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Chapter 792: Caught In the Act

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“This is the last time I’m going to do this pain in the ass mission, I’d rather be a dog for a day. It’s enough that I have to deal with a group of evil monsters, but now comes a mentally challenged… Are there any good people in the immortal world?”

Outside the passage between the two worlds, Wang Wu single-handedly shouldered the turbulent army of the immortal world. Of course, she was under great pressure. No matter who it was, in the front were the true immortals from the upper realm, while the rear was Nine Regions. If one could not hold it, one could lose one’s life, and then all would be lost… The psychological pressure alone was perhaps to crush a person.

Of course, Wang Wu was also pressured, but her pressure mainly came from one point.

At first, Wang Lu promised her if when she guarded the crack in the sky, she managed to push back one person, she would be rewarded with ten million gold. In order to reach this number, Wang Wu argued strongly with Wang Lu for a long time. From fifty thousand per person up to ten million per person. Even if it was ten million per person, Wang Lu still made a profit here. Being able to repel a True Immortal, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal was even willing to give out one hundred million spirit stones.

However, no one thought that the immortal world would send a large number of mismatched soldiers as the vanguard. How many people did Wang Wu block in the scar in the sky just now? One hundred? Two hundred? Or was it one thousand? In theory, Wang Wu really made a fortune overnight. However, from a practical point of view, Wang Wu didn’t believe that Wang Lu would pay her fair and square. Moreover, how much cut would she get in the end? This was really stressful for her.

As for this mentally challenged, Wang Wu actually didn’t care.

Until the other side made his move.

In fact, Wang Wu didn’t exactly see how the other party made his move. In a flash, her Non-Phase Sword Defense, which had blocked the crack in the sky, suddenly broke, with only debris left on the ground.

Wang Wu didn’t realize the feedback from the destroyed sword defense because, when she came to her senses, she had already fallen into the deep marsh and was surrounded by stinking mud and marshy swamp vegetation.

Her mind was still somewhat in a trance and she still had double vision. After years of actual combat, Wang Wu realized that she had been knocked unconscious. In just one round, the opponent had shattered the Non-Phase Sword Defense and then knocked her down into the secluded marsh.


Without any hesitation and wavering, Wang Wu flew back into the air with just a flick of her toes. At the crack in the sky, that proud immortal still stayed at the same place, completely wasting the opportunity that he had just created. When he saw Wang Wu returned in an instant, a trace of approval appeared on his face. Then he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

Wang Wu certainly wouldn’t give him any chance.

“Smelly idiot, get out of here!”

The Mouth of Shengjing Sect, the immortal sword known for its tenacity and swiftness, was put in the back with her right hand, while she launched a powerful fist with her left hand.

Senior Immortal Poxu was a bit surprised, but was only amused by the oncoming punch.

It was indeed a low-key species who knew nothing about life and death. However, this kind of unreasonable stupidity also had its unique charm. After fighting for many years everywhere, he had collected countless private collections in his own pocket universe, but there were only few that could really interest him.

First broke her hands, and then later a bit of her body, and let her collapse in pain? Or to imprison her with a great immortal method and washed away her stubbornness with time? When he thought about it, there were tens of thousands of different techniques.

Senior Immortal Poxu had been very familiar with these skills, because he had practiced them on too many people, and they never failed.

Once in a small world, he met a group of special creatures with a high degree of resemblance to human beings. Their thinking was clear and pure, but they were tough and unyielding. The immortal world completed their conquest there that not even a blade of grass grew. There were thirty million special creatures in that world, but after the war, none of them existed in that world anymore. The surviving ones became prisoners of war, however, few gave up their resistance.

In the pocket universe of Senior Immortal Poxu, there happened to be one such prisoner. This prisoner possessed the role similar to that of a princess and or a holy woman in that ethnic group. Poxu personally captured her in the battlefield and tortured her in his pocket universe for five hundred years, washing away every part of her will to resist, but did not kill her spirituality. Finally, it became an amazing collection, which would not be boring for thousands of years. However… After thousands of years, no matter how beautiful the toy was, it was time to replace it.

This time, perhaps he could try other techniques, such as…


A powerful fist interrupted the thought of Senior Immortal Poxu.

When he regained consciousness, he found out that he had actually retreated to the other end of the passage. The scene in front of him was hazy and blurry and his mind was dizzy. Moreover, there was a burning feeling on the bridge of his nose, which felt very strange… Was it pain? That’s right, it was pain. How many years has it been since someone was able to leave pain on his immortal body? He could hardly remember it.

What happened just now? Senior Immortal Poxu closed his eyes and rotated his immortal spirit inside his body. When he got the answer, he was startled and angry.

He was knocked back by a punch!

The lowly creature from the lower realm actually punched through his body protection immortal method. And that fist was firmly planted on his face and damaged his immortal body!

In a flash, his anger surged and he felt no pity for the collection.

A mere lowly creature!

In order to vent his anger, Senior Immortal Poxu released a few spells, and set off a natural disaster at the entrance of passage. Fortunately, Leitian and Shuiyue had retreated far enough, thus they were not affected.

After venting out his anger, Senior Immortal Poxu calmed down. He didn’t rush back to the other end of the passage to fight Wang Wu again. Just then, the fist was both humiliation and warning. That woman was indeed difficult to deal with, because she had an unfathomable magical ability in her body.

Just now, when he was in the lower realm, in order to adapt to the passage, he had suppressed his strength by more than eighty percent. In terms of quantity, it was similar to that of Canglan when he was in the lower realm. However, his skill in utilizing power was very refined. Thus, he was confident enough to feel invincible in Nine Regions. But…

Of course, he could go again and double his strength. In theory, the woman just now was not worth mentioning. However, he felt that the problem was not necessarily that simple.

Thus, he thought about it carefully. From the opening of the passage between the two worlds and the crack in the sky appeared in Nine Regions, a lot of times had passed. Was their reaction too simple? Even if there were not thousands of people with a death immortal array, the geomancy office ought to at least inform this to everyone? But now, they just let an outside path woman to single-handedly guard here, how much confidence did they have in her? What exactly was the secret of that woman?

When he thought this, Senior Immortal Poxu became more and more calm. However, his thinking could only arrive at this step. After all, thinking was not his forte. In the past, when he encountered difficulties in the expedition, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao was the one who thought of the countermeasures and he went to execute them. However, this time… He didn’t want to go to Xiaoyao.

It was not because of fear of losing his face, but of that woman. He didn’t want anyone else to know about her.

Thus, after a moment of thinking, Senior Immortal Poxu once again entered the passage.

“You again?”

When Wang Wu saw Senior Immortal Poxu, she was very surprised. She said, “You’re not very good at learning are you?”

Poxu smiled and then his figure flashed.

As if she had expected it, Wang Wu immediately propped up her sword defense. However, just as soon as it was erected, the golden sword defense immediately fell. Then, along with Wang Wu’s ‘f*ck me’ shout, her figure also flashed.

With this flash, she moved about twenty five kilometers away. Only then was she able to obstruct Poxu. Wang Wu was no longer kidding, she hacked the slender immortal sword straight like a machete. However, Poxu neither dodged nor hid, but instead stared at the immortal sword.


The immortal sword shattered, and both the sword and the immortal spirit ran off in a great panic. However, they were immediately wrapped by Wang Wu’s hair and protected in her body. In a split second, Wang Wu’s eyes turned red, and her anger rushed forth.

The reward for pushing back the enemy was ten million per person. However, what was the value of the sword painstakingly made by the master craftsman of Shengjing Sect? Regardless of victory or defeat in this battle, she would still lose a lot!

At present, there was only one way to recover her loss.

“Bastard, I’ll make a specimen out of you!”

Senior Immortal Poxu was also surprised. Just now, he had used his magical ability of ‘Break’ to destroy the immortal sword. This method was absolutely unheard of in Nine Regions. Moreover since her opponent was a sword cultivator and her immortal sword was broken, her strength should’ve been reduced by half. So, how could she have the power to continue on fighting?

With her unexpected fist?

However, the next moment, Senior Immortal Poxu found out that he seemed to have miscalculated the other party’s means. He saw that, with a wave of Wang Wu’s hand, the lush mountains and forests around fifty kilometers began to sway and then countless trees rose from the ground and flew into the air, just like a falling rainstorm.

These trees are basically ordinary trees, which could easily be flown into the sky and shaped into a wooden sword. Wang Wu took one of them and then infused it with immortal charm, turning it into a sharp weapon!

“What a beautiful method.” Senior Immortal Poxu could not help but sigh. The method of turning ordinary things to immortal things was not magical, because the refined sword only reached the level of spiritual treasure at most, and it was too brittle, so it was likely that it could only be used once. However, such fast refinement was really rare, and the energy used was not much. Although the wooden sword was of poor quality, there were tens of thousands of wooden swords as materials, enough to make up for it.

At this time, the feeling of anger was replaced by the love for talent. This toy was indeed rare. If it was accidentally broken, he didn’t know when he could find the next one… No, perhaps there would never be another one. After Nine Regions, the situation faced by the immortal world would be very different.

Therefore, instead of fighting with Wang Wu, Senior Immortal Poxu chose to retreat.

Now that he had crashed his way through the passage, he was free and unfettered in Nine Regions. He did not need to spend all the fun now.


Poxu left with a smile full of evil intention. Like dreams and visions in a bubble, his figure disappeared without any trace along with Wang Wu’s sword hack.


Wang Wu was so angry that she swept her sword across to the side, which caused a terrible wave of wind. Hundreds of hills around her were cut down… At the same time, the wooden sword in her hand shattered into powder. She then forcefully clenched her fist, so much that her nails even pierced her palm.

Blood immediately dripped from her palm, but Wang Wu felt that they were drips of blood directly from her heart.

According to the original agreement, she would be awarded with ten million spirit stones for every person that she managed to push back. However, if any one missed… There would, of course be a fine.

Wang Wu took a deep breath and then flew back in a flash to the crack in the sky.

“No one should have seen what just happened, right?”

Wang Wu looked around with a guilty conscience. Fortunately, she didn’t see anyone. However, the next moment, someone’s voice sounded in her ears.

“Well, no else except me.”

“F*ck me! Sh*t! Sh*t!”