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Chapter 776: Don’t Force Me To Become A Calligrapher

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“The Red Sea Workshop’s new testing machine Zaku has achieved comprehensive success… Very-very good!”

On the Stellar Peak, Daoist Master Feng Yin whose face filled with tiredness suddenly raised his spirit and praised several times. The tiredness was immediately swept away.

It was not so easy for people who continuously and intensively dealt with official duties to find an eye-catching one in a pile of documents. In recent years, Feng Yin had taken over more and more arduous work. The Kunlun Lenses on the bridge of his nose had been changed over and over again. Each time, it became thicker and heavier than before. However, most of the official reports only made him feel worse as the good news was very limited.

In the past ten years, the people only felt that the world was peaceful and everything was thriving, but they could not see the crisis hidden behind the flourishing age… If there was no great crisis ahead, where did the peaceful prosperous world of Immortal Cultivation World come from then? Even the righteous way and the evil way who held deep enmity with each other had put aside their contradictions and cooperated hand in hand. If there was no special reason, how could it even be possible?

The crisis of the Fallen Immortal had not been alleviated by the victory ten years ago. On the contrary, it was precisely because the victory against Canglan came too fast that it inadvertently alerted the enemy. No matter how slow those Fallen Immortals in the upper realm were, the defeat of their strong general certainly made them realize that the current Nine Regions was not just some fish on the chopping block. Once the Fallen Immortals became serious, where would there be hope to win for the Nine Regions?

In the past ten years, all that had been done by the Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals in the Tombs of Immortal was to strive for more chances of winning and more hope. It was a pity that ten years later, the dark clouds overhead were still there. Fortunately, the good news from the bottom of the Red Sea became a glimmer of light.

“All the first 12 sets of Zaku have been assigned to their positions. The pilots will accomplish unity within three months and synchronization rate is expected to reach twenty percent, which has the combat effectiveness of that Deity Stage…”

Looking at the report from the Red Sea Workshops in detail, Feng Yin couldn’t help but push his glasses up–Of course, this pair of thick Kunlun lenses were not used to alleviate myopia, but to enable Feng Yin to activate the Stellar Divine Eyes with less energy consumption, so as to gain insight into the accurate future from countless causal lines.

“In three months, there will be twelve more Deities… This new test machine is indeed amazing.”

According to the standard of the Fallen Immortals, Deity Stage cultivators could only play the role of cannon fodder at best. However, considering that this was only the result of rapid completion in three months and synchronization rate of twenty percent, one could not help but look forward to the scenario where the pilot fully displayed its one hundred percent capability.

“According to the theoretical calculation, the time for the pilot to reach the optimum synchronization rate is between five and seven years. By then, the synchronization rate can reach more than seventy percent, and the pilot will have the combat power of that of Unity Stage. A few pilots could have the special quality of high compatibility with the machine, which could allow them to reach ninety percent synchronization rate, and have the combat power of that of Mahayana Stage.”

When Feng Yin saw this, his eyes flickered again.

As a degraded version of the prototype, the performance limit of this batch of test machines was not very strong. Even if the pilot reached the theoretical limit of one hundred percent synchronization rate, it could only exert the combat power of that of Peak Mahayana Stage. This was about the same as those of the outstanding ones within the Earth Immortals, such as Baize and Black, which were inferior to Senior Gem Emperor, much less if compared to that of a True Immortal. However, the advantage was that it was easier to increase the synchronization rate. In five to seven years, the synchronization rate would be more than fifty percent. In comparison, Wang Lu as the pilot of the prototype, had only achieved fifty percent synchronization rate in thirteen years even with his amazing and outstanding talents.

“According to the most optimistic estimate, in five to seven years, there would be twelve more Supremes in Nine Regions… Although the number is not large, to reach the level of Supreme in just a few years from Jindan and Yuanying Stage, it really can’t expect more. It’s just that…”

“According to the analysis of the feedback data of the pilot Liu Li this time, it can be concluded that the original hypothesis is true. That is, the pilot who takes charge of Zaku must meet the following conditions: First, the pilot’s cultivation must be between Jindan and Yuanying; the pilot must possess optimum cultivation base plasticity. Second, the pilot must have Heaven Spirit Root and excellent qualifications. In this way, the pilot can complete the matching with Zaku in a short time and improve synchronization rate. Third is the pilot must have a deep foundation and at least 8+ or higher challenge rank.”

When he read to this point, Feng Yin couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The first of the three conditions put forward by Wang Lu was not difficult. In view of the vastness of Nine Regions, there were countless Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators. However Heaven Spirit Root was too rare such that it was not an exaggeration to describe them to be less than one in ten thousand. Only a few of the best Sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were able to actively produce disciples with Heaven Spirit Root. If it were the middle to low rank sects, they considered the cultivator with Earth Spirit Root as treasures. As a matter of fact, after the end of the last chaotic age, even natural spirit roots were rare in the Immortal Cultivation World. Otherwise, the artificial spirit roots from Shengjing Sect would not have been popular. As for the third point, it was even more difficult. The 8+ challenge rank mentioned by Wang Lu basically narrowed the selection range by more than half. Nine Regions was so big that Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators with Heaven Spirit Root could be found no matter how rare that was. However, the 8+ challenge rank meant that it was close to an entire Stage. The 8+ challenge rank people who had just entered Jindan Stage could beat the crap out of high level ordinary Jindan. This kind of fierce person was basically on the level of lead disciple of a high rank sect; Although there were many sects in Nine Regions, there were only a few of them. However, the lead disciples of those sects were not necessarily at Jindan or Yuanying Stage…

“One hundred people.” Daoist Master Feng Yin pondered for a while and combined it with his current situation with the Stellar Divine Eyes, he quickly made a judgment, “If we launch all the forces in Nine Regions, we should be able to gather one hundred qualified people. A hundred Supremes and the Earth Immortals are a powerful help that could not be ignored. The only question is whether the production of the Red Sea Workshops can keep up or not.”

In order to manufacture this batch of twelve sets of Zaku, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had spent a lot of resources. What was more important was the firecore of Zaku, which was separated from the prototype by Wang Lu and only he could produce it.

According to Wang Lu, this kind of separation was more similar to replication and would not damage the origin. However, the process was very complex, very exhausting, and the result was not stable. The types of fire produced were highly random, some of which were very effective but some were simple waste. The firecore for these twelve sets of Zaku were powerful types that took Wang Lu five years to accumulate. The problem was Wang Lu could not possibly spend all his time separating the firecore, so the production limit was very serious.

However, just as he thought about it, Feng Yin saw that, in the report, Wang Lu wrote: “As the core component of the giant Divine Weapon, the quality of the firecore was very important. In the next step, I will try my best to improve the quality of the firecore…”

Wang Lu only roughly wrote this part, but Daoist Master Feng Yin could see from the short text that Wang Lu was afraid to make a big move in the next step. The three words ‘try my best’ were not written casually.

After he pondered about it for a long time, Daoist Master Feng Yin commented on the report: “This work is very well done. I hope the next step can be carried forward in an orderly manner to ensure the effectiveness.”

After commenting on the report, Feng Yin sighed, took off his glasses and decided to take a rest. However, at this moment, a golden flying sword carrying a thin document flew over.

“Asking for instruction regarding the suspension of Netherworld Mountain Memorial Hall? Written by Wang Lu?”


After a long dark night, with no trace of light, a glimmer of dawn finally appeared.

The instinctive yearning for the light made the prisoner in the dark subconsciously approach it. However, behind the light was the figure that was unforgettable and filled him with hatred.

“Long time no see, senior Canglan.”


“Calm down, we’re both people here. Yelling like a baboon now will not help you improve your situation. Or is it that you are in heat again and I need to write a few more straight characters on you?”

As soon as the voice fell, the volcano in the dark went out and Canglan stopped roaring. Instead, he coldly said, “What are you doing here?”

“I want to ask you something.”

“Do you think I will answer?”

“Then I’m here just to write characters.”

“… What do you want to know?”

Wang Lu asked, “What’s going on in the Immortal World?”

Canglan looked at Wang Lu but did not answer the question.

Wang Lu asked, “Why? You can’t answer it? Can’t disclose information due to the restrain? That’s not surprising. But, I’m just curious. Is Nine Regions really worth that much attention from you guys? It’s basically just a novice village. In terms of the surrounding spiritual energy, it could not be compared with the immortal spirit in the Immortal World even prior to the last Age of Chaos. Now it’s basically just a wilderness. In terms of vast territories and abundant resources, it is said that the Immortal World is so vast that Nine Regions is just like a drop in the ocean. In terms of quality of talents, even if all the people in this world are put together, we might not be able to beat one Daluo Jinxian (God in Daoism)–I don’t understand the power ranking over there, so let’s just call the highest rank is Golden Immortal (Jinxian in Daluo Jinxian means Golden Immortal). So, what are you doing here? To refine this world and turn it into a magical weapon? Collect all the souls in Nine Regions to refine a magical treasure? But, previously I saw that you had destroyed the demon world and there was no follow-up action, so I really can’t figure it out.”

After a series of questions, Canglan remained silent.

Wang Lu said with a smile, “After so many questions, there’s no one that you can answer? It seems that the discipline in your organization over there is quite strong, so let’s talk about something easy. What do you think about my current strength?”

Canglan gave out a sardonic grin but didn’t say any word.

“It doesn’t look good? But it doesn’t look bad either, at least it’s worth your attention… So, what if I say that I can now become ten times stronger?”

Canglan was silent for a moment but then said, “It’s meaningless.”

“Yes, a mere ten times can’t reach absolute domination. However, it sounds like as long as I’m ten times as strong, at least I’ll be able to fight alone, don’t you think?”

Canglan shook his head and said, “It’s meaningless.”

Wang Lu, however, ignored it and just focused on his response and tone. He speculated to himself, “Under the ideal condition with one hundred percent synchronization rate, my combat effectiveness could be about two or three times that of you. I can exert absolute domination and even kill you in seconds. But my strength is still on the same level. If this level can be on the table… It seems that your group, the Fallen Immortals, is just one or two levels ahead of us, which is not as strong as imagined. Is it because in the Immortal World, you guys, the Fallen Immortal, are also a failing group?”

At the mention of this issue, Canglan resumed his silence, but his manner changed slightly.

Wang Lu asked again, “There is also another thing that I feel very strange about. You guys, a bunch of worthless scum, can do whatever you want in the lower realm, but why does no one in the upper realm care? Big shots like Daluo Jinxian, Supreme Immortal, and so on? In the Nine Regions we have the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, in the Western Continent they have Holy Light, is there no imperial court or something that holds power in the Immortal World?”

Canglan remained silent.

“Tsk, not saying anything, huh? Everything has to be relied on by my subjective guesses. Since that’s the case, very well. Originally I intended to liberate you from this memorial hall, but now it looks like there’s no need to. You can continue to meditate here for others to write characters on. See you again in ten thousand years.