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Chapter 802: Anyone Who Dares To Touch Me Will Die!

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“Fox, let’s have a chat?”

“Fox, your tails are not symmetrical. Do you need me to fix them for you?”

“Fox, I’m hungry. Let me eat.”

In the cave, Wang Wu constantly used words to stir the Nine-Tailed Fox. However, the other side did not give any response at all. She just closed her eyes and meditated.

“Fox, there’s no need to be this strict, don’t you think? We’re essentially the same kind of people. We should communicate more and interact more to enhance friendship and help each other.”

Tired of Wang Wu’s never ending words, the Nine-Tailed Fox finally opened her eyes.

“Save it, I’m not interested in listening to your nonsense. I’m the same kind of person as you? What a joke.”

Wang Wu suddenly became excited, “Is it not? Although I’m a prisoner of war, you’re just a servant of the immortal world. You were lifted by the neck and thrown from the immortal world to Nine Regions and after more than 100 years, no one cares whether you are alive or dead. So I don’t think your status is higher than me. On the contrary, when you ran the Ru Family Inn at the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain, although you were ordinary people, who took you as a servant and ordered you to do things? All the people in Spirit Sword Mountain regard you as one of their own. The leader of the sect, Feng Yin, has been beaten by you many times, but he is very happy and has no complaints. Do you really think he’s a miserable wretch? He treats you as his own daughter…”

“Shut up. Do you think I would believe it? I almost destroyed the Spirit Sword Sect back then, and he probably hates me to the bones…”

“If he really hates you that deep, do you think you can live till this day? Even when one hundred years ago, the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall of the Spirit Sword Sect had not achieved great success, and could not completely eliminate Nine-Tailed Fox. However, in the following decades, the strength of the spirit sword sect has been constantly advancing by leaps and bounds. Do you think Feng Yin really can’t find a chance to let you both physically and spiritually disappear? Not to mention, when I inherited Sun Buping’s giant Divine Weapon, I had enough power to truly kill you, but Feng Yin never told me about your life experience.”

“Well, just consider it as your sect’s magnanimity, but what does that have to do with me? In my opinion, it can only show that you guys are really stupid and have no future at all.”

“The future is earned, not fallen from the sky. Nowadays, the Immortal World is powerful, but Nine Regions is not without the ability to resist.”

“You want to resist the Immortal World? You don’t know how terrifying the Immortal World is!”

“Oh? At most, there are only a hundred True Immortals. A world that is about to fall will not be able to support too many Immortals. The reason why you guys want to invade the Nine Regions is to plunder its resources, right?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox smiled and said, “Are you trying to trick me? How dare you play this little trick in front of Nine-Tailed Fox! You have guts.”

Wang Lu also said with a smile, “Judging from your reaction, my guess is indeed correct. I have roughly calculated that the size of 100 people is the upper limit of the power of the Immortal World at present. Regardless of the number, Nine Regions is not worthy for you guys to take things this seriously, that even the princess was sent over. If there are too few people up there, if nothing else, the Immortals over there might not even be able to suppress the servant army. So I guess it’s a hundred people, and it seems to be right. In that case, you should be able to figure out that although our opportunities are slim, we are not without them.”


“Although the strength of Nine Regions is weak, it is the ancestor of the Immortal World. Countless great talents have been born here. The Spirit Sword Sect alone is not as simple as what outsiders think. You should also feel this when you made your move against the old man Feng Yin. At that moment, was it really your arm that didn’t work?”


“So do me a favor.”

“Hey, don’t you think that changing the conversation around like that is too harsh?”

“So keep your human side. Since there is still such a line of vitality in the Nine Regions, why don’t you invest a little bit on our side? Maybe you will get a thousand times more return in the future? In any case, you also don’t like that Xia Xiaohe, right? Kill her first, and then we can talk about things slowly. What do you think?”

The Nine-Tailed Fox wagged her tails but did not speak.

“Since you have no objection, let me talk about what we are going to do next…”


When he saw Xia Xiaohe, Senior Immortal Poxu’s face was gloomy, as if dark clouds had covered over his head.

The other party’s summons made it clear that she had no good intentions, and it was impossible for him to show any good attitude. Senior Immortal Poxu was never a good talker, and in the state of heart demon, he had indeed become a lot gentler. However, once it was confirmed that his own interests were hindered by others, he could become more ruthless than normal.

He had been thrown into The Endless Immortal Prison more than just once or twice. He could even not give a damn about the face of the Immortal King, much less the Immortal World princess!

Xia Xiaohe saw the haze in Senior Immortal Poxu’s face and asked coldly, “Did you see Wang Wu?”

“Yes.” Poxu asked impatiently, “What then?”

“What then? You even want to ask me what then? I’m the one who ought to ask you what then! You saw Wang Wu, right? What then? Why didn’t you kill her at once!”

Senior Immortal Poxu took a deep breath, and then said frankly, “Because she is the one that I told you previously as my most ideal collection. And this time she took the initiative to find me, and said that she was willing to accept my transformation and become the most perfect and exquisite collection in the world.”

Xia Xiaohe was stunned for a long time: “Do you believe what she said?”

Senior Immortal Poxu said: “Why don’t you believe it?”

“… Use your brain a little bit and think about it. No one will throw themself into the trap and become your collection willingly!”

Senior Immortal Poxu’s eyes were burning and he refused to yield. He said, “If she is the one I am destined for, then she will understand my art of collection and be willing to become my collection.”

“You’re really hopeless.”

“I don’t need others to save me. Your Royal Highness, please don’t interfere in this matter.”

Xia Xiaohe glared at Senior Immortal Poxu. After a long time, she resisted her anger and said, “Poxu, remembering our many years of friendship, I would like to remind you that the identity of that Wang Wu is very suspicious. There is already one Wang Wu in the passage locked in the battle against Yanluo, so who is the Wang Wu that you meet? Don’t play with fire on impulse.”

“Suspicious or not, I’m well aware of it.” Senior Immortal Poxu coldly said, “I don’t care how many Wang Wu there are in the passage. There is only one Wang Wu that I want, which is the one who can actively find me and understand my art of collection.”

“You’re just deceiving yourself.”

“Persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together. For the years of friendship between you and me… Your Royal Highness, I will leave first.”

“Where are you going?” Xia Xiaohe stopped in front of Poxu when he moved.

Poxu didn’t withdraw even half a step. He said, “To finish the work that should have been finished. Wang Wu is still waiting for me, and I have been delayed by you for too long.”

Xia Xiaohe said angrily: “At this time, you are going to abandon the great cause of the Immortal World and play with your woman?”

“If you are not satisfied, go to the Immortal King and file an accusation against me. I don’t care.”

“Wait!” Xia Xiaohe clasped Poxu’s wrist, and made him unable to activate the Immortal Technique. “Poxu, I think you have been confused by that woman’s rhetoric…”

Before her words fell, Xia Xiaohe felt a burning pain in her palm. An Immortal Fire was ignited on Poxu’s wrist!

“Your Royal Highness, please don’t force me.”

Xia Xiaohe gritted her teeth and finally let go of Poxu’s wrist: “Poxu, you will regret it.”

“I never regret what I do.” Poxu said and cupped his hands toward Xia Xiaohe, “Thank you princess for your understanding.”


Poxu smiled, took a step forward and was about to leave.

But at this moment, a gap in space was suddenly opened not far away, and two familiar figures came out. At the front was a person who had a fox face and a few long tails sweeping back and forth. She was the Nine-Tailed Fox who had just regained her body. The woman who followed behind the Nine-Tailed Fox had an indifferent expression. She was Wang Wu with her-whiter-than-snow clothes.

After crossing the space passageway, when the Nine-Tailed Fox saw Xia Xiaohe, she made a pleasant face and said, “Oh, Your Royal Highness, I brought you the person that you want!”

Then the voice stopped abruptly. The Fox girl had already seen the Senior Immortal Poxu who was about to leave, and then she smiled awkwardly with a guilty heart: “Ah, ah, am I too early? I’m sorry I didn’t calculate the time. I’m sorry… ”

Then her several long tails rolled up to cover her entirely and then she disappeared without a trace.

Poxu didn’t care about the fox girl. He didn’t even go to see Wang Wu, but looked at Xia Xiaohe with a cold expression.

“Your Royal Highness, what on earth do you want to do? You bribe the people around me, and steal Wang Wu when I’m unprepared. Is that why you summoned me here?”

Xia Xiaohe furrowed her two willowy eyebrows and said, “Poxu, shut your mouth and use your brain well. Now in this situation, you should see that it is all dominated by someone.”

“Yes, isn’t everything under your control?”

Xia Xiaohe was still calm in her reply, “If I am really in charge of all this, I would never let you discover this kind of flaw.”

Poxu, however, didn’t buy it, “If you can do everything without flaws, you won’t let me see this scene. I saw this scene, which just shows that you are not in perfect control of the situation.”

Xia Xiaohe once again took a deep breath, while inwardly, she scolded this guy for not being intelligent when he should.

However, the real cause of all this was undoubtedly Wang Wu… No, it was likely that she was not the real Wang Wu. Although the woman was powerful, she was not famous for this kind of scheming. At present, the only person in the Nine Regions who could have both this calculation and execution ability was…

When she thought of this, Xia Xiaohe suddenly turned her head and saw Wang Wu sticking out her tongue at her and then revealed a cunning smile.

“It’s you!”

Xia Xiaohe glanced at the Senior Immortal Poxu and knew that it was time to make a decision.

And her decision is simple.

After the sound of a simple bell, a sword light came out from between her eyebrows and pointed directly at Wang Wu! The moment the sword light shone, the world went dim, and endless pressure descended on Nine Regions.

Senior Immortal Poxu was the nearest, and his heart was shocked after seeing the sword light.

“Xuanyuan Sword?”

An innate treasure, one of the top three peerless magical weapons in the Immortal World was actually in Xia Xiaohe’s hands! No, it was not the real Xuanyuan Sword, but just the projection given to her by the Immortal King Xia Yu. Regardless, even if it was just a projection, it was still the projection of an innate treasure!

No living creature in the lower realm could resist the power of Xuanyuan Sword. If the sword light hit her, no matter how strong Wang Wu was with her Non-Phase Sword Defense, Wang Wu would surely die.

At this moment, he saw the thick body of Xuanyuan Sword, the resolute eyes of Xia Xiaohe, and the indifferent face of Wang Wu.

In an instant, many thoughts passed through his mind. However, before he sorted out these thoughts, his body had already moved.

He came to Wang Wu at a lightning speed.

At the next moment, the sword light penetrated his body. The simple and straight bronze sword tip entered his heart and then finally stopped. As one of the top three Senior Immortals, his tyrannical strength allowed him to stop the projection of the Xuanyuan Sword in a hurry!

However, after he stopped this sword attack, Senior Immortal Poxu was exhausted and already at the end of the line.

“Poxu!” Xia Xiaohe looked at Poxu as he slumped to the ground and said in disbelief, “Are you crazy?”

“No, of course, I’m not crazy. So let’s go down together, Xiaohe!”

Blood seeped through the seven orifices of Senior Immortal Poxu as she smiled wildly and pointed at Xia Xiaohe. At this time, his vitality had been cut off, but he was still able to mobilize the power of the surging immortal spirits in his body and gather them to form a great immortal technique.

“Broken Immortal King!”

The immortal technique was silent and invisible, however, a hole that could never be healed appeared on Xia Xiaohe’s chest. Her heart and her jade mansion, all were destroyed by the bombardment of the Broken Immortal King.