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Chapter 816: The Lunchbox Can’t be Returned

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When the Against the World Dragon Pillar erupted, the Southern Heaven Region was completely destroyed… Nine-Tailed Fox calmly replied.

“So, if you want to ask me what this is, then my reply is that this is the prelude of the collapse of the Nine Regions…”

“Enough! I didn’t ask you about the Southern Heaven Region!” Zhan Ziye suddenly shouted, “I’m asking you, how is my Master?”

The fox girl was not perturbed and calmly gave out the answer, “How else? Died, of course.”


“It’s impossible for him to survive. Even a Senior Immortal himself couldn’t bear the destructive light of the Against the World Dragon Pillar, how could others survive?”

Zhan Ziye’s eyes were red, but he could not say anything, because he knew that the Nine-Tailed Fox was right.

The power of the Against the World Dragon Pillar could be clearly sensed thousands of miles away. It was the supreme law that overrode all the laws of the Nine Regions, and it was impossible for anyone to survive it.

Although he absolutely didn’t want to believe this fact in his heart, and he really wanted to yell at Nine-Tailed Fox and scold her for her nonsense, but even if he did, so what?

Zhan Ziye remembered that years ago, when he was less than ten years old, he was accepted as a disciple at the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Then, above the clouds, Supreme Tianlun personally taught the first lesson for those new disciples about the Ten Thousand Arts Sect—respect the facts.

“On the path of Immortal Cultivation, we will face all kinds of disturbances, but as cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, you must all keep calm at all times and eliminate all subjective emotions. No matter how much your heart resists it, you must keep in mind that objective facts are more important than anything.”

For most of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect disciples, perhaps that was the only time in their life of Immortal Cultivation that they could hear Supreme Tianlun directly spoke in person. Of course, as the lead disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Zhan Ziye spent a lot more time with Supreme Tianlun. But, it was that first lesson that impressed him the most in the past few decades. Supreme Tianlun had planted the seeds of the spirit of Ten Thousand Arts Sect into the heart of every disciple. Later, when he succeeded in cultivating the Ten Thousand Motionless Immortal Heart, it was that seed that broke through the ground and thrived.

However, at this time, Zhan Ziye very much hated his calm immortal heart. Instead of knowing the fact of his Master’s death so clearly and painfully, he would rather be as ignorant as those ignorant fools!

“Wait a minute. If you say that Supreme Tianlun, Supreme Kuqin, Senior Gem Emperor, Trap Immortal Sword, and Extinguish Immortal Sword have all been…” Zhou Mumu was overwhelmed with shock and inconsolable, “That’s nearly half of the strength of Nine Regions!”

Nine Tailed Fox coldly said, “Even if you gather all the strength in Nine Regions, it’s still useless. The power of the Against the World Dragon Pillar is the best among the innate treasures. Even the Immortal King can’t fight it head-on. The only way to survive is to escape, and they also missed the opportunity for this. So, what’s so weird about total annihilation?”

“If this is the case, if…” The more Zhou Mumu said, the paler her face was. Even if she was not a cultivator who was good at deduction, she did not need any deduction for the development of the general situation. Without two of the four poles, the Death to Immortal Great Array could not be formed. The Southern Heaven Region was destroyed by the Against the World Dragon Pillar, what qualification did the Nine Regions have to fight against the Fallen Immortals?

“It can’t be helped. We are weak, while they are strong, so for us, there’s no room for mistakes.” Nine-Tailed Fox sighed and said, “The Fallen Immortals can fail ten times or even twenty times. However, if Nine Regions makes a slight mistake in the last step, Nine Regions will still be doomed.”

The fox girl’s words quieted everyone down, and despair and cold emotion began to spread… Yes, they were one of the four poles of the Nine Regions and they were the elites that Wang Lu spent countless efforts to create. So, they should always have high morale. However, in the face of such a situation, it would be too ignorant of them not to recognize the rationality of being in despair.

“So, are you going to surrender?” Qiong Hua coldly looked at Nine-Tailed Fox and said, “The Nine-Tailed Fox, who is always on the side of the winner, intends to return to the embrace of the Immortal World?”

“Hahaha, what are you talking about? I’ve been one of your people for a long time. I’m loyal and unswerving.”

Qiong Hua said, “Really? Even when Supreme Kuqin and Supreme Tianlun were wiped out, and even when Wang Lu and Wang Wu were lost in the endless void and while the Nine Regions is facing unprecedented despair, are you willing to stand firmly on our side?”

“Well, this…” Nine-Tailed Fox looked embarrassed. Being forced to tell lies was really uncomfortable.

Fortunately, someone came forward to help her out of the predicament. Zhu Shiyao suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Wait, what… what are you guys talking about?”

Qiong Hua took a look at her but had nothing to say about this comrade who knew nothing but sword art. At this time, for Zhu Shiyao who did not know the situation… Perhaps, it was a kind of happiness.”

“They are not completely destroyed.”


For a moment, everyone gathered around and stared intently at Zhu Shiyao. Although this Elder Sister of Spirit Sword Sect didn’t like to talk much, and often the front part of her words didn’t match the latter part, she seldom spoke without thinking!

Zhu Shiyao felt a bit strange as she asked, “Can’t you guys see them? They are there.”


Following the direction of Zhu Shiyao’s finger, everyone looked at the darkness of the Southern Heaven Region through the fox girl’s magical screen.

“There’s nothing… Is she wrong?”

“She has the Stellar Divine Eyes! Stop talking nonsense and concentrate more!”

“Ahh, I seem to see it. Indeed, there’s something there… Fox, zoom in!”

The Nine-Tailed Fox approached in disbelief and then tried to enlarge the scene in the screen who was tens of thousands of miles away. The area where she tried to zoom in was around the Against the World Dragon Pillar, of which the spell to do this was a strain to her.

However, at this time, she didn’t care even if the spell shook her foundation. She kept on zooming in.

It was a person.

Supreme Kuqin stood in the darkness, with the Extinguish Immortal Sword in her right hand and the battle flag in her left hand.

“Only Supreme Kuqin? Where is my Master?”

“Zhan Ziye, calm down! Look at the battle flag in her hand, there are now many more marks compared to that of before. Everyone else must have been taken into the flag!”

Hearing this, Zhan Ziye immediately calmed down… His immortal heart regained the initiative and made him sober and calm.

“It’s good if people are still there, but why?”

“The pillar is broken.” Zhu Shiyao said, and pointed at the dark Dragon Pillar, “Look at its bottom.”

As she zoomed in on the pillar on the screen, the fox girl vomited blood… As expected, there was a deep scar at the bottom of the dragon pillar, which almost cut it off. And Supreme Kuqin stood not far from the scar.

All the pilots there were talented cultivators, and they quickly comprehended everything that just happened. At the moment when the destruction light of the Against the World Dragon Pillar broke out, Supreme Kuqin burst out with astonishing decisiveness. Instead of retreating, she boldly advanced. First, she collected everyone into the battle flag and then instantly flashed to the front of the dragon pillar. And then, with her Extinguish Immortal Sword, she slashed the dragon pillar, which greatly reduced the power of the destruction light… Which was the only way to escape.

“As expected of the military god of Nine Regions, she actually escaped with her life through the desperate situation” Zhou Mu Mu wiped off the cold sweat on her forehead and said with admiration.

Zhu Shiyao frowned again and said, “What escape with her life? She’s already dead.”


At the next moment, the scene on the screen changed again. Supreme Kuqin’s body suddenly scattered like sand. The Extinguish Immortal Sword and the battle flag fell down one after another. On the way down, the marks on the flag gradually dissipated from top to bottom, and half of the marks on the flag were lost.

In the end, it could not be perfect. Supreme Kuqin’s reaction was already extremely fast, but perhaps it was not fast enough. In this weak against strong battle, even a slight loss was the difference between life and death.

“How could this happen…” Zhou Mumu stared at the remaining half of the flag. She could clearly see that the mark of Supreme Tianlun had disappeared. Among the Earth Immortals, only Senior Gem Emperor and Luo Xue survived.

It was true that this was not total annihilation, but how much difference was there from the total annihilation? The two Supremes had died in battle along with most of the Earth Immortals. And the Trap Immortal Sword, Extinguish Immortal Sword, and the Red Guards Battle Flag, all would be lost at the Against the World Dragon Pillar.

After raising people’s hope, and then for that hope to be crushed, this was indeed… too cruel.

“All of you, come on, help me.”

Qiong Hua’s cold voice was like divine enlightenment, which dispelled the gloom in everyone’s mind.

“The dead are dead, and the living will continue to fight. The Extinguish Immortal Sword, Trap Immortal Sword, and the Red Guards Battle Flag can’t be left there, so…”

With that, Qiong Hua took out her Kill Immortal Sword.

“The four Dead to Immortal Swords are closely related. I can use the Kill Immortal Sword as the core and call the other two swords to return. The Trap Immortal Sword is in the battle flag, so it should be able to pull it together with it. However, the distance here is too far away, and there is interference from the Against the World Dragon Pillar, so I don’t have the power to pull them alone.”

Almost as soon as her voice fell, Qiong Hua felt the support from her comrades. She immediately pulled out the Kill Immortal Sword and began to summon the Extinguish Immortal Sword and the Trap Immortal Sword with all her strength. Tens of thousands of miles away, in the endless darkness, the two immortal treasures stopped their fall and then began to fly up. Slowly at first before became faster and faster.

However, before they could fly far away, their momentum suddenly stopped. An invisible huge hand shrouded them, holding the two immortal treasures back.

In the Central Region, Qiong Hua’s delicate body trembled and blood involuntarily seeped out of her seven orifices. The strength of the invisible hand was incredible. Before even the real hand arrived, the combined force of the eleven of them was almost shattered on the spot by the projection alone.

It was suicide to wrestle with such a force.

Thus, in an instant, the two immortal treasures gradually flew back, farther and farther away from the Central Region.

Within the array, Zhou Mumu roared, “Add more strength, Qiong Hua! Where has your arrogant manner gone!”

Qiong Hua clenched her teeth, coughed out a mouthful of blood and then sprinkled them on the Kill Immortal Sword. The Kill Immortal Sword suddenly gave out a joyful roar and its suction power soared, forming a balance of power with that huge hand.

However, the next moment, the huge hand suddenly expanded, becoming twice as huge. In an instant, its power became overwhelming. Qiong Hua’s tactic of not hesitating to damage her life span actually achieved nothing!

“Since one mouthful is not enough, then use more blood.” At this moment, Qiong Hua made a simple judgment in her heart.

At present, Nine Regions could be without Qiong Hua, but it could not be without these two immortal treasures, so…

At this time, a familiar and kind voice resounded throughout the Southern Heaven Region.

“Let go.”

A strange sword light cut through the darkness and cut off the invisible hand. The power that restrained the Extinguish Immortal Sword and the battle flag suddenly ceased to exist, and thus, the two immortal treasures were instantly pulled by the power from the Central Region, flying as fast as a meteor.

On the edge of the Southern Heaven Region, Supreme Hetu, with his hand holding a cyan sword, looked at the infinite darkness in front of him with a solemn expression. Just now, that sword cut came from him. Although the strike was a success, there was no joy at all on his face. In this desperate war, a small victory was insignificant.

In front of him, the huge hand that had been cut off was glued together again in the dark, without any loss at all. In the face of the new enemy, it did not have any guard or fear. The huge hand that covered the sky gradually approached Supreme Hetu, and the closer it was, the more terrifying the wave that came from it became.

Supreme Hetu’s complexion was still, but his back was soaked in cold sweat…. Even if he used the power of Nine Regions Map and the Punish Immortal Sword, this enemy was still far beyond him. But, he had no choice.

However, at this moment, a voice slightly turned the situation around.

“Xiaoyao, I advise you to restrain yourself. Otherwise, I will pass by.”

The huge hand immediately retreated and then turned around, with the palm facing up, and flew up, as if blocking a gap.

With the movement of the huge hand, the sound never appeared again. However, that short sentence was enough to ignite a ray of hope in people’s hearts.

Because that was Wang Lu’s voice.