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When Wang Lu appeared in the audience stand in the Central Arena of Immortal One Area, the horrified eyes almost pierced him through.

The Elders of Heavenly Sacred Hall, the young cultivators who came to watch the fight with their Elders… and even the ancient Earth Immortals who sat not far away from them all turned their eyes and incredulously stared at Wang Lu.

Wang Lu himself was a bit embarrassed by this. "... Why are you guys seeing me as if I\'ve just stolen your wife?"

Thereupon, people turned their attention back to the arena.

Faced with the four slaughtering devils, the three girls Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, and Quan Zouhua looked delicate and fragile… Just when the audiences were stunned, they had already entered the fighting arena while remaining calm and unperturbed under the pressure of the Earth Immortals.

It was just that, the more the audience saw this scene, the more confused they were.

The Red-robed Patriarch couldn\'t help but shout, "Wang Lu, you are one of the contestants in this challenge, shouldn\'t you be with them in the arena rather than here?"

Wang Lu laughed and said, "But I don\'t need to participate in this challenge at all."

"You don\'t need to participate? Aren\'t you the main force?"

Wang Lu explained, "The this challenge used the best of five rule. Two months ago, my Master has already proven herself, so there are still four matches left. If we could win half of them, then victory belongs to us. The order of our appearances is Little Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, Quan Zouhua, and finally my turn. As long as two of them could win their respective match, I don\'t have to participate… This logic should be very simple."

The Red-robed Patriarch was almost vomited by those words. "So you also know that the premise is that they could win! What if they lose then?"

"Their chances of winning are over ninety percent, so there\'s nothing to worry about."

Hearing this, the jaw of Red-robed Patriarch almost fell down. "More than ninety percent? Are you kidding me?"

Wang Lu shrugged his shoulders. "I\'m just telling the truth."

Several Earth Immortals managed to hear this and immediately their eyes turned fierce.

More than ninety percent chance of winning?

If this was said by someone else, they could just laugh it off. Any normal person would think like this: The only side who had the overwhelming advantage and over ninety percent chance of victory was the ancient Earth Immortal side.

However, the person who said those words just now was Wang Lu, which they simply could not ignore. Because no matter how many negative assessments were there of Wang Lu, there was no denying the fact that as long as he said it, there were a few things that could be fulfilled.

Could it be that, after several months of intensive training, the girls of Spirit Sword Sect really had enough strength to overwhelm the ancient Earth Immortal?

Purely from the theoretical point of view, it was not impossible. Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen once calculated it. If the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals spared no efforts in investing all its resources in a few people, then it was really possible to create several abnormal Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators in a short period of time. Of which only the man in black and a few other people in the Earth Immortal side could contend. The rest, such as Xuan Mo and Bai Ze, would not be their opponent.

However, that was just in theory. In practice, the side effects that needed to be taken into consideration were too serious. First was the large amount of resource loss—no matter how rich in resources the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was, the resources needed to create such abnormal Jindan were always limited. Secondly, spoiling things by being too helpful would ruin the future of that cultivator. And with such talents as Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao, destroying their future for a mere competition was not worth it.

Taking into account these factors, at that time, when Lu Biechen proposed that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could create abnormal Jindan and Yuanying to win the competition points, the other Earth Immortals didn\'t think too much of it. This was also not in line with Wang Lu\'s style.

However, right now, perhaps what he was doing was exactly the opposite of it.

Or could it be that Wang Lu was just bluffing, trying to disrupt the position of the other party?

It was true that Wang Lu\'s words were rarely unfulfilled—but only if he was serious about it. If it was just for scheming, then his words naturally didn\'t need to be taken seriously, perhaps even need to be understood in reverse—perhaps Wang Lu didn\'t plan to let Liu Li and the others win, and that his secret weapon was in other places?

Thinking to this, the mood of the Earth Immortals turned complicated and heave. Because they all suddenly found out that Wang Lu, with just one sentence, had already disrupted their position. Each of the Earth Immortals naturally had their own ideas on how to deal with it, so their strategy would naturally be different. If one was cautious, one might suggest postponing the challenge, but if one was radical, he or she might suggest Little Poison Immortal and the others on the arena to attack as soon as possible, to let Wang Lu\'s ninety percent chance of winning be damned. Soon, the quarrel caused by this disagreement became more and more intense.

All of this was just because of that unexpected statement from Wang Lu.

Previously, if someone said that a Jindan Stage cultivator could have such a huge influence on these ancient Earth Immortals, it would\'ve been treated as a joke. But now, few people would be able to laugh.

Wang Lu\'s magnificent five victories in a row, in the end, caused no small influence on the morale of ancient Earth Immortals.

However, in the audience stand, just when the Earth Immortals camp began to fall into chaos, the divine needle that could control the ocean promptly appeared.

"If you guys really have such formidable power, then let us see it."

One sentence from the man in black and the quarrel immediately stopped.

Correct, the challenge hadn\'t even started yet, but they had already turned into a mess, this was too unsightly. Whether Wang Lu really had a way to assure the victory or it was just a bluff, at least they needed to see it first. This was not a one win victory after all. In this kind of best of five battle, the ancient Earth Immortals still had room for mediation. There was also no need to worry and thus fell into Wang Lu\'s rhythm at all.

The man in black coldly said, "If there\'s no other problem, let\'s start the match."

Wang Lu smiled and said, "Very well. But, you only sent these four small fries in this challenge, don\'t you want to participate yourself?"

"There\'s no need for me to participate in this level of competition."

"A pity then. I\'m actually looking forward to actually fighting against you. How about this, if you\'re willing to participate, then I\'ll change the order of the match so that we can fight in advance, what do you think?"

Wang Lu\'s remark drew a surprised gasp.

This man in black who self-proclaimed as a sinner had a high status in the camp of Earth Immortal, so his strength was self-evident. Yet, Wang Lu actually said that he wanted to fight him in a match? Where did he have such courage?

If it was his Master, that abnormal Number One Jindan in Nine Regions, perhaps there was still a chance, but how could he?

Faced with people\'s doubts, Wang Lu maintained a calm smile. His eyes were slightly provocative, waiting for the other party\'s response.

On the other hand, regarding this bring-about-one\'s-own-destruction challenge, the man in black was silent, which made people wonder how would he react to it.

"Black, just kill him."

An Earth Immortal could not help suggest. In his opinion, since Wang Lu himself said this thing, it would be better to go with it and fight him. If Wang Lu could be killed on the spot in the fighting arena, then this Grand Competition would instantly lose its suspense and thus rid them all the troubles!

However, the man in black didn\'t respond to that. Instead, he coldly said, "Don\'t talk nonsense here, the match is about to begin."

The next moment, the space in the arena folded and twisted slightly. One by one, the contestants disappeared from the sight, expelled to the edge of the arena. The only one left in the arena was Liu Li and a stooped and small stature of a dwarf-like figure.

This was the first battle of this challenge.

Seeing that the match finally began, the audience immediately became silent. All the quarrels and disputes were put aside. Countless pairs of deeply anxious eyes gazed on the field, not letting go even the slightest change.

"Senior, please give this junior advice."

On the arena, Liu Li confidently brought out her sword momentum, but the Skybreaker in her hand was pointed downward as she performed the ritual of younger generation respecting the elder.

"Why do we have to overly courteous to a slaughtering devil? Isn\'t this Liu Li too stodgy?"

Among the audience, the Red-robed Patriarch could not help but mutter.

"Ha, Patriarch, you misunderstood. Liu Li isn\'t being stodgy." Wang Lu shook his head. "She just didn\'t know how to behave in front of a slaughtering devil because I haven\'t taught her how to quarrel and hurl insults, so she has to obediently perform this little courtesy."

"... This is clearly worse than being stodgy!"

"Patriarch, you misunderstood again. Right now, what Liu Li did is just right for her."

As soon as the voice fell, even though Liu Li\'s hand that was holding the sword had not yet moved, a purple-blue sword qi pierced through the sky and fell down like a divine tribulation lighting, engulfing the tiny figure of Little Poison Immortal in the turbulent electric light.

Everyone inside and outside the venue was shocked!

This sword strike had great momentum and destructive power, which broke the limit of Jindan Stage level. It was indeed worthy to be the full power strike of Brilliant Sword Heart. The key was that the speed of the change was unexpectedly fast. The respectful courtesy from a Junior to an Elder previously was just a disguise!

Liu Li, who had always been known for her honesty and simplicity, actually used such a despicable trick. This surprised many people present.

The Red-robed Patriarch stared with widened eyes and was about to open his mouth to comment when he heard Wang Lu say, "Patriarch, you misunderstood her again. Liu Li did not intentionally try to launch a sneak attack, she just didn\'t know the normal steps to do in this kind of thing. However, the success rate of this kind of unintentional sneak attack is very high, that\'s why I hadn\'t helped her rectify this problem."

"... Having a Senior Brother like you, I don\'t know if it\'s luck or bad luck to her."

The two men exchange words while also observing the situation in the arena.

Liu Li with his sword lightning attack had swallowed the Little Poison Immortal, but no one thought the game was already over. How could an ancient Earth Immortal, a slaughtering devil, die so easily?

Sure enough, when the light dissipated, there was a deep pit where a dark green egg covered with fascia and mucus laid in it. That dark green egg rhythmically expanded and contracted, expelling out static electric arcs.

The next moment, that dark green egg suddenly cracked and from which came out a person. That person\'s figure was small like a child. That was exactly Little Poison Immortal!

This \'newly hatched\' Little Poison Immortal didn\'t have many changes compared with the original. Even his green black splendid robe was still clean. The full-blown strike of Liu Li was enough to move a Yuanying Stage expert, but it had no effect for Little Poison Immortal!

Liu Li was not discouraged because of this; instead, she wielded her Skybreaker upward and began to prepare her next attack.

At the same time, Little Poison Immortal stretched out his withered hand, pointing at Liu Li.

"I want to turn you into a poison sac."(Sun Wukong\'s staff, meaning an important person that could control the group)