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Chapter 766: Fighting a Duel With the Great Devil King

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“Phew… The taste certainly stands out from the masses.”

In the narrow room, Wang Wu sighed, and then looked at the messy cups and plates on the dining table in front of her with a slightly bitter smile.

The big black dog meat that Xiaoqi cared so much, tasted really extraordinary, delicious and very unique.

How could the taste of the dog meat, which was transformed from an Earth Immortal, not be unique? This meant that by following Xiaoqi, she had the chance to eat such a good meal. Although Wang Wu was not as greedy as Xiaoqi, ordinarily, she hadn’t lacked all kinds of vices, which included being a voracious glutton. And this delicacy was definitely a surprise.

But she was not really happy.

Because it was no longer possible to share this joy of enjoying food, but instead it added a sense of melancholy when parting.

Looking at the empty chair across the table, Wang Wu felt that her heart was somewhat stifled. She never regretted doing things and never felt guilty, but that didn’t mean that she would never feel bad and would always smile.

After a long silence, she picked up the glass, looked toward the empty seat opposite of her, and then drank out the wine in the glass.

“Then… let’s pay a visit to that visitor from another realm, I’ll use his head as a practice for you.”

With that, Wang Wu threw her glass to the table and stepped forward. The next moment, she disappeared without a trace.

At this time, the big black dog on the ground, who was covered with blood and all his limbs were cut off, raised his head.

“Did she really go? What a nerve, just a mere Jindan… Even if she’s an outside path cultivator, she’s simply too bold. What is she relying on?”

While he was thinking, the door of the room was suddenly opened and a bald head quietly walked in. When that person saw the messy cups and plates on the table and the big black dog on the ground with bloody flesh, he could not help but laugh.

“Black oh Black, I’m truly distressed by your tragedy. Not so long ago you were still an all powerful person in the City of Immortals. But now you have been reduced to such a level, it indeed makes people laugh until it hurts. How does it feel to be cut alive?”

Black naturally didn’t pay attention to this kind of provocation. Instead, he frowned and asked, “Where have you been?”

“Where else can I go? Of course I escaped. Fortunately I was alert enough. Although when I was drugged I didn’t recognize them, I subconsciously changed my appearance, and they didn’t pay attention to me… If I were caught like you, I’m afraid it would be hard for me to escape the cutting off the flesh punishment.” Luo Xiao shook his head and stepped forward to insert a golden pill into the black dog’s mouth.

After a while, the wound on the black dog began to heal slowly, but Luo Xiao frowned when he saw it and said, “Why is the effect so slow? This is a divine pill for the cultivators, but when used for a local dog like you, its medicinal effect should be more intense. But it can barely climb from the edge of dying and body exploding. How come it doesn’t work now?”

The local dog sneered and said, “It’s just the diminishing effect of the drug, why make a fuss? In order for them to continue to cut apart my flesh, those two people have been feeding me the healing pills. I have already consumed no less than one hundred pills like the one you just fed me, so of course it has no effect now… Don’t worry about me, I won’t die yet. Those two people have spared my life.”

“Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not worried about you at all. For you to fall into this situation is because you asked for it. I am just rejoicing in other people’s misfortune.” Luo Xiao said with a smile, “The crucial point is, since they can even let go of someone guilty of terrible crimes like you, they should not care about what I, a mere baldy, have done right? If carefully calculated, my crime is just conspiring to murder my Master, but it’s actually a kind of tacit understanding. Four Element Supreme intentionally allowed me to kill him. If I failed to make my move, wouldn’t I fail to live up to his expectation? On the contrary, seizing you is a gargantuan contribution.”

Then, Luo Xiao asked again, “So, where are they?”

“One of them left ahead of time, and I don’t know where she went. Another one just left to look for trouble for the Fallen Immortal.”

“That’s really brave.” Luo Xiao exclaimed, “What is actually the past history of this number one Jindan in Nine Regions? Why do I feel like she’s more ** compared to old daoist Hetu? Even Kuqin of the Royal Soldier Sect wouldn’t dare treat a Fallen Immortal lightly like her, where she just goes as soon as she says it, right?”

With that, Luo Xiao looked at the pot of wine on the table and said, “Did she drink too much?”

“She drank a lot alright, but her mind is still sober. I’m afraid she really has the assurance to win… I used to look down on her too much. I always thought that she’s just another Supreme. But now it looks like her depth has yet to be seen.”

With that, Black sank down his gaze.

“But Senior Immortal Canglan is not that easy to deal with. We need to adjust our plan as soon as possible.”


“What the hell is this fucking place?”

In the extremely cold place, Wang Wu stood high in the sky on her flying sword. Blown by the cold wind, she could not help but shivered.

“Since when did the wind in this place become so powerful?”

Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Method was unparalleled in terms of defensive ability. Even without Non-Phase Sword Defense, her jade mansion and body were still far more tough and tenacious than imagined. No cold nor heat could invade, and all poisons could not affect her. But this cold win actually made her shiver, which showed how serious the cold was. If it was just an ordinary Jindan Stage cultivator, their jade mansion would freeze and their body would collapse.

The bitter cold in the extreme north was the danger spot in Nine Regions. It was a common knowledge in the immortal cultivation world that all living things died out under the extreme cold. However, in tens of thousands of years, there were actually too many cultivators who had the courage to barge into the danger spot. Thus, people, for a long time, had a deep understanding of this area. For Wang Wu, it was also not the first time for her to come here, so it was clear that the wind here should not be so cold. At least, one had to penetrate deeply enough to arrive at the real danger spot, and the wind should still give some leeway. Now this bone chilling cold wind made people feel as if they had penetrated deeply into some large spiritual energy nodes and the climate had become extreme.

When she looked up, the stars in the north sky were dim, the positions of several main stars had changed dramatically, and the celestial phenomenon had become completely chaotic.

“Sure enough, the evil person has arrived. Even the shape of the sky has been distorted.” Wang Wu muttered to herself as she looked at the light of the stars and gradually lost in thoughts, “The Polaris is tottering and has moved substantially north, this is like the earth has cracked… Huh, why is there another Polaris here? So what is the one I recognize now? Big Dipper? No, Big Dipper is clearly over there. Eh? Is that Sirius there? But what are those around it? Ah, forget it, it’s really a mess there.”

Wang Wu shook her head and gave up doing what she was not good at.

When the Fallen Immortal came, it was normal for the world to change its appearance. But since she was not good at astronomy, it was really beyond her to speculate more information from the stars’ movement.

Of course, she was also not very good at geography… Compared with a certain brimming-with-talent genius and omnipotent Big Brother, her scholarly knowledge was indeed lacking. But relatively, she also had her own advantage.

She had accumulated knowledge and experience for more than one hundred and sixty years. In those years, she had traveled far and wide and had seen too much. Although there were very few people in the bitter cold land of the extreme north, previously she had come and explored it.

However, when she connected what she saw in front of her with the memories of that year, she suddenly found…

“Where is this place?”

Several lofty mountains natural landmarks vaguely were still there, but the glacier that corresponded to them had disappeared without a trace. Moreover, according to the location of the high mountains, she calculated that the place where she was at should be a highland, and not what she saw now, which had sunk down to become a three hundred meters deep big basin!

“The terrain is so chaotic, and the surrounding spiritual energy has… dried out?” Wang Wu took a light breath to confirm her judgment and muttered, “Turning the providence of the Nine Regions into his own use, sure enough, it’s the style of the Fallen Immortal. It seems that the black dog was right, he ought to lose a lot of strength to pass through the channel, so…”

“So if I have to kill you, I have to be sneaky.”

After a chuckle, a sword tip appeared on Wang Wu’s chest. From behind her, a cold figure slowly emerged.

“What a nerve. I haven’t come to kill you, yet bastards like you have the nerve to come here… Do you think you could conceal that you’re an outside path cultivator from me? Insignificant thing like you is not worth it.”

Finally, the man swung his long sword and tried to throw off the body of the sword, only to find that the sword was as heavy as a mountain.

No… This is more than a mountain! With the strength of his wrist, he could even overturn a mountain. But at this time, he felt that the sword had become increasingly heavy, so much so that the sword blade had actually bent.

Then he saw the woman who had been stabbed in the chest with a sword held the tip of the sword, turned around and smiled. With the blood on her mouth, her smile was unspeakably fierce.

“Finally got you, vile villain. Canglan, do you have any last words? Let me be happy a bit.”

Canglan was so shocked and furious. The sword strike that he had just launched with a sneak attack was extraordinary. Not only it inflicted serious damage to the body, it also shattered the opponent’s golden core—Even though she was an outside path cultivator, her whole body still revolved around her golden core, it was just that the efficiency in utilizing it was far more efficient than that of ordinary golden core. However, since her golden core was broken, her cultivation was basically finished.

So, where did she get the strength to grab the immortal strength? Her golden core was shattered, so why didn’t she die?

Canglan’s heart was shocked and furious, but his movements were very fast. Without hesitation, he let go of his sword and turned invisible.

Once he missed his hit, he would immediately flew away. This was Canglan’s favorite way of fighting. Even if his strength was far better than that of his opponent, he would not waste a bit of energy more to engage in a head-on fight. What’s more, this time, his opponents were not just this inexplicable outside path female cultivator.

He remembered clearly the giant puppet who came here half a day ago and the purple cloud around the puppet.

At that time, he had just finished his arrival. Although his power was at the weakest that time, it was also the time when his state of mind was at the peak. In his view, what could possibly happen to a visitor from the upper realm in the weak and lowly Nine Regions even if his power had not completely recovered? Who could stop his supreme immortal method here?

Then, when the giant puppet came, at the last moment, he clearly heard his intuition warning him that he must never fight with it, as he would definitely be defeated, and that defeat would certainly lead to his death. And when that happened, the plan of the upper realm would be delayed!

Canglan never thought that there was such a tyrannical existence in Nine Regions, which forced him to retreat and hide. After that, he spent half a day plundering the providence of the extreme north area and his strength recovered quickly. He boasted that he already could surpass that giant puppet, but to achieve victory, he had to pay a great price. However, if he was caught in a pincer attack, it would truly be a headache to him.

Thus, he decided to retreat, even if this decision made him angry and mad, and that his immortal heart was about to burst open.

However, Canglan only took a step back and he already felt that there was an invisible force blocking him. It was a spherical sword defense about one hundred meters in radius that isolated everything inside from outside, nothing could go in or out.

“Wanna run? How can it be so easy?”

In front of him Wang Wu grinned grimly and pulled out the long sword from her chest, which revealed a big bloody hole on her chest, but she didn’t care about it.

“I have waited for one hundred and sixty years. Finally, at this opportunity, I have the edge over the Fallen Immortal and will be able to take revenge and wipe out the grudge of my fellow brothers and sisters!”