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Chapter 773: The World is at Peace

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

Time passed quickly before anyone realized it.

On the Stellar Peak, prompted by sudden impulse, Feng Yin put down the writing brush and looked at the night sky with his deep eyes. The stars were shining and the lights were in full view.

The thrilling battle with the upper realm immortal happened ten years ago, but it was as if it happened just yesterday. Every detail had been deeply engraved in the memory and sometimes it even rippled in the mind, which sent shivers down one’s spine.

In the battle against Senior Immortal Canglan, Feng Yin and several other Supremes were alerted before joining the battle halfway. The course of the battle was not long, and it did not last a few rounds: Hetu led the other four Supremes to turn Nine Regions Map into a cage, which was then broken by Canglan by going upward and toward the blue dome of heaven. Wang Wu, who had been waiting for him in the sky, smashed him down with a big mountain and he crashed into the Netherworld Mountain… In just a few short rounds, everyone had walked a few laps between life and death.

If Feng Yin failed to detect the enemy’s attack in time and preempt him with the stellar sword, perhaps Daoist Hetu would’ve fallen victim to the Yin and Yang hands, and the entire Nine Regions Map would’ve fallen apart. If he didn’t leave some True Yuan to protect his body before the head-on collision between him and the Yin and Yang hands, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to resist Canglan’s struggle. But, if Wang Wu failed to wait at the high place and blocked Canglan’s way, then Canglan would be uncontrollable after he rushed into the Astral Winds later.

It was indeed very dangerous. It could even be said that Nine Regions would’ve slipped into the abyss. Nevertheless, that was all in the past.

Ten years.

Ten years have passed since that battle. During this period, a lot of things have happened.

For example…

“Mommy, mommy, hurry up, or we can’t catch up to the magical shuttle!”

In a secluded small town at the foot of Navy Blue Mountain, there was an elegant courtyard. At the door, a little girl with a beautiful felt hat was waving her arm anxiously to urge her mother. A moment later, a young woman carrying a small handbag came out of the courtyard. She held the girl’s small hand, unfolded a light muslin from the bag and then, like feathers, the two of them flew toward the high tower outside the town.

The top of the tower was a spacious platform, where a lot of people had gathered there. The mother and the daughter found a spot where there were few people to wait. The little girl was lively and could not bear loneliness. She wanted to run around but was stopped by her mother.

Fortunately, before long, a flying shuttle came flying like lightning. After stopping at the edge of the platform, the side door opened, revealing a spacious interior space. A middle-age cultivator came out and said in a loud voice, “Here we are, at Navy Blue Mountain station, please get on the shuttle.”

People who had been waiting for a long time on the platform began to board the shuttle one after another. From the outside, the length of the shuttle was around one hundred meters, and the widest point was only about fourteen meters. but the interior was actually a spacious space of several hundred meters square, which could accommodate thousands of people. After all the passengers from the Navy Blue Mountain station had all boarded up, they didn’t make the shuttle seem crowded.

Not long after, the shuttle began to move slowly, but soon reached its highest speed, like lightning. The little girl was leaning on the transparent window on the side of the shuttle, looking at the rapidly retreating scene outside the window with great interest.

Most of the passengers who boarded the shuttle at the Navy Blue Mountain station were cultivators from Navy Blue Sect. Their cultivation base ranged from Qi Gathering to Foundation Establishment. Naturally such accomplishments were nothing like those flying-on-sword immortal cultivators. The straight-line speed of this magic shuttle was comparable to the flying speed of the flying-on-sword Yuanying Stage cultivators, which was unimaginable for them.

However, Nine Regions was big enough to make most of the so-called high speed flight meaningless. After flying with the magic shuttle for an hour, they haven’t even gotten out of the boundary of Cloud Region where the Navy Blue Mountain was located.

The little girl was still a little girl after all, so she soon felt bored. She pursed her mouth by the window and asked, “Mom, when will we arrive at Netherworld Mountain?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.”

“Soon? How soon?” The little girl was somewhat dissatisfied by her mother’s perfunctory words, so she shook her hand to make her state it clearly.

When the mother was smiling bitterly, the middle-aged flight attendant passed by and said with a smile, “There’s two more hours, kid, so don’t worry.”

“Well, okay then…” The little girl was visibly bitter.

“Hahaha, you can’t wait for it? How about this, there’s a model of the giant Divine Weapon in this magic shuttle, why don’t I bring it here for you to play with?”

“Yeah, awesome!”

The mother, however, was in a quandary and said, “Excuse me, how much does it cost to rent the giant Divine Weapon model?”

“No need, this is a special offer by the shuttle.” The flight attendant chuckled generously and then took a thirty centimeter long, metal colored figure toy model from the workroom and handed it over to the little girl.

This kind of model was usually very popular with boys. However, when the little girl saw the model, her eyes shone, and her mouth almost drooled. She was so naive that the passengers around her couldn’t help but laugh.

The model was made by imitating the world famous giant Divine Weapon. Every joint on its body could be moved and extended. If the users had a cultivation base, and infused magical power into the model, there would be more complex changes. It belonged to the professional version and the price was high. Unfortunately, the little girl hadn’t started to cultivate, so she couldn’t use those complicated functions.

Game time always flew fast. After a time, the magic shuttle stopped in front of a mountain. The flight attendant’s voice echoed inside the shuttle: “Passengers, we have arrived at Netherworld Mountain station. Please gather your belongings and get ready to unboard the shuttle…”

The little girl reluctantly returned the model back and soon was attracted by the scenery outside the shuttle and dragged her mother forward.

Outside the shuttle was also a high tower platform. It was just that it was much bigger than the tower at the foot of Navy Blue Mountain. Moreover, the tower was divided into multiple layers and many shuttles were docked at the edge of each layer. Among them, there were large and small shuttles. The large one was about seven hundred meters long, which was magnificent. The passengers on the shuttle came down and soon gathered together.

On the platform, there were cultivators in eye-catching clothes who floated in the air ahead of time–Others were prohibited from flying on the platform, so it was very noticeable.

Those cultivators did not have a particularly advanced cultivation base, but they all had a pretty good approachability, which made people feel good toward them at a glance.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Netherworld Mountain’s Fight against the Fallen Immortal Memorial Hall. I am He Yuanshan, your guide here. You all can call me Xiao He…” Xiao He said as he flew to the depths of Netherworld Mountain.

Netherworld Mountain was originally a barren mountain known as a forbidden place. However, in recent years, it has been fully developed. A high platform had been built outside the mountain to park the flying shuttles, while the inner part of the mountain was hollowed out to build the world-famous memorial hall, which could attract thousands of people annually.

“As we all know, there is a very powerful enemy in the Nine Regions, named the Fallen Immortal. In recent years, this term has become very popular, but in fact, as early as tens of thousands of years ago, some people had realized the existence of the Fallen Immortal and started their long journey of struggle… Let us first come to the Desolation Pavilion to learn about the story of the fight against the Fallen Immortal in Nine Regions at that time…”

The memorial hall displayed a large number of ancient artifacts and materials. Most of them were the inheritance left by the Earth Immortals in the Immortal Tombs. They were evidence that they spent a lot of time searching. From the Desolation Age to their time, all kinds of artifacts and materials were available. In the guide’s skillful commentaries, the tourists were immersed in the long river of history.

“Mom, when can we get to the Fallen Immortal Array?”

While people were quietly listening to Xiao He’s explanation, the little girl’s voice was very noticeable.

The little girl’s mother nodded to the others apologetically, looking embarrassed. At this time, the guide Xiao He said with a smile, “Actually, I think everyone here should be a bit impatient to see the most important part of this memorial hall, not only this little girl. Fortunately, the display in this part is basically over, so now I will take you guys to the Immortal Trap Grand Array to see the living Fallen Immortal! Please be mentally prepared and don’t be too surprised.”

Along the winding passage inside the Netherworld Mountain, a group of people soon came to an open and spacious place.

“Everyone please look down, the man who is sitting still on his knees is a Fallen Immortal. His name is Canglan. He once came to Nine Regions by force and nearly caused a great disaster. But don’t be afraid, he has been completely sealed up, trapped in the gap between time and space. Tens of thousands of years outside is just a flicker of time to him. It’s just that his rest time will never end, so in a sense, he’s just like a dead man.”

With that, Xiao He suddenly landed on the ground, and then picked up a piece of crushed stone and then threw it hard toward Canglan in the distance, which hit Canglan right at the head.

“Look, there won’t be any problems.”

“Whoa! You can throw stones at him?” A tourist exclaimed in disbelief, “What if you wake him up?”

Xiao He said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the immortal trap grand array is still there, so he won’t wake up in any case. You guys can throw stones at him and remain at ease. No matter what, he is after all an immortal. Even with the strongest magical spell, you guys can’t hurt even a strand of his hair.”

“Um, really?”

Xiao He nodded and said, “Of course, don’t you see that there are instructions on the side? That was written by Daoist Master Wang Lu himself, so this is definitely true and not fake.”

People looked along the direction of Xiao He’s pointed finger and saw on the wall the following writing: “It’s shameful to waste food, so please don’t throw food at will (If it’s stone then be my guess).” The handwriting was indeed the handwriting of Wang Lu.

“Besides throwing stones, you guys can also paint on him at will, like drawing turtles and insulting words. However, there will be an extra charge for this. After the payment is processed, the staff will take you close to paint him. If necessary, you guys can tell me and I will contact you. Because supply exceeds demand, the current market price is ten thousand spirit stones per character per day, which will stay on the Fallen Immortal’s body for the whole day before the staff clean it up in the night.”

“Ten thousand spirit stones for just one day? Isn’t that too expensive?”

“He is after all an immortal. If you think about it, you can leave words on a real immortal, and that’s not expensive at all.”

While Xiao He was bargaining with the tourists, the little girl said out loud, “Mom, I think uncle already has some characters on him!”

Xiao He said with a smile, “Kid, you have good eyesight. Yes, those are the ones that Daoist Master Wang Lu wrote on his body a long time ago, but we won’t remove those characters… Uh.” When he followed the little girl’s eyes and saw the characters on Canglan’s body, he suddenly felt unable to speak.

The little girl blinked her innocent eyes as she asked, “I know that character, it’s the character 正 from the phrase ‘正直’ (honest)!! But why was the 正 written on that uncle’s buttocks? Also, there’s another 正 character that has not been completely written yet, what’s the meaning of this?”

(Note: 正 refers to 正直 here, which means honest, but the 正 itself is often used to count numbers as it needs 5 strokes to write it down, each stroke count 1. That’s why there is an unfinished 正 beside. In many Japanese hentai movies, animation, and comics, having the 正 character on one’s body or especially on the buttock denotes the number of times has the person got fucked.)


There was a deathly silence beside the immortal trap great array. Everyone didn’t know how to answer that question.