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Chapter 728: The Game of Cat and Mouse

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

Dead Face had always been slow to walk, but his footsteps at this point were so fast to Shu Si’s ear.

One step, two steps… it was as if in a flash, Dead Face went from the spacious courtyard gate to the door of his bedroom.

And each step meant the abyss was getting closer.

Shu Si was so anxious that he wished he could blow up his little soul to warn him not to come near. However, at this time, he couldn’t do anything but watch everything unfold.

However, Dead Face’s footsteps stopped right at the door. The cold voice then came through the door, but it warmed Shu Si’s heart.

“I asked you to visit Luo Xiao for cooperation, did you do it?”

The tone was as cold as ever, but Shu Si vowed that he had never looked forward to the cold treatment of Dead Face.

‘Get out of here! Don’t come in!’

However, it was clear that his puppet would not give up so easily.

“Luo Xiao said that he would think about it carefully, so I came back in advance to celebrate it. Who knew that when I was in high mood, there was something wrong with my training…? Dead Face, don’t just stand there at the door, come in quickly and help me!”

This puppet perfectly mimicked him, Shu Si seemed to have heard of himself talking!

Fortunately, Dead Face didn’t disappoint him.

“What kind of skill were you practicing? How could you be paralyzed and unable to move?”

The puppet replied, “What else could it be? Of course, it’s the Secret of The Ice Heart that you pass on to me…”

“Secret of the Ice Heart? Where… did you know this name?” Outside the room, Dead Face’s voice became colder and colder, it even caused the little primordial spirit of Shu Si to tremble slightly.

‘Yes, I have never trained the Secret of The Ice Heart. Dead Face only taught me the Jade Bone Technique.’

However, Luo Xiao designed this trap to kill his opponent. It was highly likely that he had already investigated Shu Si thoroughly. So, how could he make a mistake about the skill that Shu Si trained?

Then, who was wrong here?

At the same time, when the puppet’s controller heard the words, he was stunned for a moment, and then explained through the mouth of the puppet, “Of course, it was said by others. The Secret of The Ice Heart is a good name, but you changed its name to Jade Bone Technique. When I compete with my friends, they could see in a glance that it is The Secret of The Ice Heart…”

Dead Face coldly interrupted from outside the door, “You don’t like to train, so how could any of your friends compete with you?”

The puppet looked ashamed and angry as he said, “Stop trying to expose me okay? I was told by an expert okay? If you have time to criticize me outside, why don’t you come in and help me? In case there’s a repercussion, you as my Master will lose your face!”

These words were just the words that the real Shu Si would’ve said.

However, Dead Face clearly knew that, and he still stood outside the door, asking, “Which expert intervened in this kind of other people’s business?”

“It’s Luo Xiao! I had a good agreement with him, and he advised me about my training. If you are still trying to talk so much nonsense, then I think you’re just trying to make me feel bad!”

Dead Face sneered at the door, “You had a good agreement with Luo Xiao? He has kept you out of the door the other day. What could you do to make him suddenly warm to you?”

“With a will, you can achieve anything, okay?! I am the leader of the Qing Feng enterprise, yet I visited him like a dog every day. He must’ve affected by my sincerity, so he let me in… Are you done, Dead Face?”

“Oh, hahaha!”

Just when the puppet began to get angry, Dead Face suddenly burst out laughing outside the door.

This was the first time for Shu Si to hear Dead Face laugh.

Before this, he had always thought that Dead Face did not have any human feelings at all. However, hearing the wild laughter, he suddenly realized that underneath his dead face lied a fiery-like passion.

“Luo Xiao, enough with this puppet show! Not only you’ve killed my disciple and rob him of his soul, you even dare to set up an ambush in my house with killing array. Do you take me for a wood carving or a clay doll?”

While he was talking, a heat wave suddenly came from outside the house, like a volcanic eruption. The walls, doors, and windows were instantly melted, exposing a sea of fire in the courtyard.

Dead Face was in the middle of the courtyard. Every pore of his body sprayed out flames of fire. His thick Daoist robe was burned by the fire, revealing the golden bright and dazzling vest. The whole person was shining like a golden lotus bathing in a sea of fire.

For the first time, Shu Si saw him go all out. This power… was likely not weaker than Yuanying Stage cultivator, and might even touch the edge of Deity Stage.

Was this the real strength of Dead Face? In the face of Luo Xiao’s killing arrangement, he finally showed his true ability… For some reason, there was a trace of excitement and expectation in Shu Si’s heart.

In his impression, Dead Face never really showed his real ability. When he met with him in the marketplace in the past, he thought that Dead Face was just another loose cultivator, and he even thought that his cultivation stage was just Foundation Establishment. However, after their reunion in the City of Immortals, he brought too many unexpected things and pleasant surprises.

Therefore, Shu Si right now even unrealistically expected that Dead Face could turn the tide, defeat Luo Xiao and save him.

However… people couldn’t come back to life after they died. He was killed by Luo Xiao, and there was only one remnant soul left. However, since he could still think and feel the world around him, perhaps he could come back. Even if he could only attach himself to the puppet from now on, meaning that he could not get a complete body, but he didn’t care. As long as he could survive, he didn’t care about anything.

However, the next moment, Shu Si’s heart fell to the bottom of the abyss.

Because he saw Luo Xiao.

Luo Xiao was also in the sea of fire. The flame was pushed away three feet ahead of him. With a trace of a giant overlooking the ant’s gaze, Luo Xiao sneered, “Would it be that bad being a wood carving or clay doll? It was hard to build a stage for you, but you’d rather waste the script… what a waste. Xuan Yinzi, when you stepped into the gate of the courtyard, you’re already a dead man. Do you think you can survive?”

Xuan Yinzi? Was this Dead Face’s real name?

Xuan Yinzi sneered and said, “You think you’d win if you use Shu Si to trick me into entering the door? Luo Xiao, you’ve become a lot dumber after you took on a new master.”

“Who do you expect to save you? Your Qing Feng Enterprise, or the Golden Armored Men of the City of Immortals? Or your ruined Qing Ming Dojo? Unfortunately, in my formation, so sound or breath will leak out. It’s just according to the saying, even if you shout your throat sore, no one will come to save you. In today’s game, your only chance to survive is not to enter the door. A pity that your eyesight is not so good. You can’t see through the flesh puppet that I used.”

Xuan Yinzi coldly snorted but didn’t reply. Instead, he increased the power of his flame. The raging fire was so fierce in the courtyard that it created fire waves as if the sky was burning and the ocean was boiling.

However, with the courtyard wall as the boundary, an invisible barrier stopped the fire waves completely, confining them in a narrow space that was no more than three meters high. Although Xuan Yinzi’s fire waves were fierce, he was like an animal trapped in a cage.

Luo Xiao had indeed spent a lot of time on this killing space… He was one of the best in Jindan Stage, and he obviously had someone of higher level behind him. This time, although Xuan Yinzi’s hidden strength was also very strong, he was still inevitably defeated.

However, after Luo Xiao had clearly taken control of the situation, he was not in a hurry for the killing move. Instead, he wasted precious time talking with Xuan Yinzi.

“Xuan Yinzi, as a matter of fact, I have a hundred ways to make you die without a sound, but I came here especially to set up this trap because… I have a question that I don’t understand. I hope you can honestly answer this, why did you allow your disciple to come to throw away his life?”

Hearing Luo Xiao mentioning himself, Shu Si was shocked.

He then heard Luo Xiao continued, “Although I don’t know where have I exposed my flaws, but since you have seen through me, you should know that the smartest choice is to report the news to the Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall as soon as possible. But you did the opposite and asked your disciple to visit me again and again, which forced me to kill your disciple… Why? What is your intention?”

Hearing this question, Shu Si was hit hard.

‘Yeah, why would Dead Face let me die?’ If he had seen through Luo Xiao for a long time, he should pull him away from Luo Xiao as far as possible! No, he had done that before. Earlier, he ordered Qing Feng Enterprise to stop all projects related to Luo Xiao. Shu Si was puzzled. If at that time Dead Face knew that there was a problem with Luo Xiao, why did he forced him to talk to Luo Xiao about cooperation a few days ago?

Did… he really wanted him to die?

Luo Xiao added, “The only reasonable explanation is that you want to threaten me with this. So you didn’t report me. Instead, you send your disciple as a chess piece to test me, which plainly tells me that you already know about my new identity. As for whether the chess piece is alive or dead, you certainly don’t care. But you probably didn’t expect that I would make my move so fast. You didn’t think that I would go to war to silence people in the City of Immortals.”

“That’s the most reasonable guess that I could make. But on the safe side, I’ll give you a chance to talk. Xuan Yinzi, cherish this opportunity and say something that is surprising… I might be able to spare your life.”

For Luo Xiao, who now controlled the whole situation, he really could waste time for this. He stared at Xuan Yinzi calmly in the sea of fire and waited for his answer.

Xuan Yinzi’s response was another sneer.

“Luo Xiao, among your guesses… only one thing is right.”


“That little moist is really just a piece of chess. But, I will never abandon my piece.”

Hearing this answer, Luo Xiao’s face darkened a bit.

“Also, there’s another mistake in your judgment of this little mouse, He doesn’t train The Secret of The Ice Heart.”

“Not The Secret of The Ice Heart? So what kind of Jade Bone Technique is that?” Luo Xiao frowned, “But so what?”

“Luo Xiao, let me ask you a question; After you killed my disciple and rob his soul, did you take care of his body? Have you ever thought about what that body is doing now?”

Luo Xiao’s face changed, “You!”