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Chapter 820: The Fall of the Golden King

The third defensive battle of Nine Regions, which happened in the Southern Heaven Region, ended with a complete victory for the Nine Regions. The passage between two worlds opened by the fairyland with painstaking efforts was larger than any of the previous ones. However, it was destroyed by the frenzied self explosion of the Golden King’s extravagant Golden City. Even the Against the World Dragon Pillar in the passage was wiped out. And thus, the Immortal World suffered heavy losses.

The Golden King, who led the victory, was naturally the greatest hero. In this war, the Supreme King of the Western Continent deliberately did not use the fighting power of the Nine Regions in order to build up his prestige. Except for the emergency restoration of the Golden City, where the Nine Regions craftsmen were recruited, the rest were all people of the Western Continent. Golden King built his own Golden Kingdom with the people of Western Continent. And in this battle, his arrogance (financial) was undoubtedly displayed. Moreover, his grasp of fighting opportunity was also remarkable. Whether it was to lure Senior Immortal Xiaoyao to attack with magical weapons, or to finally push the dilapidated Golden City into the passage before the enemy was prepared, Golden King had achieved the maximum result with the simplest tactic.

From an onlooker’s point of view, it was hard to avoid the feeling that Golden King’s tactics were just like these, there was no profound deduction or calculation. However, from the opponent’s point of view, they truly experienced the horror of Golden King. Because he didn’t need to pay attention to any conspiracy and calculations with them at all. In leisure, he could casually push the chest piece into a deadly position. Golden King’s tactic seemed unreasonable, but it could actually achieve victory. In the words of Nine Regions people, this was the way of nature, which was natural.

However, for the victory of this battle, Golden King paid a heavy price…

“Hahaha, mere Fallen Immortal bastards, you guys are really weak! Before I even use my power, you guys already fell down.”

After destroying the passage between the two realms, Golden King slowly descended from mid-air. His roaring laughter had already raged on the ground one step ahead of him.

On the ground, the cultivators from Nine Regions had already gathered to greet his return with extremely complicated eyes.

“Bastards… Em, cultivators of Nine Regions, what else do you have to say now? Tremble under my invincible heroism. I give you the right to look up to the glory, hahaha!”

“Gil, shut up. You should really look at yourself now.”

Whether it was in Nine Regions nor Western Continent, few people dared to interrupt Golden King right in front of him and call him by his real name. However, Aya was undoubtedly one of them. She had just finished the battle against the Fallen Immortals. Half tired half helpless, she shook her head at Golden King.

“You’re obviously like an arrow at the end of its flight, why are you still holding on?”

“Like an arrow at the end of its flight? Knight King, what are you talking about? My situation is better than ever before!”

“Then why has the color of your golden armor faded?”

“W-What?” Golden King was startled when he heard those words and quickly looked down at his chest. The once golden armor had changed its color and became silvery white.

Among the cultivators who watched from below, many were puzzled and wondered, “How come when the Golden King fights, the armor changes its color?”

Soon, someone familiar with the history of the Western Continent whispered, “The armor of the Golden King is the symbol of his wealth. He protects his body with his wealth. The more treasure he has, the stronger the defense of his armor. Just now, he lost Golden City and his wealth was greatly reduced, so…”

“Pfft, so now the Golden King becomes the Silver King?”

The cultivator who was familiar with the story couldn’t bear but shook his head and said, “After all, it’s for the sake of Nine Regions.that the armor of the Golden King, who has endless wealth, faded. His loss just now perhaps could even make the Five Elites of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals go bankrupt.”

Just now, Golden King scattered thousands upon thousands of magical weapons like they were just sand, but it could not shake the color of his armor. But once the Golden City was lost, Golden King turned into Silver King. Thus, it could be imagined how heavy his loss was.

“No, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible!” Golden King looked down at the silver armor, and his bloody eyes showed his stubborn refusal to admit the reality. “Yes, I understand. It must be that after this battle, my wealth has been sublimated, so the armor has been upgraded to platinum! Yes, from now on, my name will be changed into Platinum King! Bastards, listen up, you guys…”

Before he finished his words, Aya’s figure flashed and in an instant came behind the Golden King. Then the back of the hilt of the holy sword in her hand slammed the back of his head, and the invincible Golden King fell without a word.

“Alright, this battle is over. Both the Immortal World and Nine Regions need some time to rest… However, he has fully proved his strength as promised. Next, I hope you guys can do your best.”


When Golden King opened his eyes again, he found that he was in a strange room with exquisite and gorgeous decorations. Although it was still a bit shabby by Golden King’s standard, it was, with much difficulty, acceptable to him.

“You’re awake?”

The cold female voice belonged to the woman that he both liked and hated. Aya stood at the door of the room and dressed in a military uniform. There was no softness in her eyes.

“Knight King, where is this?”

“Wang Lu’s temporary residence in Area 51 in the Wild Land.”

“Tsk, no wonder there’s the bad smell of that kid…” Golden King squinted his eyes discontentedly, “What’s the current situation?”

“Both sides are still preparing for the next battle, there’s nothing important to mention… Except for your injury.”

Golden King immediately curled his lips and said, “What a joke, how can I have any injury?”

“… When you’re acting strong, can you first lower your head and look at your chest! Bronze King!”

Golden King immediately shut up and didn’t speak. Actually, he didn’t have to bow his head, because Golden King had already caught a glimpse of the bronze color from his chest. As Knight King said, his injury was more serious.

“The Golden City is where your foundation lies, how planless you actually were that you have to explode the thing that you have cherished and built for life?”

Golden King was silent for a moment and then said with a smile, “Knight King, this is your lack of character as a King. You think the reason why a King is a King is that he has territory, subjects, and wealth… But in fact, this fallacy is not true. No matter whether there is a King or not, territory, subjects and wealth will always exist. So why should I own these things instead of others? It’s very simple, because in this world, I’m unique and unmatched, that’s why I can have everything. Now, even if I lost the Golden City, as long as I am a King, I’m destined to have infinite wealth. Whether it’s the Golden City or the King’s Treasure, all of them exist because of me.”

Aya stayed silent for a while. Both were Kings, but their monarch ways were obviously different, and there was no possibility of communication between them.

“Are you really sure you can recover from your injury?”

Golden King remained silent but kept his look at Aya. At that moment, his armor changed from bronze to silver and soon it gradually became golden again…

“Don’t forget who inspired the Tomb of Immortals in Nine Regions. The Nine Regions people can create something out of nothing by relying on a few World Dragons. How can I not do it?”

Aya nodded and said, “That’s good. Then you will lead the next battle. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

“Wait. What about Wang Lu? Or does he just hide his head and show his tail, not willing to show up?”

Aya stopped for a moment and said, “He will definitely come back.”

“That’s the best. Don’t forget that according to our bet, there will be a battle between me and him.”

“…” Without saying a word, Aya spread the dragon wings behind her and flew away.

After Aya left, cold sweat flowed down from Golden King’s forehead, and the color of his armor suddenly returned to bronze and became even dimmer.

“Damn’t it, don’t tell me I’m going to degenerate into Iron King…”


At the same time, on the Stellar Peak of Spirit Sword Mountain, Daoist Master Feng Yin appeared a bit restless in the bamboo room. With the help of his Kunlun glasses, he saw countless lines of cause and effect, which seemed to contain mysteries. However, when he looked closely at them, they were chaotic.

He tried to derive clues from the Stellar Star Great Divination Technique, but it was always to no avail.

Of course, this was not unexpected. At this time, Feng Yin was still at peak Deity stage. Although with the help of the outside path method, his real strength was not weaker than that of most of the Earth Immortals. However, even so, it still seemed insignificant in the Immortal level battlefield. Therefore, whether it was Divination or Stellar Divine Eyes, both will inevitably be disturbed ineffective.

“Senior Brother, how is the situation?”

From outside the bamboo room, Liu Xian, the second Junior Brother and Fang He, the third Junior Brother came in with sad faces.

“There’s still no news about little Wang Lu?” A woman in a gorgeous dress asked softly.

According to Wang Lu’s position at this time, the only person who could call him little Wang Lu was probably Hua Yun.

“It still doesn’t work. I have tried many methods. Even the Life Talisman in Spirit Pool Peak is frozen, no life or death could be seen.

The Life Talisman of Spirit Pool Peak was a brand-new technology developed after Nine Regions inherited the Earth Immortals inheritance. It established a strong bond between a cultivator and the sect. No matter what happened to the cultivators, it would immediately be reflected in the Life Talisman. This immortal method that ignored the space distance was highly praised by various sects. However, when it came to Wang Lu, the Life Talisman had no effect.

“Wang Lu is not in Nine Regions, so it’s normal for the immortal method to fail, but… people’s convictions are unstable, if he still can’t show up.”

“Didn’t Supreme Hetu and the others hear him speak before?”

“It’s even worse! He stopped Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, and now, some people even framed him for colluding with the Immortal World! Previously, it was him alone who interrogated Canglan… Wang Lu is too confident in his work that he can say anything when he is present. However, when the situation is out of control, it will inevitably backfire.”

“If he was cautious, he might have accomplished nothing in the past fifteen years!”

“Okay, stop arguing.” A word from Feng Yin stopped the dispute in the bamboo room.

The eyes of the Junior Brothers and Sister were focused on Feng Yin, waiting for his decision.

“Go to the Sword Tomb.”

“Sword Tomb?”

“It’s time for Old Ten to come out of seclusion and go down the mountain to look for Wang Lu.”