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Chapter 823: This Kind Of Accomplishment Can Go to Hell

As soon as Wang Lu’s voice arrived, the blood-colored flying sword immediately stopped, and then it trembled more violently, but it was no longer with ill intent. The blood color on the sword quickly dissipated and was replaced with dazzling brilliance, just like the tears in the eyes.

“Okay, it’s just two hundred years of not seeing each other, why the fuss? I know you guys have a hard time all these years. Don’t worry, we’ll meet soon.”

With those words from Wang Lu, those dead treasures were finally in peace. After the noisy vigor was gone, those white lights quickly dimmed down and disappeared, and the relics returned to the ground to rest.

Feng Yin and the others were already very excited, “Big Brother, is that you?”

The voice outside the sky was silent for a moment.

“Actually, I don’t really want to talk to you guys in this capacity. After all, it has been many years. But now that I have been found, I’d like to say hello to all of you.”

The next moment, the several Junior Brothers and Sister began to talk all at once.

“… O-Okay, let’s stop the gossip and talk less. Time is limited. I’ll give you a brief account of the situation. Wang Wu and I are still trapped in the debris of the passage between the two worlds and are not connected with the Nine Regions. Just now, it was only by the call of the Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman and the Sword Tomb that a crack in the space barrier was barely opened. But, this crack can only allow voices to pass through. Now, I want you to build a tower on Spirit Sword Mountain, a tower that goes through the sky, to open a way for both of us to return home.”

“How do we build it?”

“This is to fully display your initiative, to build it more quickly, better, and more economically… How do I know how to build it? I’ve told you the need, now it’s your turn to come up with a plan!”

“… Understood. What else?”

“I want to know the current situation in Nine Regions… Lu Li, step forward.”

Among the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, Lu Li has the best eloquence. He pondered for a moment and then chose to talk about the important events of Nine Regions during this period.

“You can fully trust the Golden King’s ability, but never trust his position. His goal is not in Nine Regions, and it is possible for him to do anything. So I think you should understand who you should support now.”


Before he could continue, Wang Lu cut him off, “You can trust Aya unconditionally. But Aya has more strength and less flexibility. So I want you to go to area 51, open the secret door under the seat of fire, enter the underground city, take out the fire token on the fifth floor, and then give it to Nine-Tailed Fox.”

Lu Li was taken aback, “The fire token? That is the highest seal of order of all Zaku in Area 51. And you want to give it to Nine-Tailed Fox?”

“You can trust Nine-Tailed Fox, but can’t you trust Feng Ling?”

As soon as this was said, the several Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall had different expressions. Feng Yin was obviously overjoyed while the others looked hesitant.

Liu Xian tentatively said, “Of course, we can trust Feng Ling, but wasn’t she already… After all, she has only existed for a short time and cannot maintain her own consciousness.”

“Use your brain. An old maid who has remained chaste for thirty years, but then has her melon broken a month ago. Do you think she’s a virgin now or not?”


“Furthermore, Nine-Tailed Fox is the most suitable candidate now. The fox is the most cunning creature in the world, and you will need to use her cunning. Don’t forget that if she didn’t hold back Zhan Ziye and the others when the Against the World Dragon Pillar erupted in the Southern Heaven Region, that group of people will all die under the destroyer light. Her understanding of the Immortal World and her intuition of the crisis were far better than those of us, Immortal Cultivators.”


“In addition, let Yin Xuan move. If you hide the foreshadowing for too long, it will be invalid.”

“Do you want to use their power? But…”

“It’s a matter of life and death, don’t be so overly careful.”


“Finally… Give my thanks to Golden King for me, for taking the initiative to defend Cloud Region. There are some things worth remembering in that place.”

With these words, the connection between Spirit Sword Mountain and the two-world passageway was completely cut off.


“Well, well, well, is there something memorable in the Cloud Region?”

In the passage, Wang Wu’s smile looked strange. She said, “Give your thanks to Golden King? How come I have never seen you this infatuated before? How many years have passed since the events of Grand Cloud Mountain, yet you’re still obsessed about it?”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Grand Cloud Fairy is graceful with heavenly beauty. As long as one is a normal man, he will never forget her unique appearance. It would be strange instead if I forget her. As for whether I’m infatuated or not, others may not know, but how could you not?”

With that, he leaned forward and kissed Wang Wu’s lips. His movements were light and swift, and he did not let Wang Wu have any chance to react.

However, it seemed that Wang Wu herself didn’t intend to react to this scene. She licked her lips and then sighed deeply, “It must be hard for you. Such an infatuated person like you can only live a boring life with me, a faded old woman, so it must be very hard for you.”

Wang Lu said, “What are you talking about? Together with you, even if it’s a thousand years or ten thousand years, it won’t be hard.”

“Really? It doesn’t matter if you don’t see your other confidantes? For example, the Western Continent sword saint who has a relationship with you with the wine and roast chicken, or Liu Li that infatuated girl? Another example is the beautiful daughter of the Grand Cloud Fairy…”

Wang Lu shrugged and said, “We’re not going to live here for the rest of our lives. Sooner or later, we’re going to go back… Okay, let’s not talk about these unhappy things. Let’s do our homework again for the day.”

Wang Wu lightly said, “Why don’t you do it yourself, I’m not in the mood.”

“Very well.” Wang Lu was obviously a bit disappointed, but he didn’t force it. He said, “Just slowly harmonize your breath then, I’ll go and adjust the giant Divine Weapon.”

After Wang Lu disappeared in the darkness of the passage, Wang Wu finally revealed a trace of sadness.

Wang Lu’s condition was getting worse and worse.

The conversation just now was, of course, not Wang Lu’s own style, but rather he deliberately imitated Sun Buping, the original owner of the giant Divine Weapon.

In order to improve the synchronization rate, Wang Lu had exhausted his means. In the past fifteen years, with the cooperation of Senior Gem Emperor, he had experienced almost all the things Sun Buping experienced in his life. But, the synchronization rate was still stuck at seventy percent, and it was difficult to continue to breakthrough. After being trapped in the two-world passage, Wang Lu combed through his thoughts again and found that he still had a small blind spot.

Sun Buping used to be a passionate person. Before meeting with Senior Gem Emperor, he had many confidantes, such as Xuan Mo. During that time, with the guidance of one of the women who had power and influence, the relationship between them was delicate but harmonious, and Sun Buping enjoyed the happiness of having several partners.

This experience was only a small episode in Sun Buping’s long life. However, when Wang Lu later reflected it, he thought that if any man could have such an episode in his life, it would undoubtedly be the finishing touch. Previously, when he partnered with Senior Gem Emperor, consciously or unconsciously, he seemed to avoid that experience which was probably the reason for the bottleneck in the synchronization rate.

Therefore, Wang Lu could only force himself to become as infatuated and passionate as Sun Buping back then, in order to try to break through the bottleneck and bring the synchronization rate to a higher level.

As for the effectiveness, there were indeed some. In just a few days, Wang Lu’s synchronization rate had increased by three percentage points. It could be seen that this piece of content was indeed what he lacked in the past.

However, this kind of rebellious change to his original predisposition was undoubtedly a great burden to him.

To be sure, Wang Lu was not a (TL Note: See wikipedia: Zhan Huo)’Liu Xiahui\'[1] who was at peace with himself. He, of course, also had a need for women. However, he would also never learn the methods of those ‘playboys’, especially the seemingly romantic conversation just now. In his words, there would be too many goosebumps that would explode in the air.

Such words like ‘even if it’s a thousand years or ten thousand years, it won’t be hard’… The normal Wang Lu would never say this kind of words, even if he was forced to say it under sword point. But now, it was as natural as eating and drinking. Wang Wu could hardly imagine how distorted his Non-Phase Sword Heart at this time had become.

If it went on like this, even if the synchronization rate rose, it was likely that he himself would become mentally ill.

In addition, Wang Lu was trying to imitate Sun Buping’s romance, but there were only the two of them in the two-world passage. How could there be room for romance? Wang Lu had all kinds of affection, but he could only focus on one person. All the beautiful thoughts in his heart for those confidantes would fall on Wang Wu… And if she were to be honest, she was a bit fed up with it.

Even if Non-Phase Method had tens of thousands of miracles, there was no way to compete with the giant Divine Weapon for patience.

What’s more, every time she competed, there would be something more in her body. And when there were too many things, she was really uncomfortable.

With a sigh, Wang Wu swept away the thoughts in her heart and sat down with her legs crossed. Silently, she began to launch the internal inspection. Not long after, she saw a galaxy moving in her body.

“What a mess… The form that I have just organized a moment ago is invalid again. Damn it, how many versions of Non-Phase Method is this? Three hundred? Four hundred? The number of versions of Non-Phase Method in Non-Phase Peak in the past one hundred years was not as many as these past few days! It’s so annoying!”

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

Wang Wu raised her head and saw that Wang Lu had come to her side by some time. He had a worried look on his face.

Wang Wu suddenly became angry and pointed at her belly, “What else? Isn’t this the good thing that you did?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Yin and Yang transform into life, which is a supreme law no less than the destroyer light of the Against the World Dragon Pillar. When it comes to the efficiency of being born out of nothing, it is far better than the speed of self-regeneration of you, a Jindan Stage cultivator. A little bigger belly can increase your strength, what else are you dissatisfied with?”

“Damn, it’s easy for you to say Yin and Yang transform into life, when it’s born, isn’t it me who has to take care of it?”

“It will allow you to fully display your maternal brilliance.”

“Brilliance my ass! Your whole family is full of maternal brilliance!”

The more she talked, the angrier she became. However, the next moment, Wang Lu’s figure flashed away from her front and suddenly appeared behind her. Then, his two arms gently hugged her.

“Don’t be angry, if you encounter any problems, let’s study them together. Is the new Non-Phase Method framework still not working? Show me your design plan, perhaps there’s something wrong with it…”

Hearing these gentle words, Wang Wu’s anger gradually disappeared.

Although she knew that this gentleness was just Wang Lu’s hypocritical manner in order to imitate Sun Buping, in a sense… she did enjoy this gentleness.

“Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you, I’m going to rest a bit.”

Wang Lu was surprised. “Hey!”

However, watching Wang Wu lying down and resting irresponsibly, a smile gradually appeared on Wang Lu’s face.

Because this scene was simply the best portrayal of the word ‘family.’ A gentle husband, a spoiled wife, and the future conceived in the belly of the wife…

The next moment, his smile froze, and then there was a bigger surprise.

Because just when he thought about family, something seemed to bloom in his mind and the synchronization rate of the giant Divine Weapon suddenly increased a bit! It was now close to eighty percent!

That was it! Throughout Sun Buping’s life… had he been secretly looking forward to having a family?

[1] (TL Note: See wikipedia: Zhan Huo)