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Chapter 805: Hole-In-One

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When Wang Lu sent the Nine-Tailed Fox to the Central Region to suppress the internal strife, he had two considerations.

First, he had other arrangements.

The frontline situation in the crack in the sky was already precarious. Since they lost contact with Wang Wu, Senior Gem Emperor led a group of Earth Immortals to the scene as soon as possible, and formed a solid line of defense–this was an emergency strategy that had been determined long ago. However, this so-called emergency strategy could not be sustained. The line of defense of Senior Gem Emperor could only persist for a period of time before it crumbled under the constant impact of the servant army. Once the line of defense was broken, the situation in Nine Regions would be extremely critical. At this time, Wang Lu was the only one who was qualified to go to the front line to support and turn the table around.

Second, the work at Heavenly Sage Hall was dirty work. If possible, Wang Lu didn’t want to do it by himself.

To clean up the situation by ruthless means meant that it was inevitable to bring about killing. And those who could speak in the Heavenly Sage Hall were probably key members of some large sects and organizations… As the number one person in Nine Regions, Wang Lu didn’t want to become one who is cut off from others so early. The war with the Fallen Immortal was a long war, and there were still many tasks in the future that depended on his personal reputation. Thus, it wasn’t worthwhile to be a tyrant too early.

“Fox, show me what you got.”


After he gave the last sentence, Wang Lu walked on the wasteland for another period of time while he sorted out the next overall plan. After he confirmed that it was correct, Wang Lu stomped his feet, which cracked and softened the wasteland around him in about fifty-kilometer radius, and used the recoil force to soar into the sky.

The wind in the astral wind layer in the ninth sky was like a knife. The higher the altitude, the sharper the wind blade. Wang Lu went all the way up and didn’t know how far he went into the astral wind layer. Until the ground under his feet had become dark and invisible, and the friction between the astral wind and the body began to produce incandescent heat, his momentum finally stopped.

Wang Lu tried to breathe gently, but found that the strong wind around him had formed a great pressure and he could not even breathe out a single breath. It was also fortunate that his synchronization rate with the giant Divine Weapon has reached a certain level at this time, otherwise, he would’ve been blown into pieces of bones and flesh.

In the past few hundred years, it was likely that no one had ever reached such a high place.

Therefore, no one else could fall from such a high altitude and accumulate endless impact force.

Wang Lu turned his body around in the astral wind, with his head down and feet up, and then fell down like a meteor. Like a hot knife through butter, nothing could hinder him. Along the way, the fierce astral wind was dragged down by Wang Lu. Like a traveler who found a guide, they followed behind Wang Lu, whistling and screaming. Not long after, there were hundreds of millions of swords formed by the astral wind behind Wang Lu, just like the army of a king.

Wang Lu fell faster and faster, and soon broke through the darkness of the astral wind layer, penetrated through the thick clouds, and saw the ugly crack in the sky above the vast wildland of Blue River Region. Then he saw the army of servants coming from the Immortal World, and the blood-soaked bravely-fighting Senior Gem Emperor …


At the same time, the defense line at the crack in the sky was on the verge of collapse.

From the time when Wang Wu went missing in action to the present, Senior Gem Emperor had led her team to guard the defense line for only half a day, but the defense line has been in crisis several times. They all relied on bravery with no thought of personal safety of the Earth Immortals before they were able to resist those ferocious servant soldiers.

The process was really hard beyond imagination. The Earth Immortals initially thought that since they had fought head-on with the immortals of the Immortal World, it should be easy to resist the opponents that mainly consisted of servant soldiers. However, they soon discovered that those servant soldiers of various appearances possessed extremely tyrannical combat power. Most of the individual strengths surpassed the level of Supreme of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, comparable to Mahayana Stage cultivators, and comparable to ordinary Earth Immortals. However, Senior Gem Emperor’s team only consisted of thirty to forty people, while the opponents were ten times as many.

These servants were driven by the immortals to fight in all directions, and they cooperated with each other very tacitly. On the other hand, the team brought by Senior Gem Emperor was somewhat of a mob. Among them, many were Earth Immortals that had almost no actual combat experience. In the previous war against the Fallen Immortal, they were logistic personnel. But now, they were forced to take part in the war. Their combat efficiency is completely incomparable with the army of servants.”

If it weren’t for the specific circumstances of this war, where one person that guard at the end of the passage could hold on many people, Senior Gem Emperor and the others wouldn’t have been able to hold on for this long. Compared to this, it was indeed awe-inspiring for Wang Wu to be able to block the army of the Immortal World for several days alone. Unfortunately, they had no time to revere Wang Wu, because they were already powerless to defend themselves.

After countless times of tearing, the defense line was finally torn open. Lu Biechen, who was in charge of the array, used the immortal arithmetic too frequently and he was temporarily unable to sustain his immortal spirit output, causing his primordial spirit to faint. As he was the node of the array, the network composed of five Earth Immortals immediately went into a standstill.

A few strange beasts that were completely dark and shaped like giant snakes spotted the flaw, and immediately rushed forward. The body protection skills that the Earth Immortals hastily erected were broken by them and could not be stopped at all. When Senior Gem Emperor arrived, Lu Biechen’s head and limbs had already been caught by those strange beasts. Then, with a fierce force, his body suddenly split into pieces, such that even his primordial spirit could not escape.

“Biechen!” Senior Gem Emperor’s eyes turned red. However, before she could kill the black beasts with her immortal technique, an invisible sword was stabbed into her body from behind her back and then pierced out from her chest.

At the same time, a few cold eyes appeared in front of her, which caused Senior Gem Emperor to feel cold all over.

Completely invisible assassins! She was surrounded by a killing array! This was a trap specially designed for her. It used Lu Biechen’s death as bait to lure her from her mobile position and then kill her with one strike!

These invisible assassins should be one of the most elite servants in the Immortal World. Their ability of hiding and the explosiveness of their strike is far more than that of ordinary servants, and could even be comparable to a True Immortal. If Senior Gem Emperor was at her peak. She might still be able to deal with them. However, in the past more than ten years, she had devoted most of her energy to Wang Lu, and her injury had not fully healed. Her strength was only 70% to 80% of her peak period.

The difference of 20% to 30% was the key to whether she could get out of trouble in a life and death crisis!

The stab on her back was very serious, but the more fatal was the next few stabs. She was not confident that she could avoid any of it. It seemed that she would surely die.

Around her, many of her companions rushed over in a panic and tried to rescue her. But this only made her even more desperate.

It didn’t matter if she was dead since she played the mobile position in the team, which was not the core. Even if she was dead, as long as the others stuck to their positions, there was still room for delay.

However, at this time, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly saw a light.

A strong light came from the firmament and cut through the clouds and the sky. The light was so dazzling that it appeared a hundred times more intense than the sun and thus Senior Gem Emperor, the leader of the Earth Immortals, had to narrow her eyes and could only see the outline.

The speed of that light was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, from the horizon, it swept pass Senior Gem Emperor with endless heat.

For an instant, Senior Gem Emperor felt that the hair on her head was scorched—It was the long hair of the immortal that would not change color even if it was soaked in lava, but at that moment, it was scorched.

After that, she saw a lot of blood in front of her. Those invisible assassins who surrounded her turned into countless pieces of meat without saying a word, and then swept by the heat and turned into smoke.

The hundreds of servants who broke through the passage at the crack in the sky, together with those invisible assassins, were cut thousands of times by invisible sharp blades, and then evaporated by the high temperature. The crisis that the Earth Immortals was helpless against was solved in an instant!

The light continued on its tract directly into the crack in the sky. After that, people only saw a blur, and the ugly crack in the sky unexpectedly slowly disappeared!

The passage that connected the Immortal World and Nine Regions was directly dispersed by this light!

After no one knew how long, the sound of cheering came from all directions. At first, they were scattered, but soon gathered into one. In addition to the Earth Immortals fighting in the mid-air, there were also those cultivators who had always provided the spiritual energy for this place. They all gathered and cheered for the unexpected victory.

However, Senior Gem Emperor couldn’t laugh.

Just now, the light was so strong that it was difficult for others to look at it directly, but she vaguely saw a familiar figure… No, even if she couldn’t see it, she would not mistake the familiar smell.

It was Wang Lu.

At this time, Wang Lu was the only one who could turn the situation around in an instant with his own strength. However, although he won the battle, he lost himself in the passage. Was this… Also in his calculation?

Unfortunately, it was too late to think about it. Senior Gem Emperor was surrounded by joyous people. People laughed and cried loudly around her. The noisy voice made it difficult for her to think deeply. But not long after, an ashen-faced Earth Immortal flew over and said a word in Senior Gem Emperor’s ear.

The Heavenly Sage Hall was washed with blood and a large number of cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals died tragically.