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Chapter 781: A Mountain of Paperwork and a Sea of Meetings is the Death of a Man

“Submit… To you?”

Xuan Mo shook her head somewhat incredulously. She had long felt that Xia Xiaohe’s brain was abnormal. And now she was more and more convinced of her judgment.

This young girl looked pure and pleasant, perhaps she was like their previous boss who was accidentally hit on the head when he went to the lower realm. Although there were many kinds of Fallen Immortal, no one would be as out of mind and unique as Xia Xiaohe was. In Nine Regions, perhaps only that pair of Master and disciple could compete with her.

On the other hand, Bai Ze looked calm. He stared at Xia Xiaohe seriously, waiting for further explanation.

“What’s with your expression? Do you think I’m a retard? How rude!” Xia Xiaohe looked offended and puzzled. She said, “I’m seriously pointing out a clear way for you. You treat me as if I’m an idiot!”

Bai Ze rubbed his temple painfully, trying to relieve his headache. This was a habit that he developed while he was still an ordinary mortal. It had been corrected for a long time after he entered the immortal cultivation world. But, now he couldn’t help but pick it up again.

“If you don’t mind, please explain it to us in detail.”

“Since your perception is that low then… Fine.” Xia Xiaohe was a bit unhappy and said, “First of all, let’s be clear about one thing. You guys can’t win this. No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t change the strength difference between the two sides. For example, we can easily find ten to twenty people like Canglan. Not to mention that there are many people whose levels are above Canglan. Once the passage between the two worlds is opened, you guys will definitely lose.”

Xuan Mo opened her mouth to refute, but her words were choked back to her throat by Xia Xiaohe as she said ,”Respect each other’s IQ ok? Facing the power of the upper realm, you guys simply don’t have any chance. In those years, only a significant part of the upper realm force that was used to suppress you guys. But when the channel between the two worlds is opened, the upper realm would send out the main force.”

Bai Ze asked, “Then if we surrender to you, we can be safe and sound?”

“Yes, isn’t that very simple, very advantageous, and very tempting?”

Bai Ze ignored Xia Xiaohe’s words and pointed at the core of the problem, “How can you protect us? According to your opinion, there are many people in the upper realm who are in favor of the great purge plan of the Nine Regions. There are only very few people like you, or perhaps even only you. How can you be against the trend?”

“It’s very easy, because it’s the rule. As long as you guys surrender to me, you’ll be my private property. Random infringement of my private property is equivalent to infringement on me. Immortals must not arbitrarily fight each other, this is the iron rule of the immortal world for hundreds of millions of years. With this, I’m sure I can keep you safe.”

“How can there be such a good thing in this world! Do you think we’re idiots?”

“You haven’t gone to the Immortal World, so how do you know there’s no such good thing?” Xia Xiaohe gave him a look, and then explained, “The main purpose of the upper realm is the Nine Regions, while you, the creatures of the Nine Regions, are only accessories. There are a few people who are good at refining immortal treasure from living blood and flesh, and they are interested in you guys. But most of the other people think that you guys are just mosquitoes hanging around the treasure; they can clean you up, but they might not have to kill you all. If someone is willing to step forward and take over you, of course no one will deliberately make things difficult.”

“So, the immortals from the upper realm want us to leave Nine Regions? However, hundreds of millions creatures in Nine Regions have lived here since the creation of the world. Where else can we go? Western Continent?”

Xia Xiaohe shook her head and said, “Western Continent is not a paradise either. They are facing the same situation as Nine Regions. Don’t worry, since I want you to surrender to me, I will naturally arrange a home for you. I have a pocket universe in the immortal world that has always been empty, which can be used to accommodate you.”

“A pocket universe? An Immortal cave?” Bai Ze asked in disbelief, “What kind of cave can hold all the creatures in Nine Regions? What’s more, you guys have such a big world, why would you insist on Nine Regions?”

“It can’t accommodate all the creatures of Nine Regions.” Xia Xiaohe lightly said, “It can only accommodate hundreds of thousands of people at most.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people? Are you kidding me? Do you know how many creatures there are in Nine Regions?”

Xia Xiaohe said, “What’s the point? Most of the creatures in Nine Regions are not human, while most of the humans are just ordinary mortals. The number of cultivators is about one in ten thousand to one in a thousand. At the same time, most of the cultivators are just a pile of trash, which either consist of heresies like artificial spirit root or wastes like mixed spirit root. Only tens of thousands of people who are really useful. In light of this, I basically leave you with ten times the space needed.”

“… Your ideas are hard to agree with.”

Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “Hard to agree with? Then what do you want? My space is so large that it can be filled with hundreds of thousands of people! But do you want to choose a group of mediocre and stupid people instead of selecting the best of immortal cultivation talents? Or you just want to pick a bunch of pigs and dogs? Do you think it’s appropriate? Kicking your friends and Nine Regions’ most talented people into the abyss and let a group of beasts survive? That seems to be more cruel than the great purge!”


“Or do you still hope that Nine Regions can overcome the difficulties without suffering damages? Don’t be so naive okay? Even if you think with your knees, you know that’s impossible. Disaster is coming no matter what. All you can do is to minimize the loss… Good or bad, in those years, you guys also have experienced major events, so you ought to think clearly about this point.”

Bai Ze and Xuan Mo certainly thought clearly. Theoretically speaking, Xia Xiaohe’s words were not wrong. However, to accept it just like that was really not easy.

After a long time, Xuan Mo whispered, “Even if only a few hundred thousand people are saved, it is better than the whole army being annihilated. But what happens when these hundreds of thousands of people enter your pocket universe? What’s in your pocket universe?”

“There’s nothing.” Xia Xiaohe shrugged and said, “It’s just a piece of desolate and uninhabited barren land. There’s no surrounding spiritual energy, nor the fragrance of flowers and chirping of birds. You guys need to build everything from scratch.”

“There’s no surrounding spiritual energy?”

“That’s why I said to let those cultivators who can’t generate their own magical power die. I also hope a group of cultivators like you guys can help me improve the environment of the place. For those of you who are close to ascension, you guys don’t need to rely on the nourishment of the surrounding spiritual energy. Instead, you can use manpower to create spiritual energy veins. At that time, when you build it yourself, I will not interfere.”

Xuan Mo was silent.

Bai Ze, however, raised a more acute question, “Can those who surrender to you still retain their freedom?”

“It depends on how you define freedom. In my pocket universe, I don’t care whatever you guys want to do. But otherwise, don’t think too much, just leave there with a peace of mind.”

“Then… Isn’t that like a bird in a cage?”

“Otherwise, do you still expect to fly freely? What kind of surrender is that? Even if I can accept it, those other immortals who want to refine you guys into immortal treasures won’t. You can only save yourself because you have become my possession, so don’t neglect the root and pursue the tip.”

Bai Ze could not help but laugh and said, “So to sum up, we are going to sacrifice Nine Regions and almost all of the living creatures. Then the remaining people will give up their freedom and become your pet in a cage? Don’t you think this is a joke?”

Xia Xiaohe seriously said, “Then another possibility is that you will lose the land and the lives of all people. All the freedom and liberties will go up in a smoker. From then on, there will be no trace of your existence… Which one would you prefer? Which one is better?”

Bai Ze was silent while Xuan Mo looked at Bai Ze. Her feeling was complicated and could not be uttered. After thinking about it for a long time, she decided to follow Bai Ze’s judgment.

She decided to trust Bai Ze. Was it to rationally choose a way to survive, or to go to the end vigorously?

At this time, Xia Xiaohe said, “To be honest, if I hadn’t had a wonderful time in Nine Regions in the past decade, I wouldn’t have bothered to give you this opportunity. Although the pocket universe is small and barren, it’s still my treasure after all. Why should it be used for you? Moreover, I can only say these words to you two, because I think you two can still have rational communication. If it’s someone like Wang Lu, I won’t tell him even a word of nonsense.”

Bai Ze sighed in his heart.

If it was Wang Lu, he would never have talked so much with Xia Xiaohe. From the first moment he met her, he would immediately fight her to the death. He was that bold and unrestrained leader. In contrast, Bai Ze had suffered a lot of setbacks from the time of the Grand Competition, and had been used to humiliation and compromise.

Xia Xiaohe did find the right person.

After no one knew how long, Xia Xiaohe was somewhat bored. She said, “Hey, have you thought about it? Don’t tell me that this is a delaying time tactic, the immortal technique that I laid out won’t give you a chance…” At the same time, she quickly dug out a novel and began to read it, which clearly showed that she was not worried at all.

And this attitude made the balance in Bai Ze’s heart tilt to one side.


“Is there another situation in Mount Qi? That place keeps giving out troubles. Everyday, it’s either a dispute over a territory, or a rescue mission for those stupid donkeys…”

Hai Yunfan looked at the report presented by his secretary and complained impatiently.

Several secretaries and cultivators that stood below him trembled with fear, and no one dared to answer him even for half a word.

As one of the most powerful cultivators in Nine Regions, Hai Yunfan’s aura was so fierce.

At present, his main job was to assist Wang Lu in dealing with the miscellaneous work with insufficient weight. Considering Wang Lu’s current status and the highly centralized power of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the documents that needed to be reviewed by Wang Lu could pile up like mountains every day. Wang Lu himself had recently shifted his focus toward the giant Divine Weapon, so more work had to be transferred to Hai Yunfan.

Even though Hai Yunfan’s cultivation had been helped by Wang Lu in the past ten years, from reaching Peak Jindan stage and having extraordinarily strong primordial spirit. But dealing with thousands of documents a day still made him tired. In particular, most of these documents were just empty words and nonsense. Almost one-third of them were useless reports on learning important speeches and carrying out the spirit of a certain conference submitted by various schools and sects. Nine-tenth of the words in the whole article were meaningless, which made people reading it could not help but be angry.

Now the report on the situation in Mount Qi area also made him feel very impatient. The leader of Mount Qi School must have a mental illness, even if it was just a bit of disturbance, that person had to make a report about it. Now, that person even said that there seemed to be a change in the surrounding spiritual energy in the mountain and suggested further observation… None of the surrounding spiritual energy in the thousand-mile radius area from any spiritual mountain was not abnormal! Couldn’t that person write something useful!

After he thought of this, Hai Yunfan shook his head, directly picked up his brush, wrote ‘inspected’ word on it, and then motioned the people under him to file it and no longer circulated it to a higher level.