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Within the Earth Immortal camp, Little Poison Immortal was quite a maverick. His appearance was not impressive—his height was just four feet high, with the figure of a young child, yet with wrinkled and withered skin, full of poisonous cysts, and so ugly that he didn\'t look human—of course, right now, he indeed didn\'t seem like a human—in addition, he was cruel and merciless, killing people as if they\'re just hemp. Moreover, the number of people that he slaughtered for the sake of intensive poison research was too hard to count. The lives that he took was even more than what Flesh Massacre and Ravenous Wolf took combined. His baleful look even made it difficult for the other Earth Immortals to approach.

Nobody liked such a companion, and likewise, Little Poison Immortal also didn\'t want other people\'s likes. Him joining the camp of ancient Earth Immortal was not for the sake of fighting against the Fallen Immortal, but to repay the promised he made to their previous leader.

Little Poison Immortal had devoted his whole life to poison technique, so his heart would never stray away from it. His small child stature, as well as the fragile body, was not his natural condition, but rather the irreparable result of the fatal failures that he endured in the repeated poison tests. After countless experiments, although his mastery of poison technique had reached the stage of perfection, he finally exhausted his lifespan.

Thus he simply changed his own race. By sacrificing hundreds of millions of living beings, he transformed his life into a slaughtering devil. From then on, he extended his lifespan with the essence of flesh and blood. So far, even the most vicious evil in Nine Regions was hard to even look up to him.

How could such an opponent be struck down by a sword of lightning?

The egg-shaped shell was his biochemical armor, to make up for his inadequate body. While the surface of the shell was tough, it also congealed out a massive amount of highly toxic substance. This kind of poison was the original poison of Little Poison Immortal, which could corrode everything in this world. Besides flesh and blood, it could even corrode incorporeal energy.

Of the total power of Liu Li\'s sword of lightning, eighty percent of it had been thwarted off by the poison, while the remaining twenty percent was not enough to break the egg-shaped shell. After that sword strike, Little Poison Immortal was not harmed at all, on the contrary, he was highly excited.

To him, this fight didn\'t seem to have any significance. However, after seeing Liu Li\'s move, he felt that his heart, which had long ago been dried out, palpitated faintly.

Clear as water, sharp as the edge of a blade. The immortal sword in the girl\'s hand had been washed with blood, yet she wasn\'t stained by it at all. In his long life, this kind of physique was actually unprecedented.

This was an excellent material that had never been seen before!

"I want to turn you into a poison sac."

With that, Little Poison Immortal made his move. He stretched out his dry finger and pointed at Liu Li. The next moment, the girl\'s beautiful figure turned into pus.

The attack from Little Poison Immortal seemed to be faster than a flying sword. However, after that attack, he did not get the pleasure of success. Because the pus was not what he wanted, but rather a clay substituted left by the opponent. The person that was locked by him actually vanished without a trace.

In the data about their opponent, the biggest feature of Liu Li\'s Brilliant Sword Heart was its super strong explosive power, which could easily defeat an opponent that was of higher levels than her. However, it didn\'t mention that she was also capable of speed and transformation. The poison attack of Little Poison Immortal could kill common peak Jindan Stage in seconds, but if the opponent reacted quickly enough, there was still a possibility of avoidance.

Little Poison Immortal was not surprised by this. In his long life, he had seen too many powerful people and those that had a similar method like Liu Li had been killed more than just one or two by him.

The era in which Little Poison Immortal rose to fame was in the glorious period of Immortal Cultivation World. There were countless of powerhouses the level of Supreme in Nine Regions, and those who broke through the boundary and achieved immortality could be seen from time to time. And the sword cultivators that were regarded as prey by Little Poison Immortal at that time were far better than the current Liu Li.

In addition to the powerful attack, the speed, reaction, and flexibility of those sword cultivators were top notch. It was difficult to hit them with monotonous attacks. Even the soul curse would be blocked by the substitute spell. In short, it was very difficult to deal with them.

However, the current Liu Li had just entered the realm of mature sword cultivation. She no longer blindly pursued the attack power, and instead, brought his own expertise to the extreme, allowing her to accomplish a task with ease in any environment.

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of the fight.

"You can\'t run," Little Poison Immortal said.

With that, his withered hand pointed to the sky and the blue sky on the fighting arena suddenly became green, and then light drizzle began to fall.

These raindrops were all highly toxic. Upon landing on the ground, the vegetation withered, and the earth cracked. In a very short moment, an area with a radius of dozens of miles had become a dead zone. Within this rain curtain, there was a spherical arc that was particularly eye-catching.

That was the sword defense supported by Liu Li\'s Skybreaker.

This dozens of miles of radius was the limit space set up for this challenge. And Little Poison Immortal had basically polluted everything with his poisonous rain. Although Liu Li had absorbed a lot of practical experience and enriched the means of fighting by a lot in the special training session in Royal Soldier Sect, it was far from being compared to her opponent, and thus she was forced into a dead end in just one move.

"I will turn your body into a poison sac, and that will be my next immortal treasure. While your primordial spirit would be stripped out to become my poison woman to spend a long time with me."

With that, Little Poison Immortal pointed his finger to the sky, pouring down even more raindrops so that in a short time, it became torrential.

The toxic rainstorm the land. The ground melted at speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, the brown ground turned into a dark green swamp. The height of the mountain that was originally set up in the fighting arena continued to decrease and was quickly swallowed by the swamp.

Within this green swamp, which had become the symbol of death, vitality gradually appeared, which was the birth of a new life comprised of venom.

However, Little Poison Immortal himself gradually disappeared in the poisonous rain, becoming one with the surrounding.

"Original magical ability! This is his original magical ability!"

In the audience stand, several Supremes of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals stood up and unbelievably looked at the incredible mean of Little Poison Immortal in the fighting arena.

It was not unusual to have an original magical ability in Jindan Stage, such a thing was already done by Wang Lu in the past. However, such a powerful original magical ability was simply unheard of!

In Jindan Stage, he could destroy the dozens of miles of the surrounding area and replaced it with his own world. If he was in his peak power level, perhaps even the entire Nine Regions could...

"No, it\'s not that exaggerated. Let\'s not overestimate his poison."

Among the audience, Wang Lu leisurely looked at it and explained, "He\'s just trying to seize every opportunity. He\'s just bringing Immortal level poison in Jindan level battlefield, nothing remarkable in it."

"You say that\'s nothing remarkable?... How could you be so relaxed?" The Red-robed Patriarch had no strength to be angry at this time.

If bringing tools that didn\'t belong in this battlefield could be so easy, Liu Li wouldn\'t have just brought Skybreaker at this time, but rather she would\'ve brought many immortal treasures, which she could use to bombard the opponent into smithereens.

In fact, it was simply impossible. The burden of equipping immortal treasure on cultivators was very heavy. Unless it was perfectly refined and highly compatible with the bearer, then it could be used freely in the low Stage. Otherwise, forcibly equipping too many immortal magical tools was simply suicide.

At this time, Little Poison Immortal had his strength suppressed in Jindan Stage, yet he was able to use immortal level poison. This showed that his understanding of poison had reached a terrifying stage!

However, right now was too late to think so much. In the face of such an opponent, the first question was, what should Liu Li do?

The strength differences could already be seen at a glance… Liu Li could use the sword of lightning in an instant; it was indeed worthy to put her in the category of Super Jindan. However, in this level of competition, Super Jindan was far from enough.

In that torrential rain, Liu Li\'s sword defense had begun to waver.

In this situation, any drop of poisonous rain could take her life in an instant, so she couldn\'t afford to let even a drop fall on her. But this poisonous water could corrode everything, so her sword defense rapidly vanished, completely unable to resist. Fortunately, Skybreaker was made of Immortal Sword quality, which could not be poisoned. And with her Jindan Stage cultivation base, it was not difficult to brandish her sword to keep the water away.

The difficult thing was, beside the poisonous rain, after the entire battlefield had been poisoned, even the air had been contaminated. As long as she was in it, she could not escape no matter what. Right now, her colorful dress had gradually been stained with rust, the immortal sword in her hand began to slightly tremble, her grasp had become unstable.

She was, after all, not known for defense. Once all means were restrained, it was difficult to continue.

"Enough, Wang Lu, let her come back!"

"It doesn\'t make any sense to let her hold on any longer, let her come back!"

In the audience, many people began to persuade Wang Lu to surrender and concede the fight. Yet Wang Lu was still sitting calmly at his seat. "Don\'t worry, if we let her back, wouldn\'t that mean we lose?"

"It\'s better than death!"

Wang Lu waved his hand. "She won\'t die, rest assured."

"How could you say that? Even if you have tricks up your sleeve, in the face of ancient Earth Immortal, do you really dare to say that it would be effective? What if something goes wrong…"

"Don\'t you like Liu Li the most? How could you have the heart to let her take such a risk?"

Wang Lu lightly responded, "Yes, I have the heart, why are you guys being so nosy… be quiet, she\'s going to make her move. The victory and defeat will be decided here, look carefully!"

Upon hearing that, they turned their head while at the same time suppressed the uneasiness in their heart.

The torrential rain had become more and more severe. In the poisonous swamp that was previously the ground, a poisonous dragon of over one hundred feet length began to stir. This poisonous dragon was no less powerful than ordinary Jindan. And this was merely the embellishment of Little Poison Immortal\'s original magical ability.

In this situation, how could Liu Li possibly turn the table around? Her attack power was indeed strong, and if the sword of lighting was cast out one after another, the poison wouldn\'t stand a chance, and it might indeed cause trouble for Little Poison Immortal. However, at this time, with the opposite party\'s original magical ability, he had become one with the surrounding, so there was no target for the sword attack.

And even if Liu Li exploded her golden core, it could still not break the surrounding… Unless the immortal sword in her hand was the real Skybreaker, it could indeed break through this surrounding. Unfortunately, the immortal sword in her hand lacked its spirit, so it was difficult for her to bring out all its power.

Then, in the anxious and confused eyes of the audience, Liu Li finally made her move.

The moment she made her move, people also saw a glimmer of hope.

The immortal sword in Liu Li\'s hand bloomed with unprecedented light. However, it was not the heroic light of Skybreaker, but rather the soft light of Rouge Tears.

Sword Spirit Autumn Beam stood beside Liu Li, holding the sword hilt together with her to help her awaken the power of Skybreaker.

The immortal sword trembled as if it was waking up from a long sleep. As the immortal sword awoke, the world of Little Poison Immortal began to show signs of instability.

Vaguely, the divine sword that broke the sky thousands of years ago, seemed to be coming back.

In this world, only Autumn Beam could do this. As the sword spirit of an immortal sword, and her master Wang Lu was good at using Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, she often used the Rogue Tears to stimulate the sword qi. Thus, Autumn Beam was very familiar with this kind of thing.

The only problem was that, she was, after all, not the sword spirit of Skybreaker, and she was not ownerless. She merely appeared to help temporarily. To wake the sword that had been sleeping for a long time, they still needed some sparks.

The immortal sword Skybreaker seemed to want to wake up at any moment, but it was still a step away into revealing it\'s full sharpness.

Fortunately, there was someone beside her who could help her make up for the missing part.

One of the most suitable people in Nine Regions for cultivating sword art, who was able to adapt to the numerous sword arts in the world and achieve all kinds of inconceivable magical abilities. It was Liu Li with her Brilliant Sword Heart.

The girl slightly moved, turned her head, and smiled. Then, under the tense gaze of the audience, she kissed Autumn Beam fully on the lips.

The next moment, the immortal sword Skybreaker fully woke up. It flew out of the girl\'s hand and went straight to the sky.

A short moment later, the clouds broke, and the small figure of Little Poison Immortal fell down like a meteor.