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Chapter 768: Being Ruthless is Not Allowed

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

The battle in the extreme north didn’t last long. However, for Senior Immortal Canglan, it was like a year. Every moment of it was very difficult. He had just come not long ago and wantonly absorbed the providence of the Nine Region, so the immortal energy in his body was unstable and not at all suited to do a prolonged fight against someone. It was when he thought about how much effort he had to exert to deal with an outside path cultivator that he made the previous lightning sneak attack

But he never thought that although his sword strike inflicted a serious damage to the opponent, it actually let him sink deep into the mud, unable to escape.

“Get lost!”

Along with his roar, a frantic immortal spirit turned into an incantation technique and smashed forward. In a twinkling of an eye, like a lightning, Wang Wu’s figure was flung away toward the snow capped mountains. After a burst of quake, a four thousand meters high mountain broke in the middle. But Wang Wu continued to fly away for a long time before her momentum stopped.

Wang Wu was smashed head on by a True Immortal level immortal technique. At this time, Wang Wu’s condition was already too tragic. Half of the bones in her body had broken into pieces. A lot of flesh and blood were scraped from both sides of her waist. The pale and cracked spine could even be seen from the wound.

For such a heavy damage to the body, generally speaking, a cultivator had no choice other than to discard the body. However, Wang Wu just took a deep breath, and these fatal injuries began to heal quickly, and the dim golden core in the jade mansion began to glow again.

Dozens of kilometers away, Senior Immortal Canglan began to feel a headache again.

How many times has this been? Was this woman really unkillable? Every time he caused fatal injury to her, she would immediately recover, and then, as if she was a different person, she fought with him with a brand-new tactic and immortal method. And every time she fought, she disregarded her life just so that she could injure him.

From the start of the fight, she had been killed at least ten times, with the fiercest one was her splitted into two parts along her shoulder to her crotch and her jade mansion was also smashed into pieces… But, in just a few breaths of times, she completely recovered.

However, there was obviously a limit to this kind of resurrection. There were no immortals in this world. Even in the immortal world, people were born, grew old, got sick, and died, so how could someone in Nine Regions be free from this fate of life? Every time she came back from the dead, her personality changed. It was likely that multiple people’s lives and cultivation bases converged into one person. She seemed to be just one person, but in fact, she had many people’s lives in her.

He was not fighting with one person, but a group of people. However, the number of people in this group was limited. If killing her ten times was not enough, then one hundred times or even a thousand times should be enough. However, the problem was that his time was precious, and he didn’t want to waste it on this lunatic. Secondly, the battle had been prolonged for too long, it would be troublesome if the giant puppet was attracted to this place because of the fight.

Thus, Senior Immortal Canglan had a headache. Currently, he calculated that only by directly crushing her into fine powder with sufficiently large power would she not return from the dead. However, the side effects of doing so were also great. On the one hand, it would disrupt the rhythm of his strength recovery. On the other hand, it was likely to provoke the giant puppet.

This moment of hesitation allowed Wang Wu to recover smoothly. However, the next moment, her action caused Canglan to make up his mind.

“Hah, after such a long rest, it’s finally my turn again. Are you ready to be beaten up, kid? Hahaha!”

This wild and unrestrained laughter was familiar to him. It was that brutal personality at the start of the battle! When he heard this laughter, Supreme Immortal Canglan suddenly felt cold in his heart; That one was not dead at tall! Every one of her personalities would take turns to rest after being seriously injured. In just as long as an hour, the personality would be able to recover as before. This was basically a one sided tag team battle not a battle of attrition! Thus, it seemed that he was the one whose strength was used instead. Although his immortal spirit and the others were not hurt, he could not afford to spend the time!

After he realized this, Canglan naturally knew what to do. He took one breath, but this one breath scrapped in one inch of land within the radius of one kilometer. Then he exhaled out through his mouth, and suddenly the sky was crystal clear and stars could be seen as far as the eye could see.

It was just that, this magnificent scenery contained endless killing intent. A true immortal could exhale out an unimaginable ice cold in one breath. This cold air was as sharp as spears and swords, and the breath pushed forward the cold for dozens of kilometers. Although Wang Wu was dozens of kilometers away, she was still covered by the cold and completely frozen in place.

Canglan waited for a moment to make sure his opponent could no longer take any action before he let out a slight sigh of relief. Just now, to produce that cold breath, he had to use his original power. When he first came, under the maximum power wear and tear, he had actually somewhat suffered serious injury. But it was worth it to solve this trouble.

However, as soon as he felt relieved, he heard a harsh cracking sound.

Krak-kraak… It was as if an ice was breaking. Canglan was surprised to see that the ice dozens of kilometers in front him was breaking a little bit!

That was the breath blow from an immortal. Although it was not a breath blow from his fully restored power, the ice that it created could continue to linger in this place for thousands of years. Within a thousand years, the area with the radius of dozens of kilometers here would be a danger spot that would freeze all living beings. But now, it had actually begun to break!

How strong actually was the outside path cultivator who was frozen inside? Could it be that her path actually offset the immortal path? This was simply too unimaginable!

Canglan was inwardly shocked, but without hesitation, he made up his mind. He blew out another cold breath, which completely froze dozens of kilometers of area, which locked the area in time and place. This cold breath finally made Wang Wu completely unable to move there… However, Canglan also felt a burst of tiredness, which obviously meant he spent more energy than what he recovered.

When he thought about it, this battle had lasted one full hour. Although he had intentionally controlled the change in the surrounding aura so as not to let the fluctuations spread, it was hard to guarantee that the giant puppet would not notice. After he managed to deal with this difficult woman, the next step was to speed up his recovery…

Just as he thought about it, suddenly he heard a warning sign in his heart. Canglan did not hesitate to release his body protection immortal treasure. A mist-like veil completely covered him and the veil shook like a rolling wave. Each wave could defuse a tsunami-like offensive. Layers of waves then superimposed, which created a solid defense.

This was the real trump card that Canglan carried before he came. Previously, when he fought with Wang Wu for an hour, even after he suffered several minor injuries he didn’t release the veil. But now, when he faced this unknown crisis, he did not hesitate.

As soon as the veil was released, it was suddenly penetrated by half by a wide light from the sky! His immortal treasure had a spirit so it sensed the crisis ahead of time and shook rapidly, and then stacked the waves one after another, concentrating the defense on one spot. However, some of the waves couldn’t stand the light from the sky and broke one by one. The veil’s spirit was forced to show its figure, which was a woman, and she looked in pain.

Fortunately, the next moment, the veil received the support from its owner. Supreme Immortal Canglan stretched his hand toward the veil and released his immortal spirit, which quickly strengthened the veil’s defense and repaired the broken waves. That light from the sky continued for a while but slowly it disappeared. However, Canglan also felt exhausted and his wrists became numb. At the same time, on the sky, a towering figure released an amazing sense of oppression, which caused his breathing to become slightly sluggish.

Canglan clenched his teeth and trembled with hate.

The giant who once forced him to flee in embarrassment had indeed come.

“How’s the taste of this Positron Cannon… Uhm, I mean Extinguisher Gun?”

“…” Canglan said nothing. Of course, he didn’t pay attention to his opponent’s boring provocation. However, whether it was the Positron Cannon or the Extinguisher Gun, it was indeed an eye-opening killer move.

Unexpectedly, in this lower realm, someone could actually use such a powerful immortal technique. Although there were many missing subtleties and exquisite change, the sheer lethality terrified him.

Coming to this place this time was indeed not a good assignment.


On the other side, Wang Lu’s mood was not as relaxed as he showed. The Senior Gem Emperor around him was even more cautious.

“Wang Lu, don’t be careless, we haven’t got the upper hand.”

“I know. Even after catching him off guard while he was exhausted after a long battle, we still can’t kill him… He is indeed one level above us.”

“That Positron Cannon just now, how many more times can you use it?”

“With Void Spirit Root physique, in theory, it could be used indefinitely… But every time, it takes a long time to charge it. I’m afraid he won’t give me enough time.”

“I can delay him for you…”

“No, you are not in a good condition now. Moreover, your ability to fight one on one is less than fifty percent that of your peak. Instead of being wasted as a cannon fodder, you should instead support me inside the giant Divine Weapon. Later, I will release the floating cannons to pin down the enemy. Your primordial spirit precision is far better than mine, so you will handle its precise control.”

“Floating Cannons? Forget it, you don’t have to explain it to me in detail. This giant Divine Weapon was handed over to you by Sun Buping, so you can use it anyway you want. And I… Should still have a tacit understanding with this big guy.”


Wang Lu didn’t say much either. Instead, he directly opened the back mechanism of the giant Divine Weapon. Immediately countless small metal balls flew out. Each of them flew nimbly in the air and from time to time shot light ray at Supreme Immortal Canglan. Some of them were full of blazing fire, some were cold and some were sharp sword energies. Each had different forms, but they were extremely destructive. The biggest metal ball was about three meters in diameter while the smallest one was just the size of a fist. However, in terms of destructive power, it could kill high level Yuanying Stage and even as far as Deity Stage. These millions of metal balls, when they bombarded a target, which was like a storm, even a common Supreme would end up with thousands of holes in the body.

Supreme Immortal Canglan was of course not a Supreme. Under the storm, he unfolded the veil and stayed still. However, his look was far from calm.

These floating cannons couldn’t break the veil protection and kill him, but it also made it difficult for him to attack the enemy. The storm like energy output completely disrupted the surrounding spiritual energy and the laws of heaven and earth. His immortal technique was very difficult to work in this environment… Unless he wanted to deal with it at any cost by using the cold breath that could cover dozens of kilometers of area. However, it was obviously not worth it.

As a matter of fact, when he saw the floating cannons in the sky, Canglan had the idea of retreating. This war was very unfavorable to him… By his immortal heart calculation, even if the battle could be won, it would at least devastate him and leave him with serious injury. He would only be left with ten to twenty percent of his power. Although he could kill the small bugs in front of him, it would easily lead to the delay of the major event.

Even though the Nine Regions continent was lowly, there were many strong individuals among the ants. They called themself as Earth Immortals. Although their names were ridiculous, they were also troublesome when there were many of them. If he encountered them while he was in his weakest state, it would surely be troublesome.

When he thought of this, Senior Immortal Canglan immediately exhaled out another cold breath, which froze the area of round tens of kilometers. The floating cannons in the sky instantly stopped and could no longer move. Canglan then took this opportunity to launch another immortal technique, ready to leave this extremely cold place.

However, just when the immortal technique was about to take effect, a golden spherical light covered him and the immortal technique was violently disturbed, which immediately failed. Senior Immortal Canglan felt pain in the pit of his stomach due to the immortal spirit reaction force.


“Hey, just now we were in an intense match, how could you quickly forget me? I feel sad you know.”