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Chapter 787: The Unregistered Resident is Exposed

“Are you sure you want to stay here? Our tour group has already arranged for the accommodation…”

The beautiful tour guide very awkwardly explained to the three tourists who made the special requests.

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nine Regions, needless to say that the land in Wisdom King City was extremely expensive. And because the city was not built to attract tourists, the resources allocated for service were limited, and thus it could be imagined how expensive the price for the inns was. This chamber of commerce, although it had the reputation as a high-end tourist group, it couldn’t really choose a good inn for cost reasons… Of course, the sixteen person per room accommodation was indeed a bit shabby. However, once saw the rate of those high-end inns in Wisdom King City, no matter how much dissatisfaction that one had with the current arrangement, one would swallow it back.

“The inn charges in Wisdom King City are very high. In addition to those high-level travelers of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals where they used public expense, few people will choose high end inns. The chain inn that we choose is among the low end ones, but its service is guaranteed…”

The tour guide tried her best, but failed to convince the other party.

“No need, we don’t care about money.”

At that time, the tour guide hated them so much that her teeth became itchy. She inwardly said, ‘You guys don’t care about money? Then why did you just stand there without buying anything when I took you shopping just now?’


In the suit of the number one inn in Wisdom King City, Xia Xiaohe with a cat ear headwear and an interesting expression stood by the window overlooking the brightly lit street below.

“Ah, the world of ants is really interesting. It would be a pity if all of these are destroyed.”

Xuan Mo said, “Since it’s a pity, we should try to persuade your companions to give up the purging…”

“If I could persuade others so easily, how could I go running about so hard? In the past five years, I have spent less than half of my time reading novels and playing games. It’s a hellish-like torture.” Xia Xiaohe said, took out a pocket book from her sleeve and then read it with relish. Her expression soon became gentle, as if she had encountered a panacea for serious injury.

After awhile, Xia Xiaohe said, “And even if I really can persuade them, your fate will still not change. For example, when you see a beautiful butterfly, will you choose to let it fly toward places you can’t see, or will you catch it and make it into a specimen that you can watch at any time?”

Xuan Mo was immediately at a loss for words.

“But this is too cruel for us…”

“Cruel?” Xia Xiaohe closed the book and looked at Xuan Mo in amusement. She said, “Good or bad, you are also a Mahayana Stage cultivator, so you should have realized the surrounding Main Paths for some years now. How could you not even understand this basic thing? The world is cruel and it treats all creatures like dogs, so why should the world make it an exception for humans? Although individually, humans have all kinds of emotion, on the whole, humans are as merciless as the world. When we eat meat, have we ever thought about how cruel it is to animals? When hunting can’t meet the demand of meat, humans simply raise livestock. The only purpose of living animals is to provide meat to human beings. Its feelings, wisdom and freedom are meaningless. And when animals eat plants to survive, who will those plants seek justice from?”

Xuan Mo’s face was getting whiter by the seconds, because this principle was indeed very simple and easy to understand. She was already clear about it when she was very young, but…

Seeing that Xuan Mo had nothing to say, Xia Xiaohe opened the novel again and said, “This is the reality. What human sympathy? Cruelty? They’re all a joke. Ultimately, it’s still these same words, ‘strong enough.’ Human beings are the masters of Nine Regions because they are strong enough to suppress the monsters. And we immortals are stronger than you, so you’d better bow down and think about how many species have been destroyed by human beings in order to stabilize their dominant position from the Desolate Age to now. Didn’t those creatures have their own impassioned elegy? However, they still ended up dead. On the contrary, the pigs and sheeps that are waiting obediently to be slaughtered live longer. This is the so-called a wise man submits to circumstances.”

Bai Ze hoarsely said: “Immortals are also humans, we are the same species…”

“Are you telling a joke? Isn’t the most common saying in the immortal cultivation world is that the path of mortals is different to that of immortals? Since it’s natural for you to separate cultivators from ordinary mortals, it is also natural that we immortals are also separated from you. Moreover, although the origin of immortals is mortal, what about the origin of mortals? Have you guys respected your origin?”

With that, Xia Xiaohe also quickly read the novel in her hand.

“Okay, it’s almost time, get ready to move.”


Late at night, the Wisdom King City was still as brightly lit and bright as day, but the streets were almost empty.

A curfew was imposed in the city. Except for a few privileged classes, others were not allowed to go out after a certain period of time. If there was a violation… The local Golden Armored Men would surely let the violators see the essence of Wisdom King City.

This was not a tourist city, but the birthplace of Wisdom Sect. It was the sacred place of a behemoth that had ten billion believers. Any act that disobeyed the management could be regarded as a provocation to the Wisdom Sect. There was no law of the land here, only sect teachings, and any blasphemer only had a dead end.

But for such a strict curfew, for those who practiced immortal cultivation, if they didn’t sleep for three or five days, why should they care about the price of the local inn? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to wander on the street all night?

However, it was obviously impossible for all people to be restricted by the teachings of the Wisdom King City. There would always be people who tried to challenge the local rules. Most of them die without a burial place. But there were also a few elites whose strength beyond the scope of the management of Wisdom King City. For these few, they could come and go as they please.

Xia Xiaohe and the others obviously belonged to these elite few. One True Immortal and two Earth Immortals, such a strength was enough to let them come and go freely even in the headquarters of Shengjing Sect, let alone in this Wisdom King City.

“Down here.”

Xia Xiaohe stretched out our hand to point at somewhere under her feet, and then her figure flashed into the smooth white stone road, followed by Bai Ze and Xuan Mo. At this time, a team of Golden Armored Men passed them by, but turned a blind eye to this flagrant violation.

“Below this.”

“Another one.”

Xia Xiaohe led them to dive continuously for more than twenty layers in Wisdom King City, but there was no sign of stopping. At this time, they were no longer in the open area of Wisdom King City, but obviously in the forbidden area.

The secret of Wisdom King City was naturally hidden in the forbidden area, but Xia Xiaohe turned a blind eye to it and continued to dive.

“Not yet? I remember it’s been a long time since we passed the sign of the core area of Wisdom King City.” After diving for more than five kilometers, Xuan Mo couldn’t help but ask.

At the beginning, the signs of Wisdom Sect were seen on both sides, but now, it was completely dark. They were only surrounded by rock and soil.

“Not yet?” Xia Xiaohe’s eyes were still locked at a place under her feet. She then chuckled and said, “The city up there is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think the part above the ground is the main body? How naive! This is the legacy of the immortal world! Even if these generations of ants study it for hundreds or thousands of years, it’s still impossible for them to understand its mystery. Watch carefully, next, I will open your eyes wide!”

As soon as her voice fell, the scenery in front of them suddenly changed. It was a pitch black cave deeper than the blue dome of heaven and even the starry skies.

Xia Xiaohe showed a trace of excitement. However, Xuan Mo and Bai Ze were in a sluggish state.

As Earth Immortals, they had already seen a number of secrets. This cave was not something that belonged to Nine Regions, nor was it connected to any part of Nine Regions, or even any known space. This was possibly… A piece of innate treasure that existed in the creation period!

Only an innate treasure could possess an atmosphere that did not belong to Nine Regions, and the value of this innate treasure could no longer be measured by any standard.

“The Gate of All Realms. Even in the immortal world, it is still one of the most valuable treasures. Although it is only a fragment, it could still perform it’s basic role. When Xia Xiaohe saw the cave, she was in a good mood and was even interested in explaining the origin of this treasure for Bai Ze and Xuan Mo. “The history of this treasure is longer than that of the Nine Regions, Immortal World, Demon World and any known world. It connects endless unknown space and can produce endless possibilities. Now, although it is damaged, most of its functions are lost, and it is reduced to being a cash cow for ants. It can at least do one thing…”

Before her voice fell, an excited voice came in.

“Do you want to use it to forcibly open the channel between the two realms to welcome the coming of the Fallen Immortals?”

Hearing this voice, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo’s complexion changed dramatically. Their whole body shook and their immortal hearts trembled! For the past five years, this voice has been haunting them like a nightmare.

“Wang-Wang Lu…”

However, at this time, Xia Xiaohe’s smile became even more brilliant.

“Wang Lu, you really are waiting here!”

In front of the black hole, Wang Lu’s figure appeared. His face was also full of smiles, which was in harmony with Xia Xiaohe.

“You guys were running around the world, making it difficult to look for you. Without any better option, I have to wait for you guys here. Fortunately, you guys didn’t disappoint me.”

Xia Xiaohe smiled and said, “I knew that the effect of The Gate of All Realms may be unknown to others, but for you, you must know the inside story. It is said that the fragment of The Gate of All Realms came to Nine Regions with the comet more than sixty years ago. And on that day, you just happened to be born here… Considering all the feats that you have made over the past few decades, it’s hard to imagine that you are a talent bred by the Nine Regions. So, where did you come from? I am really Curious.”

Hearing this, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were so shocked that their mouths were opened wide, and their immortal hearts were shaking.

Wang Lu was not a native inhabitant of Nine Regions, but a mysterious figure from another? The-the significance of this was too great…

At the same time, as the concerned party, Wang Lu just shrugged.

“I came from the stars… Why? Are you in love with me?”