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Chapter 693: Daily Overtime

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

“Recently, that silly man Luo Xiao is very quiet, the harmful people are a bit bored.”

In a quiet courtyard in the Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu put down the writing brush in his hand. He looked as if he had not fully expressed himself—as if he was lingering in memory.

As his secretary, Hai Yunfan had to remind him, “Wang Lu, right now there are more than a hundred people outside accompanying you to work overtime, you ought to lead them by example.”

Wang Lu laughed loudly, “A hundred workers who work overtime also need me to be the boss to get busy, this can only show how incompetent they are. According to the principle of survival of the fittest, they should all be expelled. In order to keep their jobs, I had to take a break from work.”

Hai Yunfan suddenly wanted to break his writing brush and quit on the spot. Wang Lu—this f*cker is single; meaning that the office had become his home, so it didn’t matter if he wanted to work overtime until he got hemorrhoid. But Hai Yunfan had a wife. During this period, he had to accompany Wang Lu to work overtime everyday, to which Feifei had complained about slightly.

However, if he told the truth, Wang Lu would certainly suggest him to find some strong men to comfort Feifei. That guy had always been vicious to married people.

After thinking about it, Hai Yunfan said, “You look more and more like your Master now.”

Wang Lu immediately picked up his writing brush. “Who do you say the same as that b*tch? I have painstakingly given my full effort to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, such that I am worthy to be a model for the world, eternal paragon. Don’t be someone who has eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai!”

“Please don’t loaf on the job Mr. Mt Tai… This is for the Deity Stage five round fight match, but so far only half of the plan that has been done. This is really…”

Wang Lu waved his hand to interrupt him. “Don’t worry, we can definitely finish the plan before the war. You just have to make sure that the details of those who work overtime outside are not wrong.”

Hai Yunfan sighed. “Those overtime workers outside are the elite force from all the major sects who are good at deduction, and there are also many reviews, so there would be no mistakes. The problem is that you can’t get stuck in the deadline the day before the match. When the plan is done, don’t people need to adapt to it first? This is the most important match since the start of the competition. Even your sect’s Sect Leader is going to participate. You should be a bit more dedicated.”

Wang Lu said, “It’s exactly because of my dedication that I have been refining the plan. Otherwise, I can just write three words statement and be done with it. Then the work would’ve been finished ten days ago.”

Hai Yunfan was inwardly a bit curious. “Three words statement?”

“Kill! Save! Disperse! These three words are concise enough to cover all the situations that might be encountered in the match don’t you think?”

“…” Hai Yunfan sighed and stopped paying attention to Wang Lu and started to handle the affairs at hand. After Wang Lu had enough dilly-dallying, he began to draw up a serious plan of operation.

Five days later, the five people group match for Deity Stage rank would officially begin in the fighting arena of Immortal One Area. This would be the highest rank fight in the Grand Competition in the past few months.

The candidates for the match had been determined a long time ago. The team leader was Daoist Master Feng Yin, the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect. The other four members came from each of the rest of the four Super Sects. Plus five carefully selected substitutes, they formed a team of ten.

In terms of personal strength, the ten-member team could basically represent the highest level of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so it was extremely difficult to further strengthen it. Thus, if the odds of victory were to be improved, it had to be done before the match, which would be the first time for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to go all out since the opening of the Grand Competition.

The cheerleading plan, which was previously taken as a joke by many people, was now formally prepared for implementation. Recently, the pill furnace of various sects had also been operating at full capacity, continuously refining secret medicine, elixirs, and even banned drugs. Shengjing Sect even opened their treasure house, allowing other sects to borrow their magical treasures…

All that could be done had basically been done to the utmost. Only Wang Lu’s battle plan that had yet to come out, which really made many people anxious.

However, people also knew that with the importance of this plan, it was inevitable that Wang Lu would work slowly.

The stake was simply too big.

This batch of Daoist Masters of Deity Stage had an illustrious reputation in Nine Regions, but in the Grand Competition, they were not as useful as those of Jindan Stage. Among which, there were Wang Wu and Wang Lu. Among those of Deity Stages, perhaps only Feng Yin had a chance of success in winning a one on one fight, the rest of them were basically powerless against the Earth Immortals.

And this gap would be even more pronounced in the group fight—the ancient Earth Immortals had fought against the Fallen Immortals, so what kind of situation that they had not yet seen? What kind of dangers they had yet experienced? Their teamwork was by no means comparable to that of the temporary made up team by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Since their personal strength and teamwork were not as good as the opponent, how could they win the match? As a matter of fact, everyone had actually considered this issue, and no one could come up with a workable solution. When Wang Lu said he probably had a way to deal with it, people were even more surprised, and thus they immediately threw the burden on him.

There was a glimmer of hope within the impossibility. That was what Wang Lu was going to do now.

After nobody knows how long, when Hai Yunfan began to feel his brain began to swell, there came the sound of a writing brush hitting the table from the side.

Turning his head, he saw Wang Lu put down his writing brush with a relieved look, which surprised Hai Yunfan.

“Is it completed? The second half looks very smooth.”

Wang Lu nodded. “Yes, I thought of a quick way to cut through the mess.”

Cut through the mess?” Hai Yunfan was surprised at first, but he then suddenly had an ominous feeling. He had spent a lot of time with Wang Lu so he felt that if he said this, it meant that the result would be something that he doesn’t want.

Sure enough, the next moment, Wang Lu’s words immediately caused Hai Yunfan to feel stuffy in his chess and his blood surge up.

“I decided to overthrow the previous plans.”

With that, Wang Lu burned the several most essential pages in his hand.

“…” It took all of Hai Yunfan’s power and determination to not spit out blood on the spot and explode.

Wang Lu explained, “I have just calculated it myself. According to the normal method, our side’s winning chance is zero no matter what.”

Seeing that Hai Yunfan was still angry, Wang Lu had to continue to explain, “Deduction is not omnipotent. Even if it’s calculated by Supreme Tianlun, it’s impossible for a mortal to win against Daoist He Tu. Right now, we are facing a similar situation. The strength gap is simply too big to be compensated by deduction. Besides, the opposite side is not without reinforcement. The calculating ability of Calculation Immortal is stronger than that of Supreme Tianlun. And in turn of course much stronger than that of me. His only weakness is that he can’t figure me out, but if I don’t go into battle this time, his interference could be much less.”

Hai Yunfan said, “We have known all these things for a long time… But previously you didn’t choose to give up, and moreover, you said that although the situation is difficult, there is still a chance of winning, that’s why we have so many talents willingly help you. But now, why do you suddenly give up?”

Wang Lu replied, “I thought there was a chance of winning because the number calculated by those overtime workers outside is wrong.”

“… What?”

Wang Lu waved his hand and touched several pieces of paper full of formulas. “This is the report on the effect of Soaring Dragon Array. It tells me that there are seventeen spells that can achieve five times their special effects in Soaring Dragon Array. Based on this, I designed a series of killing field. If we are lucky, the opponent would lose one person the second they enter the field. And then with five to four advantage, we can win the match. But the five-fold special effect of Soaring Dragon Array is too amazing to be true, so I have some doubts. But Soaring Dragon Array is the secret of Royal Soldier Sect, so the core formula is not out for the public to see. At that time I was busy calculating other things and had to believe it. But then the more I thought about it, the more I think it’s wrong. I finally decided that it must be the fool in Royal Soldier Sect who made a mistake in providing the core formula. At a decimal point, one key value is misestimated ten times! The actual result is much less than five times. As a matter of fact, having double the effect would already be considered as very good!”

Hai Yunfan was stunned when he heard his words. He quickly picked up the calculation paper and examined carefully. After a while, he became confused.

Wang Lu scornfully retrieved the calculation paper. “Is this the so-called elite talent of Ten Thousand Arts Sect?”

Hai Yunfan coughed and said, “I’m a secretary, not a calculator… In short, do you think the people in Royal Soldier Sect gave you the wrong data?”

Wang Lu replied, “This should not be intentional since Royal Soldier Sect is simply not good at fine calculations. Soaring Dragon Array is an ancient array. I’m afraid no one has ever asked them to refine and calculate the effects of the array before. Moreover, this time the schedule is tight, so it is inevitable that there are some errors in the process. I think the overtime workers from Royal Soldier Sect have done their best. Besides, Xiang Lang himself came to work as their supervisor with full sincerity. But the fact is, they’re basically barbarians with limited intelligence.

Hai Yunfan said, “… Aren’t you too naked in your discrimination?”

“How could there be any discrimination? You know that I always treat everyone equally right? In front of you, the disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, I criticized Royal Soldier Sect for having limited intelligence. On the other hand, in front of Royal Soldier Sect’s disciples, I would also make fun of disciples of Ten Thousand Arts Sect as sissies.”

“What the?! Is that your definition of equality?” Hai Yunfan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but soon he really couldn’t laugh.

“Wang Lu, since now the plan is canceled, should we just give up the match?”

Wang Lu said, “Of course not. So many eyes are staring at this, if I now say that the plan is invalid, my reputation would be ruined and I would not be able to take the expense reimbursement.”

Hai Yunfan asked, “Do you choose not to give up for this reason? Wait a minute, what do you mean by reimbursement fee? I completely have no idea.”

Wang Lu said, “Without going through the formal process, of course, you wouldn’t know… In short, rest assured, I will come up with the alternative as soon as possible.”

Hai Yunfan asked, “… What about those people out there? Let them go?”

“Of course not. In addition to us, there’s no need for a third person to know that the original plan was canceled. Currently, people are generally in poor psychological quality. They are afraid of more sh*t and other things like Heavenly Build Building scandal. Besides, the new plan also needs hard work in the calculation, hence, they can continue to stick to their post and serve the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.”

Hai Yunfan sighed, wanting to ignore Wang Lu and continue to work, but he did not know what work he had to do now that the plan was scrapped. To go home to visit his wife felt wrong to him, as he felt that he was a bit irresponsible for the more than one hundred overtime workers. Thus, his feelings were really entangled.

Seeing how depressed Hai Yunfan was, Wang Lu said with a smile, “I have a difficult mission for you, a new plan that can be used.”

“What?” Hai Yunfan immediately said, “What is it?”

“Help me prepare the compensation for those who died in the match in advance. For ten people.”

“Died in battle compensation?” Hai Yunfan was immediately stunned. “You…”

“You don’t think this is a match without death, do you?” Wang Lu’s voice was clear and cold. “Even if Royal Soldier Sect didn’t make that idiot mistake and my plan is perfectly executed. At least two out of the five people who come on stage would die. I know that Daoist Masters of Deity Stage usually have the means to resurrect the dead, but can you guarantee that those means would be effective on the arena?”

Upon hearing this, Hai Yunfan suddenly asked a question,

“Why not?”

When he heard this, Wang Lu frowned.

“Yes, why not?”