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Chapter 788: I am Upright and Frank

“Huh, Wang Lu, you’re actually calmer than I thought. I thought you would be a bit frightened after being called out of your identity… It is that your immortal heart cultivation is unparalleled in the world, or do you think that since you are the number one person in Nine Regions, you can suppress any opposition and have a peace of mind?”

Xia Xiaohe said with a very concerned and sincere expression, “If you really think so, then I must remind you, you are too naive. It is a fundamental principle engraved in the soul of human beings that anyone who is not in their clan or group must have a different heart and intention… Since human beings became the overlord of Nine Regions, over the past tens of thousands of years, the monsters and beasts of Nine Regions have tried to integrate into human society countless times, but even today, they are still a second-class ethnic group. As for you, an alien who doesn’t belong to the Nine Regions at all, the rejection will be a hundred times stronger than those monsters and beasts.”

“Oh?” Wang Lu crossed his arms on his chest with interest and listened attentively.

“Look, with just around fifty years of cultivation time, you have become the number one person in Nine Regions, and you have the sole authority. Although it sounds infinitely beautiful, after all, it has a shallow foundation. You can have what you have today because of the indulgence from Hetu. Although your strength is better than that of Hetu, when it comes to prestige and influence, you are not as good as Hetu.”

Wang Lu nodded his head and said, “Supreme Hetu is a highly principled person and he doesn’t fight for power, which is highly admirable.”

“Hetu indulges you because he trusts you. But if he learns that you are not from Nine Regions, what would he think?”

Wang Lu said, “Supreme Hetu’s strong but also weak point is that he is very obstinate. If he trusts in one person, the reason can be very simple and the reason for not trusting a person can also be very simple.”

“So it seems that although you are at the top of the world now, you’re actually in a precarious situation. Once Hetu clearly expresses his distrusts of you, then the long-standing opposition voice will erupt.”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “Yes, I can even imagine what they would say: Wang Lu’s ability is indeed very strong, but the stronger his ability is, the more dangerous it will be for us! We are already struggling to face the Fallen Immortals, if someone like him is occupying a high position and secretly doing things, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

“That’s right.” Xia Xiaohe opened her eyes in surprise and said, “So you have thought about this problem? What are you going to do about it? There is no solution to this problem.”

Wang Lu said, “How can there be no solution? The solution is very simple, just kill all those who oppose me.”

“…” Xia Xiaohe was slightly stunned by this answer. She said, “It is indeed a good solution. But have you considered how many people that you need to kill for that?”

“Not too much. Kill all the leaders, and the rest will be scattered. If there is a resurgence of opponents, I should continue to kill them. If ten or one hundred are not enough, then I should kill a thousand or ten thousand, until everyone is convinced. Humans don’t have such hard bones, they will soon soften. I remember you said not long ago that, in this world, ultimately, only the strongest rules. This truth is just as deeply engraved in the soul of human beings as the principle of anyone who is not in their clan or group must have a different heart and intention. During the tens of thousands of years of human rule in Nine Regions, countless species have perished due to human beings, but countless species have also been domesticated due to human beings. And humans are actually particularly easy to domesticate.”

While Wang Lu said these words, Xia Xiaohe held her breath and focused on listening, thus her real reaction could not be seen. However, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were shocked because they could hear that Wang Lu was not threatening. If someone doubted and opposed him because of his identity, he would really kill him!

This guy had become more terrifying than that of five years ago…

Xia Xiaohe said, “But in this way, your already weak strength will be weakened even more.”

“Yes, so it’s best that this secret will never be revealed, what do you think?”

“Hahaha, do you want me to keep a secret for you?” Xia Xiaohe smiled and clapped her hands, looking innocent and lovable. She said, “When it comes to keeping secrets, I happen to know a way: only the dead can keep secrets. So, do you want to kill me?”

Her voice had just fallen, and Xia Xiaohe’s figure vanished out of thin air. Only a series of laughter remained.

“Hahaha, I know that you’re very strong, so I won’t fight you. I still have a lot of things to do. I will not accompany you.”

The method of the Fallen Immortal was mysterious and unpredictable. Xia Xiaohe said that she wanted to leave and everyone present was helpless. Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, who were left there, were stunned. They didn’t expect Xia Xiaohe to walk away so decisively and irresponsibly. How could she leave them just like that? They tried to look for Xia Xiaohe, but there was simply no trace of her. It was as if she simply disappeared from Nine Regions.

As for Wang Lu, he also did not go after Xia Xiaohe, because he was very clear that he could not do it.

If they had a head-on fight, he was eighty percent sure that he could defeat his opponent. However, if Xia Xiahe was determined to escape, it would simply be impossible… The giant Divine Weapon made by Sun Buping was a war machine, and its main functions were all for frontal combat. As for the various functions, they were much inferior.

However, the deficiency of function could be compensated in many ways, such as…

“Your so-called lots of things to do… Is it to read these serials: ‘One Piece,”The Legend of Dragon Warrior,”Records of Alibaba,”The Seven Dynasties Clear Note,”Beautiful Married Woman’…”

Before he finished his words, Xia Xiaohe’s surprised voice rang up.

“How did you know my reading list?”

“How could I not? You are the leader of Pingle Sect, so I just need to ask the secretary who subscribed to the serials for you all year round.”

“Well, that’s right. I’ve been mysteriously missing for five years. As long as you’re not stupid enough, how could you not find out my identity? But so what? You want to threaten me with these serials? Humph, you don’t really think of me as an idiot, do you?”

“Of course, I know that the attraction of these novels to you is not enough to make you lose your mind. But, I have here with me the long lost ‘Volume 26’ of ‘More Lovable than Jiangshan.\'”

“Pooh! Do you think I’m stupid? The 26th volume and the later parts are fake works by later generations. The original author died of illness a long time ago. That book is a masterpiece!”

“Masterpiece? Not necessarily, because I’ve got the original author back.”

“Hah, got back the original author? Are you talking about psychic communication with the soul after death? Don’t waste your breath, if I can get his soul back, do you think I will let it go? How are you going to communicate with the author’s soul?”

“Of course, it’s impossible to recall the soul. He died in an accident, the soul had flown away and scattered, not to mention the reincarnation… This is one hundred percent even immortal couldn’t do it. But why couldn’t you change your way of thinking? Coming back from death is impossible, but being reborn is always possible, don’t you think?”

“Being reborn?” Xia Xiahe repeated it curiously, then suddenly, she was shocked. Wang Lu’s so-called ‘being reborn,’ did not mean life, but reproduction! A product!”

“Yes, as long as a person’s origin and growth environment are completely copied, it is likely to produce a replica that is highly similar to the original… Of course, there will inevitably be errors during this period, but as long as there are enough templates, we can always select individuals that are the same as the original ones.”

Wang Lu chuckled and then, in Xia Xiaohe’s silence, continued, “In the past five years, I have used the resources of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to try to create 20000 replicates. According to my mathematical calculations, this number is enough to ensure that a miracle occurs. And after screening tens of thousands of copies, I finally got what I want. I let that person continue to write the whole story, including the ending. I also invited more than thirty old readers who have been obsessed with the novel for many years to have an internal trial reading. The consistent conclusion from that trial reading was that the style and plot of the novel continue perfectly… In other words, this is the real 26th Volume of More Lovable than Jiangshan.”


In the dark underground world, there was a clear swallowing of saliva sound.

“Don’t-don’t think you can seduce me with this kind of thing!”

Wang Lu chuckled again and said, “Seduce you? What kind of thing are you that you think you are worth of my seduction? What I’m going to do is to threaten you. Xia Xiaohe, I will count to three, if you don’t show up, I will skip all the parts in the middle and directly spoil you the ending of the novel!”


“I’ve processed the memory of those thirty internal readers, so I can’t remember the plot anymore. Twenty thousand copies have been processed together, and it is impossible to write the original text… So, do you want to come out and fight me, or be exposed to the spoiler, and suffer in the pain of incomplete plot for life? All right, no more nonsense, I’m going to start counting. One, two…”

Wang Lu only counted to two and there was blackness in front of him.

The earth and rocks of the underground world all disappeared, and a ferocious gigantic beast opened its big black mouth and rushed to Wang Lu.

“The Universe Beast!”

The giant beast that could devour heaven and the earth in the legends and stories of the Desolate Age actually appeared in front of them! Although it was only a cub, its mouth had the momentum of swallowing all things in the world!

However, Wang Lu didn’t care much. At this time, even if he was transported back to the Desolate Age, he was still the most powerful being in Nine Regions. So what of a mere giant cub!

“Primal Chaos… Break!”

Wang Lu’s right arm moved forward, and a surging sword qi burst out from his fingertips. The sword was extremely delicate, just like hair, but it was also extremely sharp. With a light sound, the mouth of the Universe Beast had been pierced, and the beast wailed.

“In those days, even the heaven tribulation was broken, yet you stupid thing dare to be rash in front of me!”

As he spoke Wang Lu restored the original appearance of the giant. A giant of several kilometers high appeared in the underground world, and pushed the soil aside. The mighty breaking-through-heaven-and-earth momentum made the giant beast seem small.

“What are you two waiting for! Quickly help me take down this suspicious alien!”

Xia Xiaohe snapped an order to Bai Ze and Xuan Mo.

The next moment, the two Earth Immortals could not help but make their move.

“Yin and Yang Separation!”

“Negation Golden Seal!”

Wang Lu laughed and said, “Good, I’ll take care of you two traitors together today!”