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Chapter 796: Want to Die? Let’s Die Together!

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In the tea shop, Xia Xiaohe sat down on the opposite side of Xuan Mo, picked up the tea cup, drank the herbal tea, and then wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

Xuan Mo feebly sat down and asked, “Why… Why are you here?’

“If not, how do you think I could watch the good show just now?” Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “It’s really wonderful. I’ve been with him for five years, but I didn’t know how eloquent he actually is. It’s true, if you want to go back, now it’s the time. Xuan Mo, do you want to go back? Since you haven’t been back for several years, do you want me to show you the way?”

Xuan Mo closed her eyes and restrained herself from letting the tears flow out.

She was not afraid of her own fate, but just felt that it was a pity.

A pity that Bai Ze’s calculation failed. A pity that he would rather sacrifice himself yet failed to achieve his goals. A pity that when he left she didn’t say anything, and now there was no chance.

Every hope turned to dust, nothing could surpass this. It seemed that Xuan Mo once again experienced the despair after the defeat of the decisive battle sixteen thousand years ago.

“Just kill me.”

“Why?” Xia Xiaohe asked, “What good is it for me to kill you? If I really wanted it, I would’ve done it already; You and Bai Ze, none of you could get away. I don’t want to kill you, because I think what Bai Ze said just now is quite right. The functions of the two of you are highly overlapped. No matter what you do, leaving one is enough. And since Bai Ze chooses to stay, then you can go.”

Xuan Mo was somewhat incredulous, “You want to let me go?”

“Yes.” Xia Xiaohe nodded with a smile, “I told you a long time ago that I am a kind hearted immortal, you should believe me.”

Xuan Mo of course didn’t believe any of that. In the face of Xia Xiaohe, she would try to figure out the behavior of the other party with the most malicious intentions.

Was the reason Xia Xiaohe let her go to play cat and mouse with her? Gave her hope but then crushed it into despair? Intercepted her on the way to Spirit Sword Sect?

No, with Xia Xiaohe’s temperament, she would not do such a boring thing, she probably would…

“Still doubting me? Ah, you are really boring. What I want to do, you can’t guess it even for ten thousand years, so why bother wasting your time to guess? Do what you should do, I won’t play with you. If you don’t leave, I’m afraid little Bai Ze would soon be beaten to death by people.”

Xuan Mo was surprised and asked, “What did you say?”

However, Xia Xiaohe had disappeared without a trace.

Xuan Mo hesitated in the tea shop for a long time before she decided to leave. As an Earth Immortal, she flew very fast, and soon left Eastern Border Region and entered Central Region.

She wanted to find Supreme Hetu, the leader of Shengjing Sect and told him everything that she knew… As Xia Xiaohe said, she couldn’t understand the other party’s mind, the information of both sides was completely asymmetric. Thus, she did what she had to do.

In fact, Xuan Mo wanted to go to Blue River Region to find Wang Lu, but then she thought that at this time, Senior Immortal Poxu should still be in Blue River Region. Thus, it was better not to get caught. Shengjing Sect had the Nine Regions Map, which was the center of the Nine Regions. To find Hetu was equal to find all the people. Whether it was the great Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals or her former Earth Immortal partners. Then she could tell them all the information that she had found in the past five years, and then…

When she thought of this, Xuan Mo suddenly stopped, because she had found a serious flaw in her plan.

Even if she found Supreme Hetu… Would the other party believe what she said? She disappeared with Xia Xiaohe five years ago and then was included in the wanted list of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. In other words, she was now a traitor of Nine Regions. So, why should people believe her intelligence?

Moreover, was her intelligence really reliable? She thought that Xia Xiaohe was in Western Continent, but Xia Xiaohe had never left Nine Regions. As for the other information that she received in the past five years, it was likely that Xia Xiaohe had also given her false information. With Xia Xiaohe’s shrewdness, this was actually very possible.

If she believed Xia Xiaohe’s information completely, and then everyone was caught in one fell swoop, it would be Xuan Mo’s gravest sin.

When she thought of this, Xuan Mo once again fell into hesitation… How should she proceed? There were countless diverging paths in front of her, each of which led to endless darkness. And she really lacked the kind of decisiveness to stride forward regardless of what.

In such confusion, Xuan Mo lingered for five days on the edge of Central Region.

Until by chance, she heard a conversation in a small town where immortal cultivators gathered.

“Hey, have you heard that the traitor who attacked the Red Sea Underwater Workshop a few days ago is about to be beheaded?”

“Tsk, he is really stupid. He went alone to one of the most important sites in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Did he think he is the Immortal King?”

“It is said that he is an Earth Immortal who many views as incompetent. Humph, I already said earlier that the so-called Earth Immortals are unreliable. After being the losing side more than ten thousand years ago, who knows how many traitors lurking in it? Previously we have Black, now we have this Bai Ze. I think that Senior Gem Emperor is also not a good thing.”

Hearing this, Xuan Mo was greatly shocked.

Bai Ze was caught by the people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and would be beheaded soon?

Bai Ze, what are you doing? Don’t you want to stay in Xia Xiaohe’s camp to save the fire for us? How could you die so easily? Single-handedly attacked the Red Sea Underwater Workshop, are you trying to throw away your life?

When she thought of this, Xia Xiaohe’s smiling face suddenly appeared in Xuan Mo’s mind.

Yes, it was that woman! Because of her that Bai Ze couldn’t do according to the original plan. He rushed to the Red Sea Underwater Workshop alone, it was likely that he did try to throw away his life. Because if he fell into Xia Xiaohe’s hand, his end would be even worse!

Xia Xiaohe let go of Xuan Mo, but she did not let Bai Ze go.

Xuan Mo quickly guessed this, but her heart became heavier.

Bai Ze, the man who stupidly dedicated all his life, was going to die like this? With endless regrets and humiliation, died in his side’s own hand?

“Hey, Brother Li, this time the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals arranged to execute the traitor in Beheading Immortal Platform. Are you going to see it?”

“Of course. I want to see the traitor go to hell with my own eyes.”

“Hey, I think so too. Anyway, I’m not doing anything currently, so it’s going to be fun watching the death of an Earth Immortal. In the Grand Competition, I couldn’t see the live broadcast game where the Earth Immortals died. So this time, I can’t miss it. Hahaha.”

Not far away from the source of the dialogue, Xuan Mo gritted her teeth tightly. Otherwise, she might not be able to control herself.

You evil bastards! What right do you have to humiliate Bai Ze! What qualifications do you have to blaspheme his nobleness and loftiness!

Ignorant and narrow minded frogs in the well, you are not even qualified to look up at Bai Ze’s back!

And Bai Ze, do you really want to sacrifice yourself for these critters?

Xia Xiaohe said that there were only few people worthy of survival in Nine Regions, it seemed that she was right.

So, Bai Ze, I can’t watch you die like this… Although I’m sorry, I can’t act according to the original plan.

After she thought through this, Xuan Mo stood up and stepped forward. This time, she had found her direction.


At the same time, in a deep cave in the remote Cloud Region land, the girl finally ended her long coma and opened her eyes.

“Where is this…?”

After a moment of dizziness and bewilderment, she realized that this was not a place she was familiar with, thus the chaos in her mind was driven away by vigilance. She jumped up like a wild animal, with her back against the rock, and assumed a ferocious posture.

At this time, a man’s voice sounded in the dark cave.

“Don’t be so nervous. Sit down and speak slowly if you have something to say.”

The girl asked coldly, “Who are you?”

“Senior Immortal Poxu.”

Upon hearing the name, the girl couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold breath.

Of course she knew who Poxu was. At the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain, she ran the industry’s leading inn, so her information network was very wide. The news that Senior Immortal Poxu had broken through the Non-Phase Sword Defense and entered Nine Regions was still only circulating within the Heavenly Sage Hall circle, but she already knew it very well.

Thus, she quickly figured out why she was here.

When she thought of this, Feng Ling couldn’t help but hate her own carelessness.

Didn’t she already decide not to see him anymore? Why then when he appeared again in front of her did she not have the heart to immediately expel him? If her reaction was faster and more decisive, it would be very difficult for the other party to kidnap her silently from Ru Family Inn and then bring her all the way here, even if the other party was Senior Immortal Poxu.

If she wanted to blame someone, she had to blame herself.

“What do you want?”

In the dark, Senior Immortal Poxu said, “Don’t be afraid. I don’t want to do anything bad to you.”

“For a scoundrel who hides the head but shows the tail to say that is ridiculous.”

“Oh, yeah. About that.”

As soon as his voice fell, fire lit up in the cave which reflected the face of Senior Immortal Poxu.

To Feng Ling’s surprise, it was not a sinister, treacherous, terrifying face. Senior Immortal Poxu looked gentle and amiable, just like a scholar in the academy.

“Is it weird? I’m now in the heart demon state, and the symptoms are getting worse and worse, so I don’t look the same as usual. No need to mind it.”

Feng Ling frowned and said, “What do you want?”

Poxu said, “I am also acting on orders. Someone wants me to pierce you with this thing and unlock the seal in your body…”

“Hmph!” Feng Ling snorted, and the next moment she rushed from the edge of the cave. Her speed was extremely fast, completely beyond the scope of mortal martial arts. Even if the other party was a cultivator, they might still be caught off guard.

Moreover, her pair of steel-like fists could smash all immortal cultivation barrier techniques–Right now, her magic breaking ability was not only effective in Blue River Region, even in faraway places like in Southern Heaven Region, her fist could still break all technique!

The premise was that her fist could hit the target.

Senior Immortal Poxu simply took a step back and let Feng Ling’s fist hit an empty spot. Then, when she was close and couldn’t turn around due to the momentum, he suddenly moved close and grabbed Feng Ling’s arm. He then forced her to bend down, unable to move.

As an immortal, Poxu’s martial art was surprisingly better than Feng Ling!

“Hey, don’t be so impatient. I think we should have a talk first.”

Feng Ling tried to struggle, but found that all of her joints were locked, and thus was helpless about it.

“Bah! If you want to kill then kill, there’s nothing to talk about between us!”

“I’m just thinking about it for you. Breaking the seal is good for you.”

“No need for you to care!”

Senior Immortal Poxu smiled and said, “I know that you are a kind person. As the seal container of the Nine-Tailed Fox, you have suffered all kinds of misfortunes in your life, but you feel that this is a sacrifice made for the common people in Nine Regions. Thus, you are willing to bear it.”

“Yes, I’m so noble. If you have the ability then just kill me.”

“But, have you ever considered that, maybe… you’re really not just a simple container?”