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Chapter 814: Hurry Up and Eat the Lunchbox!

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“Cloud Perching Mountain, go!”

“Phoenix River, go!”

Along with the command voice of Supreme Tianlun, the famous mountains and rivers in Southern Heaven Region appeared one by one in the sky of Southern Heaven Region. Like an elite army corps, they firmly encircled Tieyuan in the center.

Every time Tieyuan charged, it would be blocked by these mountains and rivers.

The power of immortals was truly incredible. Burning mountains and boiling seas were nothing to them. Ordinary mountains and rivers can’t even resist a flick of the immortal’s fingers. However, the mountains and rivers that Tieyuan faced were closely connected. Every time he collided with a mountain, he basically wrestled with thousands of mountains. And every time he was swept by a river, what he faced was the heavy pressure of thousands of rushing rivers.

Even though he was an immortal, his power was not unlimited. Tieyuan could overturn ten and even a hundred mountains, but when he was suppressed by thousands or even tens of thousands of mountains, he could only try to protect himself in panic. Moreover, there was no lack of agile and nimble mountain and river spirit among those thousands of mountains and rivers, each with their own magical abilities.

This was the Great Nine Regions Array of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea

After the Grand Competition, in order to deal with the Fallen Immortal crisis, Ten Thousand Arts Sect together with Shengjing Sect, under the guidance and assistance of the Earth Immortals, designed and manufactured this grand array. With the map as the core, it connected the mountains, rivers and seas of the world. It was truly borrowing Nine Regions to meet the enemy. With the unique magical ability of the Trap Immortal Sword, it connected the thousands of mountains and rivers to form the Trap Immortal Array, which made the power of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea Array increased tenfold or even hundredfold.

Even if Tieyuan spared no effort to break through the obstacles of mountains and rivers, unless he could eliminate these mountains and rivers at the same time, he would still be trapped in the array. No matter how he broke through, there was always that barrier of mountains and rivers.

This was the real array to fight against the Immortal. It borrowed the power of the entire NIne Regions continent, which no single cultivator could contend. At the same time, it was also one of the strongest forces that can be used in Nine Regions in the absence of Wang Lu.


“Bastard! Get lost!”

In the great array, Tieyuan was finally completely enraged. With eyes glaring, his already giant body swelled a thousand times. Thus, a towering giant appeared in the sky and stood firm. Whenever he rose his hand or foot, he could crush several mountains. After becoming a towering giant, he strode forward, even under the pressure of the thousands of mountains. Moreover, the Great Array of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea seemed to be wavering.

However, Supreme Tianlun, who stood among the clouds, merely sneered.

“Bright Thunder Mountain, go!”

A mountain that was completely devoid of substance, made entirely by the condensation of thunder, quietly approached under the cover of the other mountains. Then, when it was close enough, it suddenly showed its shape and charged thunderously toward Tieyuan. Before the sound reached the ears, it already entered Tieyuan’s back.

The giant shivered and howled with anger and pain. Electric energy gushed out of every pore of his body, giving off the smell of his body being burned.

“Sun Yicheng, Ruluo, you two are not coming to help me?”

Outside of the Great Array of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea, Sun Yicheng and Ruluo looked at each other, and then Sun Yicheng said, “Senior Tieyuan, didn’t you say you want to deal with them yourself? Since you’re having such a good time now, how could we disturb your enjoyment?”

“You two bastards! Aah!”

At the same time, both Sun Yicheng and Ruluo saw a trace of shock and even fear in each other’s eyes.

What a joke, this great array was so evil that even a barbarian like Tieyuan was trapped in it. What could they do even if they went in and helped? Died together with him? They came to the lower realm to have fun, not to look for death.

“Do you two think that after I die you two will have a good end?”

When she heard these words, Ruluo was stunned. She stopped her immortal technique and turned to look at Sun Yicheng.

Sun Yicheng smiled but then increased the pressure on Senior Gem Emperor, and then said, “If he’s not dead, we’ll have bad luck. Senior Tieyuan has always held grudges. So, instead of getting involved without resulting in the desired outcome, we might as well concentrate on taking down this worn-out shoes and her comrades. In this way, even if Senior Xiaoyao wants to blame us, we will have our own argument. If we now let these people go and support Tieyuan, even if we save him, do you think he will speak good words on our behalf in front of Senior Immortal?”

Ruluo nodded and said, “That’s right… But if that’s the case, we might as well pretend to lose a bit. Otherwise, if we accidentally kill these bastards, we will have no reason not to do anything then.”

“Hahaha, that’s a good point. In that case, why don’t you put on a show and get hurt a little?”

The two people’s voices were not loud, but everyone on the battlefield could hear them. The Nine Regions’ side was naturally somewhat bewildered and suspicious. On the other hand, Tieyuan was completely enraged.

“You two just wait. When I go out, I’ll cut you two to pieces!”

However, before his voice fell, a crimson light fell from the sky and pierced his right shoulder. Then from the shoulder, his entire right hand quickly turned into a mass of blood. After a short while, the mass of blood swelled and exploded. Thousands of blood drops, which looked like waterfalls, poured down from the sky, turning the land of Southern Heaven Region into a huge red sea.


Tieyuan’s wailing scattered the cumulus clouds hundreds of miles around the Southern Heaven Region. Contained within the wail was his pain intent, which materialized and killed so many creatures on the spot within hundreds of miles that could not escape.

The wailing of a seriously injured immortal had the power to massacre countless lives. Thus, it could be imagined the intensity of the crimson light that destroyed the entire right arm of Tieyuan.

In the Great Array of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea, Supreme Kuqin held the Extinguish Immortal Sword high. The body of the sword was soaked with the immortal blood, showing a strange color. The Red Guards army that followed her has disappeared, but there were a hundred more killing marks on the flag in her left hand.

Taking advantage of the time Supreme Tianlun bought for her, she finally merged the magical power of the Red Guards and the Extinguish Immortal Sword, turning it into an invincible technique of extinction. Thus, one sword strike and one arm of an Immortal was wiped out!

“Hey, are we really just going to stand by and watch? When that big guy is dead, wouldn’t they take aim at us?”

In a panic, Ruluo asked Sun Yicheng.

“… Don’t be silly, we’ll die faster if we go up there. It’s better for us to take these worn-out shoes down and hold her as a hostage to delay time.”


“It doesn’t matter, you have to trust Senior Immortal Xiaoyao. He didn’t send us here to die.”

When Xiaoyao was mentioned, Ruluo’s expression became a bit complicated. For that Senior Immortal, who was under one person but above the many, she was both respectful and fearful. Sun Yicheng was right, the Senior Immortal would never let his subordinates die in vain. However, on the other hand, just now when they had dark thoughts…

Nevertheless, there was indeed no other choice now.

Ruluo licked her lips and turned toward Senior Gem Emperor. Once again, a charming smile appeared on her face as she said, “Little cutie, do you want to give up resistance and become my hostage?”

“Don’t ever think about it!” The delicate face of Senior Gem Emperor was ferocious with the blood from the seven orifices, but her stubborn eyes did not waver in the slightest, “All of you, go to hell!”

As the words fell, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly shouted loudly. The several remaining Earth Immortals behind her also shouted at the same time. The soundwave violently swept through, bursting out with incredible power. The faces of both Sun Yicheng and Ruluo changed. Under the soundwave, they felt their bodies weakened, their spirits collapsed, and they had an incredible urge to surrender.

The two immortals had the urge to submit? What did these bastards do to them? In those years, when these bastards rushed into the upper realm, they did not seem to be these domineering. Could it be that after more than ten thousand years, they could become stronger?

Unfortunately, it was too late to think about the answer.


“Good! Good job!”

Thousands of miles away, hiding in a safe place, the Nine-Tailed Fox and the others watched the entire event from the beginning. They were elated by the change in the battlefield situation.

Zhou Mumu was particularly excited. She thought that the battle situation was hopeless at one time. However, after the arrival of Supreme Tianlun, he easily reversed the situation!

In her agitated state, the girl didn’t care that the tears from the corners of her eyes hadn’t been wiped off, she laughed and slammed Zhan Ziye’s shoulder, making the latter sway. He almost thought that she was taken by the Fallen Immortal and began to attack her own people…

“You, people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect have done a wonderful job! Previously, I thought that you were all useless weak chickens, I was truly mistaken!”

“Hey! Who’s the useless chicken!”

A few nearby pilots looked at the two lead disciples with some amusement. Their hearts were also gratified.

It seemed that the immortals were not so omnipotent, and not that invincible.

At this time, what appeared on the battlefield were only two parts of the Death to Immortal Sword Array. Before Kill Immortal Sword and Punish Immortal Sword appeared, they were already able to push the three Immortals into the corner. If the Death to Immortal Sword Array was completed, perhaps even if Senior Immortal Xiaoyao came down himself, he would have to pack up his bag and leave.

“It seems like, even if Wang Lu isn’t here, it doesn’t really matter, right?”

“Yes. Compared with the Great Array of Nine Regions, the pair of Master and disciple are not that great. Even if Wang Lu himself is present, I’m afraid, he can’t be as good as Supreme Tianlun now.”

The several pilots whispered among each other, but someone suddenly found that something was wrong.

The most important people in the team did not show any joy at all.

Qiong Hua’s face was heavy, her eyebrows were slightly frowned. Zhu Shiyao’s eyes were focused and meticulous, while Nine-Tailed Fox was stiff and pale.

What was wrong with these people? Wasn’t the situation great now? Why…

“Fools, are you satisfied just by suppressing a few pawns?” The voice of the fox girl trembled slightly, “The passage between the two worlds is still open.”

The next moment, as if in response to the fox girl’s words, the crack in the sky suddenly surged violently. The passage exit was torn by a huge force, suddenly expanding countless times! As if it was about to swallow the sky.

Then a pitch-black thing slowly pressed down from the passage.

It was like a mountain, because the pitch-black thing had a fixed shape and the edges were rustling because of the fallen soil and rocks from time to time.

It was like a cloud, because the pitch-black thing was so vast that no mountain could compare with it.

The next moment, the pitch-black thing suddenly sped down and in just a moment, it completely rushed down the passage and no one could have the time to react.

When the pitch-black thing landed on the ground, it finally showed its true face.