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Chapter 813: There Are Always Crooks Who Want To Throw Up The Lunchbox

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“Liu Li, that idiot! You’re going to kill me!

Looking at the clear sword light that illuminated the sky thousands of kilometers away, an absolutely breathtaking scene, the Nine-Tailed Fox felt as if she was falling into an ice cave, her whole body was cold and soft.

Breaking into the battlefield of the Fallen Immortal on her own strength, Liu Li was already a dead person in her eyes! Even if Wang Lu came here in person and was in her position, he had to think about it before he dared to take a move. How could she, a mere degraded version of Wang Lu’s giant Divine Weapon, dare to rush deep into that area? When all was said and done, her fighting power was only at Peak Supreme level, in the face of a True Immortal, it was likely that she would fall just by being breathed lightly in the face! It actually didn’t matter that Liu Li was dead, the problem was, as her guardian, what should she do!

In any case, she could not shirk her guardian position responsibility. Wang Lu gave her the twelve test machines, and she had just taken them to show off her power. With the power of these test machines, she was obliged to protect them. And if Liu Li, Wang Lu’s favorite Junior Sister, died like this… She couldn’t imagine what Wang Lu would do when he returned.

The so-called a single slip might cause everlasting sorrow was exactly the mood of the Nine-Tailed Fox right now.

If it was not for a momentary negligence to let Liu Li leave, how could such a big trouble arise!

After a brief moment of anguish, the fox girl quickly regained her spirit. As a fox demon, the most important thing was to look forward at all times. Since Liu Li was bound to die, as her guardian, she would also be implicated. Thus, she had to consider another way, such as going back to the Fallen Immortal side.

Previously she betrayed Poxu and Xia Xiaohe. In theory, it was already a dead end for her. However, if she could make a great achievement, it was not entirely not negotiable. The Fallen Immortal was not completely unreasonable after all, and it was feasible to exchange crime with meritorious deeds. In the fox girl’s impression, there was once a servant from the lower realm who became a soldier in the campaign in a different world and established outstanding military service, and thus received favor from Senior Immortal Xiaoyao in the form of pardoned crime. If she could make the same contribution, perhaps there was a room for mediation. As for the form of the meritorious service…

Looking at the increasingly brilliant sword light thousands of kilometers away, the fox girl naturally thought of a sentence: Since she had done it, might as well go all the way. Liu Li was already a dead person, why not led the people behind her also to…

Just as she thought of this, from behind her, Qiong Hua shook her head and sighed. Qiong Hua then took out a sword with a fierce fire spirit from the sword box at her waist.

The fox girl was a bit alarmed. Had the dark thoughts in her heart been noticed? So Qiong Hua was ready to take action to suppress the rebellion? No, that was impossible. She was a fox demon known for her cunning and black belly. If she was seen through as soon as she had a bad idea, it would be too shameful for her!

However, the next moment, Qiong Hua just stretched out her fingers on the fiery sword and flicked hard and the spiritual treasure level sword turned into a boiling fire and burst out.

From the flame, Liu Li feebly fell out. A cloud of fire from thousands of miles away rose to the sky and soaked the clouds, but it was quickly engulfed by the dark sky.

Qiong Hua actually swapped the positions of the fiery sword and Liu Li, and saved her life in time!

Qiong Hua’s face was very ugly, however, as she said, “What were you thinking? If Wang Lu didn’t set the safety valve here, you would’ve died by now! Didn’t you learn it when training in Area 51? Don’t tell me you haven’t learned how to judge a situation?”

Liu Li collapsed on the ground and feebly gave out her answer with a slightly trembling voice, “I heard Senior Brother’s voice.”

“What?” Qiong Hua incredulously raised her voice.

“Are you sure?” Zhou Mumu stepped forward, grabbed Liu Li’s shoulders, and then eagerly asked.

The Nine-Tailed Fox was even more shocked, “Really? Wang Lu is really alive?”

Liu Li was so shaken by the turn of events that she was nearly speechless. However, with difficulty, she nodded and replied, “I can hear his voice, as long as the space can be cut open…”

With that, the girl suddenly vomited out a mouthful of blood and fell unconscious. On her body, there were countless scars, big and small, which were extremely tragic.

Just now, Qiong Hua pulled her back from the brink of death in exchange for a sword. But, how could it be easy to grab someone from the hands of the Fallen Immortal? Although Liu Li appeared on the battlefield only for a very brief moment, she was still wounded and almost killed!

Fox girl whose heart had just fallen immediately had her spirit raised again. She asked, “How is she? She’s fine, right?”

Zhou Mumu stretched out her hands and pressed them on Liu Li’s plump chest and slowly poured in her nearly immortal spirit force.

“She’s fine. She won’t die. The fire in her body is still burning, so her life will recover quickly. But she needs at least several days before she could wake up. And she won’t be able to fight with people in a short time.

Liu Li was an extremely strong member of Zaku, thus, to lose her fighting power was certainly a loss. But that was not important right now.

“She said she could hear Wang Lu’s voice, is it true or not?”

Several pilots looked at each other, no one could answer it with conviction.

“I’m afraid it’s true.” In the end, it was the lead disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect who gave his judgment, “Brilliant Sword Heart is a very miraculous skill. Generally speaking, we think it is only used to improve the attack ability of the sword cultivation. However, there are many other ways to infer the Brilliant Sword Heart, such as ‘communication between two hearts.’ Her relationship with Wang Lu has developed over the years to such an extent that it might cross the barrier of space. Of course, this ability is not unlimited. If Wang Lu has truly lost in the endless void, then he basically ceases to exist. But now, it seems like he should not be far away from Nine Regions. Just now, Liu Li probably found the nearest place to Wang Lu by following the track in her heart.”

Qiong Hua pondered out loud, “So, that’s why she just now risked her life and limbs to break through the blue dome of heaven? Was she trying to smash the space barrier to bring Wang Lu back? Well, if Wang Lu can come back at this time, all the crisis can be solved easily. At least, it will usher in a turning point. But…”

How could they smash through the sky and bring Wang Lu back from the area controlled by the Fallen Immortal?

When everyone was helpless to do anything about it, someone suddenly exclaimed.

“The Red Guards are not doing well!”

A new change had taken place in the battlefield thousands of miles away.

From the passage between the two worlds, the third Fallen Immortal slowly descended.

It was a giant with a height of over thirty meters. His bare naked upper body showed his solid muscle lines. Terrifying immortal spirit waves exuded from his whole body.

“Sun Yicheng, Ruluo, you two are too slow. Senior Immortal Xiaoyao is angry.”

Sun Yicheng smiled and said, “What’s the hurry? This Nine Regions is almost the last unpurified world. If I’m too fast in dealing with it, I won’t have the chance to play with it.”

The giant man locked his brows and said, “Are you trying to defy Senior Immortal Xiaoyao’s order?”

“Tsk, Tieyuan you really can’t communicate at all. Fine-fine, we’ll speed up our action. You can go back and report to Senior Immortal Xiaoyao.”

“Hmph, you two are the most slippery. I think it’s safer for me to do it myself!”

After he finished his words, the giant turned his gaze in the direction of the Red Guards and showed a ferocious smile.

The next moment, he stomped his foot. Countless fine shock waves surged out and overlapped like a solid wall. With the help of the reaction force of the wall, the giant rushed over like lightning.

As the commander of the vanguard army, the Red Guards, Supreme Kuqin was the first to bear the brunt. In the face of this surprise attack, she was calm and unhurried. She waved the flag and drove the entire army to dodge.

In the immortal level battle, Tieyuan’s tactic of stomping his foot and launching himself from the air wall seemed quite backward. It seemed to be powerful but the speed was actually not fast. With the power of Supreme Kuqin, it was easy for her to react in time.

However, the next moment, Kuqin suddenly felt that the military flag in her hand became extremely heavy and its waving was very sluggish. The Red Guards were also greatly affected…


Kuqin didn’t bother to consider what magical ability the other party had used, she just waved the Extinguish Immortal Sword again to drive back the other side with the sword’s aura.

However, Tieyuan didn’t retreat. On the contrary, his speed became even faster! The next moment, his body collided with the sword qi. A white scar immediately appeared on the sword’s originally flawless bronze-colored body. However, the sword qi of the Extinguish Immortal Sword immediately collapsed and dispersed under the impact!

Supreme Kuqin immediately realized that the opponent’s impact itself was a kind of great immortal technique. It seemed clumsy and crude, but it contained magical ability that made people unable to struggle.

Once locked, there is no way to escape. So the war god army flag became heavy. And moreover, once launched, it was unstoppable, so even the Extinguish Immortal Sword couldn’t stop him!

Now, it seemed that there was nothing to prevent the arrival of the collision. In the Fallen Immortal battlefield, the distance between the two sides was still far away, but Supreme Kuqin was helpless. She had no doubt that once she was hit by Tieyuan, the entire Red Guards would be destroyed.

However, in this desperate situation, hope once again appeared.

“Green Peak Mountain, go!”

With this familiar voice, the reinforcement finally arrived at the battlefield.

A mountain suddenly appeared in front of Tieyuan. A dangerously high great green mountain.

This change came so suddenly that Tieyuan did not have the chance to evade, so he was immediately hit by the mountain. The huge mountain collapsed in an instant, every piece of rock shattered into sand-like powder and the towering mountain disappeared.

However, with this slight pause, Kuqin finally seized the opportunity to take the Red Guards out of the opponent’s lock.

As soon as he missed his target, Tieyuan laughed instead of being angry. He immediately disregarded the Red Guards and put his attention toward the uninvited guest.

As a result, another huge mountain fell from the sky and suppressed him.

“Five Element Mountain, go!”

It was still that cold, clear, and powerful shout. This time, Tieyuan was not careless anymore. He sent out a punch into the air, which caused a shock wave that continued to extend his strength, forming a white wave. A few miles long ‘milky-white dragon’ suddenly appeared in the sky. When the dragon head collided with the mountain peak, the Five Element Mountain buzzed, and although it was not broken, it was flung to the side, away from Tieyuan’s position.

“Flaming Mountain, go!”

Before the Five Element Mountain even landed, another mountain flew once again. This time, it was a mountain with a burning red peak.

“Snowbeard Mountain, go!”

“Rift Valley Mountain, go!”

“Level Sky Mountain, go!”

This time, Tieyuan finally couldn’t laugh.

At some point, he was surrounded by countless mountains. These mountains were like elite tigers and powerful wolves that glared covetously at him.

The sender of these mountains, Supreme Tianlun, looked down at him from above the clouds as he held the Trap Immortal Sword.

“Tianlun of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, with the Great Nine Regions Array of Shifting the Mountains and Filling the Sea, want to experience the divine power of the Immortal!”