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Chapter 738: A One Sided Battle

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Wang Lu, once again, was shocked.

After being together with Wang Wu for the past decades, he had been shocked more than once or twice. However, this time, his shock must be in the top three.

To be specific, it was about the same as knowing that the wife who once had shared the bed for many years, was actually a man, and had one hundred and eighty lovers and that she was miraculously pregnant for three years and six months, and then gave birth to a lion…

And all the surprises came down to this question:

“Why are you here?”

Wang Wu, who broke away from the dark world, was also curious to see Wang Lu and Senior Gem Emperor and did not answer that question.

Instead, her eyes flicked between the two and said, “You’re here for your honeymoon?”

Wang Lu glanced at Senior Gem Emperor and wondered whether she, an ancient person from sixteen thousand years ago, could understand the meaning of honeymoon.

Fortunately, Senior Gem Emperor didn’t seem to understand.

Or that she was still in shock of the explosion of Full Red and has yet to recover.

Wang Lu didn’t understand the secret of Full Red, but it seemed that the death of Full Read was of great significance, which shocked Senior Gem Emperor speechless. However, the problem was not this.

“… Why are you here?” Wang Lu repeated his question, and then asked seriously, “Are you ok?”

Wang Wu smiled and said, “What? Of course, I’m ok. Who do you think I am?”

Wang Lu frowned, reached up to pull Wang Wu’s wrist and then tried to feel her pulse.

“What are you doing?” Wang Wu drew back her hand and did not give Wang Lu the chance to play.

“Are you all right?” Wang Lu asked, “According to your style, you would ask me for a high work-related injury fee at the first chance. Putting out such a heroic stance by saying it’s ok, I think you have a brain injury or something.”

“… It’s your brain that has been injured!” Wang Wu scolded back, looked around, and asked Wang Lu, “Why are you here? And What the hell is this? Is it the Immortal Tombs? Sh*t, how come I came to the Immortal Tombs?”

Wang Lu took a breath and asked, “What’s going on?”

“What else could be going on? I was tricked in the City of Immortals.” Wang Wu shrugged her shoulders indifferently and said,” The other side knows that I’m good at defending and not good at attacking, so they exploited it and sent me to a secluded space. They planned to use it as a secret room to defeat my Non-Phase Method. But, I am, after all, an expert whose power is against the sky. I mainly crushed the opponent’s plot…”

Wang Lu looked back at Senior Gem Emperor, who was still in a dull state. Inwardly, he said, Master, you actually crushed something that shouldn’t be smashed. However, that was not what matters now.

“In other words, the other party has dared to fight openly in the City of Immortals?” Wang Lu said to himself, “The progress is faster than expected. What happened?”

With that, Wang Lu looked at Wang Wu with a questioning look.

Previously, he had accompanied Senior Gem Emperor to hunt in the whirlpool of stars. He knew nothing about what happened in the City of Immortals, thus, he could only ask Wang Wu about what had happened.

Wang Wu thought about it and decided that it was too troublesome to describe the changes that happened during this period clearly. Thus, she nodded and said, “Yes.”

“… You think such a short answer is enough for such a question? Do you want the allowance?”

“Is there an allowance? Why don’t you say it earlier? I’m fine at giving you a detailed report of the situation!” Wang Wu said with a flirtatious eyebrows gesture, “If you want to know everything, with my present value, then the report would be valued at five thousand spirit stones per thousand words.”

Wang Lu coldly said, “And you want to write that ‘Report of the Situation’ as a column in the newspaper?”

“Hahaha, that’s just the first part of a series of reports. Next, I want to write another big series. You can get twenty percent of the remuneration.”

While the two of them were talking, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly interjected, “Wang Lu, I want you and your Master to hurry back to the City of Immortals as soon as possible. I will try my best to deal with this matter.”

Wang Lu listened carefully and immediately grasped the key point, “Deal with the matter with all your strength? You mean…”

Senior Gem Emperor nodded, “Yes, I will take back my avatar from the City of Immortals.”

“That’s the most important deterrent weapon in the City of Immortals. You need to take it back… that’s why we need to get back to take over as soon as possible?” Wang Lu smiled and said, “In other words, Senior, you have fully trusted us?”

“Only you.” Senior Gem Emperor said to Wang Lu and then shot a glance at Wang Wu out of the corner of her eyes. Although she didn’t say much, the almost overflowing killing intention in her eyes was chilling.

The next moment, Senior Gem Emperor flew away in a flash.

Wang Wu gazed at her until she was far away with lingering fear. After a long time, she said to Wang Lu, “Did you see that? She just flirted with me… I wonder what sparkling trait in me that attracts her?”

“… Probably your ethics and lower limit that shocked her?” Wang Lu shook his head and said, “Although Senior Gem Emperor didn’t say it clearly, I’m afraid that it’s not a good idea for you to destroy that World Dragon with brute force.”

Wang Wu sneered at this and said, “Otherwise, what does she want me to do? Waiting for the dragon to digest me? This is the responsibility of her group of Earth Immortals, they can’t even take good care of their pets. Since this World Dragon is very important, they shouldn’t let it fall into the enemy’s hands. It’s already benevolent of me not blaming them for not looking after their pets.”

Wang Lu couldn’t say anything more.

Wang Wu was absolutely right. From the beginning to the end, she didn’t do anything wrong. She couldn’t be held responsible. Thus, before Senior Gem Emperor left, although her anger toward Wang Wu almost went to the brim, she didn’t take any action. On the contrary, she trusted the City of Immortals to them, a pair of Master and disciple.

This trust was actually given to Wang Wu. Based on Wang Lu’s Yuanying Stage level, there was no use for him in the Immortal level war. Only the number one Jindan in Nine Regions could really serve as the main force.

“All right, let’s go back to the City of Immortals… According to your description, I’m afraid it’s already messy over there.”

Wang Wu said, “So we have another choice. We can go back to clean up the mess after the chaos… Hey, don’t stare at me like that, I was just offering an idea, cough!”

While speaking, Wang Wu suddenly coughed.

Wang Lu immediately turned his gaze to her.

A cough… This was rare for a Jindan Stage cultivator—much less the most famous Jindan Stage cultivator in Nine Regions. Considering that she just burst an Ancestor Dragon with incredible brute force… It would be a bit unbelievable to say that she was still fine.

The number one Jindan in Nine Regions… This name was full of mystery for others, but the relationship between Wang Lu and her was different after all.

Wang Lu didn’t ask what she had experienced in the past one hundred and fifty years and never asked what kind of card that she held. However, as a cultivator of Non-Phase Method, he could roughly judge the strength limit of Wang Wu.

It was of no problem for her to protect herself in the inner world of the Ancestor Dragon. However, to break the inner world and smash it together with the Ancestor Dragon, this was far beyond the scope of Non-Phase Method.

Even though Wang Wu’s version of Non-Phase Method has been updated, the basic framework was still the same after all, meaning that she couldn’t have such a strong explosive force. It must have cost a lot to break through the Ancestor Dragon.

However, in the face of Wang Lu’s concerned eyes, Wang Wu just waved her hand and said, “It’s ok, I was just accidentally poisoned.”



At the same time, a great event happened in the City of Immortals, which shocked countless people.

In Immortal One Area, the battle between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and Senior Gem Emperor began again.

Up to now, Senior Gem Emperor had maintained her undefeated record. She had time and time again defeated the elite cultivators who represent the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. No matter what kind of opponents that she faced, and what kind of rules she had to follow, she could always win, until the opponents had nothing to say and even be in despair.

With the skill of utilizing other Earth Immortal’s skills, Senior Gem Emperor actually had a much bigger advantage in the arena than the previous Earth Immortals. So much so that she even disdained to do it herself. With her avatar alone, she had made the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals breathless.

At present, the morale of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had become more and more low, and more and more people no longer believed that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could win the final victory. The Central Arena of Immortal One Area that could accommodate millions of spectators was no longer full.

Of course, there were a lot fewer people willing to fight against Senior Gem Emperor.

Currently, there were more unknown rookies who came forward to fight, because they had no burden. Senior Gem Emperor did not show mercy, but she was not cruel. Even if someone lost, he or she would not be worried about their lives. On the other hand, as long as someone could show a few flashy moves in the arena, that someone would likely win the favor of those big figures in the Immortal Cultivation World. This was basically a business without a loss no matter what.

However, in today’s Central Arena, there was no smart businessman, but a devout immortal cultivator.

“Zhu Shiyao, a disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, would like to learn your swordsmanship, senior.”

In the middle of the arena, the Elder Sister of Spirit Sword Sect had a graceful posture. Her broad red and white robe made her womanly posture more delicate and beautiful. However, a large golden sun sword in her hand made her appear intimidating.

Actually, at present, there were few people who had the courage to fight with Senior Gem Emperor in full view of the public. Thus, Zhu Shiyao’s appearance surprised many people.

This was not like the previous Grand Competition. Right now, there was no stage limit. In other words, Senior Gem Emperor in the arena was a real Earth Immortal level cultivator. Besides the several most famous Supremes in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, who else was qualified to fight with her?

Zhu Shiyao might have a lot of talents. Moreover, Sword Spirit Root matched with Stellar Sword was simple and unique. However, she was only in Jindan Stage, an ant in front of an Earth Immortal. So, why would she?

“Senior, please enlighten me.” Zhu Shiyao said while the golden sun sword was pointed toward Senior Gem Emperor. Her posture was straight as a sword, just like the girl’s unshakable fighting spirit.

The next moment, Zhu Shiyao’s eyes flickered. She then stepped forward and flicked her tender wrist. The golden sun sword then flew out of her hand and turned into a light.

This sword strike was so exquisite and tricky that many eccentric people of Yuanying and Deity Stage clicked their tongue incessantly. As expected, Zhu Shiyao had lived up to the reputation of the Elder Sister of Spirit Sword Sect. It was likely that no other cultivators of the same generation as her could match her in terms of swordsmanship.

However, in front of Senior Gem Emperor, this sword strike seemed immature…

And just as people were thinking about the overwhelming superiority of Senior Gem Emperor…


The golden sun sword pierced the body of Senior Gem Emperor without any obstruction. Senior Gem Emperor’s figure flickered for a moment, and then, with a bang, disappeared without a trace.

Zhu Shiyao retracted the golden sun sword in amazement. She looked around in the field, but couldn’t find the trace of her opponent. A moment later, she even took out a pair of heavy glasses from her mustard seed bag and put them on. Obviously, she began to doubt her vision.

However, Senior Gem Emperor really disappeared.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people in the audience were tongue-tied. They watched Zhu Shiyao on the stage in bewilderment, not knowing what to do. But the other party was nowhere to be found.

After a long time, someone suddenly asked a question.

“Wouldn’t this mean that… we win?”