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In Human Five Area, a group of strange women appeared in Prosperous Arrangement Pavilion Restaurant, which soon attracted a lot of attention.

There were endless talented and strange people in the City of Immortals. Although the various sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals remained mainstream, there were also many talented loose cultivators. In the City of Immortals, one could amaze the world with a single brilliant feat given a slight chance.

And Seventh Madame, had achieved exactly that brilliant feat that amazed the world.

Successfully killing the maid of the master of the Heavenly Book Building—Xuan Mo whose cultivation stage was Yuanying, was not a big deal. Although Mo Xiang\'s cultivation base was high, her actual combat ability was not. Many Yuanying Stage cultivators could kill her at will.

What attracted people\'s attention was her successful refutation of Mo Xiang\'s impassioned speech.

The morale-boosting words were not the main point, because there was just no one who was eloquent among the people present—those contestants who had dinners at Prosperous Arrangement Pavilion Restaurant participated in the fighting events, not literary event. Otherwise, there would be no need for Seventh Madame to appear, and someone would be able to say all of those.

Except for the last sentence.

After killing Mo Xiang, Seventh Madame handed over Mo Xiang\'s corpse to an unknown witch doctor and declared that they were the ones who could bring victory to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

How to deal with Mo Xiang\'s corpse was not the key point, but rather the victory declaration of Seventh Madame. If Seventh Madame was just an ordinary Yuanying Stage cultivator, her words were naturally insignificance—every drunk cultivator in the restaurants in Human Five Area might say something similar. But Seventh Madame was obviously serious. She wanted to bring victory for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Although people were not familiar with Seventh Madame, they were at least familiar with her friends—Wang Wu and Wang Lu. Then her words were not without a backing. Plus those few characters with different temperaments, all of them were valiant and outstanding. Thus, it was not difficult to imagine what they were going to do next.

"I know that their strength is definitely not weak. The question is, in the list of two thousand contestants, none of them were there at first. So who exactly are they?"

Inside the lava cave in Royal Soldier Sect, the Power King Jianglu, an inner court disciple of Shengjing Sect, who was forced to be dripping wet with sweat by the harsh environment, looked at the notice in hand with great difficulty.

It was a notice issued by the Organizing Committee of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals from the City of Immortals. The content of the notice was very simple, in the next few matches in the next week, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would change the contestants.

And Power King Jianglu was one of the contestants to be replaced.

At present, his cultivation base was low-level Jindan, which was quite good in term of his cultivation time, but he was barely qualified to participate in the Grand Competition. However, with the support of his sect, he made a breakthrough, succeeding in his Power King True Body training, which soared his physical strength. Thus, he only had a few rivals in Jindan Stage. And the several months of bitter experience in Royal Soldier Sect had also made his strength advance by leaps and bounds. Once he got out of the lava cave, he would be reborn. At that time, as long as he also used elixirs, he would have the Peak Jindan Stage strength for two hours. With his peak Power King True Body power, he would have the qualification to participate in Jindan Stage level fight.

Previously, he even competed with Xiang Liang, the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect in arm wrestling. Of course, Xiang Liang was not good at pure wrist strength necessary to compete in arm wrestling, but as the lead disciple of Royal Soldier Sect, his wrist strength surpassed that of ninety-nine percent of cultivators of the same stage. Yet, he stilled frowned and lost three games in a row, which completely gave the dominant position to Jianglu.

Jianglu himself was very proud of this. And to represent his sect to compete in the Grand Competition was a great honor for him. Among the cultivators of the younger generation, at the topmost only the geniuses the level of the Five Unique\'s Lead Disciples who were eligible to participate. And Jianglu could keep pace with them, was undoubtedly the best proof of himself.

Unfortunately, this pride and joy were broken by the present notice. From the primary selection to a substitute, his position was handed over to a little-known barbarian woman… This kind of thing, even if his Senior Sister came to tell him personally, it would still be difficult for him to accept.

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, do you know them? I mean the woman who replaces me."

The lead disciple of Shengjing Sect shook her head. "I have heard a little, but it\'s far from knowing. She is [You Jiu of Song], namely the [Tuka] of the Song People in the distant Red Wave Lake of Min Region, which means the chief military."

"Min Region? The Song People?"

Among the Nine Regions, Min Region was the most barbaric, and within Min Region, a small little-known tribe has gone far beyond the cognitive scope of Jianglu. Only a learned person like Qiong Hua could have such knowledge. Nevertheless, even Qiong Hua knew little about You Jiu of Song.

"Before this, I only knew that she has a powerful force comparable to that of Peak Jindan Stage, so that the Song tribe could maintain independence under the expansion of the Firmament tribe. Nevertheless, there has not been a detailed and reliable example of her fighting prowess, so it\'s difficult to assert her real strength. Thus, it\'s very normal for you to feel dissatisfied." Qiong Hua said, glancing at Jianglu. "However, this is a good outcome for you."

"Good? Senior Sister, you know exactly how much have I paid for this match!"

Qiong Hua calmly said, "According to Elders\' deduction, you might only have fifty percent chance of victory, but the probability of casualty is as high as eighty percent. In order to lower our morale, the Earth Immortals is very fierce. In this contest of power, if defeated, it would probably mean death."

Jianglu seriously said, I don\'t care!"

"Yes, that\'s why the sect didn\'t prevent you from entering the competition at first, because even if your blood is spilled on the ground, it would still be good for the whole situation. You are a young person\'s blood, and youth\'s blood could stimulate more people\'s blood. But now that there\'s a better chance to win, plus if defeated the impact on the cultivators is lower, we have no reason not to choose her."


Qiong Hua was silent for a moment, and then said, "This Grand Competition is a very good stage to showcase oneself, but on this stage, strength is the king."

Jianglu closed his eyes for a moment. "My strength is not as good as other people, I have nothing to say. But to lose without a fight, I do not accept it."

"Good, she\'s right outside the cave."

Jianglu was somewhat surprised, but thinking that it was the arrangement of his Senior Sister, it should not be a surprise.

Outside the cave, the tall barbarian woman was looking at the distant mountain with great interest. When Qiong Hua led Jianglu outside the cave, that barbarian woman turned her head and looked at him.

"Not bad." The woman name You Jiu of Song nodded. "Just a bit weaker."

Jianglu\'s eyebrows perked up, thinking that this woman\'s cultivation base was not necessarily high, but her tone of voice was amazing!

She was just Peak Jindan Stage, meaning that among Seventh Madame\'s friends, she was obviously the weaker one—of course, if she was strong, she would join the Yuanying Stage group and would not occupy Jianglu\'s position—What qualification did she have to say that he was weaker?

Power King True Body was one of the top ten physical cultivation methods in Immortal Cultivation world, and in terms of pure power, it could rank in the top three. The True Body even better than some of the similar cultivation methods in the ancient time. In the same stage, except that abnormal number one Jindan in Nine Regions, who dared to say they could stand against him? If even Xiang Liang could not, how could this barbarian woman?

But the next moment, he closed his mouth shut.

Because You Jiu of Song had made her move.

She threw her fist backward, slamming it into the air. Immediately, it created a burst of blooming thunderous sound, and a clearly visible crack appeared in the air.

At first, Jianglu thought that it was the distortion of sight caused by the airflow. But soon he found out that it was more than that...

Because after the crack appeared, a long snake rolled forward. Numerous waves of air dissipated as the long snake spread to the surrounding, causing gusts of wind in the lava valley.

In the twinkling of an eye, the snake arrived at the mountaintop, smashing its head at it, biting down the mountaintop.

The rocks cracked and the mountain collapsed. The height of the mountain was cut down by hundreds of feet.

Jianglu turned pale.

Because the power of this punch was far beyond his imagination.

With using just physical strength, the power of one punch destroyed several miles of a mountain, which was far beyond what Jindan Stage could do. Let alone he was just low-level Jindan… Even at Peak Jindan Stage with the help of elixirs, it was impossible for him to do the same feat.

After a long time, Jianglu dryly said, "I…"

You Jiu of Song patted him on the shoulder. "Go back and train well, I look forward to competing with you in a few years."

"... Yes." Jianglu seemed to be absentminded.

Looking at the gap in the distant mountain, this inheritor of Power King True Body seemed to have lost his breath.

"Humph, I can\'t believe you, this barbarian, could actually learn to be worldly. Before you leave, you still know how to say comforting words so that the amber in the child\'s heart would not be extinguished. I haven\'t seen you in a few years, your IQ has actually risen quite high!"

At the foot of Royal Soldier Mountain, the enchanting dancer covered her face lightly with the fan in her hand, showing only a pair of soul-stirring eyes that wandered Youjiu of Song\'s body up and down as if she was full of curiosity.

The barbarian girl scornfully spat, "Who is interested in learning those useless things? All those words were taught to me by the scholar. Humph, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals unexpectedly chose such a waste to fight the Earth Immortal, is there no one else available?"

"If there\'s anyone else, Wang Wu wouldn\'t have called us urgently."

During the conversation, a white-clothed scholar came over and looked at the barbarian woman and the enchanting dancer with a smile. "Looks like you two have solved it? Then we don\'t need to waste time anymore. Come with me. A Wu has already gone ahead of us."

With that, the scholar lifted a writing brush filled with ink and wrote the word door in the air.

The next moment, the word suddenly expanded and it really became a door. The scholar then pushed open the door which revealed a scene filled with wine, dishes, and laughter. Among them, Seventh Madame\'s hearty laughter was especially loud.

The barbarian girl\'s heroic eyebrows immediately perked up and smile appeared at the corners of her lips. "These guys, they didn\'t even wait for me!"

With that, she stepped into the door and took the lead in joining the scene.

Behind the door was an elegant room in a restaurant. In the middle of the room was a large round table, on which there were exquisite delicacies and fine wine. Six people had been seated at the table. They were Zen Master Dog Meat Seventh Madame, the Witch Doctor A Wu, the Knight King Aya, Brilliant Sword Heart Liu Li… and of course, the master and disciple of Non-Phase who could gather these people together.

This was on Wang Wu\'s invitation and hosted by Wang Lu. A reception banquet especially arranged in the most luxurious restaurant in the City of Immortals.

Seeing the barbarian woman came in, Wang Wu put down her wine gourd and pleasantly stood up. "Ha! It\'s Youyou!"

The barbarian woman stepped forward and hugged Wang Wu, and then lifted her high in the air. "Little Wu, it\'s been a long time since I saw you!"

Wang Wu, being treated like a child, then saw the dancing girl stepping in from the door.

"Fan\'Er! I haven\'t seen your figure for a long time, later, let Sister examine your body!"

That dancer smiled softly. "Okay, examine me till you satisfy."

Finally the white-clothed scholar who opened the door came in. Upon seeing her, Wang Wu had the most pleasant surprise.

"A Miao! Your [Putting Writing Brush Down Like A Divine] has really progressed! Later I want you to help me write several \'money\' words!"

The scholar sighed. "I really want to write for you several rows of \'shame\' word!"