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Chapter 745: A Monk Wants To Go Against The Heaven

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

Shu Si was stunned by Luo Xiao’s invitation.

He wanted him to also be the dog of the Fallen Immortals?

How dare Luo Xiao make such a ridiculous request! Was he nuts? It was one thing to kill Xuan Yinzi and then take him since they had no connection to begin with, but Luo Xiao actually had the face to invite him to be a dog like him?

Shu Si wanted to untie his belt and pee on his face on the spot!

However, soon, Shu Si realized that he shouldn’t seem to refuse too decisively.

Because from an objective point of view, he seemed to have no reason to refuse

He grew up in the streets, so he naturally lacked loyalty and a sense of belonging. Selfishness was natural to him. If the Fallen Immortal party could offer a sufficiently high price tag, he had no reason to be unimpressed.

But could the Fallen Immortal party offer a sufficiently high price tag? Of course, they could. Even Luo Xiao, a successor disciple of a Supreme could defect without hesitation. The resources in the hands of the Fallen Immortals were probably beyond what any Nine Regions cultivator could imagine. Thus, shouldn’t it be easy for them to buy Shu Si off?

In addition, in line with common sense, Shu Si should be filled with hatred toward the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals; his mentor Xuan Yinzi regarded him as a chess piece and even an abandoned son and sacrificed his life without hesitation. It was thus reasonable that at this time, he should hate Xuan Yinzi and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that he represented.

After realizing this, Shu Si dared not show contempt or negative expression, for fear of being seen through. He tried to adjust his expression so that he appeared alert and fearful—exactly what a teenage pawn should show.

Shu Si didn’t know what his acting was like—in the past, when he still lived in the streets, everytime he pretended to be dead, he would be seen through, and then he would be beaten up. But now, he was an Immortal Cultivator, so his ability to control his body and mind have greatly enhanced. Perhaps he could really hide it?

No one knows if Shu Shi was lucky or not, but Luo Xiao did not notice Shu Si’s fast-changing expression. Luo Xiao said to himself, “There is only one chance. The Fallen Immortals do not need too many helpers. In their eyes, the death of the cultivators of Nine Regions is good, and one more is a good sight. Right now, they lack the power to recruit a few loyal dogs, but their strength is growing rapidly. How long do you think before they no longer need the loyal dogs?”

As he listened, Shu Si kept thinking about what to do next. Dead Face was probably afraid of being found by Luo Xiao. When Luo Xiao was present, Dead Face refused to come out and speak. Thus he had to rely on himself on everything.

He should not be too eager, because he had no reason for that. Nor could he resist too much; For example, he immediately called Luo Xiao idiot—this would show his spirit, but his life would probably be gone. As for finding a way to fool Luo Xiao… That was even more of a joke. He, Shu Si, was certainly a ‘wily old fox’, but Luo Xiao was also someone who was not easy to deal with. He could climb all the way from the bottom of Huayan School to the sect of Four Element Supreme; would such a person be easy to fool?

His mind raced rapidly. A sudden inspiration flashed through Shu Si’s mind and he had an idea.

He decided to show his natural tendencies.

“… Why me?” Shu Si said and rolled his eyes, showing a bit of a slick attitude. He said, “I am just a Foundation Establishment nobody, what can I do for the Fallen Immortal?”

Luo Xiao smiled and said, “The Fallen Immortals don’t care whether the people who defect to them are strong or weak, we’re all just ants in their eyes anyway. It also doesn’t matter if you’re smart or loyal, because they have a way to keep you from playing tricks. The reason why I choose you is simply because it’s convenient.”


Luo Xiao said, “In any case, anyone else is also the same, so why not you?”

This reason was really powerful. Shu Si was very much unconvinced in his heart, but he could not find a reason to refute it. Thus he kept his silence.

Luo Xiao gradually lost interest and said, “It seems that you are also a boring person. Since that’s the case…”

Seeing that Luo Xiao already lifted up his hand, Shu Si quickly said, “Yes, I am willing, of course! Let alone being a dog for the Fallen Immortal, I am even willing to be a dog for you!”

“Good.” Luo Xiao nodded and said, “Alright then, I want you to help me do something.”

“I am listening.”

“Let’s work together to get rid of Black.”

“What?” Shu Si was taken aback, “Why would you want to kill him?”

Luo Xiao smiled and said, “It’s very simple, because he is my boss, and I don’t want to have too many bosses. It’s enough for me to be the dog for the Fallen Immortal, there’s no need for me to have another master.”

Shu Si was even more shocked when he heard this. It turned out that the person behind Luo Xiao was the man in black, which used to be the leader of the Fallen Immortals! However, this was not important. The important thing was… What qualification did he and Luo Xiao have to challenge the Earth Immortal?

“We’re all the dogs of the Fallen Immortals, so there should not be too big of a gap between us. Moreover, Black’s action is too fast, the ‘Mind Disorientation Powder’ of the Fallen Immortals would soon erupt in the City of Immortals. We must stop him as soon as possible.”

Shu Si became more and more confused when he heard that. This ‘Mind Disorientation Powder’ thing, he could barely understand it. A thing that could erupt in the City of Immortals was probably a kind of poison. However, for the Fallen Immortal, wouldn’t it be better if all the people in the City of Immortals were poisoned? Why was it necessary to stop it?

“When the cunning rabbit dies, the dog is cooked.”


“Still not?”

“Still not…”

In the Immortal One Area, outside the poison containment array, several cultivators with white hair but young faces looked at each other and could not help but sigh.

The poison of the Fallen Immortal was really difficult to deal with. It had been three days since the first case of poisoning. One of the poisoned people was unable to be rescued, and instead, many of the cultivators that tried to remove the poison were accidentally poisoned and had to be sealed in the white jade coffin to wait for their death.

Yes, wait for death. At this stage of the development of the situation, no rational person would feel that this kind of poison could really be solved by existing means.

There were already too many people who fell into the sand in front of this strange poison. The leaders of the Five Uniques, Earth Immortal Luo Xue who was expert in poison removal… Even when these people gathered together and brainstormed, they still couldn’t come up with an effective treatment method.

At present, all that they could do was to seal the poisoned people to prevent the poison from spreading madly. The people lying in the white jade coffins looked like corpses to others. And those cultivators who guarded the poison containment array were the same as tomb guardians.

The speed of the rotation of the tomb guardians was very fast, they changed shifts every two hours, with two people in each shift. The main reason was that, previously, there was an inexplicable poisoning of the tomb guardian before, so the effect of the white jade coffin and the poison containment array began to be questioned. After many negotiations and compromises, a shift system was established—although the number of poisoned people continued to increase, in theory, there should be no risk of poisoning in just two hours.

However, of course, this kind of work was not what everyone wanted to do. Whenever they were forced to take the shift, they would be full of complaints.

“Tell me again, why do we have to guard these corpses? It’s just giving people bad luck! These white jade coffins and the poison containment array are not reliable at all! Fairy Bi Liu of Graceful Water Manor was alive and well, but she was inexplicably poisoned beside the white jade coffin. I think it’s better to destroy these coffins as soon as possible.”

“Destroy? I hate to break it to you, but there are three Successor Disciples of Spirit Sword Sect that lie in the middle of this poison containment array. If you dare speak to Daoist Master Feng Yin about this, be careful of being cut by him.”

“Tsk, what’s wrong with Spirit Sword Sect? Are their successor disciples not dead? Could those lie in the white jade coffins resurrect themselves? Life and death are ruled by fate, even if Daoist Master Feng Yin chops me, his disciples would not come back… Be reasonable!”

“Be reasonable? Hehehe, Daoist Master Feng Yin has a good temper, maybe he can reason with you. But when Daoist Master Wang Lu appears, see if he’s willing to reason with you!”

“Wang Lu… What’s the matter with him? Would I be afraid of a mere Jindan?… Even If I am not his match, I can still run away! Moreover, right now, in the current situation, even the help from the Earth Immortals is of no use, what can he do? If he has the ability to remove the poison, I will immediately go to kneel at the foot of Spirit Sword Mountain for ten years!”

“Brother, I advise you not to talk too much… This is not to despise you, but things related to Daoist Master Wang Lu often resulted in unexpected ways. If you think he can’t do it, he will do it just to show you he can. Now the situation in the City of Immortals is so urgent, but he never shows up. I’m afraid that as soon as he comes back, he will turn the world upside down.”

“F*ck, if he’s going to make a big difference when he comes back, why doesn’t he come back earlier? I think he probably won’t come back! Four Element Supreme seems to do as he pleases in his action, but he actually follows a rule. There are four successor disciples of the Spirit Sword Sect and three are lying behind us. Why do you think Wang Lu can stay out of it?”

“… Believe it or not, when you go to Spirit Sword Mountain to kneel, don’t say that I didn’t remind you.”


“You mean to say that… this is not a poison?”

In the whirlpool of stars, Wang Lu asked the voice in his mind.

“Regardless whether it’s a poison or not, for the moment, it doesn’t matter. Why are you here?”

“… Because I’m always with the holy light. My dear master, I have actually been with you all these years, have you forgotten it?”

The voice in his mind was a bit funny and somewhat resentful.

Of course, Wang Lu didn’t forget. At that time, were it not because of Faceless using holy light to bind Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Skybreaker Sword, it wouldn’t have been easy for his golden core to perfectly form… At present, everyone knew that Wang Lu used two great cultivation methods as his foundation. One was offensive and the other was defensive. However, they didn’t know that his golden core actually contained three Main Paths. Non-Phase Method, Primal Chaos Skybreaker Sword, as well as the Sea of Holy Light.

It was just that Wang Lu had no interest in the Sea of Holy Light. From the beginning, the Holy Light was always used as a kind of glue, so its sense of existence was not strong. When Wang Lu reached the Yuanying Stage, the colorful Yuanying could be perfectly compatible with multiple Main Paths, so the existence of the Holy Light became somewhat redundant. Nevertheless, it was still the strongest Main Path in the Western Continent, so there was no harm in keeping it.

Wang Lu was not surprised that, as the agent of Holy Light Religion in Nine Regions, Faceless would always be by his side—like he said, Wang Lu was the real source of Holy Light in Nine Regions.

He just wondered why Faceless would suddenly appear? For a long time, Faceless had perfectly played the role of an insignificant transparent character. He did not interfere with Wang Lu’s life at all. Even when Wang Lu encountered danger, he ignored it. Thus, coming out at this moment was really strange.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I saw something familiar, so I can’t help but be deeply moved, that’s all.” Faceless said as if he wanted to arouse people’s curiosity and then stopped talking.

However, with the hint of this sentence, Wang Lu could certainly guess the truth.

“The thing that you felt familiar is certainly the Holy Light. And you said that this strange poison is non-poison, is it a kind of Holy Light? Or rather a psychotropic drug? That’s what you guys used when you groomed Holy Light fanatics right?”

Faceless let out a smile in Wang Lu’s mind and said, “You are wrong…”

“What we used is a bit more advanced than that.”