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Chapter 811: Finally, Lunchbox

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The news of the opening of the second crack in the sky disrupted all of the arrangements. In Heavenly Sage Hall, the third issue raised by Supreme Hetu stopped abruptly.

In the face of the big enemy, no one thought about fighting for power and profit anymore. Those who had such an idea had just been cleaned up by the Nine-Tailed Fox. All forces were put into the crisis response.

Supreme Kuqin asked, “What did Senior Gem Emperor say?”

The next moment, Senior Gem Emperor’s voice rang within the hall, “We are on our way to the Southern Heaven Region at full speed, and we are expected to arrive in sixty breaths.”

“Southern Heaven Region?”

“The original prediction was wrong, the second passage was not opened in Blue River Region. The other party used the Tomb of Immortals as the beacon to force their arrival. I’m afraid it was they who did this trick on us when we retreated from the Fallen Immortal World thousands of years ago… I’m sorry, we didn’t notice it at all beforehand.”

Supreme Hetu said: “No one could have expected that they would have such foreshadowing, and forbearing for this long without doing anything. So, please take care of the Southern Heaven Region. I have opened up the ‘spiritual vein gush’ of the Great Array of Nine Regions for you guys, so you guys have complete authority to use as much as you can of the spiritual vein of Nine Regions. Moreover, the Red Guards of Royal Soldier Sect will soon arrive with the Extinguish Immortal Sword, so please make sure to hold on until the ‘Death to Immortal Sword Array’ is launched.”

“Alright, leave it to us… okay, we’ve arrived.”

The communication with Senior Gem Emperor was interrupted. As the commander of the Red Guards, Supreme Kuqin had already left the place. In recent years, with the support of Wang Lu, and gathered from many sects, the Red Guards army of Royal Soldier Sect had become the strongest army in Nine Regions. More than one hundred Deity Stage cultivators had undergone the most severe military training and had transformed their immortal path cultivation into naked killing skills, which made them invincible on the battlefield.

However, even this powerful army could hardly do anything in the Immortal level battlefield. The purpose of the establishment of the Red Guards Army in Royal Soldier Sect was only one thing: to let their army god, Supreme Kuqin exert the power beyond the limit. The power of the Extinguish Immortal Sword.

Supreme Tianlun said, “Okay, Kuqin has already set out, so I have to go back to make the preparations. It will take a while to wake up the Trap Immortal Sword. But what about the Punish Immortal Sword? It’s still not yet finished.”

The ancient Immortal Tools of four ‘Death to Immortal’ Swords had been lost for a long time. Only the Kill Immortal Sword that fell to Shengjing Sect and passed on from generation to generation survived. However, after the Grand Competition was over, the cultivators discovered that they could use the supernatural power of ‘creating something out of nothing’ from the Tomb of Immortals to restore the other three swords using the Kill Immortal Sword as the base plate. After all, although the four Death to Immortal Swords were claimed to have the power close to that of innate treasure, the essence was still artificially made. If their predecessors could make them, it was logical that the later generations could make them too. After fifteen years, the Extinguish Immortal Sword was perfectly restored and handed over to Royal Soldier Sect, the embryo of Trap Immortal Sword was completed and sent to the Ten Thousand Arts Sect to be transplanted with the sword spirit; it had been warmed up to this day and was ready to use. However, the Punish Immortal Sword, the first of the four swords, still lacked the finishing touch and in any case, it was hard to successfully forge it. The initial plan was to study it slowly over a period of ten to twenty years. Unfortunately, time and tide waited for no man.

Without the Punish Immortal Sword, it would be difficult for the Death to Immortal Sword Array set on the Nine Regions Map to display its full power, making this trump card almost useless.

Feng Yin, the leader of the Spirit Sword Sect, who was pre-assigned to control this sword, said after a moment of silent, “If the luck is good in Stellar Star Great Divination Technique, perhaps I might be able to extract a bit of the sword intent of the Punish Immortal Sword from the dark void, which would allow me to use sixty to seventy percent of the original power.”

Supreme Zhuri vetoed, “Your injury is still not healed, using the Stellar Star Great Divination Technique is suicidal. What’s more, as the main sword, a slight difference in power of the Punish Immortal Sword will affect the entire sword array.”

“There’s no other choice.”


At this time, the representative of Earth Immortals who had been listening for a long time interrupted the discussion of several Supremes.

It was an unprepossessing middle-aged person with a compound surname of Dongfang and a single name of ‘Lin’. Although he was not good at fighting, he specialized in forging and refining tools. He was the armament manager of the Earth Immortals in the past and had a high prestige.

“Leave the matter of Punish Immortal Sword to me and I will recover it as soon as possible.”

Supreme Tianlun frowned, pinched his fingers and calculated, and then said, “Do you really have a way?”

Feng Yin stayed silent and thoughtful.

Dongfang Lin said, “I won’t joke about this, but it will take me half a day to recover it.”

Supreme Hetu clapped his hand and made a decision, “That’s settled then, we will leave this matter to you.” After that, he moved his hand back into the void and after a while, took out a pale sword.

Dongfang Lin took over the sword embryo of Punish Immortal Sword, nodded and left Heavenly Sage Hall. His two companions looked at his back with complicated looks and then also took their leave.

“Is he really that good?” Supreme Zhuri frowned and said, “His weapon refining technique is better than ours, but if there’s a way to restore the Punish Immortal Sword, why didn’t he say it earlier?”

Feng Yin lightly said, “Daoist Friend Zhuri, do you remember the story of (See wikipedia of Gan Jiang and Mo Ye)Gan Jiang and Mo Ye1?”

In a split second, Zhuir’s face immediately became stiff. After a moment, he shook his head and sighed. He then got up and said goodbye, “I’m going to preside over the ‘spiritual vein gush’ array.”

After Zhuri and Tianlun left, there were only two people in the hall.

Supreme Hetu suddenly sighed and said, “A hundred years ago, I would never have expected that the Nine Regions would face an extinction-level disaster. Now at this moment of life and death, I’m really ashamed of the various actions of Shengjing Sect in the past.”

Feng Yin nodded and said, “Daoist Friend Hetu, I think you went a bit too far there. As the mainstay of the Immortal Cultivation World in Nine Regions, even if there’s more controversy, in the end, the merits outweigh the demerits. Without the Nine Regions Strategy carried out by Shengjing for many years, and Daoist Friend’s Nine Regions Map, today’s situation would be even more hopeless and scattered. All right, I have to go back to the mountain to mobilize my Junior Brothers and Sister in Heavenly Sword Hall.”

“The entire Heavenly Sword Hall? Daoist Friend couldn’t possibly think… Although the Spirit Sword Sect is an important pole in Nine Regions, after all, you guys don’t have that many people. The Heavenly Sword Hall is the foundation of the sect. Daoist Friend doesn’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.”

Feng Yin said, “If we lose in this war, there will be no future for Spirit Sword Sect nor Nine Regions. Besides, the people in the Heavenly Sword Hall have already been prepared. The things that we carry are different from those of others.”

Hetu said, “In that case… I hope that the next time we meet, we can drink the wine of celebration together.”

Feng Yin pondered for a moment and looked through his Kunlun glasses as if seeing the distant future.



At the same time, in Southern Heaven Region, an ugly scar ripped the sky above the Tomb of Immortals in Plentiful City. From it, a vicious curse that did not belong from this world gushed out. It poured down like a waterfall of black mud.

When Senior Gem Emperor and her group arrived, the black waterfall was pouring into Plentiful City, turning the vast Plentiful City into an ocean of blackness. Whenever the cultivators and ordinary mortals in the city came into contact with the black mud, they would immediately be swallowed up that even the residue of their souls would not be left out.

Since the Grand Competition, Plentiful City was not as popular as it used to be, but it still had a resident population of over one million, which made it a bustling city. However, at this moment, the city had become a dead city, and the millions of lives had been wiped out.

In the mud, millions of corpses went up and down, flowing along with the waves, and gradually converged in one place. At the top of the mountain of corpses, a towering figure loomed over the city and the ground under him. The figure had a rapacious posture.

Seeing such a tragic scene, the Earth Immortals who followed Senior Gem Emperor immediately got angry. Some of them who could not hold their emotion were ready to fight immediately. However, Senior Gem Emperor immediately raised her right hand high to prevent their recklessness.

“Don’t worry, this big guy is just…”

Before she could finish her words, a ghost-like figure appeared less than a third of a meter right in front of Senior Gem Emperor and softly interrupted her.

“The big guy is just a stupid undead puppet. You have good eyesight.”

The person in front of her appeared to be a young man in his early twenties, with a handsome appearance and tall and straight like a pine. He was a rare beautiful man. However, at this moment, he suddenly appeared in front of Senior Gem Emperor without any sign, which made other people feel as if they had suddenly fallen into an ice cave.

Only a True Immortal could have such speed that surpassed all the Earth Immortals.

Without any hesitation, Senior Gem Emperor shot a blast of light head-on, which pierced through that person. However, the pierced person shattered like he was just an illusion, and the fragments were immediately fused and reorganized without any damage.

The young man smiled and stroked his chin, and then said, “Such a wild temper. But, it’s very much suits my appetite. I just don’t know if Senior Immortal will allow me to take you as a pet…”

Before his words were finished, another person flashed out from the crack in the sky and stood beside the young man. This time, the person was a tall and buxom woman with facial features brimming with unbridled charm, which caused one’s imagination to run wild and flushed with excitement.

“Sun Yicheng, you’d better not think of her.”

The young man immediately frowned and said, “Ruluo, do you want to hinder me again?”

“I’m reminding you with good intentions. I know this little girl. She once went to the upper realm around sixteen thousand years ago.”

Sun Yicheng was shocked, “Sixteen thousand years ago?”

“Can’t remember? Then let me give you a hint, she’s Sun Buping’s woman.”

This sentence seemed to have great magical power. Sun Yicheng, who was still smiling, had his face immediately covered with a layer of frost.

“It turned out to be that bastard’s woman. Tsk, a pair of worn-out shoes. My eyes have really run away… Ruluo, there’s nothing for you to do here, I’m alone is enough.”

Ruluo shrugged and said, “That won’t do. Senior Immortal sent you and me to the lower realm together, so I don’t dare to go back like this. In any case, since you’re not interested in them, you might as well kill them all.”

Sun Yicheng said, “Okay, I like to kill worn-out shoes the most. Leave that woman to me and you can have the rest, just don’t kill them all.”

The two talked with each other freely, completely disregarding Senior Gem Emperor as if they were just inanimate objects.

However, Senior Gem Emperor and the others did not even have the qualification to be angry. In the face of the Fallen Immortals, any excess emotions would only accelerate death–this was a painful lesson which was gained by exchanging it with countless lives at that time.

At this time, the arrogance of Sun Yicheng and Ruluo was actually a good thing in her view. A careless Fallen Immortal was easier to deal with than a focused one.

This time, her group had a neat lineup. As long as she joined forces with her companions behind her, she could launch great immortal techniques capable of killing immortals…

However, when Senior Gem Emperor was quietly accumulating strength, she suddenly saw Sun Yicheng and Ruluo show a crafty smile.

The next moment, the two of them flashed away and a horrifying bloody mouth that was wide open like a sacrificial bowl was revealed behind their original spot. The semi-real and semi unreal huge monster on top of the mountain of corpses in Plentiful City suddenly spouted out a fatal curse from its mouth.

“… Darn it, it’s a trap.”