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Chapter 808: Agent Xia Yu

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“I’m glad you think so. Let us get along in a friendly way with each other from now on.” Yanluo showed a relaxed smile, nodded to the two people opposite of her, and then turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute, where are you going?”

Yanluo pointed to the dark place in front of her and said, “It’s not far away. This passage has begun to disintegrate from both ends, so don’t worry about me going too far. Instead, I think you two need more time alone now and I don’t want to disturb you two.”

Wang Lu said, “Not necessarily. Compared to her, I’m more interested in you now.”

Wang Wu coughed and said, “Saying these words in front of me, should I express my anger?”

Wang Lu ignored her and, still staring into Yanluo’s eyes, said, “Since there are only three of us at the last moment of our lives, why should we distinguish each of us so clearly? We should strengthen communication and enhance friendship instead. I just have a few questions for you…”

“If it’s about the secret of the Immortal World, I’m afraid I can’t give you the answer you want.”

“When a person is about to die, why bother keeping a secret? Unless… This passage is not as doomed as you said and we might return to Nine Regions with the secret.”

When Yanluo heard this, she could not help but smile, “Suit yourself. You want to chat, fine. But don’t expect me to say anything secret.”

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, “Ok, I won’t ask about it, it’s just a regular chat.”

Yanluo stood still in place and said, “Ok, what do you want to talk about?”

Wang Lu stretched out his finger and pointed at her chest and said, “Let’s start with your measurements.”

Before he could finish his words, Wang Wu’s voice came from behind him, “B-Cup, do you still need to ask? Where’s your professionality?”

“…” Wang Lu was really indignant at this malicious act of undermining him. What did she want? Just to ridicule him?

However, Yanluo covered her chest with some laughter and said, “She’s right, then what?”

Wang Lu said, “I want to say that although you are a little bit thin, you still have a good figure… Better than the little princess of your Immortal World.”

When Xia Xiaohe was mentioned, although Yanluo’s expression remained unchanged, the ruby in her forehead was flashing.

Thus, Wang Lu immediately went deeper into this topic. “She should be pretty good in the Immortal World, right?”

Yanluo moved her lower lip slightly, but did not answer.

“This question shouldn’t relate to any secret, right? Don’t use excuses like all royal matters are secrets to me, or I will immediately suspend the plan of peaceful coexistence and try my best to break through this channel. Although there’s a great probability that the demise of this passage will be accelerated, maybe there’s a one in ten thousand chance that I could successfully return to Nine Regions? Don’t forget, traveling between worlds is my specialty.”

When Yanluo heard this, the crystal in her forehead flashed twice.

“Very well, since you insist… the little princess is really likable in the Immortal World. She is smart, strong, but also gentle. Everyone that I know likes her very much.”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “I’m afraid that’s not true. She’s indeed smart and gentle, but she’s very dangerous, because she could hide a sharp blade with a gentle disguise. This time, when several people from the Immortal World came to Nine Regions, only she brought the strongest threat. She actually managed to incite two of our loyal generals to rebel and almost managed to incite many more. This is really a remarkable achievement.”

Yanluo was silent for a moment and said, “Although the little princess is good at talking, we do love her and fear her at the same time. She’s the proudest bloodline of His Majesty the King of the Immortal World. With her descending to the lower realm this time, you basically have no chance at all.”

Wang Lu said, “Oh? Are you that confident in her? But unfortunately, she’s dead.”

Yanluo visibly trembled and said, “Impossible!”

“Do you want me to replay her tragic death to you with projection? To be honest, I don’t want it to be so. Although the little princess is a beautiful woman, her tragic death is not so beautiful.”

“That’s impossible… How could you guys, a bunch of lower realm people, possibly hurt the little princess?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “This question is so poor in quality. The technique that can kill the descendant of the King of the Immortal World is of course the top-level secret in Nine Regions. How could it be so simple to tell you? Look, now we finally have a topic of common interest–Secrets. You have the secrets that I want, and I also have the secrets you want, so why don’t we be more open and honest?”

Yanluo was silent for a long time and then nodded.

Wang Lu said, “Let me ask you a question first. To open this passage should be very difficult for the Immortal World. Yet, you did not hesitate to destroy it. There should be a reason for this. For example, you guessed that I was sent in here by Xia Xiaohe and that this was all her plan? And at the same time, the Immortal World has the means to open the second passage?”

Yanluo said, “Yes, I really thought the little princess sent you in, and the Immortal World has the ability to open the second passage. However, such a passage between two realms could only be opened one at a time, and the cost is not cheap. My question is, who are you?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “It seems that Xia Xiaohe didn’t tell you about me. That’s fine, I’ll be frank with you. I’m one hundred percent native of Nine Regions. Of course, I’m different from those mediocre people. That big spectacle outside, that’s on me.”

Yanluo nodded thoughtfully.

“Now it’s my turn to ask. Tell me about the Immortal King Xia Yu.”

“His Majesty the Immortal King is our most revered leader.” Yanluo dryly replied, “His will is our greatest mission.”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “Okay, I understand… He is the undisputed King of the Immortal World. But, his reputation does not seem to be very good. It is said that he is a despotic tyrant? If so, shouldn’t you consider joining us to overthrow the cruel rule of the King of the Immortal World together?”

Yanluo’s expression immediately cooled down as she said, “If you continue to speak like this, I think there’s no need for peaceful coexistence between us.”

“I see, then let me say this much, your attitude is actually quite obvious. Very well, let’s change the topic…”

Then one after another, Wang Lu and Yanluo kept asking and answering questions toward each other. During this period, the topic was not only limited to the secrets of the Immortal World, occasionally, Wang Lu also talked about the customs of the Immortal World to gauge the other’s reactions. To these questions, sometimes, Yanluo ignored them, and sometimes, she appeared interested. Of course, more often than not, she also tried to find secrets of the Nine Regions and Wang Lu honestly answered them one by one.

As for Wang Wu, as early as halfway through the questions and answers between Wang Lu and Yanluo, she had already run away to the side and slept. When she woke up, they were still talking animatedly.

“… You two aren’t going to have a great friendship, are you?”

When he heard the complaint from Wang Wu, Wang Lu finally stopped the question and answer session, reorganized his thoughts, and then said, “I’m glad you’re willing to spend such a long time chatting with me.”

Yanluo smiled.

“Now it’s time for us to leave.”

Yanluo’s smile quickly cooled down.

Wang Lu turned his head and said, “Didn’t I tell you about it just now? This passage can’t stop me. I can go out at any time if I want to. So, thank you for telling me so much. In return, I also told you about a lot of things. It’s just that, I have to see if you have the ability to bring those secrets back to the Immortal World…. By the way, your ignorance also made me confirm something very crucial.”

Yanluo looked at Wang Lu quietly.

“Xia Yu’s life is really about to end.” Wang Lu said, “He has clearly taken away his daughter Xia Xiaohe, but he knew nothing about Xia Xiaohe’s experience in Nine Regions. Didn’t he tell you that I have the Gate of All Realms?”

“The Gate of All Realms?” Yanluo’s face changed a bit. As an Immortal, she certainly knew what Gate of All Realms meant. Even if it was only a fragment, it would not be difficult to return to Nine Regions from the endless void as long as he could make use of its power. If she knew in advance that Wang Lu had the Gate of All Realms, she wouldn’t have cut off the passage in the first place.

“So, the fact that Xia Xiaohe was already taken… might be true. But the limitations of the King of the Immortal World’s seizure are also obvious. Except for the last moment, the Immortal King’s consciousness has not been awakened, so he doesn’t know that I have the Gate of All Realms. Otherwise, he has no reason not to tell you. And this kind of phenomenon, I’m afraid is because his primordial spirit has already decayed, right? We often said that when someone’s lifespan is about to end, apart from the decay of the body, there’s also the decay of the primordial spirit or even the soul. The Immortal King plundered his own bloodline to prolong his lifespan, but he was not willing to merge with the consciousness of the future generations so as not to dilute himself. So, he could only use this method of hibernation to prolong his existence in vain. This struggle at the death’s door is really ugly.”

By this time, the crystal in Yanluo’s forehead had already begun to flash a dangerous light, but Wang Lu ignored that and continued, “An old Immortal King, an Immortal World on the brink of crisis, facing such an opponent, I believe the morale of the Nine Regions should rise to an unprecedented level. Thank you for your cooperation so that I can confirm the good news. So, goodbye.”

With that Wang Lu spread out his right hand, and the light in the hollow of his palm slowly twisted…

The next moment, Yanluo’s figure suddenly became ethereal and indefinite and an aura of great change engulfed the entire passage in an instant.

Wang Lu immediately clasped his right hand and the black hole that had not yet formed suddenly disappeared. Instead, he held a two meters long gun with his hand. A hair-raising powerful energy had already gathered at its muzzle, which emitted dazzling light as if a new sun was born.

At the same time, the woman in white, who had just been languid, had already stood in front of Wang Lu to the right. An emerald green bamboo sword was pointed diagonally downward and a golden colored sword defense was erected in front of Wang Lu.

Yanluo’s sudden change at this time seemed a bit not in her control. A trace of inconceivableness appeared on her face, but the movement of her hands did not stop.

A thick ancient sword, suspended in mid-air, appeared in front of her. Stars, sun, and moon were engraved on one side of the sword body, while mountains and plants were engraved on the other side. It was the Xuanyuan Sword, the most precious treasure in the Immortal World.

“Xia Yu, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”