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Chapter 782: All Who Elope Will Die

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

In the dark, a strongly suppressed moan grew loud, which was particularly striking in the quiet surrounding.


It was hard to tell whether it was a lazy or angry muffled hum, but there was another rustling sound of friction between clothes. After a while, a young girl’s voice rang out.

“Well, how high is the synchronization rate now?”

“Fifty one percent.”

“Too slow.”

“Then next time change your position.

“Don’t talk about such useless nonsense now.” After a pause, the girl groaned with dissatisfaction when she saw that the other party did not respond.

“Fine. Fine. Next time, I will try my best to renovate the pattern and wait for your arrival in a new posture. It will surely satisfy you.”

“Hump.” The girl left another hum and then drifted away.

Then, Wang Lu’s laughter rang out in the dark.

“This person is getting more and more duplicitous. Obviously, her body is eager for it, why does she act as if she is trying to save the world? Moreover, in the past ten years, it seems that we have tried all posture imaginable, and we even dabbled in some perverted games. Unfortunately, it’s useless, so what if the pattern is changed again?”

Improving the synchronization rate through the most intimate interaction was actually a crooked way. At that time, Senior Gem Emperor and Sun Buping were not in a sexual relationship. The two were more of a revolutionary friendship. They fought bravely against the Fallen Immortals all their lives. That was basically the main theme of Sun Buping’s life. If one wanted to improve the synchronization rate, one should start from this aspect. What was the use of playing so many tricks with Senior Gem Emperor? Sun Buping himself might not have played with this much variety…

In the past ten years, the improvement of synchronization rate had actually depended on Wang Lu’s own efforts. The practical significance of double cultivation had not been obvious, but Wang Lu had not made it clear. Because with her IQ, it was impossible for Senior Gem Emperor not to have thought of all this. And as she didn’t say it, naturally there was no reason for Wang Lu to say it first. He just let this problem become a hidden rule between them. At least for Wang Lu himself, it was not a loss.

“But It is also an indisputable fact that the synchronization rate meets a bottleneck. The fifty percent synchronization rate is at most comparable to a small boss like Canglan. When I meet the real big boss, I have to kneel down and surrender. Unfortunately, there is still no way to break through the bottleneck, so for now, I can only win by quantity. Well, I have spent enough time with this Loli Emperor, I think it’s time I see how my old friends are doing…”

As soon as the voice fell, the darkness was dispelled by the light. A spacious and bright boxy room was soon revealed. In the middle of the room was a gorgeous throne, which was the control throne of the giant Divine Weapon. Wang Lu sat there in silence with naked upper body. His face was no longer as ‘underripe’ and ‘juvenile’ as before, but was slightly infected with a trace of vicissitudes of life.

It was hard to imagine the enormous pressure brought in by the position that he sat in without sitting in it in person. In a short period of around ten years, he became the number one person in Nine Regions. The speed of progress was envied by many people, but for the concerned party, this was not a joyous thing. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. In the future battlefield against the Fallen Immortal, he was duty bound to charge at the front without hesitation. Now during the preparation for that war, his work was extremely heavy. Although Hai Yunfan and a whole team of secretaries assisted him, there were still many tasks that had to be handled personally by him. And this, despite Wang Lu’s extraordinary energy, he was barely able to keep up with it.

As he quietly ran the immortal heart on the throne, Wang Lu gathered the power of clear immortal spirit from all directions which swam around his whole body. The weariness in his body was soon swept out and his face quickly became radiant as well.

At the next moment, he completely converged the huge control room and the several kilometers high giant Divine Weapon into his body. Then he stepped out, crossed thousands of rivers and mountains, and came to the desolate land of Blue River Regions, where the black tide once raged.

In the present day desolate land, the black tide no longer existed. After ten years of serious development by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, this once unknown and mysterious land had now become like a ripe fruit ready to be picked. However, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had listed this desolate land as a forbidden area. No one was allowed to enter without permission under penalty of execution, even the Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall. Wang Lu himself was the only one who could freely enter and leave here.

Wang Lu set his foot on a high mountain, but very quickly he felt a quake and tremor from the mountain. The straight upward sword-like mountain sunk and twisted inward, and then broke from the middle. The upper part of the mountain, with hundreds of feet in height slid down obliquely. The upper part rubbed the lower part as the former slid down, which shook the ground.

At the area where the mountain broke, a giant with a height of three hundred meters was lying in a gravel pit, struggling several times without being able to get up. Not far from it, another giant with the same size floated in the air, laughing with its hands on its hip.

“Zhan Ziye, you lose again! Now our score is five-three, with me in the lead!”

The giant in the pit snorted and said, “Zhao Mumu, do you even have a face? Before I break through the bottleneck, no matter how many times I lose, do you think that’s meaningful?”

The giant in mid air shrank into a beautiful girl with a big smile on her face. It was Zhou Mumu, the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect.

“Hah, Zhan Ziye, the one who doesn’t have a face is you! You always boast that your academic achievements and intelligence are far above that of the others and treat other people as idiots. But how come you failed to break through the seventy percent synchronization rate? Is it that this tiny giant Divine Weapon is already unable to contain your genius?”

“I-I’m just being cautious!” Zhan Ziye angrily explained, “Only savages like you will blindly pursue synchronization rate. Do you know how to resist change and balance the system feedback? Do you even understand sustainable development?”

Zhou Mumu chuckled a few times and said, “I don’t understand, so I will ask you for advice at this time tomorrow. I hope you can use your so-called change resistance and so on to fight me head-on. Oh, and don’t lose again.”

“You’re so unreasonable, a rotten wood that can’t be carved!”

While the two were arguing violently, Wang Lu floated down from the air and said with a smile, “Yo, the young married couple quarrel again?”

“Damn it, Wang Lu, are you blind, or do you still need to learn language again? We are just two people, not a young married couple!”

Wang Lu did not pay attention to Zhou Mumu, but asked, “Where is Liu Li?”

“Tsk, that’s the standard words spouted out by a couple. After not having seen your old friend for a long time, you went straight for the topic that interested you without saying more greetings? This is the standard forgetting friends when in love.” Zhou Mumu said, and stretched out her hand to point to a direction, “She’s over there, fighting against Qiong Hua. If you go now, you should have time to comfort her.”

When Wang Lu found Liu Li, he saw that she really needed to be comforted.

In the red sea of fire, Liu Li was piloting her one kilometer high giant Divine Weapon to stand, which looked awe-inspiring. However, she was cornered by a red colored long sword and couldn’t move at all.

“Junior Sister Liu Li, admit defeat.”

Qiong Hua’s voice sounded in the sea of fire, which made it impossible to locate her position. The palm of Liu Li’s giant Divine Weapon was still shining with a sharp sword energy. But she could not release it because she could not find the target.

After a long time, Liu Li said quite frustratingly, “Okay-okay, I admit defeat.”

The next moment, the sea of fire disappeared instantaneously. A scarlet mountain engulfed everything, which then turned into a gorgeous girl in red, the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, Qiong Hua.

“Sorry, Junior Sister Liu Li, your Brilliant Sword Heart is so dazzling that I dare not fight you head-on. So I have to do something to disturb you with the immortal fire… Having an unfair advantage in a contest, I’m really ashamed.”

Liu Li accepted Qiong Hua’s comforting words, but before she nodded, Wang Lu came and sighed.

“Qiong Hua, do you really mean it? How can you bear to use schemes against such a simple and honest girl? A win is a win, yet you still want to let her admit it…”

Qiong Hua was a bit stunned, but she still gave out her perfect smile as she said, “We meet again, Senior Brother Wang Lu.”

On the other hand, Liu Li’s way of expressing her feelings was more direct. In two steps, she rushed over and stretched out her arms for a hug. “Senior Brother!”

Wang Lu picked Liu Li up by the waist and then put her down on the ground after swinging her around for half a circle. Then he patted her head and said, “You did good. In front of the great demon king Qiong Hua, you still showed an extremely strong fighting spirit, indeed worthy to be a brilliant disciple of my great Spirit Sword Sect. When I have the time, I will help you adjust your giant Divine Weapon and add in the function to restrain Qiong Hua, which you then can find and fight her.”


From the side, Qiong Hua let out a helpless smile and said, “Senior Brother Wang Lu, are you here for routine inspection?”

Wang Lu thought for a while. Although he hasn’t had much affection for Qiong Hua, in a sense, she was the only one among his peers who could keep up with him. So, he might be clear with her about some words.

“In short, my progress is not going well, so I have to shift the pressure and come to look for you for trouble.” Wang Lu went straight to the point, “Is it possible to speed up the progress a little bit? For example, to reach ninety percent or more in one month.”

Qiong Hua was immediately shocked and said, “Senior Brother Wang Lu, I was just joking with Junior Sister Liu Li, you wouldn’t force me to die because of this would you?”

“Sure enough, you can’t do it…” Wang Lu shrugged and said, “Then do your best. In short, just remember, the harder you work, the higher our chance of winning in the future. There’s no future if we all just count on me alone.”

“What happened?”

“Wang Lu pondered and said, “At present, there’s no definite event. But, my intuition has begun to warn me…”

As soon as the words fell, Wang Lu’s heart leaped. Immediately he looked up and saw a purple air fall from the sky.

“Wang Lu, we might have some trouble.” Senior Gem Emperor went right to the point. Although her expression was calm and collected, but… Since her clothes had not been neatly tidied up yet, there were still some traces of the special training just now.

“We have lost contact with Xuan Mo.”

“Xuan Mo?” Wang Lu was also surprised. Since the end of the Grand Competition, the Earth Immortals had accepted very strict management, and the loss of contact was very rare. He said, “How long has it been?”

“I just received the alert. But this is Xuan Mo, she would never do such a thing, unless…”

“Tsk…” Wang Lu frowned and said, “She finally couldn’t bear to stay single and ran away with someone?”