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Chapter 761: A Person’s Life Should Be Spent Like This…

“Humph, it’s another hypocritical peace carnival.”

In an inconspicuous narrow street in the B7 Area in the City of Immortals, Luo Xiao was covered in a thick cloak, which completely hid his body and appearance. In the noisy city, he became a silent passer-by and observed the grand ceremony in the City of Immortals.

Since the establishment of this city, there have been countless festivals. During the Grand Competition, it was natural to celebrate the great victory of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Small victories were also celebrated, even for not being lost. In addition to the competitors who needed to prepare for the match, other people who came to the City of Immortals to watch the battle spent most of their time in various celebrations.

In this regard, many people had expressed considerable concern. The cultivators did not cultivate and did not do anything productive, but just watched the competition in the City of Immortals everyday and spent the rest of their time in revelry and got drunk. This was quite detrimental to the overall development of the immortal cultivation world.

However, the organizing committee claimed that when the world of immortal cultivation had reached a certain stage, it was natural that the proportion of the cultural and entertainment service industry exceeded that of material production. For this reason, the organizing committee specially hired a number of highly respected experts and scholars in the immortal cultivation world to write articles to prove this point. The structure of these articles was clear and they were well-organized. Moreover, they also gave all kinds of very detailed data, which made people unable to refute. As a result, this point of view was gradually accepted by the mainstream, and people began to feel comfortable and indulged in celebrations again and again.

However, this continuous celebration was a distorted phenomenon. It was not difficult to see that people’s need for revelry reflected their lack of confidence in reality and the worry about the future. It was because everyone felt that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was weaker than the Earth Immortals, so they were happy and encouraged for every victory. At the same time, it was precisely because people understood that no matter what the outcome of the Grand Competition, they would face a more terrifying opponent, thus… To live in the moment was a wise choice.

Therefore, Luo Xiao only felt an ample amount of irony when he saw the wave of celebration again in the City of Immortals.

Were these stupid ants aware that when they cheer, a shadow that could shroud the entire Nine Regions had quietly arrived? Did they realize that perhaps the entire immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions was about to end?

“For the ants, even if they work hard to cultivate, they are still ants. So no matter what they do, it doesn’t really matter.”

While Luo Xiao was contemplating, a slightly vague voice came from his feet. It was a not good looking to the black local dog with hair covered with dust. It looked dirty, but its pair of dog’s eyes sometimes emitted a flash of fierceness, which showed that it stood out from the masses.

Of course, it stood out from the masses. After all, not all black dogs had the identity of an Earth Immortal.

When he heard its voice, Luo Xiao sighed.

“Sometimes, I really wonder if you guys, the Earth Immortals, have such a thing called dignity?”

“Dignity? Ah, only the living deserve to talk about dignity. The dead are just corpses.”

“So, in order to save your life, you really become my dog? Gee, I said at the beginning that if you want me to share my God of War blood, I want you to become my dog, but I actually just said it casually. I didn’t really expect you to do it literally. I really admire you for being able to do this just to drag out an ignoble existence.”

“I’ve done even more humiliating things just to drag out an ignoble existence. What else can you expect from someone who could betray his former compatriots?”

Obviously these were self-deprecating words, but them coming out of the black dog’s mouth was just an irony.

Luo Xiao narrowed his eyes and decided to give up the quarrel and just walked silently.

The two of them walked around the streets of B7 Area for a long time. Until many cultivators began to be curious about the pair of man and dog who detoured without end, they moved their position and continued to take a low-key walk in the adjacent urban area. However, this scene of one man and a dog walking together made Luo Xiao especially depressed.

“How long do we have to wait?”

“Until the other party gives up looking for us.” Black said indifferently, “People who had been devoured completely by the Mind Disorientation Powder and already offered their lives in submissiveness. So the Fallen Immortals could easily track our position and control our words and deeds. Even if you use the God of War Blood to resist the effect of Mind Disorientation Powder, there will inevitably be omissions. Now we have to use the chaotic aura of the City of Immortals to cover up our own aura. I hope we will not be found by that person. That person is irascible and impatient, he won’t spend too much time looking for us, two defeated generals. But on the other hand, if he found us, you and I will die without a burial place.”

Luo Xiao shook his head and said, “… How sure are you about the Fallen Immortal in the lower realm? Is it possible that you have made a mistake?”

“What a stupid question.” Although Black had been reduced to being Luo Xiao’s dog, obviously as a dog, it did not have respect for the owner.

“Then, if he can’t find us, what will he do next?”

Black was silent for a while and then said, “He will restore his power first. At present, the channel between the two worlds is not fully opened, so any Fallen Immortal who come to the lower realm need to pay an enormous price, their strength would be consumed rapidly. Moreover, due to the different natural laws in Nine Regions, the Fallen Immortal in the lower realm will need some time to adapt. For that person, the best choice is to find the chess pieces like you and me and engulf the pieces into that person’s body, which can greatly speed up the power recovery. But, even if he doesn’t find us, with his own ability, he can recover his True Immortal strength in ten days.”

“… In other words, we only have ten days left?”

“It might not be just the time left for us.” Black said, “I tried to kill Sun Buping in Thunder Reservoir, but I failed at the last hurdle. Maybe there have been some changes there. We might as well leave them the task of exploring the way. As long as we can continue to hide behind the scene, we can make our move at the critical time.”

“Wang Lu…” Luo Xiao’s complexion turned really ugly and said, “Black, you have the God of War Blood from me, so you should know that Wang Lu is not only my enemy but also your enemy. If he is allowed to build a merit that is hard to surpass, the God of War Blood will bite back, and none of us will survive.”

“Don’t worry, he can’t. The person who came is Senior Immortal Canglan who has touched the realm of Surpassing Heaven. In Nine Regions, he is absolutely invincible. He has one flaw, which is only known by his companions.”

Keenly aware of the meaning in those sentences, Luo Xiao replied, “You mean, you know his flaw? That’s strange, how could a dog be regarded as a companion of the Fallen Immortal?”

“Of course I don’t know, but at least I know that the invincible Senior Immortal Canglan also has a flaw. As long as he has a flaw, it can be found. Of course, what we need the most now is to live in seclusion, so to look for the flaw, we need someone else to do it.”

After he heard these words, Luo Xiao immediately said, “Someone else? Do you mean Wang Lu? Do you want to use him to open the way? And then you, the veteran dog, using your advantage of a better understanding of the Fallen Immortal, be the first to find out the other party’s flaw and finally make the critical hit? That’s a good idea. Now the question is, how can we tell Wang Lu about the arrival of the Fallen Immortal without exposing our existence? Hmm, how about writing an anonymous letter?”

“There’s no need for that.” Black coldly said, “Wang Lu will surely know about the coming of Canglan, so we don’t need to remind him. Canglan is Sun Buping’s old rival. If Sun Buping survives or inherits something to Wang Lu, he has no reason not to respond to Canglan.”

“Of course, if his reaction is too slow… Woof-woof!”

Just as Black was about to continue, a passer-by suddenly came from across the street. The person’s cultivation base was obviously not low. Regardless of Luo Xiao or Black, both didn’t notice before that person appeared. When that person appeared, she stared at Black, as if she was surprised by the sound of the black dog.

It was not uncommon for a spirit dog to be able to speak eloquently, but Black was not playing the role of a spirit dog, but an ordinary local dog and an ordinary local dog certainly couldn’t speak. To avoid exposure, Black had to bark twice like a normal animal.

Who knew that it actually did not work. On the contrary, the bark actually made the eyes of that person shine.

“Hah! Big black dog! Although the appearance is mediocre, the barking sound is full of energy and endless charm. So it’s obviously a good dog with good quality meat. Hello friend, I want to buy your dog, how much do you want to sell it?”

Luo Xiao was shocked and said, “What-what did you say?”

The woman said with a smile, “After being in the City of Immortals for so long, I have only eaten a few good dog meat. I didn’t expect that in a crowded place like this, there are too many animal protection elements. The people who do harm can’t eat well, and now this opportunity is rare… This dog doesn’t seem to be a spirit dog or spirit pet, so why don’t you sell it to me? How about two hundred spirit stones? Are you okay with that?”

“Even twenty thousand… Crap, it’s you?” Luo Xiao, who had already calmed down, was suddenly shocked. He didn’t say the second half of the sentence because he recognized the passer-by as the Zen Master Dog Meat!

Zen Master Dog Meat was famous for two things. The first was she had a world-famous friend: Wang Wu, Daoist Master Non-Phase. The second was that this person had a passion for dog meat and was extremely fanatical. Although she had never done anything like stealing and poisoning dogs, her actions were hardly aboveboard in order to eat dog meat…

To encounter this kind of crazy person, Luo Xiao could only blame his bad luck. Thus, he waved his hand to refuse the other party’s transaction request and then led Black to leave the alley quickly.

After Luo Xiao had left, Zen Master Dog Meat suddenly showed a slightly desolate expression.

“Alas, I was finally going to eat happily… It’s rare to see a local dog with immortal flavor on it. This guy must be hiding the immortal beast lineage that has been dormant for tens of thousands of years. The taste will surely be unforgettable for life. What a pity.”

When she gazed at Luo Xiao—or rather the back view of the black dog at his feet, the look on Zen Master Dog Meat’s face suddenly changed.

“No, I can’t just let it go. My life must never end in regret! I must eat a lot of meat and die with a mouth full of grease!”

“To you, an unknown dog breeder, I’m really truly sorry, but I am dead set on your dog!”