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Chapter 822: Gathering People to Create Trouble

The topic of Zhang Sheng’s wife was quickly changed. After all, Feng Yin and the others did not come to the sword tomb to solve their love affair.

“I have something to ask you, we need you to use the dead sword here to find someone.”

When he heard these words, Zhang Sheng was stunned. He said, “Looking for someone with the dead sword? Could it be that there is news about the missing senior?”

In the Sword Tomb in Spirit Sword Sect, not only were there the damaged Immortal Swords, which had been stockpiled in the past thousands of years, but also a large number of missing swords. Although the body of these swords was not damaged, the sword spirits had fallen into self-enclosure upon the owner’s departure, making them unable to be reused. The Spirit Sword Sect put these swords in the sword tomb, not only to commemorate the swordmasters but also to save a glimmer of hope to save the person itself. Spirit Sword Sect used the sword to enter the Path, so there was a peculiar connection between the cultivators and the sword. As long as the person was still alive, then it was hoped that the person would be found.

Of course, this hope was just that, hope. During the thousands of years existence of the Sword Tomb, no more than ten cultivators had been found by this method. Therefore, Zhang Shen was also surprised to hear that Feng Yin and others wanted to use the dead sword to find someone.

“It’s not a senior, it’s a…” Feng Yin was silent and looked around. Seeing that his Junior Brothers and Sister became more and more confused, he decided that it was time for them to understand the secret.

“It’s a person you and I both know. I want you to help me find our Big Brother.”


Once the words were said, everyone was shocked.

Among the ten Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, Feng Yin took the top spot. Over the past two hundred years, he had devoted himself to the Spirit Sword Sect. In their generation, the only Big Brother was him. However, this time, Feng Yin actually said the three words, ‘our Big Brother.’ In that case, there was only one person in the world who was qualified to be the Big Brother of Feng Yin. However, that person had already been dead two hundred years ago… Moreover, what was the relationship between Big Brother and the two people who were missing now?

“If you find him, you can find those two people.” Feng Yin didn’t explain much. He said, “Can it be done?”

Zhang Sheng thought for a moment and said, “The relics of Big Brother do exist in the Sword Tomb, but I’m not sure if the two people that you mention can be found. Because, since you came here to look for me, obviously the usual methods have been used.”

Feng Yin said, “Do your best. I believe Big Brother will respond.”

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try.”


Behind the hut, there was a piece of bare wilderness. The uneven hilly ground was filled with the boundless silence of the sword. There was no vegetation and mosquitoes in the wilderness, and the vitality was wiped out. Even Feng Yin and his party felt a little uncomfortable when they walked here.

However, Zhang Sheng was very comfortable here. He had been living in seclusion here for two hundred years. His body and mind had long been inseparable with the deathly stillness of the sword intent. When he came here, he was like a fish in water. His white hair danced with the wind in the wilderness, which caused him to appear ethereal.

With his Stellar Divine Eyes, Feng Yin somewhat couldn’t see through the ins and outs of Zhang Sheng. He could only roughly judge that his strength was no less than anyone in Heavenly Sword Hall.

“I can’t imagine that even after two hundred years of living in seclusion, my Junior Brother is one step of us in the Immortal Path.”

Zhang Sheng said with a smile, “If it wasn’t for Fifth Senior Sister who woke me up in time, I am afraid that I would have already turned into a handful of white sand in this wilderness at this time. How could I have the opportunity to have great enlightenment? Speaking of which, Fifth Senior Sister is remarkable. She indeed deserves to inherit the legacy of Big Brother… Okay, here we are.”

While talking, they arrived at a small hill. Zhang Sheng stood at the front and sighed softly and then said in a low voice, “The relics of Big Brother are all here. Senior Brother Feng Yin, are you sure that Big Brother is still here?”

Feng Yin nodded.

At this time, Liu Xian and the others had vaguely guessed the truth. But they were all worried, so they could not say a word at all.

Zhang Sheng walked up the hill and told the air beside him, “Lu, when I give the command later, do as what I taught you to do.”

When she heard these words, Hua Yun was stunned. She thought, did he want a person who didn’t exist to help him with such an important event?

Then she decided to first watch it unfold.

Zhang Sheng quickly stood on the top of the hill, and then his true Yuan began to move slowly. From static to dynamic, he suddenly set off a violent wave. The power that pervaded the wilderness was swept away by Zhang Sheng, as if it was torn by force. A whirlpool of stagnant air quickly condensed into substance, which was in the shape of a funnel. The funnel then spun downward and poured down at Zhang Sheng’s feet.

“Lu! Help me filter it a bit.”


At this moment, Feng Yin and the others clearly heard a gentle woman’s voice. At the next moment, on the hill, in front of Zhang Sheng, under the turbulent dead air, an entity condensed a bit into a slender woman.

There was no mistake, it was the poison removal doctor who haunted Zhang Sheng, the fuse that destroyed everything…

However, Feng Yin and the others had no time to think about why an imaginary character suddenly existed. Because with the appearance of Lu, the violent dead air became a bit more docile. And after gathering a large amount of dead air, the small hill under Zhang Sheng’s feet also began to tremble violently.


With a shocking sound, the small hill was completely disintegrated. Then a few white lights rushed into the sky, and then slowly fell down, until they quietly floated in front of everyone’s eyes.

A broken sword, half a robe, a hairpin, and two remnant books.

Zhang Sheng wearily landed with those lights, but the Lu beside him had become invisible again.

“These are the relics of Big Brother. Originally, they were just a pile of powder. They were briefly activated by the dead energy that I gathered in the Sword Tomb and recovered a bit of their shape and enlightened a touch of spirit. Now, they should be driven by instinct to find the whereabouts of their master… But, I want to confirm again, is Big Brother still here?”

Feng Yin was silent for a long time. The relationship between Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu could not be explained clearly in a few words. As a matter of fact, he was not completely sure whether the Big Brother was still alive at this time.

However, what else could he do?

“Big Brother is still here, he will certainly respond to the call.”


Zhang Sheng nodded and then stretched out his hand to separate the relics a bit.

In an instant, the white lights began to twist and wriggled wildly like wild beasts and waves that caused palpitation surged out.


Zhang Sheng said, “If you wake up these guys who have been resting for 200 years and tell them that their master is still alive, they will inevitably feel agitated. Of course, this is a good thing. When they are excited, they will work hard on their call. But the side effect is that, if they find out that their master doesn’t exist, they may think that we just make fun of them… And these guys, who have gathered huge dead aura of the Sword Tomb will retaliate, and they are very difficult to deal with.

Feng Yin’s complexion changed slightly when he heard this, but he soon calmed down.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother will not let us down.”

Zhang Sheng smiled and said, “He has never let people down.”

Following the conversation between the two of them, Ouyang Shang’s broken relics writhed more violently, and waves visible to the naked eye began to spread and erupt wantonly. The violent power was shocking.

“Oh, it seems that these guys are not very patient. They feel impatient and start to get irritable after only a short time.”

Zhang Sheng said this, but his expression gradually became gloomy. He put one of his hands in front of him, while the other hand was holding a cloud of air, clearly making a defensive posture.

“Senior Brother Feng Yin, if the worst thing happens later, don’t take it lightly. I know that you are very good now, but these are the relics of Big Brother…”

Before he had finished speaking, there was another booming sound in the wilderness. A mound of soil in the distance exploded and several white lights floated in the air.

Zhang Sheng’s eyes widened and somewhat in disbelief. “This…”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One after another, the mounds in the wilderness burst, and more and more relics of the dead were aroused and awakened from their slumber. The dots of white light connected together, making them look like a galaxy. Countless pieces of relics of the deceased began to clamor with Ouyang Shang’s relics.

Zhang Sheng showed a wry smile and said, “It’s bad. I seem to underestimate the appeal of Big Brother. That guy started calling the entire sword tomb to rebel. And it’s not only the relics of our golden generation cultivators, but also the relics of our ancestors of previous generations. But, Big Brother didn’t have such a hot temper at that time. So where did these dead creatures learn to make trouble in this case?”

After a pause, Zhang Sheng asked, “Big Brother, I haven’t been out of the sword tomb in recent years. Is the mountain protection array of the Spirit Sword sect still reliable? If it breaks out later, it should be several times more powerful than the four heavenly tribulations. Can it withstand it?”

Feng Yin did not answer, but from his solemn look, it was not difficult to see that even if it could be stopped, it would not be easy…:

Lu Li, who was responsible for maintaining the array, broke out in a cold sweat, and asked softly “Senior Brother, do you want to call Ling’Er and the others…”

Before he could finish his words, Ouyang Shang’s broken sword suddenly flew high, and then it was fully restored in the light. Then a violent wave ran straight through the sky along the upward sword body. The Grand Cloud Array of Spirit Sword Sect was broken in an instant, and the afterwaves did not stop, sweeping away large clouds in the Blue River Region.

That was the strongest sound this sword could make.

After no one knew how long, seemingly very long but also very short, the flying sword trembled for a moment. Then crimson blood leaked from the clear sword, like the blood and tears of a desperate person.

However, after being bathed in blood and tears, making its entire body scarlet, the sword slowly turned downward, and the cold light from it was reflected in the eyes of Feng Yin and the others.

“This guy… Seems to be really angry with us.” Zhang Sheng hugged the invisible person in his arm more closely, “Senior Brother Feng Yin, this time, looks like you have made a wrong bet.”

Feng Yin and the others have already formed a formation a long time ago, waiting for the flying sword in the air to explode.

However, the next moment, from the boundless distant sky, a lightning bolt fell diagonally and struck the blood-colored sword in the middle

Then, the familiar but also unfamiliar voice filled everyone’s ears.

“You idiot, what the hell are you doing?”