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Chapter 719: Write A Chapter On Thursday To Call For The Weekend

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“… This is beyond expectation, truly unexpected.”

Holding the freshly produced test paper, Wang Lu, as an examiner, was radiant with delight and was full of admiration. His review on the paper was full of praise.

However, around him, several other examiners clearly looked ashen, as if their veins suddenly burst open. Furthermore, this subconscious fury ignited the examination hall and made a group of young cultivators rush to put out the fire.

“What a mess! What a scandal.”

A senior examiner shook his head and sighed. A thick paper in his hand was turned over and over by him. He saw that the writing on the paper was dense, and every question had an extremely detailed argumentation and solution. The reasoning was clear and orderly, and the writer’s thought was deep and meticulous. Although it was just a test paper, it was like a delicate artwork.

However, after the old cultivator held that art for a long time, at last, he sighed and tore it to pieces.

Someone around him advised, “Don’t worry, Daoist Master Wan Juan, your sect’s eldest disciple, Jian Mu, has performed very well. Such is a tricky examination test, he actually got 60% of them right. This has far exceeded the majority of the candidates, thus he truly represents the brilliance of your Hong Shui Sect.

The old cultivator looked discouraged and defeated. “But he lost to Senior Gem Emperor.”

The persuading person smiled bitterly and said, “Senior Gem Emperor is the emperor of the Earth Immortals. She has an all-around talent. No one could compare to her, let alone Heng Shui Sect. The cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect who have eyes set higher than the top returned in low spirits. Their scores are not as good as Jian Mu…”

The old cultivator raised his head excitedly. “But the cultivators of Heng Shui Sect have never lost to anyone on the test paper! No matter whether the opponent is human or immortal! This is the foundation of Heng Shui Sect!”

“Alas…” The persuader had nothing to say. Cultivators of the Heng Shui Sect had always been extreme on this issue. Thirty years ago, Xue Ba, the eldest disciple of Heng Shui Sect and Daoist Priest Tian Shu of Ten Thousand Arts Sect wagered against each other at the bank of Book Ocean. The two finished half the collection in the Book Ocean in one night and then each drew up a question. They fought for three days and three nights in a row. Finally, Xua Ba won by one question. However, after returning to his sect, Xue Ba’s primordial spirit dried up and he died vomiting blood. On the other hand, although Daoist Priest Tian Shu lost the match, he achieved enlightenment because of it and directly broke through Yuanying, Deity, and even further than that…”

In the view of most people, the real winner of that match was undoubtedly Daoist Priest Tian Shu of Ten Thousand Arts Sect. But for Heng Shui Sect, Daoist Master Xue Ba was a model worthy of great esteem, because he had the spirit of Heng Shui Sect in him—Never lost to anyone in a test! They could do it at all costs!

Right now, although Daoist Master Jian Mu surpassed the talents of all the major sects in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in that examination test, he was completely defeated by Senior Gem Emperor… How could the people of Heng Shui Sect bear the defeat in the test?

Old Daoist Wan Juan gnashed his teeth. “This is not over yet… When I go back, I will order all the sect’s disciples to do a closed-door training. They must thoroughly understand these examination test and surpass Senior Gem Emperor before they could go out!”

The nearby people were stunned. “Daoist Master, you must, by all means, calm down! You must not rush this thing. Senior Gem Emperor achieved a correct rate of more than 90% in this examination test, which is incredible. On the other hand, Daoist Master Jian Mu has been training for six months and his accuracy rate is 60%, and he is the top player among many competitors. The gap between them simply could not be made up by seclusion training alone!”

Old Daoist Wan Juan’s eyes were firm when he said, “There are no difficulties in this world that could not be overcome by hard work! Any problem will always bow down in front of the human wave attack! The enemy is merely Senior Gem Emperor, and my disciple only lost because he still doesn’t do enough tests. When I go back, I will put him on the Ocean of Test Boat to roam for ten years. By then, I don’t believe he still couldn’t compare with Senior Gem Emperor!”

“… Ten years, but the Grand Competition will surely end much earlier than that!”

Old Daoist Wan Juan remained his insistence, “But Senior Gem Emperor must still be alive! She’s an Earth Immortal, so she has a long life and is not easy to die. When the time comes, I will let Jian Mu take his revenge!”

“… All right, suit yourself.”

For this exotic sect’s unusual ideas, people couldn’t persuade them even if they wanted to.

But from another point of view, able to force such an extremely exotic sect into a helpless situation… the power of Senior Gem Emperor had indeed reached into the unimaginable territory.

Even for such a side match, she had an overwhelming advantage over the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Daoist Master Wang Lu was the one who personally wrote the questions, organized the examination and personally reviewed the test papers.

This special examination form, which had been gradually increased in popularity on Nine Regions in the last century, had been greatly improved in Wang Lu’s hands. It could effectively test the intelligence level and the ability of the examinees in problem-solving. But in order to cope with the Grand Competition, Wang Lu raised the difficulty of the exam by a thousand times, making it almost impossible.

In order to show fairness, before the competition began, Wang Lu had handed over the types and examples of the test questions and his comments through the planning book before the match to the Earth Immortals. At the same time, he also gave a large number of auxiliary books to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for more targeted special training.

As for the process of writing questions and marking papers, there would be no falsification, because in theory, there was no need to. The people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were in the best position and should not lose. Unfortunately, the fact was present before them.

Even Daoist Master Jian Mu of Heng Shui Sect lost, who else could win? Perhaps Wang Lu could do it, but the question was from him, and it was necessary for him to read the test. How could he be allowed to take the test?

“Alright, no need for us to get depressed. We survived three defeats yesterday, so what’s the loss of the first match today?”

At that time, Wang Lu clapped his hands and said something that was not comforting at all.

With that, he left his desk, walked into the arena and said to the crowd as the host,

“Alright, now we proceed to the next match. Led by the chief maid of the Sixteen Night Villa, a cleaning team of thirty-seven people will participate in the bowl washing competition against Senior Gem Emperor, the leader of Earth Immortal.”

With that, Wang Lu spread out his hands, and suddenly there was a clatter of ‘klank’ sound. A mountain made of all kinds of bowls appeared in the middle of the arena.

In the blink of an eye, a suffocating stench smell pervaded the whole area. In the cleaning team, several young girls who seemed to be in the prime of their lives were slightly shaken and turned pale.

“There are three million bowls here… As you all can see, they have been contaminated with all kinds of filth, and they stink. Your task is to clean these bowls in a limited time. The one who cleans the most wins the match. Warm tip: The materials of these bowls are different and the pollutants are different. So it is necessary to adjust to the specific conditions to remove the dirt. In addition, there are a few bowls with hidden dirt. If they are not found and you treat them as clean bowls and put them together with the other washed dishes, it would likely cause a large range of pollution and discard all your previous achievements. So, it’s time to test your housekeeping skills. Who can clean these bowls accurately and quickly? Let’s wait and see!”

As the host, Wang Lu’s words were precise and clear. With that he flashed away, leaving behind a group of maids who were looking at the mountains of bowls.

As for Senior Gem Emperor, she looked at the back of Wang Lu with great interest. “Dishwashing contest? How dare you make me, the head of Earth Immortals, do such a humble thing… Are you really that bold, or did you already see what’s coming?”

While Senior Gem Emperor was muttering to herself, the chief maid of the Sixteenth Night Villa had taken the lead and rushed to the mountains of bowls. In the two steps that she took to approach the bowls, she put on a full set of equipment—a mask, a headscarf, a pair of gloves, and a white apron. Despite the stench and filth, she waved her hand and retrieved a porcelain bowl from the bowl mountain. She then threw a glance and immediately understood the filth clearly. With another wave of her hand, the white bowl was immediately put on a small table.

Then, a clear spring gushed out from the palm of her hand. When it filled the bowl, it dissolved the filth and took it away.

Several female cultivators watched her action with envy and admiration. The bowl just now, as well as the dirt in the bowl, were not simple. The bowl was a white jade heavenly lotus porcelain, which could not be stained by ordinary filth. Thus, for it to be stained, the dirt had to be special. According to people’s visual inspection, the black fog glue paste residue in that bowl was extremely sticky and insoluble in general liquid, making it very difficult to clean. There was no way to separate that black fog glue paste from the bowl without having Xudan Stage or higher.

However, the disciple of the sixteen-night villa only used a clear spring to clear away the dirt. The clear spring was obviously not an ordinary product but should be a special cleaning agent of the sect. Its effect was really extraordinary. And only the sixteen-night villa with domestic service at its core could have this special product.

However, who could be sent to participate in the competition if not those who were the best in the field of domestic service? Then people saw the dozens of other female disciples showed their own magical powers. They took the dirty bowls from the mountains of bowls and quickly cleaned them up. Their movements were extremely fast. In the eyes of ordinary people, they could only see the blur. In a short time, these female disciples pileup up the clean bowls, turning them into mountains around them. It was truly grand in scale.

During this period, Senior Gem Emperor never made her move. Instead, she looked at the efforts of the others with the attitude of onlookers, as if she had no interest in participating at all.

Wang Lu didn’t give them much time, only three hours in total. In terms of the number and cleaning difficulty of these bowls, most people could clean thousands of them without any mistakes. For example, the elites of the sixteen-night villa could clean more than twenty thousand bowls. Of course, compared to the three million bowls in this competition, it was still a drop in the bucket.

Then, after sparing no effort to prepare so many dirty bowls, did Wang Lu deliberately leave a large margin, or…

At this time, Senior Gem Emperor finally made her move.

She did only two moves.

The first move was to extend her right hand and lift it up slightly.

This action was to lift the whole mountain of bowls.

The second move was to separate her left and right hand up and down. Suddenly the result was there!

The whole mountain of bowls was buzzing and shaking. Numerous tiny dirt swarmed out from all corners of the bowl mountain. They were peeled off from the bowls by an invisible force, gathered, and then the whole mountain of bowls was rapidly lifted up to the sky. In an instant, a dark cloud appeared in the sky. Right at this moment, there was a stream of fire in the sky, which immediately ignited the entire dark cloud and dyed the sky red with blood.

Shrouded with blood, the whole mountain of bowls fell down under the influence of gravity.


A dull noise was heard. The mountain of bowls fell to the ground, slightly shaking the ground. However, this was far less than the shock in the heart of the crowd when they watched the whole process.

What exactly happened just now?

People’s hearts and spirits were in turmoil, but Senior Gem Emperor did not wait for them.

“All right, the cleaning is done, can we end this farce now?”

As she spoke, Senior Gem Emperor turned her eyes to the arena podium.

Wang Lu had been waiting there for a long time.

“Hahaha, you are indeed worthy to be the omniscient and omnipotent leader of the Earth Immortal. Truly an eye-opener. However, today’s schedule is very tight, so let’s not waste time. The next match is a circus performance. Let’s begin!”