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Chapter 704: There Is Still Time To Betray Your Teammates!

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“Is that Senior Gem Emperor?”

When he heard Xuan Mo’s exclamation, Wang Lu was also very surprised.

That’s Senior Gem Emperor? The devil incarnate who suddenly woke up from sleep and disturbed everyone’s rhythm?

The tyrant who Beat Xuan Mo, Bai Ze, Lu Biechen and even the man in black into stray dogs?

Within their field of vision, the real body of Senior Gem Emperor could not be seen clearly. What could be seen was only the vast sea of clouds that were suddenly parted. A purple light poured down like a jade pillar, dying most of the sky into thick purple. A terrifyingly loud voice echoed from the jade pillar and reverberated across the ice and snowfield. A moment later, the purple-like was like a thorn, causing pain to both eyes. Thus, Wang Lu could not help but bow his head.

Behind him, Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen explained the phenomenon to Wang Lu, “Senior Gem Emperor was born of a royal family, which caused him to have the nature of purple of the emperor. Even those slightly weaker than him could not look up to his glory.”

Lu Biechen gave a good explanation, but as soon as his voice fell, his face changed and a trace of blood spilled out of his mouth.

“What a dominating presence. Unconsciously I have committed the crime of making false comments on the emperor…” Lu Biechen shook his head. “I’m sorry I can’t say more than that.”

Of course, Wang Lu was also not in the mood to listen.

What was the point in listening to explanations when the enemy had come knocking at the door? The opponent was Gem Emperor who could force a group of people to have no access to heaven and no access to earth. This was no longer an opponent who could be dealt with information advantage by a Jindan Stage person.

The key here was to see how Xuan Mo cope with it.

“Gem Emperor, do you really want to exterminate everyone?” The woman’s face was pale, but under the pressure of the purple light of the Emperor, she refused to kowtow. “My companions and I are hiding here. We don’t want our group to kill each other. Don’t be too aggressive.”

The voice of Senior Gem Emperor once again was stirred up high in the air.

“If I truly persist in pressing you, would I allow you to hide in here? If you stay quiet here, I won’t care about you. But you have the courage to disclose my affairs to outsiders, which is unquestionably a betrayal!”

The word “betrayal” was like a thunderstorm blooming in the cave. Xuan Mo immediately propped up a small world, but Gem Emperor instantly shattered that world. The aftershocks shocked Wang Lu’s mind that he turned dizzy.

“Hey, take control of your power, don’t hurt innocent passer-by by mistake.”

Unfortunately, Wang Lu’s voice was soon drowned out by the dialogue between the Earth Immortals.

“Gem Emperor, do you really want to start a war?” No matter how good Xuan Mo’s temper was, this time, her anger couldn’t be restrained. Just now she propped up a small world to protect Wang Lu, but was instantly broken by Gem Emperor… It was not that she was too weak, but that she never expected that the other party would be so heavy-handed!

The destruction of the small world would not cause irreparable harm to herself, but there were hundreds of millions of creatures in the small world who had been with her for countless years. To destroy one such small world was like breaking one of her arms. It was very cruel!

The air was once resounded with the callous voice of Senior Gem Emperor, “This is not war, this is punishment.”

After that, the purple light pillar that penetrated the clouds suddenly expanded, as if to pierce the whole mysterious frost world. Xuan Mo’s face changed and she looked to the people behind him.

“Do it.” Lu Biechen sighed and threw out the calculated plan. “Gem Emperor is determined to kill, there’s no other choice.”

“Do it, Xuan Mo.” Bai Ze rarely expressed such an affirmative opinion.

“We have been preparing for so long, isn’t that to fight with Gem Emperor? Just do it!” In the cave, the rest of the Earth Immortals opened their mouths.

Thus, Xuan Mo finally made her move.

The woman slightly raised her hands. Initially, nothing happened, but the Mysterious Frost World began to rumble and tremble. In an instant, the thousands of years of ice and snow under the feet of everyone cracked open and burst into countless cracks. Through the smooth ice walls, it could be seen that the gap was deep and the bottom was nowhere.

The next moment, the entire Mysterious Frost World was like an orange squeezed by a tremendous force. The smooth ice walls began to twist and deform rapidly, colliding with each other. Large pieces broke into small pieces and so on. At the same time, a screaming dragon sound shocked the whole world.

Wang Lu barely maintained himself in the collapse of the Mysterious Frost World. At this time, he felt that the screaming dragon sound sounded familiar. However, the next moment, he was forced by a collapsed iceberg over his head.

When Wang Lu broke free with his primordial chaos sword and divided the mountain-like iceberg into numerous fragments, he finally remembered that he had heard this voice when he entered Xuan Mo’s heavenly earth world not long ago.

However, it remained to be seen what this screaming dragon sound really meant.

After a while, Wang Lu finally cleared away all the ice around him—the ice in the Mysterious Frost World was stronger than even the basalt stone in the Nine Regions and had the power to freeze everything. Thus, it was not easy to deal with it.

After he was able to steady himself, Wang Lu finally could concentrate his energies on the battle.

Watching the battle was not easy, because the battlefield was so high that it was over the boundary of the frost, hidden by the fog of ice. In addition, Wang Lu was surrounded by shimmering pieces of mysterious ice, so his line of sight had long been cut off.

Only by identifying a primordial spirit could he barely observe the edge of the battlefield… It was self-evident that there were risks in observing the primordial spirit in the battle between Earth Immortals.

Wang Lu very carefully released his primordial spirit and carefully felt the messy spiritual energy fluctuation around him, and then deduced the battlefield situation… Gradually, a clear image began to emerge in his mind.

A dragon, a four-clawed ice dragon which was thousands of miles long!

For the first time in his life, Wang Lu saw such a huge creature. Before that, the dragons in Nine Regions had almost disappeared, but there were still some dragons in many deep valleys and pools. The story of Dragons dated back to the end of the Age of Chaos. But according to historical records; even before the Age of Chaos, when Dragons were in their prime, there was no such huge ice dragon.

It was not difficult at all for beings with sufficiently high enough cultivation stage to change form. For example, it was easy for him to make himself larger or smaller. With Wang Lu’s current stage, he could shape himself into a thirty meters giant—but with no practical significance. Too large of a body was equal to being more easily killed. It would not bring about power increase.

In the same way, many spiritual beasts with huge body shape would choose to become human in shape when they could. Not only human—for it was the most advantageous in cultivation training, but it was also because of the desire for a relatively small body.

Thus, in theory, too large a body was not conducive to combat. However, in Wang Lu’s mind; this thousands of miles four-clawed ice dragon was very warlike, frantically biting the opponent forcing the opponent to retreat.

The opponent was naturally Senior Gem Emperor. Unfortunately, even under the primordial spirit observation, the real body of Gem Emperor still could not be seen. Wang Lu could only vaguely see a purple light of the same size, thousands of miles.

Without Lu Biechen’s explanation, Wang Lu could guess that for the Gem Emperor, the bigger the size the better. As for the disadvantages that might be encountered in the battle, someone who was a master would not consider it too much… Even more, with the absolute power of Senior Gem Emperor, he did not have to worry about any size difference. Any enemy could be directly crushed by him with strong force, with only a few could withstand it.

However, no one could imagine that Xuan Mo had a dragon as powerful as Senior Gem Emperor.

What was the origin of this dragon? How could it compete with one of the top figures in the Earth Immortals? Moreover, it seemed clear that it was controlled by Xuan Mo. If this kind of defying-the-heaven thing had been released earlier, perhaps the result in the Grand Competition would be entirely different…

Wang Lu’s mind suddenly spun quickly. The ice dragon and Senior Gem Immortal fought fiercely outside the Mysterious Frost world. Both were the strongest in the world, but they showed their power in the simplest and most direct way. There were no mysterious and strange immortal methods and tools… The ice dragon didn’t even spit out anything. It merely hurt its enemy with sharp claws and fierce body-to-body collisions with its strong body. And every time it bit or slammed its head, it would cause a violent tremor in the purple light where the Gem Emperor was.

Senior Gem Emperor was like a sea urchin, within the round purple cloud, a light beam frantically rushed out, stabbing the ice dragon with a spear-like thing, and then cut up its muscles. Flesh and blood gushed out, pouring down heavily toward the Mysterious Frost World.

The others stood on the ruins of the Mysterious Frost World and watched the battlefield nervously. Especially Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen who kept calculating and deducing the battle situation. Many of the Earth Immortals who were unable to see the development of the battle themselves, gathered around Lu Biechen and listened to his analysis.

Unfortunately, Lu Biechen merely shook his head. “I can’t see it clearly… It was supposed to be a ninety percent chance of winning, but when I calculated it just now, I discovered that it begins to fluctuate and the future gradually faded.”

“How could it be? That’s the World Dragon!”

Wang Lu clearly heard of this and immediately asked, “What is the World Dragon?”

When the Earth Immortal who previously asked the question heard it, he looked at Wang Lu and then answered him after being silent for a moment. “World Dragon is one of the foundations of the existence of the Tombs of Immortals, the guardian of each independent small world. It could also be said that it’s the small world itself. The specific principle is hard to explain to you in a few words. However, you have to know that every World Dragon has great strength after waking up. And this four-clawed ice dragon is the first-class among the countless small worlds in the Tomb of Immortals.”

“More powerful than you guys, the creators?”

“Yes, it’s stronger than us—If we are stupid enough to fight with the World Dragon. The disadvantage of World Dragon is that it is impossible to wake it for a long time. After a period of time, it will naturally fall asleep. And the longer it awakens, the longer its time to sleep. So, as long as you avoid a frontal fight and just wait it out, you will naturally win. You don’t have to fight it head-on. But Senior Gem Emperor would never fight like that.”

Wang Lu nodded. “So you use this tactic to deal with Gem Emperor? But, how come I feel like it’s a bit not useful?”

While they were talking, the battle over the Mysterious Frost World finally came to an end.

A piercing attack from the purple sea-urchin like thing thrust the World Dragon, cutting it almost exactly in two! A miserable dragon wail shook the whole world. In just a moment, red color seeped through the thousand miles of mysterious frost as if it were weeping blood.

A moment later, the four-clawed ice dragon curled up and coiled into a ball, which then disappeared.

The Mysterious Frost World turned deadly silent. And it was as if the hearts of the Earth Immortals that looked at all of this turned dead.