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Chapter 731: April’s Fool!

After Wang Wu left, the others did not rush to move.

To protect Four Element Supreme, Wang Wu alone was enough. There were other things that needed to be taken care of by the people left in the pink tower.

They needed to take a closer look at Yin Xuan, a Successor Disciple who left the sect for more than thirty years and then suddenly returned.

He was the first Successor Disciple that Feng Yin and the others accepted since they returned to the sect and reorganized it after the great catastrophe.

In the beginning, Yin Xuan was given to Fang He for guidance. Although the Disciplinary Elder was not good in training a disciple, the skills and methods that he cultivated actually suitable for Yin Xuan’s God of War Blood. Yin Xuan also quickly showed a surprising talent for cultivation.

Even compared with the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect, Yin Xuan was not inferior. As the first Successor Disciple of Heavenly Sword Hall, Yin Xuan was absolutely capable.

Until the disagreement between him and Fang He grew.

Fang He was really not good at teaching. Apart from character reason, the cultivation skill he designed for Yin Xuan had become increasingly difficult to satisfy the need of the Lead Disciple.

Fang He was old-fashioned and stubborn. He was strict with rules and regulations and insisted on restraining desire. Therefore, Yin Xuan was taught to fight against all kinds of desires in his heart. Stimulated his Good of War Blood by overcoming his own desires.

At first, this set of training did have a great effect. However, with Yin Xuan’s progress, the God of War Blood needed more intense and direct fighting. It was hard to satisfy Yin Xuan’s appetite for this kind of skills training.

After that, Wang Wu magically added a stroke to it. She designed a set of self-made skills for Yin Xuan, which divided Yin Xuan into two, separating him into a doppelgänger body called Xuan Yinzi. This body inherited Yin Xuan’s ruthless temperament and the same fiery fighting spirit of God of War Blood. Its strength was almost the same as that of the real body, so Yin Xuan could finally enjoy the battle that made his blood boil.

Because of this, Yin Xuan always regarded Wang Wu as his true Master. But of course, Wang Wu would not admit that she had received such a disciple, and Fang He also had a lot of dissatisfaction with Xuan Yinzi.

Thus, Yin Xuan finally chose to go down the mountain and travel, for decades.

“Yin Xuan, it’s been hard for you all these years. As the Sect Leader, I feel like I have failed in my duties.

A long sigh from Feng Yin laid the tone for the following dialogue.

Fang He’s face suddenly looked a bit unsightly.

As the Sect Leader, Fang He claimed to have failed his duties. Then what about him as the Master? But, in front of Feng Yin, this old-fashioned Disciplinary Elder never overstepped anything because of his personal likes and dislikes. He sat silently in the hall, looking very solemn and not saying anything.

On the other hand, Yin Xuan was still as lively as before. Keeping his thoughtless smile look, he said, “Sect Leader, you’re being too hard on yourself. In just over thirty years, I’ve gone from half a step in Xudan until today. Although there are my personal struggle factors, the foundation that the sect has laid for me is also very important… Seriously. Even younger brother Wang Lu can’t match my speed right?”

Liu Xian shook his head and said, “In terms of speed of cultivation, half a year ago, he was a bit inferior to you. Before he reached Jindan, his speed of cultivation was not so fast. But now, he has also reached Yuanying Stage. Moreover, he is currently in the rapid progress stage. If you two really fight, you might not be his opponent.”

Yin Xuan was a bit surprised, but he was not depressed at all. Instead, he said with sincerity, “It’s impossible to make up for the superiority of being able to receive the instruction of Fifth Aunt from a close distance. Well, although I can’t keep up with the progress of cultivation, I’ve been wandering free all these years, and I’ve violated some rules…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard a cold humph from Fang He, and the temperature in the whole hall immediately turned a bit colder.

Yin Xuan immediately changed his words, “I have done a lot of heroic deeds, such as helping the poor and robbing the rich. And… although it’s inconvenient to be divided into two, it is precisely because I have Xuan Yinzi, which is the Yin to my Yang, my perfect opponent, who struggled with me unceasingly, and kept the God of War Blood boil, that I have been able to soar to this level in a short period of thirty years. I have no regrets about it.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yin Xuan shot a glance at Fang He out of the corner of his eyes, which looked ashen, and quickly added, Of course, Xuan Yinzi inherited the cold-blooded and merciless part of my heart, and there is an inevitable room for rebellion. But, he is him, I am me…”

“He is your avatar! You are responsible for the crime he committed!” Fang He growled.

Yin Xuan immediately changed tactics, “Yes, I know this very well. So, over the past thirty years, I have been working hard to correct and stop his extreme behavior, and have achieved good results. I will never let him do the unthinkable act of destroying the Qing Ming Dojo again. Speaking of this, I want to add that although on the surface, Qing Ming Dojo liked to put on airs, but secretly they sold women to be prostitutes, so them being destroyed by someone is just.”

“There were a total of three thousand nine hundred and seventy-two people in Qing Ming Dojo, do you dare that there were no innocent people in it?”

Yin Xuan frowned and said, “Master, this is where your and my ideas have always been the complete opposite. Certainly, among those people in Qing Ming Dojo, some never personally do evil. But in such a big environment, each of them is contributing to the continuation of the dojo, In other words, their existence in itself is evil. Although Xuan Yinzi’s way is radical, it is not incomprehensible.”

Fang He was even angrier upon hearing this but compared to Yin Xuan’s argument, Fang He was more concerned about, “Xuan Yinzi is dead, and his ideas have begun to affect you?”

Yin Xuan was silent for a while, “Truthfully when you forced me to kneel down and repent, I was just fooling you. I always thought Xuan Yinzi did a good job.”


“Enough, this is not the time to worry about this old thing.” Feng Yin reached out to interrupt Fang He and said, “Yin Xuan, this time you can first discover the act of Fallen Immortal, it is a miracle, but… have you considered everything?”

Yin Xuan said, “Of course not. In the beginning, I, or Xuan Yinzi just wanted to cultivate a useful chess piece, but no one thought that his chess piece really played a big role. Hahaha, that little guy died not for nothing.”

At this time, Fang He couldn’t help but snort, “Died not for nothing? I’m afraid Shu Si still trusted you until the last moment before his death, but you have cast him off mercilessly like an abandoned child.”

Yin Xuan shrugged and said, “Well, I don’t think so. It was Xuan Yinzi who thought that he and Shu Si were not indebted to each other. Shu Si was originally a drifter in the street. If he had not been guided by Xuan Yinzi, he probably wouldn’t live to be thirty years old…”

Fang He coldly said, “He hasn’t lived to be fifteen years old.”

“But he has realized the joy that most human bodies in the world would not. The chief leader of Qing Feng Enterprise, even if he only works for one day, is more valuable than his life as a drifter.” Yin Xuan confidently said, “On this point, I… no, Xuan Yinzi didn’t think that Shu Si has the right to complain.”

Seeing that the two of them were going to quarrel again, Feng Yin interrupted with a question, “Enough, now is not the time to care about these things. Yin Xuan, what else do you have to say about the Fallen Immortal?”

Yin Xuan said, “There is one thing: Luo Xiao killed Xuan Yinzi, he didn’t kill Shu Si along with him. Instead, he left a remnant of his soul on the puppet. Right now I can clearly sense that Shu Si’s remnant soul is still active.”

Although the Jade Bone skill that Shu Si trained seemed to be the same as the Method of The Ice Heart, which was relatively popular, there was some special content in it, which allowed Yin Xuan to control the chess piece at any time. Even if the other side was only a remnant soul.

In this regard, although Feng Yin didn’t say it clearly, his look showed that he was obviously not satisfied. This kind of skill, which directly treated people as puppets, was definitely not righteous—or to put it bluntly, it was simply an evil way. Even without Luo Xiao, it would be impossible for Shu Si to achieve anything on the path of immortal cultivation relying on the Jade Bone Skill.

But unlike Fang He, Feng Yin knew how to be flexible.

“In other words, you can sense Luo Xiao’s movements through the remnant soul?”

Yin Xuan said, “It’s difficult. On the one hand, Shu Si’s remnant soul can’t bear too much pressure. On the other hand… Luo Xiao is not around Shu Si now. He seems to have other things to do. However, Shu Si’s remnant soul could be used as a foreshadowing since Luo Xiao would not do meaningless actions. Leaving Shu Si like that, mostly it’s because he wants to further control the Qing Feng Enterprise through the puppet. Although I created the Enterprise, the scale is not small. It could be used to make waves. He kept Shu Si’s remnant soul for the purpose of concealing people’s eyes and ears—there’s almost no difference between the puppet and the real Shu Si. No one could see it at a glance within Shu Si’s social circle. But, we can also take advantage of this, and it might have unexpected effects when it matters.”

Feng Yin nodded and said, “You’re very thoughtful.”

Yin Xuan said with a smile, “Thank you very much for your praise, Uncle Sect Leader. So, having said so much, I would like to take the liberty to ask, am I… qualified?”

Feng Yin was slightly stunned. Yin Xuan then took this opportunity to ask, “I mean, can I win your trust?”

Feng Yin took a long sigh and was left speechless.


At the same time, the residence of Four Element Supreme also welcomed an unexpected guest.

“Four Element! I know you’re in there. Don’t play dead there. If you don’t send someone to welcome me, watch out, cause I’m going to break in and catch you in bed!”

The barefooted woman in white launched a provocation at the gate, in front of no less than twenty pairs of angry eyes.

For the cultivators of Four Element Sect, this was a rare sight that had not been seen in decades.

The leader of one of the top-ranking sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal was scolded by a Jindan Stage cultivator? This was unheard of!

However, considering that the person who made the bizarre move was the prestigious number one Jindan in Nine Regions, these gatekeepers had to swallow their anger.

Because even if they wanted to speak out, it was not their turn yet. Four Element Supreme was indeed present inside. And faced with such a provocation, he could not fail to show up.

Sure enough, after only a time to burn an incense stick, Four Element Supreme stepped out of his residence and came to meet Wang Wu.

There was clearly a look of anger on Four Element Supreme’s face, and how could the anger of a Supreme be ordinary? Although the several Jindan Stage cultivators that guarded the gate were only looking at his back, they felt that it was hard for them to breathe.

“Is there something you want?”