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"Youyou, you\'re too soft. Such a good opportunity, but you couldn\'t bear to make your move, making other people say that you\'re actually good! You deserved to be punished!"

In the Drunken Immortal Pavillion in Human Five Area, Wang Wu\'s voice revealed a trace of blame-someone, but more on the hazy drunk.

You Jiu of Song, who was drinking with Wang Wu, could not help but feel helpless. She said, "How could I make my move? It\'s fifty million spirit stones, that\'s a whole another level than my tribe\'s annual expenditure of just a few thousand spirit stones."

"Heh, if you count the audience, you\'ve made a hard advertisement for Wang Lu in front of millions of people in the City of Immortals, what is fifty million spirit stones compared to that? You simply don\'t know how much resources he holds in his hand right now! If we can make a few percentage points of profit, we could live a life of drunkenness every day in the future!"

"... Isn\'t such naked embezzlement not good?"

"It\'s rare to be a leader but not corrupt, it\'s an insult to the entire leadership class! And that is the truly not a good one!" Wang Wu hated iron for not becoming steel. "Youyou, you have been a barbarian woman in the Gobi desert for many years, so your brain has been blown silly by the wind and sand! Don\'t say anything else, you at least should not let Wang Lu take such a big bargain for nothing! The four successive victories, especially your unexpected victory, has made his reputation soar again. Right now, there are already cults of Wang Lu in Area A and B of City of Immortals, and they would soon merge with his Wisdom Sect. They\'re all great humanoid gold mines. Solely with this alon,e I don\'t know how much he could profit off of them, so what are several million spirit stones?"

Youyou was still hesitant. "But, I am not taking advantage of him. It\'s Wang Lu who told me that I could use that trick to break the cheating of the other party. Otherwise, if I really have to compete with Du Xiaoxiao, no matter what, I would lose." With that, Youyou became somewhat indignant. "That guy is also cunning. When his feet connect to the ground, he could borrow the entire power of Heaven One Area, so as long as his feet are not separated from the ground, his power is infinite. Humph, they thought they could win with such a rogue trick!"

Wang Wu said, "The design of the entire City of Immortals was provided by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and the ancient Earth Immortals were also meticulous in their implementation. The specific plan for the Strong Power Competition has also been approved by both sides. Unexpectedly, there\'s a trick hidden in the Heaven One Area. This can only be blamed by the incompetence of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Besides, Du Xiaoxiao has the blood of the Rock Beast, which allowed him to have instinctive power to draw the strength from the ground, so it couldn\'t really be regarded as cheating. What I really want to say is that, after seeing the cruel defeat of the King of Ten Thousand Beast, few people could guess the real card of Du Xiaoxiao. They really thought that he has infinite physical strength. This could only mean that the IQ of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is hopeless."

Youyou was curious. "Isn\'t Wang Lu responsible for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?"

"He is both the chief planner and one of the contestants, so how could he take care of everything? What\'s more, some people in Heavenly Sage Hall of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals have always questioned his authority, saying that as a little Jindan, he wields too much power, so he needs some checks and balances to ensure the safety of the Grand Competition. Humph, the result is like this. Retards but still want to compete with Wang Lu for power, they completely didn\'t think that it would cause defeat in the Grand Competition. Relying on his talent alone, Wang Lu could blend well in the camp of Earth Immortals, so what good could those bureaucrats do then?"

Youyou said, "I don\'t understand what you said, there\'s never been such trouble in the tribe… In any case, I came only to help you participate in the competition. If I can win, then that\'s good. So, when is the next match?"

Wang Wu said, "Soon. Xiao Qi and Miaomiao would compete in the matches in the next few days. You should first rest and recuperate. I really don\'t understand you, why bother come for a match just to have your tendon broke and lose your blood? That\'s why I said it\'s not much to ask Wang Lu for fifty million spirit stones!"

Youyou let out a silly laugh. "It\'s just small injuries, winning the match is enough of payment in itself."

"You, barbarian girl, is really hopeless." Wang Wu, once again, hated iron for not becoming steel. "But no matter, I can act as your agent. As long as you let go of the authorization, I will help you manage everything."

Faced with Wang Wu\'s gleaming eyes, Youyou looked left and right and said, "By the way, where\'s A Wu?"

"She\'s picking up medicine for you in the herb field."

The barbarian girl was so frightened that she stood up from the wine table. "A Wu is picking medicine for me? Could it be that she wants… there\'s no need! This is just a minor injury, I\'ll be fine after drinking some wine! There\'s no need for A Wu to bother at all!"

"Please, could you not let go of your left hand that covers the wound when you say that? Taking the Great and Mighty Original Stone in Jindan Stage is hard, even Hegemon Body would collapse. Drinking wine a bit is good, unless it\'s the reversal of the cycle of life and death of Drunken Three Lives! Your Great Desolation Hegemon Body is unparalleled in the world, but once the Hegemon Body collapses, it\'s particularly troublesome. Right now, apart from A Wu, few people could properly handle it."

Youyou showed a bitter face. "But A Wu\'s medicine is too scary, every time it\'s so nauseating…"

As soon as her voice fell, she immediately heard a cold voice from behind her.

"Is that so? My medicine is so disgusting, huh?"

With a thump, Youyou fell down from her seat. When she turned around, her complexion had already turned pale and her voice trembled. "A-A Wu?"

"Yes, it\'s me." The Witch Doctor coldly nodded, a row of white skulls around her waist made a slight slamming sound as her body trembled.

"I was just joking…"

A Wu said, "I know whether it was a joke or not, do you think my medicine is disgusting? No problem, I don\'t mind. This is just because you lack the basic aesthetic appreciation of medicine. If you eat more of it, you\'ll naturally better appreciate it. So in your next course of treatment, your dosage would be doubled."

"A Wu…"

"What, double is not enough for you? Then we could do with thrice."

"Enough, double is enough! I will definitely take the medicine on time, please have mercy on me!"

While A Wu and Youyou joking around, Wang Lu was ushering a new peak in his career.

The four consecutive victories had helped him established a near-superstitious state in people\'s mind—as long as Wang Lu made his move, victory would naturally come.

Thus, people would often pray for Wang Lu\'s blessings before they do anything, wishing themselves a victory.

Initially, this was done by the contestants who participated in the Grand Competition, but soon this habit spread to various sects and schools through the contestants. However, in a few days, it had become a fashion, from striving for victory in the Grand Competition, down to the treatment of infertility, people worshipped the statue of Wang Lu at home to pray for blessings.

It was exactly this phenomenon that Wang Wu referred to as the cult of Wang Lu.

Regarding this, Wang Lu looked favorably on it.

If these cultist beliefs could be used well, then it would be very beneficial for the Grand Competition.

Not to mention the effect of reassuring the people and stabilizing the rear, for the contestants alone, there would be a world\'s difference in the strength in the game for a person with a certain belief in victory and a person who was filled worry.

With his successive victories, though the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side still lagged behind in points, people\'s confidence was gradually restored. They were no longer like a frightened person in the first month of the competition who couldn\'t do anything even when being cheered up by the cheerleaders.

By the time Youyou defeated Du Xiaoxiao, although the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals still lost more than they won, the scene had become much better. Many of the losses were only because of a slight gap, which made it possible to see the hope of victory.

By the time Wang Lu joined the audience in the fifth match, this hope was thoroughly ignited.

He took part in the little-known competition. The content of the competition was planting spirit grass, Yuanying Stage. The Patriarch of Giant Tree School of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals squared up against Green Immortal Chen Geng—Previously, these two people were mostly unknown to most people, and Wang Lu had also never dealt with them.

At the beginning of the competition, the Patriarch of Giant Tree School fell behind step by step and was further away from the victory. However, halfway through the match, Wang Lu came and sat among the audience.

This time, Wang Lu didn\'t say a word, not even showing any emotion. He merely sat and watched the match silently. However, realizing that Wang Lu was behind him, the Patriarch of Giant Tree School had a strong morale boost, and his potential burst out. In Yuanying Stage level, in just four hours, he managed to grow seven spirit grass, which was quicker than the Green Immortal Chen Geng by a point! Moreover, after the competition, the Patriarch of Giant Tree School was directly promoted to Deity Stage, passing the many years of bottleneck!

This match pushed the myth of Wang Lu to the top. If the victory of the first four matches was related to Wang Lu\'s strategic planning, then in this match, Wang Lu completely reversed the outcome by virtue of his own presence, which made people had to be somewhat convinced of the doctrine of Wang Lu\'s worshiper\'s cult.

At the same time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals also ushered in more morale-boosting matches.

In the calligraphy and painting competition, Zhang Miao won against Immortal Luo Xue.

This was the first time since Supreme Tian Lun that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals scored a victory against Luo Xue. As an ancient Earth Immortal who mastered all kinds of arts, Luo Xue\'s accomplishment in the four main arts (zither, go, calligraphy, painting) was close to the dao, and no one could match her. Many well-known figures of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had fallen before her. Even Supreme Tian Lun\'s 90x90 go game victory was also due to Supreme Tian Lun\'s terrifying calculation. He was actually not as good as Luo Xue in terms of go\'s accomplishment.

However, Zhang Miao\'s victory was actually a truly crushing victory. After a splash of landscape painting, the green mountains and water leaped into the canvas, and the viewers could actually smell the fresh mountains and hear the ripple of streams. Such a vision made Luo Xue put down her painting brush immediately and looked at Zhang Miao\'s painting in dismay. After a while, she burned her own half-finished painting.

Such a crushing victory sent the audience\'s happiness through the roof. Although Zhang Miao was previously unknown, she became famous after this match.

After Youyou defeated Du Xiaoxiao, Zhang Miao\'s victory was the first three successive victories of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, which was extraordinary in significance.

At the same time, since the beginning of the competition, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals finally began to gradually catch up with the ancient Earth Immortals in the points. The gap between the two sides had become smaller and smaller.

After Zhang Miao, the representative of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was Seventh Madame. She competed in cooking skills against the Food Immortal in the Drunken Immortal Mansion, and eventually won the victory with the simmer-fried dog meat, which caused the footing of the Food Immortal unstable.

Although the Food Immortal himself was actually not very good at cooking—none of the Earth Immortals who had woken up from the tomb were good at cooking. However, the culinary skills of the people who did best in food tasting were by no means comparable to that of a human. The significance of this match was not low, not to mention that this was the fourth consecutive win of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Four consecutive wins were followed by five consecutive wins. The Witch Doctor A Wu used the Seven Tail Insect to win in poison technique competition against Little Poison Immortal in Jindan Stage level. More extraordinary still was that, she destroyed the Jindan avatar of Little Poison Immortal on the spot and damaged his noumenon by tracing its origin. She avenged the tragic death of the Red Blood Poison Senior in the past.

These five successive victories in three days made the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals boiling, while for the first time the ancient Earth Immortals fell into silence.

Faced with unexpected five consecutive defeats, whether it was their leader Xuan Mo, or the constantly opposing Bai Ze, they were all somewhat speechless.

However, at this time, striking while the iron was hot, Wang Lu finally dropped the most important chip and sent a war declaration to the other party.

"In two days, in Immortal One Area, in 1 on 1 Jindan Stage level fight, I will lead the team to await respectfully for your honorable self."(feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement)