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Chapter 720: Write a Chapter to Celebrate the Weekend on Friday

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“… Do you guys think people of Beast Taming School could cry?”

In Wang Lu’s private courtyard in Immortal Five Area, he idly rotated his writing brush and asked the secretaries around him.

Some of the secretaries, who were temporarily transferred from Heavenly Sage Hall, were not familiar with Wang Lu’s working style. In the face of this question, they were nervous and didn’t know how to answer.

When they thought about the scene that happened not long ago… perhaps there were people of Beast Taming School that actually cried.

The Chief Secretary Hai Yunfan sighed. “It was indeed terrible… In the field that they are expert at, they were being played like a monkey. In the eyes of millions of people, they completely lost their faces. I’m afraid those who participated in the match would find it hard to get away from the heart demon obstruction in the future. I completely didn’t expect that Senior Gem Emperor would suddenly turn hostile in this match after behaving very nicely in the previous matches.”

Wang Lu smiled as he said, “That’s normal. In the first three matches, everything was fair and aboveboard. On the one hand, she needed to show her absolute crushing strength. On the other hand, she couldn’t discard the Emperor’s leniency and kindness—at least in contrast to the man in black’s killing. So, of course, she deliberately made herself look good. However, in today’s three matches, the first test was a test of intelligence. But since the dish washing match, it was clear that I was playing tricks on her. So it’s strange if she didn’t give a little punishment.”

After Wang Lu’s explanation, the cultivators in the room finally felt enlightened. However, soon some people realized the deeper content and couldn’t help but opened their eyes wide and showed an inconceivable look.

Hai Yunfan straightforwardly asked, “So, you have already expected this result?”

Wang Lu said, “I didn’t expect it to happen—how could it be easy to guess the action of Senior Gem Emperor. However, to slap people, of course, you must be prepared to turn over your cheek. So this result can’t be said to be unexpected, hahaha.”

“… In the end, it’s intentional. How much do you hate the Beast Taming School? Was this due to your past grievance against them? Right now you’re already in Jindan Stage, why do you remember the past’s slight so dearly?”

Wang Lu waved hand and said, “If I still keep my grudge for Beast Taming School, it’s really easy to toss them around with my authority in the past six months.”

“Well, that’s true…” Hai Yunfan thought for a moment and realized, “Nevertheless, according to your plan, there must always a sect to be used as a guinea pig, and as it happened, Beast Taming School was the perfect match.”

Wang Lu said, “Yes, a sage said that internally, one must not shun relatives, while externally one must not shun a virtuous person. I was just acting in accordance with the words of the sage.”

Hai Yunfan said with emotion, “… If you keep being this shameless, sooner or later, you’re going to become a sage.” After a pause, he asked again, “By the way, did you see anything related to the secret of Senior Gem Emperor’s omniscience and omnipotence?”

Wang Lu replied, “I have some thoughts, but today after watching the matches all day, I haven’t found any evidence to prove my conjecture. Senior Gem Emperor probably understood that I was using these tricks to test her, so she hid her cards well. The only thing that was clear is that under normal circumstances, she would never be as versatile as she is now.”

Hai Yunfan frowned and asked, “In normal circumstances? Do you think she cheated?”

“Senior Gem Emperor is so proud of herself that she wouldn’t do such things. At most, she used a cheap trick. No, even a cheap trick would betray her personality. However, I could feel that from the bottom of her heart, she felt that today’s matches were beneath her. She thinks of herself as an emperor, so of course, she wouldn’t bother to master these low-lying skills… But yet, she mastered them and is even better than those who are professionals. If she’s not cheating, then what good reason could it be?”

At this point, the answer seemed to be on the verge of coming out into the open. But yet, it seemed to be covered with a veil, making it unclear.

This kind of only-one-step-away-to-the-finish-line feeling was difficult to bear. Hai Yunfan pondered for a long time at his desk before he finally gave up. “Although I have all kinds of guesses, there is no way to make further reasoning according to the current conditions.”

Wang Lu said, “Yes, the information is limited. And it’s meaningless to rely on fantasy. So… it’s time to gather some new information.”


An hour later, on an island filled with wind and fog, Wang Lu sat on the ground and ended a long story. He then took a sip of tea and licked his lips and said, “That’s the reason why I came to visit faraway to this place. As for Senior Gem Emperor, I don’t think anyone here knows more than you. So, please tell me, what is the secret of the omniscience and omnipotence of Senior Gem Emperor.”

On the opposite side of Wang Lu, a woman with sad eyes sighed helplessly, “Just to ask this question, you took the risk to come to the broken world to find us? Have you ever thought about what if Senior Gem Emperor discovers you here?”

Wang Lu said, “So what if she discovers me? She has a feud with you, but what that has got to do with you and me? I’m just an unimportant third-party passer-by. As an emperor, surely Senior Gem Emperor wouldn’t be this petty right?”

Xuan Mo smiled bitterly, “Of course she won’t embarrass you because of your friendship with us… But, now you are actively inquiring about the information that you shouldn’t be inquiring about… Well, since you have already come, it’s probably useless for me to advise you to go back. If you want to hear it, then I’ll tell you.”

Wang Lu nodded, “I’m all ears.”

“It’s actually very simple. Your initial thoughts are not wrong.” Xuan Mo whispered, “No one in the world could be omniscient and omnipotent. The legendary figures in the desolation era have their own strengths and their own main paths, but no one excelled in everything. No one. However, although there is no omniscient and omnipotent individual on the planet, there might be an omniscient and omnipotent team of individuals. And as it happens, her ability is to borrow other people’s strength for her to use. Thus, when she needs it, naturally she could be omniscient and omnipotent.”

“Use the power of others for her own use?” Wang Lu frowned slightly and said, “I see. Well, that makes sense. Borrowing the power of others is really an ingenious but aboveboard way of doing things. Senior Gem Emperor regards herself as the emperor, and it’s only natural for an emperor to drive others for their own use. No wonder she dares to challenge us, the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals alone. It turns out that it’s the entire Earth Immortal camp who really fights us! She is good!”

After sighing with emotion, he posed another question, “What role did this kind of character play in your camp in the past? How could she get along peacefully with your leader when she is so domineering in character and ability?”

Xuan Mo sighed again, “In those days, although Senior Gem Emperor was a bit headstrong, she was not as arrogant as now. As for her relationship with our leader… It was indeed a bit strange now that I think about it. When our leader is still alive, she was very low-key, and never had a dispute with him. We used to think that it was the charisma and personal prestige of our leader, but it seems that there might be other reasons.”

Wang Lu said, “You basically say that she’s a bully…”

“Senior Gem Emperor… is not that mean. I admire her courage in the battlefield, where she has repeatedly stood up to the strong enemy and sometimes even volunteered to put herself in danger.”

“Oh, your leader has the most charming personality then. So much that even Senior Gem Emperor was willing to bow down? Unfortunately, now it’s back to normal since no one could suppress her… Speaking of which, let me ask another sensitive question.”

Wang Lu paused, waiting until Xuan Mo listened to him carefully to his words before saying, “I have observed that although Senior Gem Emperor is headstrong, she has a broad mind and amazing courage. Especially when compared with you, the contrast is even stronger. I still remember that when you guys have just woken up from deep sleep. When you guys saw us, future cultivators, you guys started arguing that we are not successful and worthy of the inheritance. Your compatriots even planned to uphold being the masters of Nine Regions. Then, there was the Grand Competition. However, this is in contrast to Senior Gem Emperor. When she realized the weakness of the later generations, she thought of offering us help and shelter. In my opinion, Senior Gem Emperor is much kinder and gentler than you guys. So, why was such a gentle person shouted out to kill you guys upon waking up? She could even tolerate us, a strange group of later generation cultivators, but couldn’t accommodate her own compatriots?”

After listening to this, Xuan Mo kept silent for a long time.

There was an answer in her mind, but it was not convenient for her to say it.

“Never mind. You don’t have to force yourself to answer. Your expression now has given me a lot of information.”

Wang Lu stood up and looked around the islands. He then said, “You exiles are obviously still being pursued by Senior Gem Emperor, but it looks like you guys are not forming a group, but instead struggling separately. I’ve been talking with you for so long, but I haven’t even met a third person. Very well, it’s already late now, it’s time for me to go back. I hope that the next time I meet you, it would not be in such a dark and secret place, but out in the open.”

Xuan Mo forced out a smile and said, “I hope so.”