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Chapter 809: Don’t Fight Until You Wake Up

With a blazing light, the battle in the passage between the two realms began.

Wang Lu’s main attack, the miniature positron cannon in the form of a two-meter long gun, ejected out a violent energy flow. The energy that occupied the positive pole in the surrounding rushed quickly and reacted mysteriously with the space, extinguishing everything that it passed by.

However, when this destructive energy flow shone on the tip of the sword, it was engulfed by sun, moon, and stars carved on the sword, as if it was a rock sinking into the sea. The inexhaustible destructive power vanished, unable to produce any actual effect.

On the other hand, the sword, which was projected from infinity, could never truly establish itself in this space. The sun, moon, and stars on one side of the sword were constantly converging and breaking under the bombardment of the positron cannon, and the star positions could not be fixed. On the other side of the sword, there were surging landslides and tsunamis on the mountains and vegetation. The golden light of the ancient sword appeared to be flickering and erratic.

Yanluo frowned, for several times she tried to counter it by trying to increase the projection from an infinite distance. However, being disturbed by the continuous energy flow of the positron cannon, she could not fix the Xuanyuan Sword. After a moment, she waved her hand mysteriously and decisively to disperse the projection of Xuanyuan Sword and replaced it with a tiger tally.

The moment the tiger tally appeared, Wang Lu stopped his positron cannon. The shining-with-red-hot-luster two-meter gun was then put behind his back and then his body, like an arrow released from its bow, rushed forward.

The tiger tally was the opponent’s trap, one of the many props used by Yanluo to control the servant army. Activating the tiger tally could summon the corresponding servant army… And this tiger tally corresponded to the self-exploding army.

If the positron cannon was focused on them, these fanatical servants who believed in the Immortal King and believed that he would give them a paradise after reincarnation would immediately become one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. They would shout out Immortal King is great and then detonate themselves. The power of the explosion was enough to hurt an Immortal. And the concentrated explosion of a group of self-detonating soldiers was enough to destroy the passage between the two realms in an instant. The three people in the passage would also be dead. Certainly, the Immortal King would only lose one of his chess pieces, but the two other people would lose the entire game.

Yanluo’s response was quick and correct. But like a prophet, Wang Lu had anticipated her action in advance and once again took the lead. Taking advantage of the moment of the appearance of the tiger tally, he had narrowed the distance between himself and the other party.

The ruby in Yanluo’s forehead and her pair of crystal-clear eyes simultaneously reflected Wang Lu’s rapidly approaching figure. And then, very quickly they were covered with a layer of haze.

The closer the distance between them, the better it was for Wang Lu. He was a sword cultivator, so by default he was good in close combat. Even if all his power now came from the giant Divine Weapon, it did not affect his essence.

Yanluo, on the other hand, was not the type who excelled in frontal attack. She was better at hiding under the cover of a big army while driving them to achieve her target.

Even if Yanluo’s body was occupied by another great consciousness, at this moment, the Immortal King Xia Yu could only use the resources that Yanluo possessed. Yanluo was simply not good at close combat, her physical body, immortal technique, and primordial spirit, were all unsuitable for close combat. Even if the consciousness of the Immortal King was awakened in her, it was difficult to change all of these.

Thus, in an instant, Xia Yu had already fallen into a disadvantageous position!

Of course, this was not because Xia Yu, the Immortal King, had a false reputation and was not powerful. But because Wang Lu had been waiting for Xia Yu for a long time, and had already made some preparations.

Long before he entered the passage between the two worlds, Wang Lu already knew that he and Xia Yu would have a battle. For most Immortals in the Immortal World, Xia Yu’s ‘possession’ was an unknown top-level secret. But before Wang Lu came, he had already guessed that Yanluo might also have been taken, because this unknown servant army commander under Senior Immortal Xiaoyao also had the bloodline of the Immortal King.

This secret was revealed to Wang Lu by Poxu when he forcibly broke through the restrictions of the Immortal World at the last moment of his life, as a reward for the hearty training. When Wang Lu learned the secret, he immediately began to hatch a plan for Xia Yu.

In the first two steps, Wang Le executed the plan flawlessly. First, the positron cannon was used to interfere with the Xuanyuan Sword projection, forcing the most powerful weapon of the Immortal King to be unusable. Then he tried his best to close the distance and changed the battle situation best fitted for his strength.

When they got closer, the third step was carried out.

“Absolute Domain!”

“Non-Phase Sword Defense!”

The Master and disciple took out their most powerful defensive skill at the same time. A golden-colored polygonal shield and a spherical Non-Phase sword defense surrounded Xia Yu at the same time and he was sandwiched between the two defensive skills.

Wang Lu’s polygonal shield was behind Xia Yu, while Wang Wu’s Non-Phase sword defense was in front of Xia Yu. Wang Wu strode forward while Wang Lu abruptly took a step back. The two most powerful defensive shields, one from the front and one from the back, squeezed the person in the middle.

Xia Yu immediately held up his arm and resisted the pressure from the front and from the back. Although Yanluo, the body that he had taken, was mediocre in strength, Xia Yu himself was the King of the Immortal World, and his use of power was far superior to that of Yanluo. Even fighting with brute force against two enemies, he did not lose ground.

However, Wang Lu’s third step had just begun.


Right on command, the Absolute Domain and Non-Phase Sword Defense began to spin frantically, grinding Xia Yu’s hands like the millet in the grinding stone/.

Xia Yu’s hands were crushed into dust in a single breath, and then his forearms, and then his whole arms… All the way to the vital places such as chest, abdomen, and head.

And Xia Yu was completely helpless about this. Non-Phase Sword Defense and Absolute Domain were all-round defenses, which could block any type of Immortal Technique. Xia Yu could not break through these two shields in a short period of time, and it was also difficult for Xia Yu to use the travelling technique to cross over the shields.


Wang Lu frowned slightly, as if this huge advantage still couldn’t satisfy him.

“The consciousness of the Immortal King isn’t fully awakened yet. He is still in a daze now. But once he really wakes up…”

Wang Wu curled her lips in front of him and said, “It’s easy for you to give orders, have you considered my difficulty as the executor?”

“Twenty million spirit stones.”

“Why didn’t you say it earlier! See how I make it three times faster!” Wang Wu gave a long laugh, but it came to an abrupt stop. Her whole body went rigid, and the light of Non-Phase Defense flickered more and more.

If one looked through Immortal Eyes at this time, one could clearly see that the hundreds of golden cores in Wang Wu’s body were moving chaotically, which was a sign of gradual loss of control… After all, the beta version of this new Non-Phase Sword Defense lacked a bit of stability. After it was forced for several times, it finally reached its limit.

At this time, the crystal in Xia Yu’s forehead burst out and an invisible and colorless, but undoubtedly tyrannical force, came out.

Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword Defense was pierced in an instant. Her whole body was battered and flung backward. Wang Lu immediately retracted the Absolute Domain and rushed forward. He held Wang Wu with his left hand while his right hand kept firing the positron cannon at Xia Yu to distract his attention.

However, Xia Yu’s reaction was subtle. He did not take advantage of the situation to seriously injure Wang Wu, nor did he dodge Wang Lu’s positron cannon. Instead, he just controlled Yanluo’s body to come to Wang Lu.

The journey was not long, but Xia Yu paid a heavy price in order to come to Wang Lu… Most of Yanluo’s body was scorched by the positron cannon. Her waist was pierced through, which revealed two broken spines. The fragmentation of the crystal in her forehead also made her vitality quickly disappeared.

Obviously, Xia Yu was about to make a last ditch attempt. Thus, Wang Lu settled down and focused on his defense in this last round… As long as he held on to this attack, this battle was a victory for him.

However, the expected attack did not come. At the last moment, Xia Yu gently stretched out his remaining right hand, moved it toward Wang Lu’s waist, and forcibly took out something from the mustard seed bag tied on his belt.

It was a small spinning black hole.

The next moment, Xia Yu closed his right hand and the black hole disappeared.

“Return to its rightful owner.” Xia Yu gently smiled, and then feebly fell to the ground.

Wang Lu looked gloomy and did not say anything.

At the last moment, Xia Yu’s goal was not Wang Lu’s life, but the Gate of All Realms at his hand. Because as long as there was no Gate of All Realms, this cut off passage was a dead end. Of course, Wang Lu also knew about this. Thus, he had kept the Gate of All Realms very well. The mustard seed bag was sealed, and the Gate of All Realms was also branded with his own mark. It was impossible to think that Xia Yu could break through such multiple defenses and hook out this piece of innate treasure with just his fingertips.

Perhaps it was indeed like what he said: Return to its rightful owner. As the rightful owner of this innate treasure, Xia Yu’s ability to control this treasure far exceeded the expectation.

And after he finished this last action, Xia Yu stopped resisting. In fact, he did not have the ability to continue to resist. Seventy to eighty percent of Yanluo’s body had been destroyed, which made it completely lose its value.

Wang Lu swallowed an elixir to stabilize his injury while he also gave one to Wang Wu. At the same time, he looked down at Xia Yu.

After a long time, Wang Lu sighed and said, “The magical power of the Immortal King is indeed eye-opening. Even when he was just awakened, people had to give their best to hold him off. I have calculated tens of thousands of possibilities in advance, but I still lost to his ‘monkey steals the peach’ move. By the way, did you take that thing back to the Immortal World?”

Xia Yu didn’t speak at all. He just closed his eyes and waited for the body to die. Perhaps for this Immortal King, it was beneath him to talk to the people of the lower realms.

Wang Lu, however, didn’t mind. He turned around and saw that Wang Wu’s injury had stabilized. Thus, he put her on the side of the passage, and then looked at Xia Yu carefully and asked a question.

“Do you really think that I will return that thing to you intact?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “I’ve borrowed it for such a long time, of course, I have to talk to express my feelings. I have stored a little gift on it. I hope you like it.”

Before his voice fell, Xia Yu’s eyes suddenly opened. However, blood flowed from them. The next moment, his neck went soft and his head completely fell and his breathing stopped.

“… Huh, it seems like the fragment of the innate treasure is worth dying for.”

Wang Lu said and the smile on his face gradually turned flat.

“Now, how do I get out?”