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Chapter 818: Golden King

Heaven blessed the Nine Regions!

When the golden light shone in the Heavenly Sage Hall, the people present suddenly thought of those words.

The arrival of the Golden King of the Western Continent could be regarded as a miracle. Before that, even the most delusional people did not dare to invite the demigod who stood at the top in the Western Continent to Nine Regions. And as a matter of fact, the relationship between the two parties was not harmonious.

In recent years, the contacts between Nine Regions and Western Continent became more and more frequent. With the approaching Fallen Immortal crisis, Nine Regions began to recruit aid from the Western Continent. With the help of the former Knight King of Western Continent, people from all walks of life gathered in Nine Regions, forming a strong force.

However, this kind of recruitment undoubtedly hurt the Western Continent, because the Western Continent people also had to face their own end of the world crisis. The arrival of the Western Continent Gods was the same as that of the Fallen Immortals in Nine Regions. Only by gathering all the forces from all over the continent could they hope to have the chance. To put it bluntly, Aya running around everywhere in the Western Continent was tantamount to digging the corner of the Golden King, or even pushing the Western Continent into the fire pit.

In the past few years, Aya’s reputation in the Western Continent had become more delicate. Later, she and Wang Wu had a fierce confrontation with the Golden King, which made the once glorious Knight King extremely controversial. However, after that confrontation, the recruitment effort from the Nine Regions was no longer hindered.

However, overall, the role of foreign aid from the Western Continent was quite limited. Although there were many people who came to support, there were only a few experts worth mentioning. None of them was even close to that of a Saint. After all, Nine Regions was not a peaceful paradise, and it was even more dangerous than the Western Continent, so why did they have to travel all the way to Nine Regions?

Thus, in recent years, although Aya had been staying in the Western Continent and working hard, the cultivators in the Heavenly Sage Hall had not put their hopes on her for a long time. They only hoped that she could return to Nine Regions in time for the decisive battle. Recently, she even completely lost contact with the Nine Regions–Of course, Aya usually only had single-line contact with Wang Lu and Wang Wu.

Who knew, when the Nine Regions was in a desperate situation, she actually brought back the Golden King!

According to the intelligence that Aya had reported back several times, Golden King’s strength even exceeded that of Sun Buping, and was even very close to Wang Lu with his seventy percent synchronization rate, which was comparable to a Senior Immortal of the Immortal World. Moreover, as a King, how could Golden King come alone? He ought to have many entourages behind him.

In the face of the Supreme King of the Western Continent, Supreme Hetu took the initiative and stood up to greet him in a great ceremony. However, before he could speak, Golden King frowned in displeasure.

“Bastard, look at yourself in the mirror, who do you think you are? You dare to greet me? Where is Wang Lu?”

Supreme Hetu was slightly stunned. He had heard many stories about the Golden King, a person who showed disdain for the world, therefore, he did not mind the impoliteness of the other party. However, the question raised by the Golden King was really painful.

At this moment, Supreme Hetu shouldn’t really sit on the same level as Golden King. As far as the top person of the continent was concerned, Western Continent had the Golden King while the Nine Regions had Wang Lu. However, currently, Wang Lu…

Aya faintly said, “Wang Lu is unable to meet you. He’s trapped in the passage between the two worlds and can’t go out.”

Golden King’s voice turned instantly cold as he said, “Knight King, are you kidding me?”

“I won’t make a joke about this kind of thing. And if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have forced you to come. Nine Regions needs your strength.”

“But I don’t need a Nine Regions who’s powerless to defend itself and goes back on its words!” Golden King’s cold anger gradually dissipated everywhere, “Let Wang Lu come and see me, otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss here!”

The Golden King’s anger made the atmosphere in the Heavenly Sage Hall tense.

However, Aya, who came together with the Golden King refused to yield and gave tit for tat.

“You can’t see him, and you don’t have the right not to talk about it. Gil, you’re no longer the Golden King! Western Continent can’t be saved anymore! Your only choice now is to help us survive this disaster, and then we will help you recover Western Continent. You have no choice!”

“Knight King!” The Golden King roared and countless golden rings lit up beside him.

Aya immediately put her hand on the sword hilt at her waist and said, “Gil, do you want to fight again?”


Golden King glared at Aya. After a long time, he retrieved the rings around him and left without saying a word. His body disappeared like a phantom mist.

Aya breathed a sigh of relief and released her grip on the sword hilt. Beads of sweat dripped down from her forehead.

“Aya, what’s going on?” Feng Yin asked with concern.

“It’s complicated… Simply put, Western Continent has fallen into enemy hands.”

“Fallen into enemy hands?” Several Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall were surprised and in disbelief, “I haven’t heard of such news.”

“The arrival of the Gods of the Western Continent was different from that of the Fallen Immortals. Instead of directly appearing in the world by force, they chose a relatively gentle method—they continuously displayed miracles to attract believers, and then gradually eroded the existing ruling class in Western Continent. Until they are in full control, no one can stop the coming of the end of the world.”

As Aya said those words, her face became a bit gloomy, “In terms of strength, the Gods of the Western Continent are much weaker than the Fallen Immortals. Because of their excessive killing of each other in their Divine World, their numbers have withered. However, their methods are more ingenious. So, the process of occupying the Western Continent was much smoother than that of the Fallen Immortal. When I left, they had already taken control of the entire Western Continent. Although they had yet to launch their ultimate world breaker spell, all of those who were aware of the abnormality and wanted to resist had been secretly obliterated by them. The collapse of the Western Continent… Is just a matter of time.”

After hearing this, the expressions of all the Elders changed in various ways. Many of them cast their gratitude and admiration toward Senior Gem Emperor.

If it hadn’t been for this group of people who carried on the first flag of resistance and passed down the history and truth of the Fallen Immortals to the future generation… When the Fallen Immortal also used the name of Immortal World to carry out the subtle occupation strategy in Nine Regions, there would’ve been no difference between Nine Regions and Western Continent.

“You just said that Golden King is no longer the Golden King, what do you mean by that? How much will his strength be affected?”

Aya said, “The reason why a King is a King is not because he is noble and powerful, but because he has territory and people. A subjugated King is not a King in the strictest sense. As for strength, the Golden King is the strongest person in the Western Continent, but a large part of his strength comes from his status as a King. Now, he is probably only a bit stronger than Senior Gem Emperor.”

Senior Gem Emperor, who was named by Aya, shook her head and asked, “What about you? What is the stage of the person who can make the Golden King so afraid that he even gave up his dignity?”

When she heard this, Aya was stunned and silent for a moment, and then said, “Gil has never given up the dignity of the King. The reason why he listens to me is because I had once gambled with him in a fight and won half a move by luck. Purely in terms of strength, I’m about the same as Gil, and I’m afraid I’m even inferior to him.”

Senior Gem Emperor said with a smile, “At this level, the gap in strength is difficult to make up with skills. Yet, you can win half a move against him. No wonder Wang Lu never forgot to say that you were once his sword art instructor.”

Aya’s face turned a bit red, but she did not know how to respond. However, Senior Gem Emperor looked at Aya with a rather playful look, making the latter more embarrassed.

Supreme Hetu promptly said, “In short, with the participation of you and Golden King, the gap in strength can basically be filled. However, this just brings the front line back to the original position, which does not mean we can gain any advantage. On the contrary, the Fallen Immortals have already occupied Southern Heaven Region, the Against the World Dragon Pillar has been completely rooted, and the passage between the two worlds has been fully opened…”

With every word he said, the atmosphere in the Heavenly Sage Hall became colder. The morale boosted by the arrival of the Golden King was soon extinguished.

As Supreme Hetu said, the current situation was far from optimistic.

“Bastards, are you just going to give up?”

In the silence that ensued, the Golden King came uninvited and appeared in the middle of the hall.

“If you are going to give up on this, then let me rule everything. Bastards, I give you all the honor to be my subjects.”

Aya angrily said, “Gil! Did you forget our agreement?”

“Knight King, I only have an agreement with you to respect those indomitable warriors in Nine Regions. But a group of scurrying bastards who dare not face the enemy are not worthy of being called warriors, and even less worthy of my respect. Moreover, since the number one person in Nine Regions is not here, is it not natural for me to rule everything? Or could it be that on the surface you seem to need my strength but you actually don’t believe in my ability?”

The words of Golden King left the people of Nine Regions speechless.

When the crowd was silent, Golden King went on, “The power of a ruler is increased by his subjects and territories. Since you need my strength, you should give up everything and be my subjects.”


Suddenly Daoist Master Feng Yin said, “Okay. You can have it.”

“Feng Yin, are you crazy?”

Daoist Master Feng Yin shook his head and said, “Now, there’s no conflict of interest between the two sides. Unnecessary precautions will only hurt others and ourselves. The power of the Golden King is indeed incomparable. He himself is the peerless King who rules an entire continent. Why not leave him to take charge of the whole situation? Everyone, more than ten years ago, you all entrusted everything to Wang Lu, so how was it different from this time?”

“Hmph, there’s a rare reasonable one.” Golden King chuckled.

After a moment, Supreme Hetu also said, “I have no objections to the opinion of Daoist Fellow Feng Yin.”

Supreme Zhuri apparently disagreed with this, but since Feng Yin and Hetu had already spoken, he stopped himself from saying it.

However, just as everyone began to think and express their opinions, a piercing alarm sound suddenly sounded in the Heavenly Sage Hall.

“The third crack in the sky has appeared!”