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Chapter 775: Old Chauffeur

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

In Spirit Creek Town at the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain, the previously shabby Ru Family Inn was now a bustling place full of guests. The small wooden building had been demolished and a ten storied high rise building had been built to replace it and usually, every floor was overcrowded. The innkeeper was no longer alone as wonderful chefs from all over the Nine Regions were busy here, serving a variety of delicious food.

At this time, in the lobby of the first floor of the inn, several cultivators in different Daoist robes were talking and laughing while drinking fine wine. One of them was a young man who looked twenty-five or twenty-six years old dressed in a blue and white robe.

“Hahaha, you said I was bragging? Then you don’t know me very well. Perhaps, I, Wang Zhong, have nothing outstanding in my cultivation, but I am loyal and honest, which is publicly known by everyone. The words ‘my loyal Wang Zhong’ are precisely given to me by my young master in those years.”

The person on the same table as him immediately laughed and clapped at the table, “Hahaha, what you said is exactly the same as Te Mo. What kind of person was Daoist Master Wang Lu that he wanted to live with you in those years and called you by those words? You’ve been dreaming too much!”

“Shit! You don’t believe me? Then open your dog’s eyes and see what this is!”

Wang Zhong was indignant and took out a piece of drawing paper from his mustard seed bag. In the picture was a row of youngsters with different appearances.

“Look, this is the group portrait painting that Elder Hua Yun made for us after the Immortal Gathering. See this person? That’s me! Next to me is my young master, who is now the famous Daoist Master Wang Lu! If we were not close, could we stand together?”

Several of his companions came over to take a closer look and sure enough, they saw a young boy who was fifty to sixty percent similar to the current Wang Zhong standing beside Wang Lu. It was just that…

“But how come from his expression it seems like Daoist Master Wang Lu was avoiding you? Were you two really in a master and servant relationship back then?”

Wang Zhong anxiously said, “Could there be any fake? Look at this!”

Then he took out another piece of drawing paper and said, “This is the entire family picture that the master asked the painter to draw when we were in the Wang Family Village. See this? This is me, the one standing next to Daoist Master Wang Lu.”

After careful identification, they finally found some trace of Wang Zhong in the dull looking child and reluctantly admitted what Wang Zhong said.

“Unexpectedly, the now number one expert in Nine Regions was very down to earth in his youth. Previously, I heard people say that Daoist Master Wang Lu is a destiny child blessed by heaven and earth, fated to live extraordinary life. It seems that it’s just a forced interpretation by the people.”

Wang Zhong pouted his mouth while inwardly said you haven’t seen him quarreled with the landlord in the wilderness of Wang Family Village… But now, it was not easy for him to tell that story out loud. Better to just laugh along and stay silent.

“But, Wang Zhong, since you were so close to Daoist Master Wang Lu in those days, why are you so miserable now?”

At that time, Wang Zhong felt that his posterior had been bitten at the crack. He inwardly said: These grandsons came all the way to Blue River Region for the autumn wind. They eat my food and drink my wine, but when I brag about some awesome thing, they actually poke where it hurts! It seems that it’s necessary to shun one or two people so as to make an example!

But, when asked about it, he couldn’t avoid it. So Wang Zhong sighed and said, “How can a common person like me keep up with Daoist Master Wang Lu’s footsteps? And since I can’t keep up with him, I don’t want to drag him. For me, I’m extremely lucky to have a friendship with Daoist Master Wang Lu. But for Daoist Master Wang Lu, I am a complete burden. Although he had always cared for me, he ought to have been self conscious about it. So I gradually broke ties with him, so as not to drag him down.”

His several companions on the same table immediately paid him unlimited respect and persuaded him to drink. Wang Zhong drank with a bitter smile, and began to boast again. After a while, they had finished three rounds of wine and five types of meals, and had turned dizzy because of the immortal wine. Wang Zhong then spiritedly said, “As a matter of fact, it’s really hard to be friends with Daoist Master Wang Lu. Anyone who goes too close to a person as dazzling as him would go blind. Not to mention a mediocre character like me, look at the other successor disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, aren’t they the same? For example Senior Sister Liu Li, isn’t she a marvellous genius? You’ve all heard of the power of her Brilliant Sword Light, right? But what’s the result now? Isn’t she also being left far behind by Daoist Master Wang Lu? By the way, Old Chen, isn’t the situation with Fairy Qiong Hua in Shengjing the same? To think that in those days she was the first among her peers as well as the leader of the lead disciples? What happens now?”

The cultivator called Old Chen gave a wry smile and said, “Now? Now even our boss Supreme Hetu couldn’t keep up with Daoist Master Wang Lu’s brilliance. How could Senior Sister Qiong Hua be more powerful? Daoist Master Wang Lu is too f*cking ridiculous. He just went to the bottom of the Immortal Tombs once and immediately turned into the number one person in Nine Regions. This makes it hard for us, who painstakingly cultivate, to endure…”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about these sour words, even if the giant Divine Weapon is handed over to you, can you pilot it?” A cultivator next to him shook his head and said, “I heard Master and Uncles talked about it, they said that apart from Wang Lu, no third person in the world could pilot that giant Divine Weapon. Moreover, the leader of the Earth Immortals only recognizes Wang Lu, which is not luck, but instead, based entirely on his ability… However, you are right, it’s hard to be friends with such people. By the way, just now you mentioned Daoist Master Liu Li, I heard that she used to have a special relationship with Daoist Master Wang Lu. Is it true or false?”

When Wang Zhong heard this question, he was stunned and inwardly said: You ask me, then whom do I ask from? I’m just an ordinary inner court disciple, can I even have a talk with those high above successor disciples? Do people come to me to tell their emotional problems? And even if Liu Li really wants to talk to me, how could I dare to listen? People who know too much do not end well!

However, thinking about the boasting that he had just said at the table, Wang Zhong couldn’t just say he didn’t know. Thus, he coughed and said, “They were really close in those days, but now… Daoist Master Wang Lu is too far above now so they can’t help but drift apart. The so-called immortal and mortal have different paths actually can be applied to cultivators who set foot in the immortal cultivation path. Daoist Master Wang Lu and Elder Sister Liu Li, who just broke through the Yuanying Stage recently, are no longer people of the same world anymore.”

Everyone then suddenly sighed. Then all of a sudden one of them said, “So wouldn’t that mean, my Eldest Brother Zhan Ziye actually has a chance? I heard that he was infatuated with Daoist Master Liu Li in the past. Now that Daoist Master Liu Li has been kicked off by Daoist Master Wang Lu, the opportunity for my Eldest Brother will come!”

When he heard this, Wang Zhong nearly dislocated his jaws. He inwardly said: Have you lost your mind? Saying these disgraceful things at the foot of our Spirit Sword Mountain, do you think you have lived too long? At the same time, he was also annoyed at himself, he shouldn’t have brought up this topic to these bandits. These Ten Thousand Arts Sect people are indeed disasters!

The next moment, Wang Zhong’s foreboding unfortunately happened.

“Seems like an interesting topic you guys have here.”

Wang Zhong immediately felt that his tipsiness went away! The voice behind him was so familiar that it had long left a heavy mark in Wang Zhong’s mind. It didn’t even fade in the past few decades…

“L-L-Lady Boss…”

He could not have imagined that the Lady Boss who had not been in charge of the inn work for a long time would suddenly appear here!

However, the Lady Boss didn’t pay attention to him. Instead, she haughtily cast her glance at his table companion from Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

“Are you from the Ten Thousand Arts Sect? Go back and tell your Senior Brother to do more and dream less. At a time like this, other people can get drunk and dream of death, but not him. If he can’t keep his mind focused on cultivation, it’s better for him to go for a sterilization operation as soon as possible. He hasn’t even cleared his own disastrous love affair yet, so stop having ideas toward other women.” After a pause, the Lady Boss continued, “Although Wang Lu, that kind, is not some honest and kind person, he is always generous to the people around him. If he has a chance to help them, he definitely will not just stand idly by. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about whether Liu Li can keep up with Wang Lu or not. Wang Lu has already figured out a way to help her improve her strength quickly. Not to mention it’s not a problem for Supremes to mix up.”

After that, the Lady Boss of Ru Family Inn turned around and frowned and then muttered to herself as she walked away, “Damn it, who’s the stinky boy in blue and white robe? He seems familiar, but I can’t seem to recognize him…”

However, the Ten Thousand Arts Sect cultivator who was reprimanded by her suddenly stood up and said, “You said that Daoist Master Wang Lu is generous to people around him, so why does he ignore Wang Zhong? It is said that Daoist Master Liu Li broke through Yuanying Stage a few years ago, but now she has a shortcut to being a Supreme. Then why does he never consider Wang Zhong?”

Lady Boss replied without turning around, “His attractiveness index is too low.”


At the same time, at Southern Heaven Region, Wang Lu, who had just finished the heart-stirring synchronization rate improvement training, had no time to catch his breath as he quickly started a new work.

Ten years after that great battle, great changes had taken place in the Nine Regions, but Wang Lu’s busy life had not changed at all. There were still a lot of things for him to deal with, and every one of them was of great importance and carelessness was not allowed.

A cultivator with a rigid and serious expression who stood beside Wang Lu reported, “Daoist Master Wang Lu, the Skybreaker Workshop reported that they are ready to be tested at any time.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled and said, “Very good, I’ll go there now.”

With that, he flashed away and, in an instant, appeared in the far away Red Sea Underwater World at Eastern Border Region.

After synchronizing with the giant Divine Weapon for more than ten years, Wang Lu was able to use the giant Divine Weapon more and more freely. With mere hands or feet movement, he could tear the space and penetrate through it.

If it were not so, he wouldn’t have been able to come to the Red Sea so casually.

This beautiful sea had now become one of the forbidden areas in Nine Regions, because the workshop under the sea was working hard to build the ultimate weapon to determine the future fate of Nine Regions.

In the open and spacious workshop test area, a row of several thirty meter high metal giants stood quietly on one side.

A cultivator dressed in full body plain white clothes nervously said to Wang Lu, “Daoist Master Wang Lu, the latest batch of testing machines have passed the verification procedure and now are just waiting for you to test them in person.”

Wang Lu nodded his head and said, “Go ahead.”

From that row of test machines, a pale blue giant suddenly shook its body. Its eyes glimmered and then it stepped forward. The heavy step made the test area tremble slightly. The metal giant went to the center of the test area and then nodded slightly to Wang Lu. Then, a lovely girl’s voice came out, “Senior Brother, I’m ready.”

Wang Lu took a breath, then stretched out three fingers of his right hand forward to release a golden polygon cover.

“Liu Li, attack.”


As soon as the word fell, the metal giant spewed out a sharp light from its palm. Wang Lu’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, only to feel a sudden increase in pressure on his arm! The golden polygon cover greatly deformed that it almost collapsed!

“All right, that’s enough.” Wang Lu smiled and took back his Absolute Domain.

Although he only released it casually and although he did not launch the giant Divine Weapon at this time, so that his efforts were only about twenty percent… It was still a defense comparable to that of a Supreme. Liu Li was able to deformed the Absolute Domain with a sword stab meant that her attack power was already at the level of Supreme. Considering that there were still many details of the testing machine that needed to be adjusted, there was room for further improvement in the performance… Thus, it could be said that this testing machine was successful.

This result was clearly seen by the other workers at the workshop, so many of them cheered. The person who stood next to Wang Lu, who was responsible for reporting the results of his work, was shaking with excitement.

“Daoist Master Wang Lu, it seems that this time, it’s really successful!”

Wang Lu nodded and said, “Yes, this time, it finally looks like it can be used in actual combat.”

The staff member excitedly said, “By the way, since this batch of frame could be put into actual combat, do you have a good name for these machines?”

“Name?” Wang Lu frowned and said, “These testing machines are mass-produced models that I have created by combining the firesource that I took from the giant Divine Weapon and the resources from the Tombs of Immortal and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The performance will be worse than the original, but it can be compensated with quantity… In this case, let’s call it Zaku (Translator note: From Gundam series).”