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Chapter 757: Charming Widow

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“Left foot, lift the left foot, left, left, left side! You idiot, can’t you tell the difference between right and left?”

“Swing your arms. Remember to swing your arms. When lifting your feet, swing your arms… Not like that. Swing just a bit, not a long swing! Are you swinging your arms or your fist? Do you even need someone to teach you how to walk?”

“Don’t walk with your head down. Breathe. Pay attention to your breathing rhythm!”

“Don’t forget to launch the immortal spirit, without it, this giant Divine Weapon will just look impressive but actually worthless! Use your Yuanying to steer the immortal spirit, and raise your perspective! You are driving a giant Divine Weapon that surpasses the Fallen Immortal, not a toy for Yuanying Stage cultivators! Don’t let your stage bound this giant Divine Weapon’s stage!”

“Feel the inside of this giant Divine Weapon! Resonate with it and increase the synchronization rate! Don’t always impose your ideas on it. You need to understand thoroughly it’s basic strengths and weaknesses! Why are you so stupid?!”

Within the Thunder Reservoir, a giant with a height of around three thousand meters walked slowly among the mountains. Each step caused the mountains to shake. The giant’s feet were more than three hundred meters long and wide. With one foot down, many low hills were stepped on and flattened. A half high mountain could be climbed over by the giant as soon as it lifted its leg.

It was just that, such a mighty giant was actually clumsy and its walk staggered. Sometimes, the body shook and its center of gravity was out of balance. Several times, it even stumbled on rocks and fell down. Fortunately, there was always a dense purple cloud around the giant. When the giant fell, the purple cloud gathered and lifted it up… However, every time the purple cloud gathered, it was bound to be accompanied by a world-shaking roar.

“Wang Lu, do you have a brain or not? Such a simple action, yet you can’t master it in just one or two practices. How much time are you going to waste?”

“Damn it, don’t go too far! I’m just a Yuanying Stage cultivator operating a True Immortal level Gundam, do you expect me to master it in just two steps? This big guy isn’t originally designed for me. Everywhere in the design of the central control system embodies Sun Buping’s personal preference, which is incompatible with me. Expecting me to rewrite the control system in the time to finish a cup of tea and be able to control it at will is just a daydream. For me to be able to do this step is already a genius! What else are you not satisfied with, Roaring Gem?”

“Roar-Roaring Gem? How dare you call me with a nickname!”

“F*ck, didn’t you hear what I said before that? Do you just remember the nickname? Do you only know how to roar? Or is it just like the old saying, ‘you can you up, no can no ****!’”

“That’s enough!”

With the roar of Senior Gem Emperor, the purple cloud soared to the sky and dried half of the sky purple.

“I’m really blind to let you, this idiot, drive this giant Divine Weapon… Sun Buping has devoted his whole life to creating it, how could a mere thirty plus year cultivator have a Yuanying that could drive it! I’m so stupid, really, I, thought you merely lacked in cultivation base, but I didn’t expect that you are actually not good enough in all aspects!”

Inside the central control of the giant Divine Weapon, Wang Lu couldn’t even get angry at this.

“… I’m a broad-minded person, so I don’t care about your, this muddle-headed tyrant’s bickering. If you still want to be my training partner, then follow me. If you don’t, you can go away to sleep and don’t disturb me.”

This time, Senior Gem Emperor might not have heard it, or perhaps she had already vented out her anger, she didn’t argue about Wang Lu calling her incapable ruler and such. Instead, she turned her body into a purple cloud and surrounded the giant Divine Weapon to escort him.

Wang Lu sighed and thought that he himself was anxious. Right now, the most important thing was to resonate with the giant divine spirit. In the future, the important task of maintaining peace in the Nine Regions would be on his shoulders, how could it be comparable with a widow’s mood? When her husband just died, it was natural for her to have a short temper—not to mention that Senior Gem Emperor had always been extremely short tempered. Thus, he stopped talking nonsense and began to sink his mind into the giant Divine Weapon and soon entered the state of things and I became one.

This time, perhaps because his mood had changed, Wang Lu suddenly felt that the synchronization rate with the giant Divine Weapon slightly increased by a thread, and the primordial spirit that had scattered inside the three thousand kilometers long body became a bit clearer.

“The current synchronization rate should be about one in ten thousand, right? Tsk, the progress is really slow.”

It had been three days since Sun Buping handed over the giant Divine Soldier. Before Sun Buping died, he took out the Flash of Youth magical ability to twist the time available in Thunder Reservoir, so that Wang Lu could have the time to adapt to the giant Divine Weapon. However, after three days, the progress was not even satisfactory to Wang Lu himself.

After practicing for another half a day on the mountains, Wang Lu stopped, converged his mind and spirit from the giant Divine Weapon, and slowly came out.

Senior Gem Emperor reunited her body from within the purple cloud and looked at Wang Lu. She saw that his complexion was as pale as a paper and his eyes were red. She knew that he had really practiced to the limit, so she didn’t force him to continue. She just stood by without saying a word. After a while, she stretched her hand to touch the toes of the giant Divine Weapon. Feeling the unique touch of the mysterious metal, she was in a trance.

Wang Lu turned around and saw that Senior Gem Emperor was probably thinking about Sun Buping… She used to show that she was tough but also free and at ease, but after her partner who had been with her for so many years had actually just left, even someone with a heart of stone would tremble. In the past three days, Senior Gem Emperor did not shed tears, and even her eyes were never red. It was really not easy to have such a state of mind.

Now, it was time to take a break.

After he figured this out, Wang Lu didn’t bother Senior Gem Emperor anymore. Instead, he quietly circulated his cultivation method, and gushed out True Yuan from the four colored Yuanying, which made his whole body comfortable… After a while, he felt that rain continued to fall in his long dried Jade Mansion, making him filled with energy after exhaustion.

At this time, Wang Lu didn’t absorb the surrounding spiritual energy in the Thunder Reservoir at all. Instead, he easily filled his Jade Mansion just by squeezing his Yuanying. This kind of amazing effect was enough to cause ordinary cultivators to be startled and their jaws slackened. Cultivators of immortal cultivation often disregarded the day and month, their process to fill up the Jade Mansion might take several days or even several months! Wang Lu, on the other hand, was ten times faster than normal!

After synchronizing with the giant Divine Weapon, Wang Lu’s many wide bridges were opened inside and outside his Jade Mansion, so the recovery speed of his True Yuan had naturally been improved. But this was also because of the obvious supremacy of the Void Spirit Root.

As a matter of fact, compared with the other spirit root, within the same stage, Void Spirit Root lacked the characteristics that stood out. For example, Zhu Shiyao’s Sword Spirit Root ensured that her swordsmanship was unequaled, and Liu Li’s Brilliant Sword Heart allowed her attack power in the same realm superior to that of Wang Lu’s Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword. How about Wang Lu? It seemed that he had no advantage at all.

But that was because he rarely fought a prolonged battle since he began his career. Since learning Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, he often ended the fight in just one or two moves. It was rare for him to have a continuous battle that ordinary cultivators often had.

This was really the enemy’s luck. Because Wang Lu’s real strength lied in the invincible endurance given to him by the Void Spirit Root.

“Have you recovered?”

After nobody knew how long, Senior Gem Emperor came over to him.

Wang Lu nodded and put on a formal smile and, as if the quarrel between the two had never happened, said, “Yes, let’s prepare for the next round.”

“Wait a moment, there’s something that Sun Buping didn’t tell you before he died… But I think it’s still necessary to make it clear to you.”

Seeing that Senior Gem Emperor was serious, Wang Lu replied, “If it’s about the risk of driving this giant Divine Weapon, I already know about it.”

Senior Gem Emperor was slightly shocked, “You knew?”

“Synchronization is risky business and driving it needs cautiousness… The gap between me and the giant Divine Weapon is too large. The synchronization between it and me is like an ant wanting to drive an elephant. It’s inconceivable and even impossible in theory. Forcing synchronization with the giant Divine Weapon in Yuanying Stage is just like walking on a wire. If I’m careless even a little bit, I might be assimilated by the giant Divine Weapon and reduced to an empty shell. With better luck… I will be assimilated by Sun Buping’s remnant consciousness that he left within the giant Divine Weapon, which is the same as the rebirth of Sun Buping, right?”

“…” Senior Gem Emperor didn’t answer but looked directly at Wang Lu with blank eyes.

Senior Gem Emperor possessed the dignity of an Emperor, so she couldn’t lie or evade, but in this matter, she really had nothing to say.

Instead, when Wang Lu saw Senior Gem Emperor’s firm gaze, he couldn’t help but smile, “Gem, what are you so nervous about?”

“Hey, why do you also call me Gem?”

“What else should I call you? We are the only two people in this place, calling you Emperor is just a waste of breath…” Wang Lu sighed and said, “Sun Buping didn’t tell me those things, not to hide them from me, but because there was no need to waste time to say them. He knew that I could guess it, and he also knew that I wouldn’t care.”

“You really don’t care?”

“What do I need to care about?” Wang Lu smiled, “Why do I need to care about that small risk? What’s that compared with the benefit gained after the assimilation with the giant Divine Weapon? Would you believe if I say that the cultivators in Nine Regions would fight to the death if they were given the opportunity to ride it?”

“Your situation is different. Even if you don’t have this giant Divine Weapon, you are still destined to ascend, so there’s no need to take this risk…”

Wang Lu said, “If I have to be that careful, I would’ve suffered a lot of losses. However, compared with what Sun Buping did, is this even worthy to talk about?”

Before Sun Buping died, he had a long talk with Wang Lu. He entrusted him with the giant Divine Weapon and told him more important secrets about himself. At that time, Senior Gem Emperor naturally listened. It was strange to hear that Sun Buping had even said that thing, but did not remind Wang Lu of the risk of driving the giant Divine Weapon.

“Sun Buping is indeed an amazing person. I used to think that no one in the world could compare to me. But when I met Sun Buping…” Senior Gem Emperor chuckled and shook her head. She then said, “He’s really amazing. Even without that identity, he would still be the top character in Nine Regions.”

“How could a person who was able to ascend be simple?” Wang Lu echoed and said, “Senior Sun Buping had paved the way for me, but I couldn’t just be blinded by his brilliance. Since he could do it, I, of course, could also do it.”

With that, seeing that Senior Gem Emperor seemed to disagree, Wang Lu added, “If not, Sun Buping wouldn’t have chosen me as his successor.”


Hearing this word, Senior Gem Emperor looked a lot more serious.