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Chapter 812: Wholesale Lunchbox

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“The Red Guards have been assembled, waiting for the order!”


At Royal Soldier Sect, Supreme Kuqin calmly looked at the focused-on-the-goal legion in front of him.

The Red Guards, the most powerful legion in Royal Soldier Sect for thousands of years. They were composed of one hundred and eight Deity Stage cultivators, each of whom had experienced the Asura trial of the Sea of u200bu200bBlood on the Royal Soldier Mountain. With crimson blood legion battle armor, without having to form a battle array, these more than a hundred people could contend against the best among the Earth Immortals without falling behind. If Supreme Kuqin, the core of the legion, came down with the Extinguish Immortal Sword in his hand, this would be a terrifying force that could counteract the True Immortal of the upper realm. Some people once commented that if these Red Guards appeared in the second great war of Immortal and Demon, perhaps this army alone would be enough to end the war.

This was the army that the successive generation of leaders of Royal Soldier Sect could only dream of. The strongest army created by all the resources of Nine Regions. Relying on its combined power, even the entire Shengjing Sect was far from such a power, which could be called unprecedented.

However, Supreme Kuqin’s heart was even heavier because of this.

Because in this war, this would be the first and the last battle of the Red Guards. After this battle, it was likely that there would be no other Red Guards in Nine Regions.

Neither Supreme Tianlun nor Supreme Feng Yin told him about this matter during their deduction and divination. However, as a soldier who had experienced many battles, Supreme Kuqin had a strong intuition about death.

Therefore, at this moment, on the main stage, Supreme Kuqin had nothing to say. It was the duty of the soldiers to die in the battle. But it was indeed a pity to let such an unprecedented army go to the battlefield of death.


The soldier who served as deputy was confused because he had never seen Supreme Kuqin hesitated. What happened here?

The next moment, Kuqin suddenly raised his hands and slowly took off his helmet.

One after another, the sound of gasp came from the audience. This army, which had strict military discipline, simply couldn’t control itself.

The true face of Supreme Kuqin had been an unsolved mystery for many years. This mysterious but also brave and stubborn leader always kept his true face hidden under his heavy armor. People only knew that he was tall and powerful, with a voice as deep as a bell. However, they didn’t know what his facial features were and what his appearance was.

There had been rumors that said Supreme Kuqin had fire deviated during his training and accidentally destroyed his appearance. Others said that his facial features melted during a fierce battle. There were also other people who said that he was haunted by resentful spirits because of excessive killings and thus he had to have demon armor to suppress them; His true face was ferocious and ghostly. Opinions vary, but even the most informed people could not tell what the truth was.

At this moment, Supreme Kuqin had taken the initiative to solve the mystery. And this truth was enough to shock the most calm soldiers of the Red Guards.

It was a graceful and exquisite face of a woman. It was just that, her white as jade face was covered with ferocious scars, and her autumn-water-like eyes did not carry any tenderness.

Supreme Kuqin stood on the stage without saying any word. She was not a talkative person, so she did not explain why she had to lift her helmet at this time. Her gaze swept lightly to the Red Guards below, it was cold as ice and sharp as spear. Every Red Guard who came into contact with her gaze involuntarily retracted their gaze and then stood erect, waiting for instructions.

Not long after, Supreme Kuqin raised her head and pointed the flag on her hand forward and said, “Go.”

The next moment, the Nine Regions Map opened a passage for the Red Guards to reach the frontline in Southern Heaven Region—A rainbow passage filled with brilliance. However, the end of the rainbow was full of darkness and blood.


When Kuqin arrived at the frontline, what she saw was a tragic battlefield worse than expected.

There were corpses all over the place. Tens of thousands… hundreds of thousands, millions upon millions corpses piled up like a mountain. Among them were the residents of Plentiful City, the people bred by the World Dragons in the City of Immortals, and the innocent creatures from the surrounding areas. Of course, there were also Earth Immortals. One, two… when she looked around, there were dozens of them who were either killed or injured!

The Earth Immortals team led by Senior Gem Emperor only consisted of fifty people in total. Of course, each of them was a great cultivator at the Peak Mahayan Stage, only one step away from the break through and ascension. They were indeed veritable Earth Immortals. As a group, they were also one of four poles of the present day Nine Regions.

The so-called four poles was another name for the four most powerful forces in Nine Regions: The Earth Immortals team led by Senior Gem Emperor; The Red Guards of Royal Soldier Sect; the Red Sea Underwater Workshop’s Zakus who trained in Area 51 in Blue River Region… And lastly, the pair of Non-Phase Master and disciple. In addition, Supreme Hetu controlled the Nine Regions Map and gathered the strength of the whole continent to provide support for these four poles, so that their power could be used to the fullest.

In theory, with the help of Nine Regions Map, each pole had the strength to contend against a Senior Immortal. If they could cooperate with each other, the explosive power would be even more dazzling.

However, at this moment, what came into view was a tragic scene: The Earth Immortals, as one of the poles, were almost completely wiped out!

The having-infinite-appetite Food Immortal died, his huge belly burst open. His Immortal Mansion and internal organs were crushed together, and his eyes were opened wide, as if he couldn’t believe his own death.

Qin Guangmu, the old man with the stern look, died. His body was torn apart, and his head was thrown around by a few shadowy demon-like monsters. He died still nursing grievances.

Li Yu, who once drank wine and chatted merrily with the soldiers of Royal Soldier Sect, died. Although his body was intact, a hole broke through his favorite wine pot “Spring Water”, and Li Yu’s blood and spirit flowed out from it.

Too many Earth Immortals died in this battle, which was dizzying. Supreme Kuqin frowned. She had already made a basic judgment after a round of sweeping gaze of the battlefield just now. The Earth Immortals were mostly caught off guard, and the culprit was the translucent spirit that hovered above the mountain of corpses. Judging from its sluggish appearance, the Earth Immortals also made a powerful counterattack before they died.

At this time, there were still a few survivors among the Earth Immortals. Senior Gem Emperor was trapped in a corner with six or seven remaining Earth Immortals, struggling for their survival. Fortunately, these people were no longer separated. Several of them fought with their back against each other, and there was a faint spiritual center in the center of their formation–It was the spiritual spirit given to them by the Nine Regions Map. Relying on the spiritual vein of the Nine Regions, they still had a breathing space. However, death was only a matter of time.

They were surrounded by two Immortals, a man and woman, like a cat playing with the mice. They disintegrated the defensive circle of Senior Gem Emperor and the others and from time to time left them with terrible scars, or tried to pollute the spiritual spring.

More importantly, the collapse of the Earth Immortals team meant that the crack in the sky was already uncontrollable! The black curse fell down like a waterfall and demons emerged and hovered in the air…

For a moment, countless thoughts poured into Kuqin’s head. What should she do now? Blocked the passage between the two realms as soon as possible? Rescued Senior Gem Emperor and combined their power? Or to take advantage when the huge spirit was still weakened to destroy it, so as to avoid future troubles?

After only a trivial moment, Kuqin made a judgment: Killed the man and the woman first and then joined forces with Senior Gem Emperor.

However, when she held the flag to take the lead to kill the two Immortals first, she saw that Senior Gem Emperor turned her head strenuously and her eyes flickered.

It was a trap!

Kuqin immediately realized the problem: The current situation was probably set by the Fallen Immortals, in order to induce her to make a wrong judgment under this urgent situation. Rescuing Senior Gem Emperor seemed to be the most reasonable choice, but there was a huge trap hidden within it.

This was exactly ‘the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind’ situation. When she rescued Senior Gem Emperor, her back would be exposed.

“It’s you!”

Without hesitation, Kuqin drew out the Extinguish Immortal Sword from her waist, turned around and then swung the sword with all her strength… To cut that ferocious huge corpse spirit!

At the same time, the giant spirit also tore off its mask of malaise, and opened its mouth to spit out a fatal curse.

The collision of red and black erupted in the sky of Southern Heaven Region.

The ancient Immortal Sword Extinguish Immortal danced with red glow. Drawing the power from the one hundred and eight Red Guards soldiers, it burst out the divine power of exterminating all things. Although the giant spirit from the Immortal World had the curse that corroded the world, it was gradually defeated under the sword awn of the Extinguish Immortal Sword. After a long time, its body was cut off by the sword awn and gave out a miserable howl.

This decisive Extinguish Immortal Sword move was a magic stroke. Supreme Kuqin’s quick reaction prevented them from falling into the worst situation. However, after that sword strike, Kuqin was even more shocked.

The full blow attack of Extinguish Immortal Sword was a real world breaker strike, enough to crush a small world with one strike. Even a Senior Immortal could not hold it head-on. When it was slashed with the sword, the giant spirit merely wailed in pain. It looked a bit sluggish, but it didn’t seem to suffer serious injury!

What kind of vitality was this? Was it because the corpses of millions of creatures and the Earth Immortals over nourished it?

No, there was no time to think about the principle of its existence, it was better to cut off ten fingers than just one. Now that she had dominated it, it was better for her to think of a way to thoroughly cut it!

Kuqin immediately waved the flat to let the Red Guards behind her to change their formation and disperse slightly. Not only could this avoid serious damage caused by the counterattack of the giant spirit, this also provided stronger support for the Extinguish Immortal Sword.

“Hahaha, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!”

Right when Kuqin changed their formation, the beautiful and handsome Immortals in the distance suddenly reached out to the Red Guards.


A Red Guard soldier had a hole in his forehead and fell from the air without saying a word.

This incident happened so quickly that the others in the Red Guards could not react. Even Supreme Kuqin was also shocked.

The two Immortals besieging Senior Gem Emperor was also just an illusion? What kind of trick was this!

“No, this situation is out of control…”

Supreme Kuqin immediately realized that if they went on fighting like this, not to mention persisting for half a day until the Punish Immortal Sword was finished and they could set up the sword array, it was likely that she would lose the Extinguish Immortal Sword. However… She already had her hands bound and was unable to do anything about it.

The Earth Immortals collapsed too quickly and as a result, instead of providing support, the Red Guards became easy picking for the enemy. If at this time, the Earth Immortals’ lineup was still complete, the combined power of the two poles might give them the chance to survive. But now, it was too late to say anything.

At the same time, the support provided by the Nine Regions Map was also very limited. ‘Spirit Vein Gush,”The People United’… At this time, there were only so many arrays available, but none could help them turn the table around in the front line.

“… The real killer is not our two poles. Wang Lu, where are you? Where is your Zaku army?”


At this point, thousands of miles north of Southern Heaven Region, a group of young soldiers had reached the limit of their patience.

Zhou Mumu’s eyes were red as blood as she roared, “Fox, do you want us to just watch them die?”

However, the Nine-Tailed Fox’s face was pale and her whole body trembled.

“No, absolutely not. You guys just need to follow me and never go there!”

“If you’re afraid of death, just shiver here and wait for the disaster. I can’t just sit back and watch… Ahhh! This damn authorization order!”

The body of the Nine-Tailed Fox was still shaking, but her voice had become calmer.

“Even if you guys hate me, I will never allow you guys to rush to death at this time! Enough people have died!”

In the later parts, Fox’s voice became more and more firm.

No matter what others thought of her, she would never let these precious fighting powers be lost in vain.

However, at this time, she suddenly saw lightning flashing through the sky thousands of miles away.

The dazzling sword light was as clear as the mountain spring and as sharp as the Astral Wind in the ninth sky.

“Liu Li!”

Only Liu Li who previously had left early didn’t have the restriction of Wang Lu’s authorization order!