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Two rows of sharp teeth mercilessly snapped, making a crisp impact voice and splashing out fountains of blood and flesh.

Outside the fighting arena, countless spectators saw such a scene.

The dying Fenrir bit off most of Ravenous Wolf\'s body, from head to abdomen, leaving only two legs which fell after standing upright for a moment.

This bite was so fierce that it caused the heart of many people to tremble. Then, Ravenous Wolf did not regenerate his body from severe wounds as before. The two fallen limbs lied just like that. Ravenous Wolf neither released his colossal body nor turned into his ghost body.

For Ravenous Wolf, every bit of flesh and blood was invaluable. At this time, he was really extravagant, completely incompatible with the nature of a miser. It was really hard to imagine that this was what he would do.

As a matter of fact, Ravenous Wolf, of course, could not do it. Because he was already dead. The demon race\'s vital two cores had disappeared, falling into the belly of Fenrir, which even a god could not come out.

It was just that, long after Ravenous Wolf died, the audience still could not believe it.

Why did Ravenous Wolf die?

At the last moment, Fenrir\'s counterattack was ridiculously slow. Such that even a Xudan Stage cultivator could easily avoid it. However, Ravenous Wolf did not avoid it. He reacted slower than Fenrir, watching as his opponent kill him as if he was committing suicide!

Of course, Ravenous Wolf did not commit suicide, so it was likely that it was a wonderful move by Fenrir.

Therefore, simply speaking, Fenrir won this match.

After thinking through this, the audience began to cheer and celebrate the victory.

"Hahaha, we actually won! That means if we also count the fight of Daoist Master Non-Phase, then we also won this Jindan Stage one-on-one challenge by three to one!"

"Before this challenge start, Wang Lu said that he did not need to participate, in the end, he doesn\'t need to appear indeed!"

"Spirit Sword Sect is too formidable. Not to mention the pair of Non-Phase Master and disciple, even their dog is extremely fierce!"

"Humph, more importantly, in these three matches, two of the Earth Immortals are killed while one is seriously injured. Next time, they wouldn\'t be so arrogant!"

"Hahaha, in order to celebrate, today I\'m going do it with ten women in succession!"

"Damn, how could you change so fast!"

For a time, the stadium completely fell into the sea of happy jubilation. The victory of this challenge was really important.

However, in the audience, Wang Lu\'s face was somewhat complicated.

"Tsk, unexpectedly, I still missed one step in the calculation. I underestimated the digestive power of that stupid dog… Oh well, seems that I have to fight in person."

As soon as this remark came out, the nearby red-robed patriarch was stunned. "Wang Lu, why did you say as if we lost this round? Didn\'t we have an awesome victory?"

Wang Lu shook his head. "Patriarch, how could you misunderstand things every time? What happened in the match just now is really regrettable… Although the opponent was killed, the match was lost."

The red-robed patriarch was astonished. "How could we lose?"

At this time, even many in the Earth Immortals camp hadn\'t figured this out yet, so all of them stared at him with puzzlement.

Wang Lu said he lost? How? The situation on the battlefield had been clearly decided. That Western Continent Monster Wolf was now gnawing at the bones of Ravenous Wolf while her wounds were slowly recovering. Although her condition was a bit tragic, it was much better than Ravenous Wolf\'s skeleton.

"That Monster Wolf… has broken her stage."

Finally, an astute Earth Immortal revealed the answer.

"At the moment before she finished off Ravenous Wolf, she broke through the peak Jindan stage level and entered Yuanying Stage… It violated the rules in Jindan Stage match, so she\'s automatically lost."

"That\'s actually the reason?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu nodded and explained, "Huahua is a Western Continent Monster Wolf, so the distinction between stages is not as obvious as common human cultivators. However, the difference between Jindan and Yuanying still exists. Before the match, in order to guarantee the winning chance, I let her raise her power infinitely close to the Yuanying Stage, and then suppressed her with thirteen Beast Trap seals to prevent her from breaking through. Plus, Monster Wolf of the Western Continent has strong control over power, so it should be foolproof… But, I still underestimated the power of Ravenous Wolf\'s body and the digestive ability of Huahua. When she swallowed the several pieces of Ravenous Wolf\'s body, the energy digested actually caused Huahua to break through the thirteen Beast Trap seals, forcing her to directly advance to Yuanying Stage… which is really amazing."

After Wang Lu\'s explanation, people felt there was nothing to say anymore. The wild-with-joy audience gradually cooled down, while their hearts became extremely entangled.

Breaking through Jindan to reach Yuanying, this was something that many Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage hoped but powerless to reach. In ten thousand years, there were too many individuals who were like this—the most famous one was undoubtedly today\'s Number One Jindan in Nine Regions.

Even with excellent talents, since the dawn of time till now, when trying to break through from Jindan to Yuanying, cultivators should be very cautious. Only after ample preparation could they able to break through in one swoop. But now, this Fenrir actually used the thirteen Beast Trap seals to suppress her from not breaking through?

Perhaps… this was not just about Fenrir\'s strong bloodline, but that the physical strength of Ravenous Wolf had gone far beyond the imagination and thus the energy obtained by the dog\'s digestion was abundant enough that the Beast Trap seal could not even suppress.

If it was anyone else, perhaps they would be killed by this energy. However, Monster Wolf of the Western Continent was simply born with the topmost devouring ability, hence she was able to survive.

If it wasn\'t for Fenrir\'s inborn magical ability that restrained the opponent, Ravenous Wolf would never fall into such a sorry state. His body\'s strength had reached a terrifying level. If this was a head-on toughness match, perhaps only the Number One Jindan in Nine Regions could beat him.

If it was Wang Wu who appeared instead, he could\'ve made people admire his ability.

Unfortunately, in the end, although the dog managed to kill her opponent, she lost the match. Who could blame her for this situation? Especially when the girl restored her human form, her miserable situation was simply unbearable.

"Hey, Wang Lu, I won."

Walking from the fighting arena to the audience stand, the wolf girl barely held a smile, but her beautiful smile was stained with blood. Especially the several deep and long bloodstains on her forehead, which extended all the way to her cheek, completely destroying the aesthetic sense of her cheek.

The girl\'s two arms were broken and the flesh of her right thigh was almost gnawed out, revealing her pale let bones.

"Hehe, awesome, isn\'t it?" Quan Zouhua laughed.

At this time, even Wang Lu could not say anything to reprimand her. He just shook his head silently and fished out the healing medicine that had been prepared for a long time from his bosom.

However, before Wang Lu handed over the medicine, an Elder from Heavenly Sage Hall had stood up from the seat.

That person was the leader of Yin and Yang School, a glamorous woman who looked to be in her early twenties.

"Outrageous, how could you let such a beautiful girl look like this? Wang Lu, you\'re too unscrupulous in trying to score a victory!"

Wang Lu cupped his hands across his chest, accepting the criticism without question.

Because when she was talking, she had already put a red medicine in Quan Zouhua\'s mouth. The woman\'s movement was extremely fast, in an instant, the medicine turned into a liquid and then flowed into Quan Zouhua\'s body, causing her unable to respond in time.

However, soon, warmth flowed throughout her whole body from her abdomen, which quickly healed all her injuries in the fight. The broken arms were quickly regenerated at a speed visible to the naked eyes. Numerous granulations wrapped around the bones as they wriggled and grew. It seemed that the girl\'s severe injuries could be totally healed in just a cup of tea\'s time.

"Thank you for the medicine, School Leader."

The Leader of Yin and Yang School stared at Wang Lu. "What\'s there to be thanked about? Do you think that only your Spirit Sword Sect understands the big picture and contributes greatly to the Grand Competition?"

"Hahaha, it\'s me who Senior thought as narrow-minded just now." Wang Lu shook his head and then said to Quan Zouhua, "Go and have a rest. As for the matter regarding Little White, you may rest assured, I will give her the medicine to help you fulfill your wishful thinking."

Who would\'ve thought that Quan Zouhua actually shook her head seriously. "I don\'t only want Little White, I also want her heart!"

"No problem, as the saying goes, the way to a man\'s heart is through his belly, and the way to a woman\'s heart is through words. As long as your tool is big and you live well, no woman\'s heart that you couldn\'t grasp. And it just so happens that the School Leader in front of you is an expert in such matter, you can ask her for guidance."

Quan Zouhua immediately opened her eyes in excitement and limply jumped around the Leader of Yin and Yang School with her still injured legs. "Is it true? Senior Leader, please bestow your advice!"

"..." The Leader of Yin and Yang School viciously glared at Wang Lu but was quickly entangled by this young girl.

When Wang Lu was waiting for the chance to continue pouring oil to the fire, he heard a cold humph from the Earth Immortal camp.

"Enough of the silly jokes!"

The lantern female\'s eyes were like flames as she said in a cold voice, "You wouldn\'t forget there\'s still the fifth match right? Aren\'t you stalling by acting crazy long enough? Isn\'t it time to end this?"

"Hahaha, didn\'t I say you\'re stupid before? Now it\'s clear. Who do you think need to delay time now? The one who dispatched a stupid dog that narrowly killed your chance, or Bai Ze who had previously been beaten by my Master and reduced to a clown by me? I\'m trying to buy you guys time so that you guys could be more prepared, so as not to regret when death is at hand."

"You!" The lantern female was furious, but she had to admit that Wang Lu\'s confusing-right-from-wrong words were based on the results of the previous three matches and were indeed quite convincing.

She, of course, knew that Wang Lu\'s time delaying was in order to speed up the healing process of the injuries from poison suffered by him through Liu Li in the first match, but she could not refute the other party\'s denial.

After all, the lantern female was not good at quarreling.

"Enough, less nonsense. Begin the fifth match."

With those words from the man in black, Wang Lu\'s figure suddenly disappeared from the audience and appeared in the fighting arena the next moment.

And there, Bai Ze had been waiting for some time.