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Chapter 789: There is No Insinuation in this Chapter

Under Wisdom King City in the Blue River Region, the battle in the deep underground cave had lasted for a long time. Although he was fighting one against three, Wang Lu handled it with ease. He forced the other three people to straitened circumstances where dangers appeared all around them.

From an onlooker’s point of view, this was almost a cat-and-mouse game. One True Immortal and two Earth Immortals. They were supposed to be powerful creatures that could reverse heaven and earth by raising their hands and feet. And this was a hard fight, let alone hundreds of kilometers underground, even thousands of kilometers deep into the earth’s core, their fight could cause natural disasters on the ground. However, this battle had lasted for more than half a day, but the battlefield was always confined within a radius of five kilometers from The Gate of All Realms.

Considering the huge body of the giant Divine Weapon, the battlefield was just a narrow cage. In other words, the giant Divine Weapon could control the other three people in the palm of the hand even without intense action.

The Immortal’s means almost had no effect on this battlefield. Whether it was to reverse the Yin and Yang in Yin and Yang Separation, or the reverse stream of the Negation Immortal Method, or even Xia Xiaohe with her True Immortal’s technique, who had magical powers far above the two earth immortals. They were all totally ineffective in the space of five kilometers. The three great cultivators with various means could only use the most basic means of attack and defense–Fighting with their own fists and feet.

However, with this simple and crude means, how could it be compared with the giant Divine Weapon with a height of several kilometers? The Immortal was powerful because of the immortal method, although their physical bodies had been strengthened, under deliberate guidance of Wang Lu, the giant Divine Weapon had been particularly strengthened.

The gap between professional and non-professional was undoubtedly evident on this battlefield. Xia Xiaohe was a true immortal, and her strength should have been even better than that of Wang Lu’s giant Divine Weapon, but at this time, she was like a bird whose wings had been cut off or had her hands bound and been unable to do anything about it.

Of course, on the other hand, Wang Lu could not kill the three of them in one move. The synchronization rate of the giant Divine Weapon was only around 60%, and he still lacked the means to kill in one blow. He could only use the advantage of the battlefield to grind them. And in this process, Wang Lu’s mouth naturally had not been idle. With his utmost ability, he tried to humiliate and ridicule his opponents.

“Hahaha, Bai Ze oh Bai Ze, I haven’t seen you for several years, and I was looking forward to your progress with the new master. As a result, you’re still the same. The new master didn’t even give you guys a few bones, yet always ordered you guys around. If I were you, I say that’s not worth it!”

“Xuan Mo, although we all say that women are sentimental creatures and often make irrational choices, but giving yourself to Bai Ze, I really can’t see it. I thought those who are willing to copulate with dogs are just one in ten thousand, I never thought that one of the people I know is one of them. But no matter, I will help you out.”

“As for you, Xia Xiaohe, do you really want to know the ending of More Lovable than Jiangshan? Perhaps this is your last chance, if you die with regret, you won’t be able to close your eyes.”

“Oh? Bai Ze, you used this pretty well. Is it the newly trained tortoise (cuckold) fist? It is indeed worthy to be an Earth Immortals that achieved the Path in the ancient golden age. The immortal cultivation path did not have this kind of body forging move, the ability to fight in close combat is not as good as that of dogs.

“Hey, Xuan Mo, you indeed have some attitude, worthy of being the original owner of Rouge Tears… To be honest, you should stop your self-abandonment before you go too far. Whether it’s Sun Buping or Senior Gem Emperor, they’re all in the past. People should learn to look forward.”

“By the way, Xia Xiaohe, seeing how hard you support yourself, why don’t I read a story for you to relieve your boredom? How about the last chapter of More Lovable than Jiangshan Volume 27?”

In the face of Wang Lu’s verbal offensive, naturally, the three of them did not have any response. They were all veterans who had experienced many battles, so it was unlikely for them to fall for this trick. However, after half a day of protracted battle, Xia Xiaohe was the first to be impatient.

“Wang Lu, don’t waste your energy, you can’t win this battle.”

The girl’s voice was still full of sincerity and concern, but in such a battlefield environment, it seemed a bit gloomy and terrifying.

“I admit that you are indeed very powerful, but this game should be over. I… I’m tired of it.”

During the talk, Xia Xiaohe beckoned Bai Ze and Xuan Mo back to her side. The three of them formed a defensive horn formation.

“I have seen through your trick. With the unique effect of connecting all the realms by the Gate of All Realms, you deliberately introduce the laws of heaven and earth from other realms, which cause the laws here to be in disorder, which make our immortal methods ineffective, which in turn effectively create absolute geographical advantage for you. It’s really an amazing idea. The Gate of All Realms has existed in the hands of the immortals in the upper realm for countless years, but no one thought it could be used like this. But then again, treating innate treasure as consumable, such a luxurious act, only a barbarian like you can do it.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu said with a smile, “Yeah, in a weak against strong fight of course you can’t care about whether something is luxurious or not. As long as it can get rid of trash like you all, no matter what the price is, it’s still a profit.”

“But it’s useless.” Xia Xiaohe shrugged and said, “It’s not just a quiet girl like me who is not good at physical melee there in the upper realm. There are many people who have more melee combat power than you. At that time, this kind of trap that disturbs immortal methods will only be a hindrance to you.”

“So, I will kill you before those guys come down, and I’ll completely close the passage between the two realms, then I can be free of worries.”

“Oh? This kind of passive, negative defensive thought does not suit you at all. I thought you would rush to fight to the death with us with slogans, just like Sun Buping before.” Xia Xiaohe said, “Actually, I suggest that it’s still better for you to play the role as the successor of Sun Buping. It’s better to learn from him and fight with us head-on. After all, it’s better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony. Seeing you people in the lower realm has been living in fear and shadow for so many years, I really can’t bear it.”

“Whoa, unexpectedly, you look pure and beautiful, yet you can pretend really well… Can’t bear it? I think it’s more like ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’ right? If you guys really have the ability, then come here and show me the destruction of Nine Regions.” Wang Lu sneered, “I think you guys can’t afford the time right now, right? Although I don’t want to admit this fact, if I guess correctly, the Immortal World is almost done, right?”

“… Immortal World is indeed a bit of trouble.” When she heard of this topic, Xia Xiaohe suddenly sighed, as if she had experienced the vicissitudes of life. “If you want to know the truth, you’d better come to the Immortal World in person to have a look. For you, an expert from another world, we will still open our door.”

“Excuse me, a gentleman doesn’t stand under a dangerous roof. I don’t have much interest in the place that will be finished soon.”

With that, Wang Lu turned his eyes to Bai Ze and Xuan Mo.

“What were the two of you thinking? You let go of a good future and jump on a shrinking ship. This is even more stupid than seeking shelter among the demon race after the war of immortal and demon.

However, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo could hardly hear what Wang Lu was saying.

Immortal World was about to end? What… What nonsense this guy was talking about! The immortal world was tens of millions of times and even hundreds of millions of times more vast and powerful than Nine Regions!

The immortal world was also the ultimate for any cultivator. Even the junior cultivators who were short of talent and have no hope for ever reaching the Jindan Stage will still imagine the fantastic beauty of the immortal world… In the same way, it was also the supreme beauty in the dreams of Bai Ze and Xuan Mo.

There was no cultivator who did not yearn for the immortal world and no cultivator’s ideal immortal world that was not perfect. Even if there exist Fallen Immortals from the immortal world that have brought endless disasters to the Nine Regions, people did not doubt the beauty of the immortal world.

But now, however, Wang Lu said the immortal world was about to end?

“Is it inconceivable? Why don’t you use your brain and think about it? Although we are used to the legend of the immortal world since childhood, who has actually gone to the immortal world and seen it? Have you ever been there, or someone you know once went there? Have you ever been in contact with any other visitors from the immortal world other than the Fallen Immortals? Since there is no such thing, why do you think that the Immortal World is infinitely beautiful, most immortals are good, and only a few that are black sheeps? Because that’s what your mom told you when you were a child?”

Hearing these questions, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were left speechless.

Wang Lu said with a smile, “The last question. If what I said just now is wrong, why can’t Ms. Xia Xiaohe who is from the immortal world utter even one rebuttal or say even one word? Isn’t she very talkative? Don’t tell me she was just absent-minded.”

With that, Wang Lu assumed a solemn look and said to Xia Xiaohe, “If the immortal world is not about to end, how can there be such a group of stupid, bored, idle people that ran around the lower realm to fight and kill? The immortal world is infinitely vast and rich, what can’t be found there that they have to come to this barren and small Nine Regions? To put it bluntly, they are just looking for a shelter.”

Xuan Mo was stunned and said, “In that case, they can live in harmony with us. Why do they need to do the great purge?”

“… Women’s brains indeed cease to exist when they have men. Won’t you have a thorough cleaning when you move to a new house?”

“Thorough cleaning…? For that, all the creatures of the Nine Regions will be exterminated?”

Wang Lu pursed his lips and said, “I haven’t seen you guys showing mercy when cleaning a place from mosquitos… You two have been with her for many years, so you two ought to know how her people regard the creatures of Nine Regions, right? They see our species as distinctly different from them, and according to the saying that people outside your group will have different hearts and ideas, would you expect them to treat us well? Are you two… really that brain-damaged?”

“Want me to continue? Originally, your brains were already not working very well, but are they now completely destroyed by a young missy from the upper realm?”

“That’s all well and good.” Xia Xiaohe narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, “You really are good at talking. And I truly admire your eloquence. However, all of these are useless because… Thanks to your endless talk here, I finally have enough time to complete my mission. The fierce men of the upper realm that you have been waiting for are coming soon.”

At the same time, in the Blue River Region, the light of a comet suddenly illuminated over the site of the previous war.