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Chapter 741: The Whole Family Together

In the Whirlpool of Stars, two lights were flying in parallel, moving very fast. However, compared to the vast sea of stars, they looked really slow.

Wang Lu drove the Rouge Tears, pushing the speed to the limit regardless of the turbulence of his Yuanying. After a long acceleration, his speed was enough to make most of the top Yuanying Stage cultivators only able to look at him at the back… However, for him, this was still not enough.

At the current speed, it would take at least half a day to get back to the City of Immortals… And for the Fallen Immortals, half a day was enough to make a baby.

On the other side, the woman next to Wang Lu looked calm and thoughtful.

“Speaking of which, I have a question that I haven’t figured out yet.”

“Sh*t, since when did you start thinking about life?”

Wang Wu waved her hand and said, “I don’t need to think about the hardness of life, the only one in my mind is this question: Why didn’t the other party release this highly contagious poison earlier? If they did it at the start of the Grand Competition, such as the opening ceremony, I’m afraid all the senior management of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would be wiped out… But now, after being familiar with the City of Immortals and having a year of operation, we will have some more or less room for contingency.”

“So, what do you think?”

Wang Wu said, “That’s what I don’t get. But, this poison… it began to spread shortly after Senior Gem Emperor woke up, didn’t it?”

“Do you doubt Senior Gem Emperor?”

Wang Wu said, “You don’t doubt her?”

“… It’s true that anyone should be doubted at this time. But, in the case of Senior Gem Emperor, I choose to trust her.”

“Oh…” Wang Wu smiled in surprise, “Why don’t you explain to me in depth where this trust comes from? Since when did your tool become so good that you can even subdue an Earth Immortal?”

Wang Lu was deeply impressed by this woman’s psychological quality of being able to nitpick any time anywhere. He replied, “We have lived together for so many years, don’t you know me?”

“… All right, let’s assume we can trust Senior Gem Emperor for a while, how do you explain the fact that her awakening and the spread of the poison are almost at the same time?”

Wang Lu said, “It’s very simple. How did she wake up?”


“When I asked Xuan Mo and some other people before, they told me it was an accident that Senior Gem Emperor woke up. All the Earth Immortals gradually regained consciousness after the Tomb of Immortals were opened, and it happened roughly at the same time. So, what’s the reason for Senior Gem Emperor to be out of sync with the others?”

“You’re overthinking it. The awakening of the Earth Immortals themselves was an accident. So what if there was a time error? When we first woke Xuan Mo up, her awakening was not completely synchronized with that of Bai Ze and the others.”

Wang Lu nodded and said, “That’s why it’s more strange. The awakening of the Earth Immortals could have a sequence. But, after the first person woke up, won’t he or she wake up the others? When we met Bai Ze in Heavenly Earth at that time, it was to wake Xuan Mo up. However, half a year after the Earth Immortals woke, Senior Gem Emperor was able to wake up, and Xuan Mo and others knew nothing about it. It could only be said that they tried to wake Senior Gem Emperor up, but failed.”

“It might be that they didn’t even know that Senior Gem Emperor was sleeping here… But what you said makes sense. It’s strange to think of the awakening of Senior Gem Emperor, and if we add the spread of the strange poison… Are you saying that these are all being manipulated from behind the scenes?”

“That’s hard to say because it’s not logical: Waking up Senior Gem Emperor is obviously not good for the spread of the poison. In these recent days, she slaughtered dozens of World Dragons in the whirlpool of stars, which greatly inhibited the spread of the poison. And because she left an avatar in the City of Immortals, the other party failed to make a move in the City of Immortals. Until…” Wang Lu looked at the woman in white beside him. The latter had an innocent look as if she had forgotten the dead Full Red Ancestor Dragon.

“In short, the awakening of Senior Gem Emperor is obviously not conducive to the spread of the strange poison. It’s impossible to say that both of them are intentionally done by people behind the scenes. But, we can also assume this: At the start, the strange poison was not in the hands of the Fallen Immortals. It was probably suppressed by Senior Gem Emperor, or at least closely related to her. Therefore, if the Fallen Immortals want to take out the strange poison from the Tomb of Immortals, they would inevitably wake Senior Gem Emperor up.”

Wang Wu said, “You make too many assumptions there.”

“So here’s another guess: To awaken Senior Gem Emperor is to achieve a greater goal. The strange poison that is currently spreading is just an appetizer.”

“A greater goal? Do you mean, for example, the deepest secret of the Tomb of Immortals?”

Wang Lu said, “The problem that allows Senior Gem Emperor to let go of the City of Immortals without hesitation, and go all out to deal with it, is probably that deepest secret… But now, there’s no time to explore any deepest secrets, the City of Immortals needs our help more.”

Actually, there were already dozens of Heavenly Sage Hall Elders in the City of Immortals. But, Wang Lu had no doubt that he could play a role there.

“As for Senior Gem Emperor… Right now, I can only trust her.”

Back to the original topic. Why did Wang Lu choose to trust Senior Gem Emperor?

Because currently, he could only trust her.


“Is there really no other way?”

“Just now, Supreme Kuqin has also seen it, the best solution is to make a clean break.”

“Make a clean break… How sure is Kuqin about this?”

“I’m twenty percent sure it can get rid of the poison.”

“That is to say, there’s an eighty percent chance that not only it can’t guarantee safety, the poison itself might not be completely removed?”


“Supreme Tian Lun, what is your opinion?”

“Relying on the current sample, by extrapolation, then it would take at least three years to reduce the poison to more than fifty percent.”

“Then according to the proportion, completely eliminating it would take at least three hundred years!”

“… Daoist Master need not be anxious. Earth Spirit Hall’s sisters will be here soon. They also could be considered as highly skilled practitioners of the way of poison. Maybe they can help.”


In the Immortal One Area in the City of Immortals, many Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall were standing around three huge white jade coffins. The white jade coffins were covered with as much as a hundred prohibition talismans. Inside these coffins lied one man and two women. They were the three Successor Disciples of Spirit Sword Sect who were previously poisoned. Many Heavenly Sage Hall Elders carefully observed through the prohibition talismans and deduced the toxicity and planned for the poison removal. However, no matter who they were, they all frowned, unable to do anything.

In fact, it was only an hour since Zhu Shiyao was poisoned. In this short period of time, more than one hundred cultivators from all major sects had visited successively to discuss the treatment plan. In the end, even the leaders of the Five Uniques made a diagnosis and treatment one after another, and they still failed.

At this time, Daoist Master Feng Yin and Supreme Xian Xia were waiting for the arrival of the Earth Spirit Hall’s sisters in front of the white jade coffin. The two Divine Poison Sisters had a great reputation in the Central Region. Their expertise in the way of poison was awe-inspiring and limitless, such that they always considered themselves as a cut above the others. Even this Grand Competition couldn’t move them to go down the mountain. This time, Supreme He Tu sent someone to invite them out with a heavy gift.

However, at this time, even Supreme He Tu didn’t have a high expectation that they could uncover the poison in Zhu Shiyao’s body.

A moment later, two purple clouds arrived. The Divine Poison Sisters of Earth Spirit Hall came side by side with style.

After they stood in front of the coffins for a cup of tea’s time, they took two steps back. Purple air appeared on their faces, which showed their inner turmoil. The elder sister bit her lips and said to Feng yin, “Apologize, the two of us can do nothing about it. The deposit will be returned in full.”

With that, the two of them drove away on their purple clouds, leaving behind a group of sighing Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall.

“The Earth Spirit Hall Sisters also can’t do it, who else should we look for next? The legendary dragon in the green dragon pool? That dragon’s poison is so fierce, but its body could withstand ten thousand poisons.

“That dragon’s ability to withstand poison relies on the dragon pearl. Do you expect it to spit out the dragon pearl and give it to us? What’s more, if the dragon pearl can remove the poison, do you think Daoist Master Feng Yin will still sit and watch his three Successful Disciples unconscious?”

“Alas, it’s indeed the way of Fallen Immortals. Once they make their move, the outstanding heroes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are unable to do anything about it. It is indeed superior to that of Earth Immortals.”

“… What did those Earth Immortals initially say about the poison?”

“They said that this poison once made the leader of the Earth Immortals helpless. Only by…”

“Only by cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots could the poison be removed. But now the poison has spread in the City of Immortals. I don’t know how many disciples and Elders of big sects are unfortunately poisoned. Who could cut the weeds and eliminate the roots?”

“At the time of the incident, our response was timely. Relying on the City of Immortals, we managed to control the situation. All the poisoned people had been isolated and the poison is not out of control.”

“But the whereabouts of Four Element Supreme is still unknown, he might reappear at any time… Alas, I don’t know what the Shengjing’s area surveillant envoys were doing!”

“Hey, it seems that someone is coming here again. At this time, they still don’t know how ‘to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat’… Do they want to use this opportunity to hype themselves up, or are they really sure?”

“… You, old man, really don’t pay attention to outside matters. The one who comes here is more famous than the sisters before. She’s the only surviving disciple of the Great Desolation Era Witchcraft in Nine Regions who once won the battle against Poison Immortal.”

It was another tea’s time.

“… What did that young woman A Wu say?”

“She said that the poison is non-poison, so ordinary poison removal methods would not work. Moreover, she’s just a witch doctor, so she doesn’t know the deeper way…”

“Wait a moment, the poison is non-poison? What does that mean?”

“Supreme Xian Xia also asked about it, but Miss A Wu can’t speak clearly when she’s anxious, and often even speaks in local dialect… Alas, I had hoped that with a different way of thinking, some good things would come out.”

Several Elders were having a discussion in front of the white jade coffins when suddenly, a few middle-aged cultivators came quickly from the outside. They looked serious and even ashen and they carried a few white jade coffins. Their cold anger was visible.

But which of the Elders present at this time was not well-informed? They immediately stopped these people and said, “What are you guys doing?”

The leader of the middle-aged cultivators responded with great forbearance, “… We are cultivators of Mount Sky Terrace. Our disciples are poisoned. Please help us!”

At the same time, there was a fast-approaching rolling cloud of fire. In the middle of the fire cloud, the Red Robed Elder looked furious.

“Four Element just made another move. He killed two Yuanying Stage disciples and five successor disciples of Mount Sky Terrace. I beat him back but failed to stop him. I asked them to come here. Could you guys save those five disciples?”

After the Elders who guard in front of the white jade coffin heard the explanation of the Red Robed Elder, they nodded and let the group of middle-aged cultivators put the five white jade coffins beside Zhu Shiyao and the others. At this point, the number of white jade coffins turned to eight.

How many more would there be?