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At the sight of Bai Ze, the audience outside the field felt relieved. Although the fight had yet to begin, people seemed to have foreseen the result.

Compared to the three previous contestants, Bai Ze\'s deterrent force was much smaller. On the other hand, Wang Lu\'s prestige was much stronger than the previous few people combined. The difference in strength was so obvious that the result was already without a doubt.

Even in Area A and B, people had already begun to light up firecrackers to celebrate the victory in advance.

However, those with discerning eyes knew that, for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the difficulty of this match was probably still higher than the first three.

From Wang Lu\'s point of view, although he had obtained quite a high reputation in the Grand Competition, it didn\'t mean that his strength could far exceed the first three. Especially after Liu Li gained invincible defense in the first match by way of Same Body Insect, making her offense and defense equally invincible, meaning that her actual combat effectiveness definitely surpassed that of Wang Lu.

In fact, in the first three matches, Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, and Quan Zou Hua… neither of them really went to battle \'one-on-one\'. In each of their match, Wang Lu played a great role. Now that it was Wang Lu\'s turn to fight, who could support him then? As a matter of fact, there was none. Although many people had the mind to help him, it was very difficult for them to do it.

Bai Ze himself used to be the number two character in the Earth Immortal camp although this status was more or less due to the fact that only he dared to vote against their leader rather than his strength being ranked the second. However, there was no denying that he was indeed a top rank cultivator.

His record was bleak because after they woke up from their long sleep. his opponents were the Wang Wu and Wang Lu Master and disciple, and not that his strength was weak. If it were anyone else, it would\'ve turned out entirely different.

Moreover, the man in black also put Bai Ze in the last position in this challenge, which showed his great trust in him. Only idiots dared to underestimate such an opponent.

Wang Lu, of course, was not an idiot. Therefore, from the moment he came on stage, he immediately increased his fighting intent, and then transformed it into a sincere smile.

"Hey, we meet again, I trust that you have been well since we last met, Little Bai?"

Bai Ze naturally did not pay attention to this frivolous provocation. Instead, he silently summoned out his magical treasure—the three golden seals.

Upon seeing this, Wang Lu was startled. After Bai Ze\'s tragic defeat to Wang Wu, learning from painful experience, he thought that his immortal treasure Negation Stamps did not have much of an advantage in Jindan Stage fight, so he hid them for a time. But now, he actually pulled out his negation stamps, which was indeed shocking.

"Oh my, you\'re still using this stuff, did you upgrade it?" Wang Lu said as he stepped forward, trying to capture those negation stamps by hand.

Bai Ze sneered. "Try it and you\'ll know." Then he launched his first seal.

Wang Lu turned his wrist to avoid the sharp edge and then approached the golden seal from the side, still trying to catch it by hand. However, Bai Ze\'s golden stamp changed its direction extremely fast. It drew an arc like a stream of light and circled behind Wang Lu.

Wang Lu waved his left hand backward and made a secret seal with his fingers, condensing out an invisible shield in between him and the stamp. However, when the golden seal touched the shield, it went through without a hindrance and undoubtedly fell into the palm of Wang Lu\'s left hand.

The next moment, from the elbow, Wang Lu\'s left hand turned grey and then disappeared like a phantom. However, at the same time, Wang Lu stepped forward and a phantom mirror image of him appeared behind him. The injury on his left arm remained in that phantom.

However, upon taking that step, Wang Lu saw two striking golden lights in front of him. They were the other two golden negation seals which flew simultaneously toward him.

At this time, he still didn\'t use a sword and instead used his body to welcome them. The two golden seals penetrated his chest unimpeded, leaving two three-inch square holes, which cut through Wang Lu\'s waist, splitting him into two.

The lower half fell to the ground and turned into gray sludge. The upper half flew straight into the sky and rapidly stretched in mid-air before completely transforming into human form.

"They\'ve sure been upgraded, the targeting is good."

Bai Ze snorted coldly, recalled three golden seals, and then frowned.

Just now, the attack and defense moves of the two men were very fast. In the twinkling of an eye, they had finished probing each other out.

Bai Ze\'s negation seal was much more improved compared to the original because the attacking method was more than ten times richer.

The original negation seal was a big one time all-out attacking move that could involve cause and effect. Every time he used it, Bai Ze had to spend a lot of strength—its lethality was, of course, without a doubt. However, in this Jindan Stage level fight, although this kind of immortal treasure had unbeatable lethality, its flaw could be found, which was the ease of it to be evaded. For example, in the first fight against Wang Wu, she avoided the obliteration effect of the negation seal reserve core. At the same time, the relative unwieldiness and slowness of casting out negation seal remained, making the method in fighting appear monotonous, which was not very economical.

After the negation seal improvement, the lethality was much weaker. When it previously touched Wang Lu\'s arm, it was only able to obliterate it, which was later offset by Wang Lu\'s phantom substitute. This was far less overbearing than the original negation seal.

However, the new version of negation seal was more flexible. Once an attack fails, it could continue to pursue the target. In addition, the effect of the negation seal would be different every time it hit. Some could erase the flesh, others could negate the magical power… Of course, some could specifically destroy the body protection treasure. The effect of each negation seal could be changed at any time, making it impossible to guard against. Previously, Wang Lu seemed to play down this effect, but it was actually like walking on a tightrope in high altitude.

On the other hand, Bai Ze did not expect that his continuous attack was totally ineffective. Just a few months ago, Wang Lu did not have the ability to resist his negation seal, and could only survive through a series of props and tricks. But now, Wang Lu was able to easily withstand through his own magical spell. The progress was simply jaw-dropping. What surprised him even more was that Wang Lu actually insisted on not summoning out his sword to help him deal with this sharp and intensive attack.

It was as if Wang Lu had seen his own tactic… among the three golden seals, one was a special magical tool breaker reserved to deal with Rouge Tears. Although Wang Lu\'s Rouge Tears was an immortal treasure level weapon, it came from the hands of Xuan Mo. As her compatriot, Bai Ze knew Rouge Tears like the back of his hand, so it could easily be targeted by him. At the same time, the sword spirit of Rogue Tears had previously helped Liu Li in the fight not long ago, which was extremely taxing and hence also a flaw.

These two flaws made Bai Ze confident that he could directly obliterate it with his negation seal. Even if it could not cause permanent damage, it could render Wang Lu sword-less for the whole fight.

However, Wang Lu refused to take out the sword and thus denied Bai Ze from taking advantage of the flaws. Instead, he had to keep on staying alert for the moment when Wang Lu take out the sword. Wang Lu\'s offensive capability was not as earth-shaking as Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao, but Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi of the Sword Demon Zhong Shengming was also well-known in the past among the Earth Immortals, so he didn\'t want to take the sword strike head-on.

That being the case… Bai Ze thought for a moment, reached out his hand, and then pulled out three more golden seals.

Six golden seals was a bit difficult for him to control in Jindan Stage. However, he also firmly believed that, in the face of six golden seals, the other party would not be able to hold back.

However, just when he was ready to make his move, he saw Wang Lu\'s figure sway before appearing directly in front of him!

In the face of this fatalistic-efficiency negation seal, Wang Lu did not retreat, but instead chose to fight in close combat against Bai Ze! Of course, Bai Ze couldn\'t hope for a better situation, so he immediately launched the six golden seals to surround Wang Lu.

However, the next moment, Bai Ze\'s countenance changed. To his surprise, he found out that the Wang Lu in front of him was still a substitute. Moreover, different from the several previous substitutes that were used to offset the damage, this was an exploding substitute. The surging explosion might erupt at any time, causing earth-shaking destruction.

How could a sword cultivator, who concentrated on the way of the sword, become so cunning and adaptable now?

Bai Ze secretly cursed under his breath, but he didn\'t panic. He sent the five golden seals to hunt down the real Wang Lu, while the other one remained in its path toward Wang Lu\'s substitute. At the same time, he changed the effect of the negation seal from physical obliteration to technique obliteration.

This was where the gap between common cultivators and Earth Immortals lied, regardless of how earth-shaking their magical spells were—even the strongest spells and tricks were still worthless in the eyes of Earth Immortals. Wang Lu\'s self-exploding substitute was enough to cause a heavy loss to any other peak Jindan Stage cultivator, however, Bai Ze only needed to use a golden negation seal to obliterate this substitute.

The next moment, the golden seal landed on its target and the surging explosion disappeared in an instant… But to Bai Ze\'s surprise, Wang Lu\'s figure was still in front of him.

This was not a substitute!

In that instant, Bai Ze realized Wang Lu\'s trick.

Massively concentrating fire element without concealment, disguising his true body as a substitute, and then splendidly approaching. However, Bai Ze had already dispersed the precious golden seals to find the nonexistent true body!

In itself, it was not a complicated tactic, but Bai Ze didn\'t expect Wang Lu to do so.

Because Wang Lu\'s ultimate skill should be the way of the sword. In this life and death decisive fight, he should use his ultimate skill and not acrobatics, right?

As a result, Wang Lu did the opposite and seized the opportunity to do acrobatics!

Even if in the next moment the five golden seals could crush Wang Lu\'s defense into pieces, at least at this moment, Wang Lu had the first chance to strike.

In the fight against a sword cultivator, the most taboo thing was to be close to the other side. And Wang Lu was undoubtedly among the top sword cultivators in Jindan Stage.

At this moment, Bai Ze\'s time seemed to have slowed down by tens of millions of times. In his sight, a primal chaos sword qi that made space tremble faintly condensed rapidly in front of him.

He was unclear whether Wang Lu\'s full power attack could hurt him or not. He now had the demon body, so as long as the two vital points were not eliminated at the same time, they could be continuously regenerated. However, the killing power of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi often went beyond common sense...

However, Bai Ze did not need to worry about this.

Because the seventh golden seal had already been placed in his hand, waiting for a long time.

The golden seal that specialized in breaking the sword qi was enough to make any sword qi completely vanish into thin air.

Wang Lu\'s acrobatic was indeed surprising, but how could the outcome of this decisive fight be decided by acrobatics?(小白 slang for noob)