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Chapter 793: I Suggest You to Have Ligation

“In other words, you were knocked out by his fist…”

“What the? Have you lost your hearing ability?”

“Then how much effort did you use at the time?”

“Always sixty to seventy percent at least… Don’t look at me like that, I can’t always give out my full strength all the time, I simply can’t maintain continuous power output. And that bastard is really powerful. You should know that Non-Phase Sword Defense is basically impossible to be broken head on. Even if I only used sixty to seventy percent of my power, it should not be broken so quickly. Although I was a bit distracted at that time, but…”

“What’s more, he can break your ‘Agile Feather’ with his look?”

“Well, the quality of Agile Feather is very clear to you, it didn’t even break even against heavenly tribulation, but just now, he broke it into seventeen pieces with his simple glance…”

“Damn, destroying an immortal sword with a glance, does he have devil’s eyes or something?”

“In short, can this be reimbursed?”

“Yes, of course, but after your fine is calculated.”

“Hah! I remember that we agreed that ten million is the reward for each person that I push back, but just now, I beat back more than a thousand…”

“Well, according to the agreement, that per person calculation is established on the basis that no one will go out of the passage. But evidently, you missed one on the first day, and that one is obviously a big fish. So, also according to the agreement…”

“Hey-hey, remember, we are a Master and disciple, can’t you make an exemption? Don’t you have pity for your Master?”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, you won’t be given less than what should be yours. Besides, I’m not paying it with my own money, so I won’t be stingy.”

“… Damn it, did you just deliberately hang my appetite?”

“Tsk, you don’t work hard enough, and you missed a big fist. Let alone hang your appetite, even if I take liberties with you, so what?”

“Since you have the time for this kind of pain in the ass thing, wouldn’t that mean the fish that got away is not really that important?”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t matter too much. But unfortunately, he is indeed a big fish… It would take a lot of effort to cover this up from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. But it doesn’t matter, you’re the candidate that I recommend, so they have to come to me if they have an opinion. And, no one dares to have an opinion against me now.”

“Stop pretending, you missed Xia Xiaohe and I missed one pervert True Immortal. So, up to now, the two big targets from the immortal world have all been missed. Yet, you still expect those people to obey you?”

“On the other hand, considering how bad the situation is now, if they don’t rely on me, do they want to die? As long as there’s no strong competitor, the more critical the situation is, the more stable my position will be. As for competitors, after so many years have passed, there should be no more competitors.”

Wang Lu said these boldly and confidently as if justice was on his side.

In the current crisis, as long as the leader was not hopelessly muddle-headed, the internal struggle for power and profit would only cause excessive internal friction. For such unscrupulous speculators, Wang Lu never shied away from showing his fierceness. The title of number one person in Nine Regions did not come from empty reputation, but from the countless bones of the dead left behind by Wang Lu in the past fifteen years. With the Senior Gem Emperor by his side, most of the Earth Immortals were also by his side. Some of these Earth Immortals were accustomed to being free and not very obedient, but there were also some diehards who looked at Wang Lu as the inheritor of Sun Buping and the face of Senior Gem Emperor and thus obeyed Wang Lu’s command. The combined strength of these people was enough to sweep the Heavenly Sage Hall to the ground. This, combined with the steady stream of Zaku army from the Red Sea Underwater Workshop, were Wang Lu’s real deterrent toward Nine Regions. Thus, his number one person in Nine Regions title was stable.

Seeing that Wang Lu was full of confidence with this issue, Wang Wu stopped persuading him, but just asked him as she held up the sword defense again and sealed the crack in the sky.

“What are you going to do with these two missing fishes?”

“I have asked Senior Gem Emperor to take people to look for them. They have dealt with the Fallen Immortals the longest, so this kind of thing could only be left to them.”

Wang Wu thought about it, but there was really no better way. Thus, she asked again, “Then what about me?”

“Wang Lu patted her on the shoulder and said, “Hero, carry on.”

“Carry your whole family!” Wang Wu was not satisfied with this.

Wang Lu quickly comforted her, “Blocking the door here is not about the more the better. Any array based on the cooperation of many people is full of flaws in the eyes of the immortal, and when there are more people, they will hinder each other. So the best way to do this is by ‘one man guarding the pass’. Right now, only you and I can do this in Nine Regions. But right now, my hands are really full.”

“Hah! Since when I’m as stupid as Liu Li and believe everything that you say? You bitch! I have seen that you and Senior Gem Emperor are in collusion with each other these years, and trying to get rid of me as the first wife!”

Wang Wu was shocked and said, “… Now I feel a bit regret for leaving my legacy to you.”

“The hell? What do you mean? I was still an innocent and pure and lovely girl in those days, but then I was brainwashed by your happiness theory and became like this. After many years of life of debauchery… No, I mean miserable degeneration, you have the nerve to put the blame on me?”

Wang Lu was left speechless for a long time by this rebuke. He could only sigh in his heart and thought that, in terms of how low a person could stoop down, the student had indeed surpassed the master. The stubborn but simple and pure Wang Wu at that time had really disappeared in the long river of history.

Fortunately, the awkward silence did not last too long. There was another terrible wave coming from the passage ahead, and a new round of invasion from the immortal world began again.

It was still a sea of mismatched soldiers. Judging from their aura, they were one lever stronger than the last time. Wang Wu immediately turned serious and held up the simple but sharp wooden sword.

“Ok, then go. Remember to come back and settle the bill for me… And find Nancy and the others to help me, my golden core is not going to be enough.”

When he heard the name, Wang Lu’s expression slightly turned dark. He said, “Ok… Then I have to trouble you here.”

With that, Wang Lu’s figure flashed away, leaving Wang Wu alone to face the second wave of attack.

In the passage, a new round of servants have been assembled. This time, the servants were in good order because they had an extra backbone.

A light and graceful woman stood in the middle of a group of demons. Her independent temperament was incompatible with the violence around her. There was a bright red crystal gem at her forehead and she looked at the other side of the passage indifferently.

Then, she raised her chin and pointed her long finger to the front. Thereupon, the wave of demon-from-countless-worlds army surged forward.

Wang Wu laughed and held her wooden sword forward, which in a perfect opposite posture of the other side.

“Scumbags from the upper realm, come and play with big sis to relieve boredom.”


Mount Qi, Central Region.

The area outside of Mount Qi School was quiet.

Since five years ago, the feng shui of this area has been declining gradually. There were fewer and fewer tourists, and the cultivators on the mountain had gradually migrated out, which made its popularity withered more and more. In recent years, even the spiritual veins had been depleted. It was truly a scene of decay.

All this was due to Xia Xiaohe. She had been an otaku girl in Mount Qi for ten years, harming no humans and animals. However, after the incident, the entire Mount Qi was overwhelmed with shock and inconsolable. How could they not know that they had been living with a Fallen Immortal for ten years? Even they didn’t believe it!

After Xia Xiaohe came out of the mountain, she easily stirred two powerful Earth Immortals to rebel. Had she really just been idle for ten years? How many people had actually been stirred by her? No one could tell all of these. After that, Although the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals did not deliberately pursue this matter, people on Mount Qi could not sit still, let alone others. Thus, one a tourist resort, Mount Qi quickly became infamous, and its decline was thus reasonable.

However, on this day, Mount Qi welcomed a guest. The man wore an elaborate silk gown, which made him look like an accomplished scholar. He took the steps along the mountain road of Mount Qi, and his pace was neither urgent, nor slow. Finally, he reached the school gate. His breathing was not in the least disordered as he lightly knocked on the gate.

From within the school, an old cultivator came to open the door and was surprised to see that there was still a guest visiting at this time.

“I’m looking for your noble school’s leader.”

With that, the scholar handed over a Mount Qi token. The gatekeeper cultivator received the token in awe and led the scholar into the school area.

Although the scholar seemed to be just a common person, since he held the Mount Qi token, he did not dare to be careless. Although many people were no longer optimistic about the future of Mount Qi, he had been tied to this place all his life and could not just leave. Even if the leader of Mount Qi School was in a dire strait, it was not that easy to crush this old gatekeeper.

Not long after, he stepped on the mountain array and took the scholar to hop on several hills in succession through the array until they finally saw the leader’s lakehouse.

This small room built on the lake on the top of the mountain is the residence of the leader of Mount Qi School for thousands of years. When a cultivator approached here, he could feel the surrounding spiritual spirit… However, the closer the old cultivator was to the lake house, the more pressure he felt, and he could hardly stand up.


The leader’s voice was as clear as the lake water. Hearing that he was pardoned, the old cultivator almost ran away. He didn’t even realize that the scholar at his side completely ignored the pressure here.

After the old cultivator had left, the scholar laughed and cupped his hand toward the center of the lake.

“Greeting, little princess.”

Then the bamboo door of the lake house was opened, and a woman came out with a greatly interested look. When she saw the scholar, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Poxu, what are you doing here? It’s totally not you to behave like a civilized man.”

Poxu smiled and said, “You mock me little princess. We are behind the enemy line now, so we have to be careful and do some disguise work.”

“Tsk, I haven’t seen you for a while, how did you become that guy Xiaoyao and talk like a sissy? Don’t you think I don’t you? We’ve been playing together since childhood, and whenever you go mad you destroy a world, so I have to beg my father to protect you.”

Poxu suddenly turned serious and then shook his head. “Xiaohe, to be honest, I was hurt.”

“You were hurt?” Xia Xiaohe took back her smile and her figure flashed toward Poxu’s side. Her pair of beautiful eyes looked back and forth at him. She then said, “Who hurt you? What kind of injury is it? Why can’t I see it?”

Poxu knew that although the person in front of him looked a bit careless and didn’t care about anything, the consequence of offending her was more serious than offending Xiaoyao. In particular, she must not be fooled… Thus, he had no choice but to say, “It’s not the wound of the flesh… but the wound of the heart.”


Poxu knew that Xia Xiaohe was not satisfied with this answer, so without any better option, he braced himself and said:

“I saw a collectible and it made me have no appetite for days. It was as if I was bewitched.”