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There were not that many things that could surprise Wang Lu, but the words of Four Element Supreme did break through Wang Lu\'s defense.

Before he visited Four Element Supreme, he had guessed more or less what happened when they met. Being ignored, provoked, and even beaten up… And he had the corresponding plans.

However, Wang Lu really did not expect that the other party would ask about the marriage issue.

While Wang Lu was still in a daze, Four Element Supreme opened his mouth.

"For someone who has arrived at the golden period such as yours, it\'s time for you to find someone to marry and have children."

Wang Lu asked, "Is this your Four Element School\'s special \'exchange greetings\' skill?"

Four Element Supreme said, "Exchange greetings? What exchange greetings?"

Wang Lu replied, "... Are you serious about what you just said?"

"Naturally, it\'s serious." Four Element Supreme was surprised. "Do I look like I\'m kidding?"

Wang Lu inwardly thought, you look like you\'re being provocative, but in the end, he sighed. "I would like to hear more about it."

Four Element Supreme said, "I have been observing you for a long time. At first, I thought you were just a mongrel who got lucky in stealing mysteries known only to heaven, but I quickly found out that I was wrong. You have noble blood flowing in your body, and this blood should be passed on. Hence, marriage and having children are inevitable choices… Unless you have that ailment, in which case, you don\'t have to worry, I have some special remedies for that ailment."

It was quite a while before Wang Lu could say a few words, "My tool is big and I live pretty well. If you don\'t believe me, you can ask your wife to experience it."

The Four Element Supreme was not angry. Instead, he said with a smile, "I knew it. Since there\'s no problem, then that\'s all the better. The sooner you get married and have children, the better. Your bloodline is very precious, therefore, it\'s best to spread it…"

Before the Four Element Supreme could continue, Wang Lu had to interrupt him because there were already too many questions in his mind.

"No need to hurry, Supreme. Could you please first elaborate on the three issues of stealing the secret known only to heaven, noble bloodline, as well as inheritance."

Four Element Supreme frowned. "What\'s wrong, you don\'t even know about these matters? What did the people of Spirit Sword Sect teach you then? Very well, let me explain it to you from the basic part."

"The world\'s spirit roots are limited, so if in this part it\'s thicker, then in that part it\'s thinner."

The first sentence of Four Element Supreme had begun to shake the foundation of Wang Lu\'s common sense.

The world\'s spirit roots are limited? This argument was really new to him. As everyone knew, besides artificial spirit root, natural spirit roots were highly random. This was reflected in the individual level in which it was very difficult for couples to ensure that their offspring would have natural spirit roots when they were born. Of course, through thousands of years of accumulation, some immortal cultivation families had mastered some metaphysical theories, which could increase the probability of their families\' descendants having natural spirit root, but it was still not a certainty. Even at a large number of groups, the randomness of spirit root was still difficult to conceal. In different times, the quality of cultivators could differ enormously, and it was difficult to say there were even any rules. Sometimes, dozens of extraordinary talents could be born in a hundred years, but sometimes, there were no outstanding talents in four or five hundred years.

This was the nature of spirit root in Nine Regions. It was highly random and difficult to grasp. If not so, in the past, the founder of Shengjing Sect Patriarch Liu He wouldn\'t have to painstakingly study the artificial spirit root.

"But actually, that\'s a lie." Four Element Supreme stated it as a matter of factly, "The world\'s spirit roots are indeed scattered and distributed, but the total number has always been the same. If the distribution is concentrated to the few, then rare geniuses would emerge endlessly, and that\'s the so-called golden generation. If the distribution is evenly scattered, then everyone is trash, and that\'s the so-called low point—because there are too many miscellaneous spirit roots that couldn\'t enter the cultivation world\'s field of view."

Hearing this, Wang Lu had a vague insight into the implied meaning of Four Element Supreme.

"That is to say, in case of the constant amount of spirit root resources, the higher the degree of concentration, the better?"

Four Element Supreme said, "If the same amount of spirit roots are distributed among ten people and among one hundred thousand people, which side do you think is more beneficial to the immortal cultivation world? Which is more valuable, ten miscellaneous spirit roots or one heaven spirit root?"

Wang Lu was silent for a moment and then nodded. "So, the so-called stealing opportunities mean that there are too many mediocre and incompetent people who scatter the distribution of spirit roots, making it difficult for Nine Regions to breed rare talents?"

Four Element Supreme replied, "On this point, Supreme Wang Lu\'s understanding is slightly biased. Mediocrity is not bad in itself. There are many mediocre people among my friends. Although they came from a high-rank noble family, it is hopeless for them to even reach Jindan Stage for life. However, I don\'t think that their existence is wrong."

"So what\'s your saying is…"

Four Element Supreme was silent for a moment, but when he started to speak again, he shifted the topic away.

"Supreme Wang Lu, according to your opinion, what is the most important thing for the immortal cultivation world in the entire Nine Regions?"

Wang Lu smiled and said, "This is certainly a big topic. According to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, it\'s probably peace and development."

Four Element Supreme shook his head. "It\'s reproduction. For a community, the most important thing is to multiply."

"... Supreme would probably get along well with the people of Yin and Yang School."

Contrary to expectation, Four Element Supreme coldly snorted, "Their practices are corrupted! They only deserve my spit!"

After he thought about it, Wang Lu also agreed. People from Yin and Yang School took pleasure in sexual intercourse, but every time they did it, they always used protections… For a person who advocated reproduction, contraception was absolutely the greatest desecration in the world.

Four Element Supreme seemed to have seen through Wang Lu\'s thoughts and said, "Reproduction and giving birth are two quite different things. For giving birth, as long as a couple makes love, the woman could bear and give birth. As for reproduction… it\'s actually referring to those who give birth to their own kind of creature." After a pause, Four Element Supreme used a vulgar analogy that violated his style, "People bear people is reproduction, people bear dog is simply giving birth."

"Pfft." Wang Lu couldn\'t help but laugh. However, he then realized that for Four Element Supreme, the so-called reproduction in the immortal cultivation world was not the union of men and women in the general sense. Instead, it referred to the inheritance of the spirit root.

A cultivator was a human who had spirit root and could cultivate. Thus, only a human who could also cultivate could reproduce. If a cultivator gave birth to a mortal, wasn\'t it the same as giving birth a dog?

In turn, he also understood why Four Element Supreme was so fond of noble immortal cultivation families.

Because these families could artificially control the inheritance of the spirit roots—for the inheritance in the excellent families, the combination of two cultivators with spirit roots had a very high probability of reproducing cultivators. Although each time, such combination took a lot of energy, making their fertility rate below the average, it was still much better than the casual pursuit of luck by the others.

At the same time, it was not difficult to understand the so-called stealing opportunities: those ordinary people who had natural spirit roots bestowed upon them that appeared one after another in the long river of history, didn\'t they basically steal the opportunities from the immortal cultivation people?

"I think I probably could understand Supreme\'s idea."

If it were to be assumed that the spirit root resources in Nine Regions were fixed, the spirit root resources would become more and more dispersed with the rising population as a whole. To make an extreme assumption, it would be difficult to say if the golden generation could be born if the population grew one hundred times. No matter how random it was, it was still subjected to the law of large numbers.

At this time, the reproduction of cultivators was very important. If cultivators could stably give birth to their offspring, they would not be robbed of too many spirit root resources by the vast number of mortals, so as to maintain the development of their own group. If not, they would just be a group of individuals. Then, thousands of years later, there would be no future for the group of cultivators.

"No matter how strong a cultivator is, they are still not an immortal. People who cultivate immortality seek detachment and think that ascending to the immortal realm might result in immortality. However, this crisis of the Fallen Immortal had broken the conclusion that immortals live forever. In this case, we should admit that it is difficult for individuals to be truly immortal and, instead, only the group can be immortal… at least relatively immortal." Four Element Supreme said, "Since the beginning of history, the longest living cultivator could only reach around ten thousand years. In the present age, the longest living cultivator South Pole Immortal Weng is only over four thousand years old. However, the history of cultivators, from the Desolation Age, is at least hundreds of thousands of years or even longer—Shengjing Sect once excavated the remains of a magical weapon with at least two million years of history. Compared with the lifespan of an individual, the lifespan of a group of immortal is the true immortality."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu sighed. "However, if it\'s difficult to ensure the reproduction of the group of cultivators, then cultivators would eventually die out."

"That is exactly the case. Supreme Wang Lu could understand all this so quickly, I am really pleased."

Wang Lu smiled but did not reply.

The ideas of Four Element Supreme and all the assertions were based on the equilibrium of the resources of spirit root of Nine Regions. However, at present, there was absolutely no reliable evidence to prove this.

Of course, Wang Lu was not questioning the other party. To a certain extent, he even agreed with this view. Similarly, he also agreed with the idea of strengthening the reproduction of cultivators and improving the vitality of the group.

However, like Four Element Supreme, this viewpoint was extreme. People with reproductive ability were noble, but the rest were just plebs stealing the opportunities, and that only by strengthening the reproduction could the group survive… These viewpoints were very difficult to accept for Wang Lu.

However, Wang Lu did not come here to argue over ideas. There were many more Elders in Heavenly Sage Hall that had \'wonderful and unique\' ideas and who were more paranoid than the Four Element Supreme. Not to talk about anyone else first, his own Non-Phase Peak was a very good example.

He came here to maintain the stability of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. And with this view, Four Element Supreme should not be the destroyer of the situation.

However, before Wang Lu could open his mouth, Four Element Supreme said, "So, let\'s get back to the topic. Supreme Wang Lu, when are you going to marry and have children?"


"I have been observing you. Although you are not a disciple of a noble family, you have an unusually strong reproductive inheritance attribute. If you are to have a union with a female, even if she is just an ordinary woman, you guys would certainly be able to produce good offspring. If the blood that flows on those disciples of aristocratic families is noble blood, then the blood that flows in your vein could be called as the blood of king."

Wang Lu wrinkled his eyebrows. Although it was good to be praised by people, to be praised like this, it simply felt ridiculous.

"Supreme, please stop for a moment… If you don\'t mind me asking, how could you tell what is inside my body? An unusually strong reproductive inheritance?"

Hearing this question, Four Element Supreme seemed to have found Wang Lu\'s question more peculiar. "Didn\'t you just say it yourself, that you live well with a big tool?"