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Chapter 716: Looking Forward to the Weekend

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

In the lava cave of the mountain in Royal Soldier Sect, the cultivators who had just finished a day of intense training came to a valley with a clear pool surrounded by the mountains to wash away the internal heat and impurities.

In the hell training plan of Royal Soldier Mountain, an hour of rest time by the clear pool was extremely precious. The cultivators often took this opportunity to chat and relax to adjust their tired spirits.

This period was also the golden time for the spread of gossip.

Standing on a magic cloud, a young girl with beautiful eyes flew fast and landed at the bank of the clear pool. However, just as she landed, her look changed into a solemn one, and her voice was not too loud, it was just loud enough so that dozens of people around her could hear her.

“Have you guys heard that there seems to be a significant change in the Grand Competition…?”

Very quickly someone came over and said, “Sister Tang, what’s the news?”

The real name of the girl called Sister Tang was Tang Tang (different character). She was actually younger than most of the people present, but she had a wide range of friends, which was beyond comparison with ordinary people. From the upper-level rank of Elders of Heavenly Sage Hall of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, down to the peddlers and pawns, her friends came from all over the Nine Regions. Thus, the news came to her really fast. During this half year’s special training, she always brought the freshest and hottest gossip information, which injected some pleasant air into the dull and dreary special training life.

It was just that, this time, Tang Tang’s face was obviously not happy.

“I heard from the Elder of Gu of Flowing Cloud School that now the Heavenly Sage Hall has held several emergency meetings, and decided that the Grand Competition should be greatly simplified. It is said that more than half of them should be written off!”


As soon as the word came out, it was like there was a blast of thunder in the valley. Several cultivators in the pool immediately flew out, completely ignoring their nakedness.

“What did you say? Is that true?”

“Don’t joke with me little Tang. This is a matter of great importance!”

Tang Tang took a look at those people, glanced over their bodies, and thought a bit.

“You guys… when did I ever joke about such things? That Elder Gu said to me personally, could there be any false statement?”

A young cultivator of Jindan Stage who did not know the truth came out and asked, “Why can’t what Elder Gu said to be false? He’s not a high-level real power figure…”

Hearing his words, Tang Tang’s small eyes shot straight toward him and said, “Even if he is not the most top powerful figure, he has to always have a bit of sincerity to coax others to go to bed. If he said false news to deceive me, how would he sleep with me later on?”

“What?” The young Jindan Stage cultivator who asked stared at Tang Tang with astonishment. “You-you mean… How could you…”

As that young Jindan Stage cultivator guessed, Tang Tang relied on her body to get the latest gossip.

She was one of the special cultivators who was best at enjoying the pleasure of sex.

Tang Tang was the Eldest martial sister of Yin and Yang School thirty years ago who later came out of the sect to go independent because she didn’t want to be bound by the rules of the sect. Now, Tang Tang was famous for her Jindan Stage cultivation and countless bed companions.

She was not a beauty in the traditional sense, but the beauty in the traditional sense was not as powerful as her ability to charm. From the Elders who had reached the peak of Deity Stage down to the ordinary people, no one could resist Tang Tang’s charm. Tang Tang simply enjoyed the pleasure of the union between men and women. As long as she deemed the person pleasing to the eye, she would have a night of joy. She didn’t care about the beauty or ugliness, nor rich or poor, nor other conditions. On the other hand, if you want to sleep with her, you didn’t need to be too troublesome. As long as she didn’t think you were bad, you only need to provide some gossip, or interesting stories to make her happy, you could have sex with her.

There were many people who wanted to spend a good night with Tang Tang, so Tang Tang’s gossip and stories were always endless. Nowadays, most of the cultivators in the valley knew of Tang Tang’s background. Some people admired her freedom, but some people despised her debauchery… Tang Tang had seen so much of these people, so she didn’t think much of it.

At this time, at the sight of the young man’s look, Tang Tang knew that he was the kind of cultivator who she hated the most, the one who was serious and meddlesome. Suddenly she somewhat disdainfully said, “I am free to sleep with whomever I like, what do you care?”

“How-how could you say that?” The young man immediately put on a serious look and tried to argue with Tang Tang. Unfortunately, before he spoke, he was pushed aside by a group of people.

“Don’t talk to that idiot, Sister Tang. Tell us the gossip. What did the Elder Gu say? Do they want to cut half of the project? Isn’t this nonsense? Why would they do that?”

Tang Tang explained, “The specific reason was not fully explored by Elder Gu. But, it is said that there was something wrong with the Earth Immortals. Someone launched a coup and exiled a lot of their own. Now the size of the Earth Immortal camp has shrunk a lot.”

“That’s their own business. There’s no reason for that to affect the Grand Competition.”

“What do you think of the Heavenly Sage Hall? It held emergency meetings continuously, and finally compromised with them?”

Tang Tang said, “Not everyone knows the inner story in Heavenly Sage hall, but Elder Gu said that it seems that the new leader of the Earth Immortal is a woman. Not long ago, Daoist Master Wang Lu of Spirit Sword Sect took her to visit the five super sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals…”

Before her voice fell, there was an uproar in the valley.

“No way!”

“Doesn’t that mean Daoist Master Wang Lu betrayed the interest of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals? He should not be such a person, right? He has always been a hero of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.”

“Yes, not long ago, he devised a plan to kill several Earth Immortals. Hence, they have blood feuds with each other. How could they somehow get together?”

“I don’t think that it’s as simple as that. Didn’t you hear Sister Tang? The new leader of Earth Immortal is a woman. Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman… Daoist Master Wang Lu has been famous for so many years, have you ever heard that he had a special intimate relationship with any woman?”

“I’ve heard that there are many beauties around him… The two successor disciples of Spirit Sword Sect are one of them, and it is even said that he can’t let go of his Master.”

“It’s all bullshit. As far as I know, he has many beauties around him, but he keeps a distance from anyone… That guy is very arrogant. None of his peers can enter his eyes. Otherwise, why would he mix himself with older Elders?”

“This… actually makes sense.”

“In fact, among the talented cultivators of this generation, he is the most outstanding one in the past thousand years. Qiong Hua, Liu Li and other women can’t even enter his eyes… In other words, the strange woman who can launch a coup in the Earth Immortal camp and stand out from the crowd might really move him.”

“Still, you can’t ignore everything else for a woman. And even if Wang Lu is confused, there is still Daoist He Tu.”

“Forget it, everyone knows that Wang Lu is the son of Daoist He Tu. He treats Wang Lu better than his own disciple Qiong Hua. As long as it was a proposal from Wang Lu, he has not rejected it…”

A group of people huddled together, excitedly talking. All kinds of strange speculation emerged. Unfortunately, when people were in high spirits, the instructor of Royal Soldier Sect mountain appeared, put on a cold face, and said to them, “The rest time is over, it’s time for the next training.”

The valley was filled with lamentation, but the gossip session had to stop.

After the special training, people were obviously somewhat absent-minded. If Tang Tang’s gossip was right, and more than half of the project in the Grand Competition would be cut off, then many of them would not be able to put their effort into practice. If there was no chance to perform, what was the significance of the special training then?”


Half a day later, a bald cultivator came to the room of Four Element Supreme with a serious face.

“Master, I heard about the Grand Competition…”

“It’s going to be over soon.” Four Element Supreme said, “The news is that the Grand Competition would change its format. In fact, it would be the cancellation of the match, and the previous scores would be meaningless.”

“…” Luo Xiao was silent. He might be shocked by such a result, but he had already speculated some of them.

The reason is that a sleeping Earth Immortal suddenly woke up, and then…” As a high-level figure in the Heavenly Sage Hall, Four Element Supreme naturally knew the latest change as well and told Luo Xiao the context.”

“So, there would still be a competition, but they would be much smaller. Because the opponent has changed from more than a hundred to one. Even if Senior Gem Emperor herself doesn’t mind fighting endlessly, our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would always leave some face for her. There would be restrictions on the number and scale of the match, so most of the players were afraid that they would not get a chance to compete.”

Luo Xiao said bitterly, “That includes me?”

Senior Gem Emperor nodded, “This includes the vast majority of Jindan Stage cultivators. I’m afraid that the competition with Senior Gem Emperor won’t be divided into any stage, so it’s meaningless for those who are too low in cultivation to participate.”

“Then… what about the long time efforts of so many people?”

Four Element Supreme frowned, “This question is stupid. There is more than one thing in the world where hard work and time failed to produce results. What’s more, after such a long period of special training, don’t you have any gains?”

Luo Xiao raised his head and said, “Master, you know what I want. What the God of War Blood needs is not hard training, but a bloody battle. I need to compete with the most powerful cultivators in the world so that I can continue to break through in the victory and finally surpass Wang Lu. The most powerful cultivator in the world is the Earth Immortal. But now the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals says it’s over, that means my only chance is gone!”

our Element Supreme was silent for a while. “The opportunity is always there, but only if you seek it, then you can find it.”

Luo Xiao smiled bitterly. “Right now, what I lack are the right opponent and the right battlefield, how do I seek these things? Make enemies for no reason? Do I have to bite at the sight of people like a mad dog?”

Four Element Supreme fell into silence again. And this time, until Luo Xiao left, he did not speak again.

Because there was no answer to this question.

This question was probably the reason why a long time ago the God of War Blood died out, and the successors of the God of War Blood didn’t find the answer.