was the legendary heavenly tribulation lightning. For the cultivators in Nine Regions, the tribulation lightning was the last but also the most powerful test in the world. As long as they survived the tribulation lightning, the cultivators could refine themselves and ascend to the Immortal World. However, since ancient times, how many amazing experts have fallen in front of tribulation lightning? Not to mention the 49th tribulation lightning!

However, such a terrifying natural disaster was but a casual blow by Senior Immortal Fengyun. Of course, this was not because he really had the supreme power, but that the Immortals in the Immortal World have the natural ability to control the laws of heaven and earth in the Nine Regions. In unleashing the heavenly tribulation lightning just now, Senior Immortal Fengyun’s strength only accounted for ten percent of its total power. The rest was borrowed by Senior Immortal Fengyun from the Nine Regions itself. He used this tribulation lightning to destroy the last guardian of this continent.

However, after a cup of tea’s time, the lightning disappeared, but Spirit Sword Mountain stood still. It only had a few ugly black spots on the surface, and these spots were healing at a speed that could be recognized by the naked eye.

“Hahaha, it seems that your skill is also a bit rusty. You can’t even destroy a small sect with the power of heavenly tribulation lightning. What qualifications do you have to laugh at me?” Senior Immortal Jintong was not polite.

“Enough. Can’t you see that there’s something wrong with this mountain?” Senior Immortal Liefeng opened his mouth and stopped the two men. Moving at a strange speed and angle, his two turbid eyes directly penetrated the mountain protection array of Spirit Sword Mountain. In a short time, he saw the reality within. He said, “This mountain… There are many experts in it. More than half of the group of people who came to besiege the Against the World Dragon Pillar are hiding in this Spirit Sword Mountain. Judging from the joint effort strength of these people, the 49th tribulation lightning is nothing. But why? It is obviously unreasonable to do so. After the first battle in the Southern Heaven Region, they must have definitely realized the difference in strength between the two sides. By gathering together like this, aren’t they just waiting to die? It’s better to give up the defense, wait for more Against the World Dragon Pillars to come, and then split their forces in a surprise attack… Perhaps it’ll give us more trouble.”

Xiaoyao said, “Because the people of Nine Regions can abandon any place, but they can’t abandon Spirit Sword Mountain… They built a tower in the mountain and tried their best to imitate the Against the World Dragon Pillar, to try to break the space barrier of Nine Regions and bring Wang Lu back from the two-worlds passage.”

“Wang Lu? The king of ants? They think that if Wang Lu comes back, Nine Regions will have a chance?” Unable to understand it, Senior Immortal Fengyun smiled and said, “Then is your calculation also said that as long as Wang Lu comes back, there would be a ray of hope for the Nine Regions? It’s really strange. What’s so special about that kid? A pity that you stopped me from coming over, otherwise, I would cut off his head and study it myself.”

Senior Immortal Qingliu sneered and said, “Wang Lu is nothing special, he merely killed Fengyue, captured Canglan alive, and schemed to kill Poxu and the little princess. We really shouldn’t have stopped you before. If you were to replace Canglan, the situation now would be much better.”

“Hahaha, Sister Qingliu really refused to save my face at any time… But no matter how you say it, it’s too boring to just stand stupidly here. It doesn’t matter how cautious you are toward Spirit Sword Mountain, in the end, we’re going to take action, right? In that case, I’ll take care of it for you.”

With that, Senior Immortal Fengyun directly broke through the clouds under his feet and rushed to Spirit Sword Mountain like a meteor!

“You!” Senior Immortal Jintong opened his eyes wide and then softly and hurriedly said to Xiaoyao, “Brother Xiaoyao, this guy completely ignores your orders. It’s really outrageous!”

Xiaoyao did not move but just nodded slightly, “Since he has gone down… Jintong, you might as well go down too.”

“What? Me?”

“Also, Leitian, Shuiyue… and Fanyun. You guys go down with Jintong to test the foundation of Spirit Sword Mountain. No need to rush for success. Just put pressure on them bit by bit and see how long they can hold on.”

When Qingliu heard these words, she felt strange and asked, “Aren’t you in a hurry? I remember that His Majesty Immortal King said that…”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao said, “There’s no need to be in a hurry… Don’t forget, this is probably our last battle. After the destruction of Nine Regions, we have no other world to destroy.”

Senior Immortal Qingliu smiled and said, “Oh, right. Now that you said it, we really should cherish this battle. So… Why don’t I go down and play for a while?”

Senior Immortal Xiaoyao nodded, “Remember, no need to be in a hurry. Let them enjoy the taste of despair.”

As he said this, he suddenly raised his head and looked into the endless distance.

“Wang Lu, I have done everything that needs to be done. Now, it’s up to you whether you can understand all this and make the right response.”