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Chapter 733: The Hunt For The Source


Along with a bleak and long dragon roar, a flash burst out in the whirlpool of stars. A giant dragon with a long body that stretched for hundreds of miles broke from within! The sea of blood was like the river of heaven. However, in just a moment, the two parts of the corpses were wrapped in the sea of stars and quickly melted in the starlight.

At the same time, the world inside this giant dragon, as well as the millions of creatures in that world, disappeared.

Another World Dragon died miserably, and the assailant was completely different from the annihilation of hundreds of millions of creatures. A pair of cold eyes filled with killing intent was constantly searching for new targets in the whirlpool of stars.

This scene, which was colder than the ninth level of hell, was soon interrupted by a slightly tired young voice and stopped abruptly.

“Oh my, do you have a hormonal disorder, Senior Gem Emperor?”

In the whirlpool of stars, the cold eyes that set off countless bloody rains looked back.

The prestige of the emperor was enough to cause the stars to tremble, but the speaker was calm and composed in the face of all this.

It was just that, his face was filled with a frown.

“Before, you said that the real traitor must be hiding in the whirlpool of stars. I asked why, and you said that it was because of your intuition. Ok, I believed it. You then said that if you want to catch the man as soon as possible, you need to give pressure constantly to force him to show his whereabouts, which I strongly agree with. Then you said that you hope I could watch all of it with you. In the principle of it was better to accompany you to spend leisure time rather than going back to work over time, I also agreed. But… this absurd drama is what you let me watch? The daily life of Gem Emperor, the Dragon Slayer?”

Wang Lu curled his lips and said, “Up to now, I have been with you watching the dragon-slaying drama for three days. The number of World Dragons that died in your hands had nearly reached double digits, you really show your invincible power. But, what’s the significance of this killing? Venting your anger? Resentment? Or do you think that the traitor might hide in those dragons? Moreover, the foundation of the existence of the Immortal Tombs is these World Dragons. If you kill all of them, then it’s over, the fundamental structure of the Tomb of Immortals and the legacy you had to work hard to leave would be lost… Or, do you intend to use this magnificent way to make me fall for you so we can get married? I’m sorry, I didn’t have a good time, I didn’t think you’re going to be so aggressive. In the end, after thinking about it, I have to ask the question just now: Senior Gem Emperor, are you suffering from hormonal disorder?”

Looking at Senior Gem Emperor’s cold eyes, Wang Lu continued, “Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you. On the path to immortality, the higher the level of the cultivator, the more likely they are to suffer from some quirks. For example, I know that there’s an old man named Four Element Supreme, who devoted his whole life to promoting the way of reproduction and thus dropped himself from a man of high moral integrity to a mortal with a sex addict. So, if you tell me now that your hobby is killing World Dragons, I will take it seriously. Senior Gem Emperor, are you a person who has been infected with a strange habit due to hormonal disorder?”

Towards Wang Lu’s sincere inquiry, Senior Gem Emperor’s response was to turn her head and lock her gaze to a leisurely flying World Dragon on the other end of the infinitely distant rivers of stars.

The next moment, Senior Gem Emperor, suddenly disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, appeared tens of thousands of miles away. Her delicate jade hand turned into a sharp invisible sword, and the World Dragon’s head was cut off with one stroke!

Born with supernatural powers and with a strength comparable to an Immortal Beast, the World Dragon was beheaded by Senior Gem Emperor just like that!

Wang Lu, who watched everything, softly sighed.

“People with a hormonal disorder might not be able to make such a decisive strike…”

Before he finished speaking, Wang Lu felt that the look on Senior Gem Emperor slightly changed.

Because the strike just now was mysterious, it was not easy to see. At least, most of the cultivators in Nine Regions could only sigh that Senior Gem Emperor was invincible, but they didn’t understand that her bare-handed wind blade just now was the sharp blade of her immortal heart. On the one hand, it proved that her mind was still rational and calm. On the other hand, it also tested Wang Lu to see if he could understand her intentions.

Of course, Wang Lu could see it through. Although the strength gap between them was vast, his eyesight was definitely not bad. One hundred and fifty years ago, he once confronted a genuine Fallen Immortal. Then, he saw a lot of the means of immortals.

However, these were just details.

After that move, Wang Lu was finally able to confirm his conjecture. He shook his head and said, “If your current killing spree is not emotional due to hormonal disorder, then… the explanation I can think of is that these World Dragons have a reason to die. However, they are obviously the foundation of the Immortal Tombs that you have worked hard to find and nurtured. If you really need to kill them, then you should’ve killed them a long time ago. So, the change should be after you woke up, right? No, it should be a short time ago. Because, with your temperament, I’m afraid you won’t have much patience in this matter. As for the content of the change, I guess it’s probably an irreparably destructive poison?”

Senior Gem Emperor’s face looked a bit surprised, but it quickly became serious again.

She had expected that Wang Lu was keen, but she did not expect him to be this sharp.

For three days, she didn’t explain what she was doing at all, but Wang Lu could infer it almost out of nothing!

She looked at Wang Lu with an unprecedented focus. It was not an aggressive gaze, but with insight that could penetrate all external defenses.

After a long time, Senior Gem Emperor was somewhat satisfied, and reluctantly opened up and revealed the truth.

“That’s right, these World Dragons have been contaminated. The Fallen Immortals could, at any time, use an oral command to turn them and take the treasures buried in them as their own. Of course, the Fallen Immortal might not be able to see our inheritance, but at least we would never have a chance to get it again.”

Wang Lu shrugged and said, “But you’ve cut these World Dragons into pieces. Yet, it seems that you haven’t had time to take anything out of them? There’s not even time to deal with the billions of creatures inside the World Dragons?”

“It’s better than more World Dragons being contaminated.” Senior Gem Emperor explained, “This kind of poison… we have learned it a lot since sixteen thousand years ago. Its infectivity is powerful, erosiveness irreversible, and has absolute lethality at the time of the attack… The only solution to solve this problem is to eliminate all the poisoned individuals the first time it is discovered. This is a kindness to everyone.”

When Wang Lu heard this, he was shocked and could not help but remain silent for a long time.

Was there really such a terrifying poison in this world? Even the World Dragon, a magical creature that could contain a world, could not resist this strange poison? But, from another point of view, since the one who made this poison and gave it were immortals, and their means were beyond the understanding of cultivators in Nine Regions.

“So, is that why you stay here? To deal with this strange poison?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “I can’t rest assured that anyone else besides me could do this. Moreover, no matter how infectious the poison is, there must be a source that spreads it. I think I’m getting closer to that source.”

Wang Lu smiled and said, “You’re still using this reason? Now there are only a few exiles left in the whirlpool of stars, and they could be easily identified and found using the exclusion method. Senior Gem Immortal, when you decisively expelled Bai Ze and others, did you ever think that you would encounter such trouble?”

Senior Gem Emperor very frankly admitted her mistake, “This is really an unexpected trouble. But, I didn’t have a better choice.”

“And now you are basically trapped here. You also only have one avatar in the City of Immortals right? Well, in this case, whatever unexpected things happened there is because of this layout.”

Wang Lu said that and was subconsciously about to leave, but he quickly stopped himself.

“No, since this is a layout, it shouldn’t be that easy for me to go back. So, Senior Gem Emperor, is this why you wanted me to stay in the first place?”

Senior Gem Emperor said, “Here, I can look after you. In the City of Immortals, there are your companions and my avatar, but between here and there, no one can help you.”

Strictly speaking, the area between the whirlpool of stars and the City of Immortals was also a well-developed territory of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, in this case, no one could guarantee the safety there.

Wang Lu was silent for a while and said, “Could you fully grasp the situation over there in the City of Immortals through the connection between you and your avatar?”

“Of course.” Senior Gem Emperor said, “If you are interested in the situation there, I can tell you that in the City of Immortals, the Fallen Immortals have already begun to act. I can clearly look for their stench, but…”

Wang Lu sighed and said, “But you still can’t locate it accurately? I now doubt whether your sense of smell is being used by others…”