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Chapter 828: It’s Finally Broken

To abuse or not to abuse. This was indeed a problem.

Looking at the fresh Immortal corpse on the ground, Wang Lu couldn’t help but fall into thought.

This was the first time that he carefully observed Yanluo’s body. Previously, after he killed her, he carelessly buried her corpse without thinking about it too much. But now…

Yanluo was seriously injured before she died, so there was a huge and horrible cavity on the waist of the corpse, and many places were completely scorched by the positron cannon, but… Some spots were still where they should be. And since it must be used, it could be used.

Not far away from him, Wang Wu observed Wang Lu’s every move. She proposed the method of corpse abuse, but she actually didn’t want to see him put it into action. It was indeed necessary to relieve stress and regulate the mood, but it was another thing to do it unscrupulously.

A person might really become stronger the more perverted he was. But, if in order to pursue the strength, he embarked on the perverted path, eventually, his mind would be distorted and he would lose himself, which was basically putting the cart before the horse. In the past, Wang Lu didn’t need others to remind him of the significance of the bottom line. However, in order to pursue the synchronization rate, the foundation of Wang Lu’s immortal heart cultivation had been greatly shaken. Wang Wu wanted to see how his current situation was and whether he could control himself.

Of course, even if Wang Lu didn’t control himself and ended up accomplishing his abnormal behavior, Wang Wu didn’t intend to stop him.

No matter what decision he made, she would become a strong supporter. Even if it was a road to hell, she would accompany him to the end… But, if possible, it was better to take the normal route.

Under Wang Wu’s gaze, Wang Lu finally made his move. He bent down, stared at Yan Luo’s body seriously, and then stretched out his hand…

“Damn, so direct?” Wang Wu immediately exclaimed. Little Lu who in her opinion was not very open about the matter of men and women, actually learned how to smoothly insert his hand into the chest! As soon as he reached out his hand, he pressed his hand on her chest!

Wang Lu completely ignored the clamor behind him. His right hand stayed on the slightly raised chest of the corpse for a moment, then he moved his hand up, to her neck, jaw, lips… It didn’t stop until it reached the wound in the middle of her forehead.

Then he asked, “What do you say if I bring her back to life?”

“… Although your principle of refusing to abuse corpses is admirable, don’t you think that this is putting the cart before the horse?”

Wang Lu said, “What’s the point in abusing a corpse? Can bullying something that can’t talk really make people feel better? I doubt it. Don’t you think that’s the same as how a tyrant plays with a person? Yanluo got me into this embarrassing situation, but I only dealt her with one sword, that was too cheap.”

“… All right, but you can’t bring the dead back to life. How are you going to do it?”

Wang Lu said, “Just now I checked and determined one thing, the way the Immortals exist is completely different than us. At least, Yanluo can’t be regarded as a person in a strict sense.”

Wang Wu glanced at Yanluo and curled her lips and said, “Just because her breast is not big, she is deprived of the qualification to be a person? Aren’t you too cruel? By the way, Little Ling’Er has now become a fox, I’d watch out for accidental injury if I were you.”

“… What I mean is, Yanluo’s immortal body makes her life form very unique. What we see now is not only her physical body, but also her primordial spirit. It’s like a mechanical puppet, and she still has half of her body left.”

Wang Wu thought for a while and said, “If you inject your vitality into her, even if she can’t fully recover to her original state, she could regain movement in a short time? But, first of all, are you sure you can exert enough force to make this dead machine move? Secondly, if you really bring her back to life, are you going to fight Xia Yu again?”

“For the first question, of course, I’m sure. As long as it is something similar to elixir, it will be enough to activate her. As for the second question, Xia Yu will not come.” Wang Lu was very sure. He said, “He won’t jump into a certain death… Moreover, wouldn’t it be better if he really comes here? It would be pretty fun to f*ck that old man again. If you can grab the projection of the Xuanyuan Sword, you will make a lot of money.”

“… Yeah, the Immortal King shouldn’t be stupid enough to let you deal with his projection clone at will. Now that you’ve made your mind, just do it, and I’ll protect you.”

Wang Lu smiled and then the thin skin at his fingertips suddenly cracked, and a drop of bright red blood fell on the broken crystal on Yanluo’s forehead.

This was the essence of Wang Lu. Any drop contained the vitality equivalent to more than ten thousand people. However, at this time, it was only for Yanluo.

The next moment, the long-dead crystal on Yanluo’s forehead suddenly trembled. The crack was like a living thing, it completely absorbed Wang Lu’s blood. The fragments of the crystal gradually softened, wriggled, and then began to fuse together. Finally, they became one. A crystal clear gemstone.

At the same time, Yanluo opened her eyes.

“It’s you?”

Yanluo didn’t seem to be surprised by her resurrection from death. But she was still very weak and had no intention of confrontation by force.

“Yes, it’s me. How does it feel to come back from the dead?”

“It’s subtle. I seem to have forgotten a lot of things.” Yanluo nodded, closed her eyes, and meditated for a while. She then chuckled softly, “But judging from the current situation, I have succeeded. If you still have a place to go, you won’t waste your time on me, a dead person.”

Wang Lu said, “I will not waste any time on you now, so don’t look at me with such expectation. I will neither rape you nor let her rape you. If you want to experience pleasure, you can only do it yourself… I bring you back from the dead to ask you some questions.”

Yanluo smiled and said, “Why would I answer that?”

“Because you don’t have a choice.” Wang Lu said and then fiercely clenched his fist. Immediately, Yanluo showed a pained expression.

“I used my blood to resurrect you, so don’t think about defying my will… So, let’s talk. How much do you know about Sun Buping?”

Wang Lu had been looking for someone to ask about this question for a long time.

It was necessary to understand Sun Buping’s life to keep pace with the giant Divine Weapon. However, even his wife, Senior Gem Emperor, couldn’t say that she fully understood him. After decades of being together, the synchronization rate had only increased to seventy percent. For the remaining thirty percent, he had to find out the deficiencies and make up the omissions through other ways.

As the lifelong enemy of Sun Buping, the Fallen Immortal was naturally an excellent source of information.

“Sun Buping… He was originally one of us. But after living in Nine Regions for a long time, he chose to betray us.” Yanluo’s voice was a bit stiff, “He was a traitor without a scheme, doomed to despair in the abyss of blood and fire.”

“… That’s it?” Wang Lu was a bit dumbfounded, “You should be considered a low-level leader in the Immortal World, right? In any case, you’re also the target of Xia Yu’s possession, so how is it that your information is so blocked?”

“Why should I know about such a trivial thing?” Yanluo said, “Sun Buping’s Earth Immortal camp was only famous in Nine Regions. The Immortal World basically didn’t put him in our eyes.”

“That’s such a sad story.” Wang Lu sighed and said, “You don’t understand about Sun Buping’s affairs, so tell me about the Immortal World. Especially the Immortal King Xia Yu. How much can you say about him?”

Yanluo suddenly seemed to really struggle. She shook her body desperately but was completely powerless to get rid of Wang Lu’s control. She could only bite her teeth and speak out the information she knew word by word.

“The Immortal King. And. Xiaoyao. Don’t…”

Before she could continue, Yanluo’s body suddenly shook and her entire white as jade face turned red and purple…Then, with a muffled sound, it exploded into pieces.

“The secrecy measures of the Immortal World are really amazing.” Wang Lu stretched out his hand in a daze and removed the scattered brains and flesh from his clothes. He then said, “But, this could be said as confession without duress. What’s so dirty about Immortal King and Xiaoyao? Without the next word, what’s the use? Don’t tell me that they ‘don’t act’?”

However, no matter what it was, at this time, it was already doomed to be without an answer. After Yanluo’s head exploded, her body was already thoroughly damaged. No matter how gargantuan one’s ability was, one could no longer resurrect her.

Wang Wu, who watched the whole process, could not help but shook her head and said, “In the end, your hard work seems to be without gain. There’s no new information about Sun Buping’s life, and the things about the Immortal King and Senior Immortal Xiaoyao are not clear. The knowledge is vain, so it’s basically a waste of your precious blood essence. It seems like it’s a bit of a loss.”

“It doesn’t mean that there’s no intelligence at all. For example, Sun Buping struggled all his life, but he was just like an ant in the eyes of the Immortal World. It is impossible for him to have no idea about this. Another example is that the Immortal King takes away others at will, does Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, who is under one but above the many, know about this? If he knows, what will he think? If he doesn’t know… Is it possible that he doesn’t know?”

Wang Lu frowned as he spoke because these questions seemed to hide a great secret, but the truth was shrouded in a cloud of mist, and he couldn’t see the truth.

Thus, Wang Lu once again fell into deep thought. His mind that had just cooled down began to run at high speed, trying to piece together the complete truth from the limited information. For these questions… Intuition was really important.

No one knew how long it had been since he started his meditation. After all, Wang Lu was not omniscient and omnipotent. From the beginning to the end, he had yet to find the answer. Then, while he was still in contemplation, a slight tremor occurred in the two-worlds passage. Then, the surprised voices of countless people blasted through the passage, waking him up from the contemplation.

“It’s connected, it’s finally connected!”

“Wang Lu, can you hear us?”

“I know you can hear us! Wang Lu, when can you come back?”

Wang Lu was stunned by the voices of countless old friends from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

“Have you guys built the Sky Tower?”

The voice that answered him was the voice of Feng Yin. It was weak and exhausted, but full of hope.

“Yes, the Sky Tower has been erected in Spirit Sword Mountain. With the guidance of the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman, we finally cut a gap in the space barrier. Now, as long as the gap is expanded, you can come back, right?”

Wang Lu nodded and said, “Yes, you guys have worked hard.”

However, as soon as his voice fell, Wang Lu saw the gap that had just been opened in the two-worlds passage quietly closed again.

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy to bring Wang Lu back.”

The voice of Senior Immortal Xiaoyao abruptly came!