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Chapter 707: More Make Up…

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Wang Lu didn’t expect for things to come out like this.

Although he had long anticipated that he would have a battle against Senior Gem Emperor, it shouldn’t be now, and it shouldn’t be when he was alone.

Regardless of strength or power, Gem Emperor was at the top of the top. Thus, this luxurious meal should be left at the end, not as an appetizer.

Frankly speaking, Wang Lu was not ready to face a madman-like opponent. It has not been long since he learned about the existence of Senior Gem Emperor. Now, Wang Lu had not even had time to plan but he had already encountered this opponent.

Was this Senior Gem Emperor?

The first reaction of most people would probably be of surprise and disbelief. The Earth Immortal who fought with thousands of miles to the World Dragon head-on and domineeringly swept away the Mysterious Frost Dragon, was actually a young teenage girl on the outside?

Certainly, cultivators should not judge people by their appearance. Small in stature but amazing cultivators could be found anywhere. However, one with such contrasts as Senior Gem Emperor were rare. As long as a cultivator passed through the Foundation Building Stage, they could gradually transform their bodies. After Jindan Stage, the body would gradually integrate with their cultivation and this was the so-called “from the heart.” For example, if the skills were vigorous and unrestrained, then the appearance would be rougher.

The domineering immortal method of Senior Gem Emperor was the only thing that Wang Lu saw about her. Compared to Primal Chaos Sky Breaker Sword, her rudeness and unreasonableness were even somewhat more. However, such a person was actually a delicate-looking teenage girl?

In a sense, Senior Gem Emperor was an abnormal person. She had such a strong strength that physical form was basically just arbitrary to her. However, she refused to even slightly change her appearance. This indicated that she should be quite satisfied with it.

That’s not right either. If she was really satisfied with her appearance, why then she often hid her true face with her majestic purple light?

Also, this was a self-contradictory, psychopathic person. Wang Lu wrinkled his eyebrows while for the first time secretly reached an impolite conclusion about the other party. He then began to enter the next round of thinking.

At the moment he saw Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu’s mind began to turn wildly. He knew that he was by no means an opponent of Senior Gem Emperor. Even if he was ten times stronger, he still couldn’t stand Gem Emperor’s purple light gentle swept. Although, as a high-level member of the Organizing Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, he had many props to save his life. The Elders of Spirit Sword Sect Heavenly Sword Hall had also given him various treasures.

However, in front of this Earth Immortal, it was doubtful whether these things would work. Thus, now Wang Lu could only rely on his own wisdom. He must use the existing clues to analyze the opponent, dissect the behavior pattern of Senior Gem Emperor and deliberate on her every move, in order to win a chance.

However, before Wang Lu came to any conclusion, Senior Gem Emperor had begun to act.

“Look at me.”

After that unquestionable order, Wang Lu’s eyes were occupied by a pair of red pupils.

Huh, was Senior Gem Emperor’s eyes red? Wang Lu was inwardly shocked and frightened. He could not think of anything else.

This was a pair of soul hooking eyes—literally, these eyes could hook out the soul of the people and suppress them. Wang Lu’s Non-Phase Immortal Heart had already made the first time to respond, trying to suppress the overall situation. However, the gap between Jindan Stage and Earth Immortal was too big to be compensated by the characteristics of Immortal Method.

“Is it you?” Senior Gem Emperor stared with her red eyes and looked directly into Wang Lu’s heart. She began to explore his secret.

However, soul-searching like Immortal Technique triggered a great response. Almost in a flash, three sword lights appeared in Wang Lu’s primordial spirit and rushed toward Senior Gem Emperor.

The first was the Sword of Nine Regions, which was a gift from Daoist He Tu to Wang Lu—a gift for official business. As the weakest of the top rank members of the Organizing Committee, Wang Lu had the knowledge of the most top secrets, which in itself was a great risk point. Hence, Daoist He Tu hid a sword in his primordial spirit. Once someone tried to use a soul-searching-like technique to forcibly search Wang Lu’s memory, this sword would explode. Moreover, its power was the same as Daoist He Tu’s all-out strike.

The second was the Stellar Galaxy Sword, a protective net set up by Feng Yin for Wang Lu. The purpose of this sword was not to hurt the enemy but to lead a way for Wang Lu to survive.

The third was Wang Wu’s Non-Phase Sword Qi. Its specific role was not clear. Wang Wu just patted Wang Lu’s body to insert it, and Wang Lu also responded with no further question.

There was no need to ask more about their relationship. Wang Wu was one of the few people in the world who would never harm him. Thus, this kind of Non-Phase Sword Qi ambush must have its effect.

Right now, these three sword qis detonated at the same time, which was powerful enough to force back any cultivator. Although Senior Gem Emperor’s cultivation had reached against the heaven stage, not long ago she had used up a lot of power in the fierce battle against two World Dragons. At this time, facing the three swords, she was reluctant to stand in the way and thus took a step backward.

It was this step that created an opportunity for Wang Lu. Led by the Stellar Galaxy Sword, they quickly cleared a smooth path for Wang Lu. He immediately flew forward along the direction of the sword and flew a hundred miles in a flash.

However, the next moment, the familiar red light shone again.

In a moment, Senior Gem Emperor had followed him. As a restraint, the Sword of Nine Regions could not entangle her at all. As for the Non-Phase Sword Qi… Nobody knew where it was.

Wang Lu couldn’t criticize her harshly. Since even Daoist He Tu couldn’t do it, he couldn’t expect Wang Wu to do better.

“Look at me.” From behind him, the voice of Senior Gem Emperor was unquestionable. Wang Lu couldn’t resist it and had already turned halfway.

However, at that moment, a woman’s voice was heard.

“Alright, I’m looking.”

With a loose white dress and a long green bamboo sword, the person stood in front of Wang Lu was unmistaken and it was…

Wang Wu.

Senior Gem Emperor was surprised at the sudden appearance of Wang Wu. However, the next moment she waved her hand, trying to push Wang Wu aside as if she was shooing flies away.

A top rank Earth Immortal driving away a Jindan Stage person, in theory, should be easy. Senior Gem Emperor did not have the intention to kill. Her effort was just right. It was firm enough that a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage could not resist, but would not be crushed into a powder.

However, this time she met with an obstacle. After that blow, Wang Wu was like a spring breeze. Her body did not even move. At the same time, the emerald green bamboo sword preemptively came at the opponent.

With a serious expression, Senior Gem Emperor looked at the incoming sword light. She murmured in puzzlement, “Outside path?”

There was no secret in the eyes of the Earth Immortals. It was a fact that Wang Wu was a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. However, it was also true that a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage had actually resisted her immortal technique. The combination of the two, which was the outside path, seemed to be the only explanation.

After seeing the true identity of Wang Wu clearly, Senior Gem Emperor looked at Wang Lu again. This time, her look relaxed a lot.

“You are her disciple, although not of the outside path… so, it’s not you.”

Wang Lu was baffled. “Not me?”

At this point, Wang Lu understood that Senior Gem Emperor did not want to kill him, but wanted to learn something from him.

It must be something very important and inconvenient for too many people to know. Otherwise, Senior Gem Emperor would not have lowered her majestic dignity by ambushing a little Jindan. She could come up to him in a dignified manner just as she did against Xuan Mo.

Therefore, it was not a business, but a private matter? However, what private matter would it be? From the tone of Senior Gem Emperor, it seemed like she was looking for someone who met certain conditions. She thought that Wang Lu was that person. However, after discovering that Wang Wu was an outside path cultivator, she gave up her original intention.

Was there anything that hindered the outside path? What matters that Senior Gem Emperor wanted to accomplish that an outside path cultivator could not do?

In a flash, Wang Lu came up with multiple conditions and questions. However, the clues at hand could not help him continue to deduce, so his chaotic train of thoughts always stopped.

After confirming that Wang Lu did not meet the conditions, Senior Gem Emperor did not make any attempt to stop him. She just nodded and said, “After the end of Grand Competition, I will appoint you as the military counselor. I hope that you can work hard.”

With that, Senior Gem Emperor’s figure disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lu watched her left, and the confusion in his heart became more intense.

“Who is that?”

Wang Wu pointed in the direction where the Gem Emperor left, which was only a mist by now. “Was that innocent girl abandoned by you after you slept with her? No, based on her tone of voice, she seemed arrogant, telling you to be the military counselor… Could it be that she was a domineering girl who abandoned you after you two slept together instead?”

“Yes, she thinks I’m too pure and tasteless. She wants to find someone more mature and charming to serve her. I think you’re her type. You should consider applying for the job. Oh, by the way, she is the current leader in the Earth Immortal camp and has decision-making power over everything.”

Wang Wu’s eyes immediately turned bright. “So, she’s in charge of the Earth Immortal’s treasure? Not bad. Do you have any contact information?”

Looking at her raised eyebrows while indicating her fearlessness, Wang Lu felt that Senior Gem Emperor was not so difficult to deal with.


After returning to the City of Immortals, Wang Lu immediately looked for Daoist He Tu. He then held an emergency meeting to tell what he had seen and heard, except for the ambush at the end.

To meet Xuan Mo alone was an important mission entrusted to him by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, to meet with Senior Gem Emperor alone was easy to cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Wang Lu only told Daoist He Tu about the incident, which was not announced at the meeting. Moreover, informing Daoist He Tu was also because of the short-term encounter with Senior Gem Emperor who triggered the Sword of Nine Regions. Daoist He Tu would inevitably know something. Thus, it was better to be honest and open.

The meeting naturally triggered a tremendous shock. The coup d’état at the Earth Immortal camp and the rise to power of the iron-fisted Senior Gem Emperor would bring great pressure to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The situation that had just improved was likely to disappear.

For this reason, the Elders at the meeting had a good argument. Some believed that training should be intensified and prepared. Others thought that training was no longer meaningful. Right now, the first thing to do was to find ways to remove Senior Gem Emperor from power. Some people also said that making a move against the Earth Immortal camp right now was to hand someone the sword hilt (idiom: to give someone a hold on oneself).

The meeting lasted for half a day, and nothing conclusive came out at the end. Even Wang Lu remained silent and did not pick any side.

Nevertheless, this silence was also a stand in itself. To wait and see and act accordingly to change.

There was still too little understanding of Senior Gem Emperor. It was impossible to guess what changes she would cause when she came to power.

Thus, waiting was necessary until further information was in hand and then a strategy could be worked out. As for this, where this further information came from… It was time to wait for a certain someone who had no hesitation in getting money no matter what.


At the same time, in front of the swirl of stars in the Tomb of Immortals, a white-dressed female cultivator was holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Excuse me, may I ask where is Senior Gem Emperor?”

After a pause, the woman said, “I’m here to propose.”